NFL’s Jonathan Dwyer Busted For Domestic Violence


When it rains, it pours!

Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested Wednesday on aggravated assault charges in connection with two altercations at his home in July. One of which involves a woman and an 18-month-old child, the latest in a string of such cases involving NFL players.

The Cardinals said they became aware of the situation on Wednesday and are cooperating with the investigation. Dwyer has been deactivated from all team activities. The NFL said the case will be reviewed under the league’s personal-conduct policy.

One of the counts was “aggravated assault causing a fracture” against the 27-year-old victim on July 21.

Neighbors heard a fight and called police, who showed up at the residence. Police Sgt. Trent Crump said Dwyer hid in the bathroom until police left. The next day, Crump said Dwyer snatched the woman’s cellphone and threw it from the second floor of their home to prevent her from calling police about another violent outburst.

The woman came forward last week, providing police with information about her injuries and text messages that indicated Dwyer “was going to harm himself because of what had been going on,” police said.

Dwyer, 25, signed with the Cardinals earlier this year and is their second-string running back after spending the last four years with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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  1. When the cops arrived; why didn’ t the female tell them that Dwyer was hiding in the bathroom. More baby momma drama.

    The NFL is going to get rid of all the Blacks replace them with Whites. Just like the music industry is doing

    • Lies. It’s not a black or white thing, it’s an ass kicking thing, a woman beating thing, genius.

      • True True True. But get it right with DV. It’s a relationship issue and these relationships are whacked. Why are their relationships falling apart. They marry white women and these women leave after cash baby is conceived. They feel used.

        Well, let them walk, don’t beat them. And while you are at it, turn over half your wealth and millions in child support and shut up about it. Get it. This is what nobody wants to address. Some of these mercenary females and relationships (other relatives) are black too. The men are losing it.

      • Well if it ain’t a Black & White thing then the media should start putting ALL RACES on blast!

        Sidebar: I know this is a rhetorical question…but when is HSK/Jacky going to start posting stories again exposing the tea about celebrities BEFORE it happens?

        • For real! Killz me how people love to say something is not a black thing when the only people who are getting exposed, killed, f*cked over, etc are blacks. I guess no other race engages in domestic abuse, beats their kids, or shoplifts etc. FOH with that smokescreen shit. Run that bullshit on these sleep niggas, cause I aint one of them!

    • You mean like the way these black players have progressively replaced black women in their lives with white women. Like this fool here whose wife has got herself her cash baby and left. She didn’t want him anymore and he beat her. Bet her next fellow will be white. They will enjoy 50% of this fool’s wealth, her alimony and his child support payments.

      • But she black though. She is light skin with light eyes. You sound so f*cking ignorant I guess if the she not brown or blue black she must be white. Please troll somewhere else.

  2. Stop with these ignorant ass racial comments because at the end of the day it’s about the bottom line. Why not suggest these dudes control themselves or perhaps pick better mates? But no it’s always about race. Put yourself in an owner’s shoes…..a player is causing you to lose money because of his antics off the field you know your ass would get rid of him. That is for any profession.
    If you’re going to attempt an intelligent comment compare the NFL and the NBA and all of these sports to indentured servitude because at the end of the day they sign contracts and are “owned”.
    They can be traded like trading cards…their lives are disrupted at the whim of someone in management who says “you know we need a different player get rid of this guy and get this other guy” how would that make you feel? as an individual despite the fact that you’re making a million dollars its going to make you feel some type of way…. some type of way to the point where you have to go home and control that person in your house cuz your ass don’t feel like you have full control of your own life….put it in that perspective.

    • This must be a black man or woman….defending woman beaters in blog ata time. Smh. Damn why didn’t your mom swallow you when she had the chance


        • Nobody says cunt but gay men, gay man. Lol. Keyboard mafia president and CEO. Fraud lame comment having dickhead.

          • Actually, white women, effeminate (but straight) white men AND gay men…

            It still all stems from a white cultural context…

      • Beat me too…. me three…

        I was thinking “the same mindlessness required to beat a woman is required to forego the message on this shirt and buy it anyway…”

  3. Money, fame and power. It goes to their head. They get caught up with fame/fortune and it’s not a race thing. Whites just have a way sneakier way of hiding it. TV mostly expose the blacks wrong more than whites. Preachers of LA white preacher Jay Haizlip and his wife waited until now to say something about his step-son on crack and that Jay and his wife had premarital sex. But yet he was exposing Deitrick Haddeon and his wife being pregnant before marriage. Black history month is another exposing month. We overcame but yet in February, they show all the slave movies. What happened to that movie that John Travolta played in where whites were poor and blacks were rich. Check it out. They never show that movie!

