DNA Test Proves Trick Baby Number 2 For Matthew Knowles


Busted Open!

Serial womanizer, Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyonce, was served up the results of a DNA test, which was ordered by a Texas Judge in relation to a paternity suit brought against the music manager by former Solange BFF, Taqoya Branscomb.

Those results were…99.9999% positive that Knowles is the father!

Here is what’s being reported:

“The lingerie-model-turned-real-estate agent claims he knocked her up in 2010.

According to the DNA test … there’s a 99.998% certainty that Knowles is the biological father of TaQoya Branscomb’s child.

Branscomb will now go after Knowles for child support but, he’s already paying for another child and the judge in that case cut his payments because he is claiming to be broke.”

Matthew Knowles Second Trick Baby


  1. Ashy elbows, ashy knees, ashy groin. She needs Palmer’s more than she needs Knowles.


    • Well I don’t want to shame her for being dark. Or insult her for being black skinned and ashy. I will just say photographwrs typically correct areas of hyper pigmentation when.they touch up photos. This just seems mean spirited but she poses like that knowingly so whatever. I’m just surprised she’s a lingerie model, nice body but face is not that attractive.

    • You are a trip!

      Sidebar: I know this is a rhetorical question…but when is HSK/Jacky going to start posting stories again exposing the tea about celebrities BEFORE it happens?

  2. DAM! cocaine is a hellva drug lol! I know ms.carter is pissed and the rest of the family he is just stupid a idiot and so are these girls thinking because they have a child wit beyonce’s father they hit the jackpot but he doesn’t have the money has or what he has isn’t as large amounts so if he has to pay for his trick baby’s so be it he so stupid he should’ve known these women were look’en to come up but they might have hit a brick wall being greedy just look’en at this hot and ready trick he should have seen that but that cocaine is a hellva drug lol well Matthew take a nice nap in that rocky bed you and your dick made

  3. Don’t this tired trick look like she thirsty? I wonder how will she explain to her daughter how she’s a nasty ass trick wit pictures to prove it and Matthew couldn’t see what she was trying to do? That trifli’en look’en trick played her hand aimed to get rich and live the life of a baller and not get a job a real job not climbing a pole and swallow’en nut a real job Matthew you goofy ass cat

  4. This dude can’t afford comments? Or perhaps he didn’t flush them?
    Reading this reminds me of the story a few days ago about lil Boosie and some transexual. Matthew gonna be messin with em next cuz guess what….no uterus or ovaries…

    • @cao blame Jacky for this typing shit. It takes a hour to type 1 word. 4get about spell check. If u r able to get 1 good sentence; then u r having a good grammar day.

      • Yes and what about that sending you to your offer thing when you are trying to open a story. That bullshit is the new refresh.

  5. Wow! And not a good wow. It’s a shame how some women degrade themselves for money. A we wonder why Beyonce married Jay Z…take a look at Matt Knowles. Matt was the example for Beyonce and Solange. And i don’t believe that the two recent baby momas are his only one. This man lays his seed anywhere. Sad

    • If it’s okay to leak Mathew’s rubbish – Now let’s open Jay Z’s closet. Imagine Mama Tina supports Jay Z and didn’t want a better life for her daughter……

      Long Suffering Beyonce married and continues to live with her father.

      • What does Beyonce got to do with her daddy being a whore????? U want to see her fail at all cost….just stop it.

        • Why are you so bothered? Neither comment was a diss to Beyonce at all. In fact it are more sympathetic to her situation. Try actually reading the comment next time before throwing yourself on the grenade for Mrs. Carter.

        • @Anonymous

          beyonce has everything to do with it…..if matthew wasn’t beyonce’s father do you honestly think those women would of thrown their dutty knickers at him
          no!! they knew matthews is beyonce’s father and they saw matthews and beyonce as a meal ticket. they both get knocked up for the child support money

      • Exactly. Beyonce married her father. Her relationship with her husband is the unfinished business she has with Matthew.

    • Matthew Knowles still believes he managing Beyonce. He ain’t rollin’ in dough like that anymore. Maybe they assume his pockets still on blast? Either way Sis, the kids gettin’ the shaft.

  6. Yall dickheads need to be quiet. She and Matthew had sex, produced a baby. How is she thirsty? That’s the circle of life dickheads

  7. these girls think by phukking bey’s dad their kids might grow up to be singers and rappers itys not just child support.

    these kids will benefit by claiming beyonce is their half sibling.

    also they believe in magic and the powers that bey have in the industry and these girls are hoping these kids inherit musical talent.

    and who is the source of bey’s fame matthew of course.