      • Yeah, that’s it! Why don’t they show us stuff like that? I heard they claim they claim that the blacks want to see roots during black history! That’s dumb!

    • Nope they sure don’t. I was thinking about that movie the other day. Funny you mentioned it, if I could only remember the name of it.

  4. NFL IS cleaning up house….because their azzes got handed to them by all of their endorsers threatening to pull away, otherwise they will bypass this like everything else. Brothers in these professional league need to tighten it up with their cliques,baby mamas, hoes,girlfriend and wives, etc.and think wisely about the choices and decisions they make and people they got floating around them. I don’t feel sorry for any of these guys,they get a golden meal ticket in their hands that other brothas dream about. Some of these brothas bring it upon themselves because truth be told u be the best talent on that field but the life managementskills are not in tact nor prepared to live the type of lifestyle the NFL garners them. The’re is absolutely no more excuses for these guys, the foolishness u bring in your life has got to stop. The rachetness in our community must stop. Brotha and sistas, we got to get a hold on it. We losing it daimy and our children are suffering. Some way somehow, we as a people need to get back on track to who we really are. IJS

    • No… This is Tyrone!

      Men are the key to stopping this insanity… We dropped the ball. Righteous Anger is a necessity at this time… Carry On!

      • Tyrone,man you know I have much respect for you but I woul like to give my two Cent on this comment. The burden is not solely on men. Men and women are equal in responsibility, case and point Janay Rice. She was assaulted but she chooses to side with her abuser. So for all intents and purposes, she dropped the ball. Women have to stop accepting abuse, but many do, and until that happens, the problem will go away. That’s just my opinion.

    • @Anonymous

      The Truth Will Set Us Free…Rules of Engagement!

      All of us can do better, we have no choice. Speak on it Brotha…Amen Amen Amen!!!

    • Cosign. I felt alone until reading this and I also have no empathy. People arealong this seem like a witch hunt instead of an awakening. Stop doing dumb ish and the police, media or commissionersan won’t have a reason to bother these simpletons.

  5. I could just imagine all the domestic violence cases the NFL has covered up over the years, just to keep a player on the team winning for them. Ain’t no way in the world this isht JUST started happening.

  6. How was the nfl exactly covering up domestic violence they let the courts handle it all criminal cases are public info whats happening now is a result of social media, 24/7 news and damn near everybody if being available with the press of a button

    • Hi Mr718. You raise a good question, but I believe I can answer. The cover up lies in the sense that yes, if the wife/girlfriend presses charges than the courts will handle it. But, unless I’m wrong (and please correct me if I am) but I don’t recall NFL players being thrown off teams indefinitely or being suspended by the NFL. The courts disciplinary actions are in effect (and again only if the woman presses charges) a lot of women won’t come forward because they’re afraid of losing that meal ticket

      • But I do agree that the media is playing a HUGE part in bringing all of these allegations to light. But you can just assume that these beatings or rage didn’t JUST start happening. The NFL is a male dominated sport and maybe domestic abuse wasn’t something they were looking to get into.

      • I wouldn’t consider that a cover up and yes some players have been suspended by their teams til the legal issues were handled Chad Johnson was released

        • But that’s one incident out of how many? Who knows…I keep saying that this is a popular story now, so everybody’s dirt is being made public now and being brought out to the light now…but this has been going on since….damn! Well, since…lol. What doesn’t come out in the wash will come out in the rinse. Anytime something is a hot topic people want to address it, domestic violence is not knew and it isn’t just the NFL…so, it is a cover up. A lot of these dudes family problems were never mentioned and they continued to play the game. Hey, it’s all good…I’m not the one getting cold cocked in the face.

          • The family issues shouldn’t be mentioned that’s their personal life so if u get in trouble outside of work should all of your co workers know the teams and league handle it they way the did now if a player beat his girl at the team facilities and the league did nothing that will be a cover up what happens off the field should stay off the field

            • LMAO…Real talk? If I’m the recipient of the beatings, I probably would want the person whose beating me up exposed…but if I’m the one doing the beatings, then of couse I would want my job to stay out of my business…cuz truth be told, it’s embarrassing when people find out you kicking your wifes azz.

            • The real world is a changin’ 718. If a person beats his wife in NY and is convicted, he loses his license, whichever he has and most cases, his job.

        • When it comes to “family” its a slippery slope…on one end, the NFL wants the player to set an example, be a good role model…but then on the other hand, they want to play that “mind your business” card, it’s family business. At some point I line has to be drawn of what will be tolerated and what will not.

          • The league updated the player code of conduct policy which they have done 6 games no pay for domestic violence 2nd offense the player gets banned for life what more do u want them to do

            • We’re just throwing dialogue in a constructive manner. I have no expectations nor demands from the NFL. My relationship is tight, he keeps his hands to himself, so I’m good. LMAO

            • ANNND, if they JUST updated the policy, it’s only because of what we both said…the pressure is on the NFL to do something because this is a hot topic now.

          • The nfl buckled under the pressure like u said this is nothing new I just don’t like all the suddenly concerned citizens of the United States next month there’ll be a new topic I just wanna watch football and not hear about what these niggas are doing

            • I’m a Big Blue fan and we already phuckin up 2 games into the season…we acting Brand New. LMAO…Whose your team mr718?

            • My team is the f*cking Jets and they better have they shit together Monday night Geno Smith be having me ready to meet him in the parking lot with my Louisville Slugger

            • LOL…I know it’s frustrating. Jets need help with their secondary team…QB on the other teams are getting the ball of too much. Defensive team is not making any stops/sacks.

      • In domestic violence cases, the woman does not have to press charges, the state has the option to press charges regardless of he victim. But just like the NFL, the courts don’t. Care about the Victim. If the violator is high profile and will earn he DA some points because of the attention brought by the case then they will go after the violator.

        • Exactly, they care about the dude who is selling tickets and bringing in the fans, not the victim. That’s why its they rather cover it up…”sweep it under the rug, we need him to play this Sunday”. And the real sad fact, is they don’t even care about him, the poor wayward soul. He’s only as good as his last game. Get an injury and he’ll see how much love the NFL, NBA etc. has for him.

          • ELTHP – If you were Goddell, what would you have done? And would you have suspended homie who hit his kids with the switch? Adrian Peterson…yeah that’s him. Two different offenses, but both violent.

            • If I was Goddell, I would be telling lies about the Ray Rice case. He knew what happened, he saw the case but he exposed himself and told. World that he didn’t care about Janay, he gave Ray Rice 2 games because everyone knew that he hit her. See months ago we saw him dragging her off of the elevator, we saw that a long time ago and that the

            • Reason he gave him those two games. But he female right organizations made waves, he panicked and lied about knowing what happened. He should have maned up took the hit for a light punishment. Rewrote the policy to give a heavier penalty. And yes two cases should get you banned for life.

              Adrienne Peterson needs help. He need an intervention, wether its because he has anger issues or simply because he thinks that extreme beatings get results. With all the details coming out, it’s pointing to abuse and I think he should go through some intensive abuse training for the rest of the year and resume his career next year and if he is ever found guilty of child abuse again he should get a lifetime ban. Because if the child had shelt mars on his

            • Marks On his lil peanuts, that is some bad shit.

              But they can’t let stuff slide for years and then when the stuff starts coming out, stand back and clutch their pearls like hey had no idea. GTFOOHWTBS

            • The reason Im like f*ck the NFL is because they are guilty, this is their fault. They have refused to address it until just now. I have friends that I grew up with that played in the NFL And we talked over the years and you wouldn’t believe the stories. What are the two most prolific crimes committed by not just football players but professional athletes, Yeah, DV and DUI. This ain’t new, there is lots of DV and believe it or not, there has been lots of homosexuals in football, that ain’t new either.

          • Yeah Taino, but many football fans are now women (maybe they always were in the South, West and Southwest) and many corporate jobs are held by women, so it is still a man’s world, but professional sports have to be more sensitive. Women are another demographic which means more money!

            • Damn Eddie U come up with some crazy ass names! U, Crazy Chris, Ty, and Glok! Y’all some fools! Lmao!

            • @Anon:13:35, Yes, you’re right, there are a LOT more women football fans (I’m one of them) lol. But I was talking like back in the days, when it was very male dominated, they probably didn’t focus on the personal violence with players hitting their wives because times were different back then.