  8. No telling what old rolling stone pops told them….probably thought they were going to go to the top n be stars,and he smashed and dashed….He’s been a cheater for years and Tina knew this…glad she finally left and got out the web of lies….daddy laid his hat wherever..LolololololoL…

  9. Lol its funny how everybody refers to him as Beyonce dad and now he popping up to be everybody else dad too but it’s very seldom I see him being referred to as solange daddy smh Matt Knowles must be stopped.

    • Look at it this way. At least she is working. Hell, Alexandra don’t have a damn job! At least this one does have a job!

  10. Matt is somethig else…lol I bet if his cheating had not become public Tina would still be with him. Public shame forced her to leave him. Happy to see she bounced back tough!! I wonder if she is getting alimony checks? Taquoya should be able to tap his funds and get a consistant check since he is working and he did not over pay her. His new wife sure is passive/quiet, I would be at a lawyers office so fast filing for divorce, if he is really short on funds what is he going to bring to their table if he is paying two different child. supp. pymnts. Man how in love can you be with a almost 60 year old washed up, known serial cheater. …smh who is the nitwit he married this time.

  11. These two women should make sure those children know each other since they are siblings. They are the innocent victims here. Forget the daddy. He has long forgotten them. Those children should grow up ignoring their older siblings even exist. I bet if these two kids have a talent and become famous, those two will come crawling trying to take from their shine to extend their long dead 15 minutes.

  12. it seem jayz has some in common with his father-in-law d*cking down women that their not married too
    also they degraded women beyonce is literally half naked grinding and whining on stage singing about sucking her man’s d*ck!!!

    matthew knowle d*cking down his daughter’s friend this isn’t the 1st time 4-5 years ago it was reported matthew was d*cking down one of
    beyonce’s back up dancers and beyonce was pissed this was when he was still married to tina (who looks like a shagged out white woman on heat)

    • I mean, how do you have an ashy groin area? I’m sorry, I can’t get over this…

        • @anon 12:06 neither have I! I didn’t even know it was possible until I saw this picture. Ridiculous!

          @scorpiess I mean, I guess so, right? LOL!

          Jacky, you ain’t shit for putting up this damn picture! lol

  13. She looks sooo much better w/ clothes on …those stank ass lingerie pics were Shes 50 shades of grey is NOT the business

    How many more uncles and aunties baby blue got…from my experience when u see one mouse u got 50 #ijs

    I couldn’t have matt old ass breathin in my face …when he die, I ain’t tryin to be that bitch talkin bout “on top of me” hell naw
    “on top of me”

  14. The dirty mustache strikes again? I don’t know I him an Tina was together when this happened but th bigger issue her is. With all of th coochie in Houston, shit all of the coochie across the nation for that matter. How do you smash your youngest daughters best friend, how can you lay up with his chick and not see your an daughter.

    Correction: Solange was his youngest daughter until he had a baby daughter with his baby daughters best friend…you get what I’m saying….lol

  15. How trifling do you have to be to phuck your friend’s father? There is no excuse for that. They both need a swift kick in the azz.

    Hell, I’ve cut friends loose for trying to get with my brother. Seemed like a betrayal in the making.

  16. Matty Knowles didn’t hold a gun to these women’s heads. He set all of this in motion. He did this

  17. Real women of the lord don’t dress up in the nude and put their Secret Parts on full display for the world to see.That’s whoredom at it’s finest.This idea of the nude originates from the whiteman/Woman during their 2000year period of living as an outright savage in the caves.The Bible says beware of the whoredom so don’t be led astray.

  18. Ole Matty certainly like it Raw don’t he?Not only is he a their of stealing Beyonce’s Tour money but he’s also a fool with his dck raw doggin hood rats.I see why Hey and longe no longer FCK with him.


    • Damn refresh! Latoya Luckett accused Matthew Knowles of prostitution and pandering in her lawsuit against him when she was kicked out of DC.

      I took this as he was trying to pimp her and Latavia out and maybe even his daughter.




    • I believe it. And he will have plenty of “talent” to choose from because these chicks will look at his track record and get stars in their eyes. SMH The only thing is, they’ll be looking a the WRONG track!

  21. He is a old ass pathetic nasty man who will stick his grand daddy dick into anyone that will let him, without protection!!! His is pushing 60 with 2kids that are younger then his grand children, yup Beyonce should’ve sacrificed his worthless old ass…smh doggon shame

  22. I bet this ole nigga got diseases.. Balls and dingaling prolly somewhere itching rite now.

  23. Lingerie model?!! I think not, more like a stripper that danced in a hole in a wall type of club !!! had aa lot of discoloration not ash on her body, that’s not the business. It’s so funny how he treat dark skin women like objects but treats light skinned women like queens. A Lil Sumthin that makes you go,hmmmm ?!

  24. What’s with the comments about her discoloration? Most blacks have ut, including you guys commenting so quit actibg like you never seen discoloration before.

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