            • @Anon 03:47, I once thought that same thing about the POTUS. I thought I would never see a president of color, I thought up until the minute they said he won, one way or another they were gonna pull the rug, I still can’t believe it. But with whats going on right now, if Goddell leaves that post, I’m willing to bet ONE of my balls that she gets that job. To me she is the front runner. Man do you know how many more women will become football experts and avid fans. This is what all women will hear. A WOMAN IN IN CHARGE OF THE NFL, which will translate to. WE RUN THE NFL……mo money, money, mo money, mo money!!!!’

  7. Although an important issue, this trend will blow over. Case in point – when was the last time someone mentioned Michael Brown?

    • Yeah like the one in NY selling the single cigs. Black men this is a warning to straighten up and behave

  8. but “white men can do no wrong” what a load of bull shyt

    christian bale beaten up his mother and sister over a stupid argument but yet the (white) media didn’t say shyt about it
    orlanddo bloom beat up justine bieber and he didn’t get in trouble the (white) media hardly mentions it

    but when a black men beats up his girlfriend the (white) media makes out like he’s a monster or a bad person etc etc

    and black women like rihanna and robin givens are dangerous to black men!! their bed wenches for white men
    there’s no doubt if rihanna was dating a white guy and he hits her she wouldn’t say shyt!!

    • It is funny that you would pick two black girls who together would weigh 125 lbs, soaking wet to be of danger to the likes of Mike Tyson.

      YT don’t have to beat their women. Just that look of, “they will never find your body”. But Black men gotta get all church solo emotional and what not.

      YT just give a look. Don’t believe me, ask Naomi Campbell. You think she broke anything when that Russian oligarch said goodbye?

    • Just because YT does something doesn’t make it ok for others to abuse. Black men have no power so they control the women & kids. Men have to make better decision and stop the blame game

  9. there a fat ugly white woman on YouTube doing “ray rice inspired make up” what the f*ck!!

  10. This is not necessarily a racial thing, but it has become one.


    Because black men are underexposed because they receive less mentoring, guidance and information while growing up. White boys understand not to react, but to plan and strategize. They got just as many hoes, baby mamas, girlfriends, etc., but they know how to work it because they were taught. They also have money to handle shit because they don’t go out and “buy” their manhood with all kinds of overpriced shit.

    Black men think that once they go pro, the rules of this country regarding race no longer apply. That is the first mistake. The second mistake is their mouths. We are a vocal people, we come from a continent of many dialects. But we as a people gotta know when to shut it. Case in point: Reggie Bush talkin’ ’bout he would do the same thing to his little girl that Adrian Peterson did to his son for corporal punishment. Now that Nike has pulled all things Adrian Peterson and he has been kicked off the team, I wonder if Reggie Bush still thinks that way. Black folks gotta know you don’t say certain things in “mixed company.” This is still THEIR country (albeit stolen) and we gotta remember to survive in order to thrive. Many black athletes think because their wife or baby mama is white, they are honorary whites, well, Adrian Peterson found out that ain’t hardly true.

    This Dwyer looks like he could give a sh*t. Many Black men in the pros don’t understand the economic factor in the game. First, it ain’t gonna last forever and second, teams are investments and investments have reputations and the bottom line hurts when that reputation gets stained. ‘Hood don’t sell at the very top.

    • Prime example: Albert Haynesworth from Hartsville, South Carolina. Every since the Redskins dropped his ass, he acts like he is untouchable. I just found out when he came home for his family reunion, he wouldn’t take none of the pics. Sorry ass negro!

          • Wow, he ated like that with family!! Girl, these athletes get no sympathy from me.

            • He told his aunt that he will give her the money to help fixed up the house that his grandma stayed in until she died. OK. Don’t y’all know this motherf*cker did? Brought food for house and hauled ass! His aunt ended up fixin the house up and it looks damn good! Yeah Albert Haynesworth ain’t shit! But Tony McDaniel, he just was here on the 4th of July and gave back!!

            • Tony came home that first week of July which was the famous Butler Heritage Week. Was the Grand Marshal, Went to the soup kitchen, turn back around and have this big ole cookout y’all! I cried! That young man has a heart! I remembered when his mama had him, his sister, and his brother! He comes from two big ole families! When he come back home, Imma get my hug from Tony! LOL!

      • Man, haynesworth had two good seasons, he got that big money and he didn’t even want to practice. I wouldn’t let that bitch play on my team for free. Shit if he was in my family I wouldn’t wouldnt even take a picture with his ass. “naw fam, I will get in the next one, I got to finish my tater salad, it’s a lot of flies out here” Does he still even still play?

        • Hell no Eddie! After the Redskins dropped his ass, he became a free agent AND NOBODY WANTED HIS ASS!! Every since that game where he stomped that dude eye out, his career went downhill ever since.

  11. Comments of Anonymous at 811and Anonymous at 9:2 are must reads!! Props y’all, ‘cuz it is real!!

  12. With these sponsors pulling out the NFL can no longer look the other way & protect these players. If any of you owned a billion $ team or lose your job you will crack down too. You won’t lose what you worked hard for over some dumb@ss. You have 1000’s of employees they need their checks, you won’t risk that for one person. Black men just have to behave intelligently. You want to blame the White man. the Wife, the babymama. No you choose to hit, you choose to have 6 or 7 illegitimate kids. The women didn’t hold a gun to your head to impregnate them. You have to take responsibility. You set all of this in motion.

  13. OK, let’s get it right with DV. It is a relationship multi-layered issue and these players have very disjointed and dysfunctional relationships. It is not a race issue per se, but race plays a huge factor. They meet women who are not complimentary to them. They meet other people who see them as easy targets for their cash. These men go through hell trying to maintain their careers and ultimately those careers end and they go broke. When they get their checks while playing, everybody has their hand out. His family, her family. It’s messy.

    When these relationships implode, some turn violent and the world comes crashing around them. These men feel privileged, entitled and expect these troubles to go away. Broken bones don’t go away. If you really want to know about these relationships, go explore them yourself. Your EYES won’t lie to you. When I see some ugly ass defensive tackle having a baby with some petite blond, my heart stops. Now you are going to say that maybe they love each other and maybe they do, but these guys engage in mercenary relationships and they often result in heartbreak when it dawns on them what happened.

    These men have trouble wrapping their heads around their careers coming to an end, their marriages ending, their health deteriorates, loosing their big crib, and the possibility of returning to their precollege lifestyle. You are not ballin’ anymore. The phenomenon is much more larger and complicated.

  14. “Now you are going to say that maybe they love each other and maybe they do, but these guys engage in mercenary relationships and they often result in heartbreak when it dawns on them what happened.”

    Who is being the mercenary? The petite blond or the black football player?

  15. I think this is a distractions, from TPTB. Blacks were uniting over Mike Brown and in an effort to destroy that unity they showcase black athletes abusing their black wives. This is an attack on black love and black unity. Don’t be fooled.

  16. The NFL has been covering up abuse cases they employ ex- Cia, FBI, DOJ and every other alphabet boy, why because the connections that these people have and their ability to make it go away.

    Which means these are all inside leaks.
    The real question if WHY?

  17. Here we go again – they have found the way to take back all these black players money – drugs ain’t no longer working. Don’t tell me that these white boys ain’t beating/hiting/attacking their wives, girlfriends, mistresses etc. They should have sued these brothers for pain and suffering like the white women due. Now all these black children ain’t going to have no money – you can’t support your children if you ain’t making no money and on top of that they will problem become more violent and angry because they career is over and the money is gone!!!

  18. When the white players have problems they get them all kinds of help – therapy, rehab, counseling etc. but unfortunately the Black players get fired. How sad – why can’t they get them help and counseling etc for their problems. Domestic violence is an illness that needs treatment and counseling like drugs and mental illness.

  19. All of these NFL stories with black bogey men are getting tired.
    Besides, I smell diversion, coverup, and lies.
    There is something more than is being told. These guys are holding out against something they don’t believe in and they don’t want to be a part of it.

    I wish Sherman Skolnick and Mae Brussell were alive.
    We would get the TRUTH

    Missing Sherman and Mae.

  20. And in other brothas f*ckin’ up in pro sports: deshawn shead gets on his knees like a true sambo to propose on the football field to his WHITE girlfriend. He like others don’t know, like I read on this site about 2 years ago, 1 poster said, this interracial shit ain’t gonna last. That is the real reason why they lowerin’ the boom on these black men in sports.

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