James Brown’s Daughter Blames Him For Abusive Relationships


James Brown’s daughter, Yamma Brown, revealed in her memoir “Cold Sweat: My Father James Brown and Me” that watching her father beat on her mother led her to accept an abusive relationship as the norm.

Here’s what’s reported:

“The youngest daughter from James Brown’s marriage to second wife Deidre Jenkins, Yamma recalls witnessing a terrifying beating of her mother when she was five years old.”

Here’s some of what Yamma Brown wrote about the Godfather of Soul:

“The whole house shaking with my fathers crazy rage when he would lose his temper. Whenever he’d start, my sister Deanna and I would run for cover, usually in a closet or under our beds, and cry quietly into our cupped hands.

My mother was dressed in her blue and white robe. Her legs were splayed wide open and my father was straddling her, pummeling her with clenched fists.

Doosh. Thud. Doosh. Thud. Blood spurted from my mothers face. She started thrashing around. kicking her legs, holding up her arms to ward off the punches and trying to break free, trying to save herself.”


James Brown Beatdown


  1. “Watching her father beat on her mother led her to accept an abusive relationship as the norm”.

    I never understood this line of reasoning. If anyone experiences this type of trauma growing up, and was disgusted and fed up with it, knowing this isn’t how a mate should be treated, then how/why in the flying f*ck could that person be attracted to, and embrace that same type of behavior as an adult knowing the outcome is not going to be positive?

    • The pathology of this type of behavior is complicated…Sure, u would. think, being a.witness 2 something so terrifying, that no one would want 2 endure this type of affliction..Oftentimes, than not,.when visual depictions have been embedded in ones mind, this is what u know, believe, & cant shake….

      • It just depends on the person. I, too, grew up in an abusive environment, and it made me vow to never accept this with my mate. So just because you grow up seeing something doesn’t mean that it should be considered a norm. As an adult you come to realize what is and isn’t acceptable and you take steps to rectify that if you are having trouble processing it. Don’t keep using the “Daddy was abusive” line. You have to take responsibility for your own actions and decisions at some point.

      • This pathology of battered wife syndrome is exactly the same pathology that black people have in this country with white people. The more white people abuse, terrorize and kill us numerous black people will deny racism exists and blame black victims for the aduse rendered.

    • why do white men pay women to beat them raw and black men complain about their beatings????

      Hmmmm, food for thought, “It hurts so good”. White men love to be beat so much they wrote a song about it.

      • That is some crazy shit, i saw that on an episode of real sex on HBO, there are some weird fetishes out there like feeders, girls who start out skinny and then they let their man feed them nonstop until they gain like 200lbs

      • I hope you keep a gun, anybody that desires that kind of treatment is subject to throw a rod in the blink of an eye. He might go from licking your boots to eating you feet.

      • 100% truth.. I am not ashamed to admit I know from experience, LOL. Those Subs are something else and the money and gifts were nice too.

  2. She was so adorable…If you ever witness something like this happening 2 your mother, u will NEVER 4get it…I definitely believe her…..#awful..

  3. I just finished watching the James Brown movie Get On UP. It was a pretty good movie. Anyway it actually showed how brown grew up as well as his abusive relationships with his wives and sometimes bandmates. All pain has to be planted somewhere in order for it to grow. Most times when a child experience abuse at home from the parents they often grow up to experince abuse as adults because that’s what they believe love is.

    • My father abused my mother, i witnessed him slapping and punching her, and i could not protect her from harm. That visual has been etched into my memory forever. I love my father, but, he was in a dark place at that time. Once i hit my teens, never again would he lay hands on her. He knows i would kill him with no hesitation, Seriously!

      • I’m sorry to hear that Ty. I know what you mean. In my adult yrs. I’ve come across some guys that i was in relationships with and it began to become a bit abusive. I had to remove myself from those types of situations because I always told myself that i didn’t want to be treated like my mother was treated. We as adults who have gone through abuse as kids have to break the cycle of abuse in our adult lives. Tyrone from you posts and comments i can tell your a very respectful and intelligent man. Tell you mother i said Thank you for she is truely blessed to have a king for a son like you. God Bless.

      • Actually, there were other men at MOTOWN that dated & Beated Tammi to a pulse, but because many of those men were married, & in higher postions at MOTOWN, & because it was easier & in their eyes, because he was a junkie, they blamed many of those brutal encounters on David, no one else has ever taken the blame but David Ruffin, & it cause him to go to his grave, among other personal issues he had, sooner then he should have. one thing i did applaud him for, was going to that hospital when Tammi was ill, & asking for her forgiveness for everything he put her through. James Brown sure didn’t tell her sorry for assaulting her with the handle of an umbrella, or the beatings she suffered from him, & those other cowards who went on with their lives. Hopefully, they got their “BIG PAYBACK” by now!

        • And that’s a shame be cause she only sang for Motown for 3 years. They did all that to her in that short period of time. 24 years old, too young.


  4. She’s not looking at what James went thru. If her siblings is suffering, then what does she think he was doing? Plus, she is trying to capitalize on James death. Now he can’t speak out so she wants to tell her lil stories.

    • Why shouldn’t she tell the world about who her father really was? We come to this site every day to get the “tea” on these clowns. Yamma has written a book laying it all out for us and yes she should get paid.
      Don’t blame her for not understanding her fathers abusive actions. James has always beaten on women so yeah he deserves to be exposed.

      • james had that little man complex of inferiority up against big men. the worse thing he did was to leave his children nothing

      • Why not expose him when he was living? How do we know these stories and the way it happened were true and not fabricated lies to the extreme. James did his movie. I just don’t know why people wait until a celeb dies to do a tell all. Especially his daughter. He can’t speak out his part about what she is saying. And it’s not for us to have the need to know at this point.

        • @javenda – You may be onto something about the little man’s complex. However James did leave some of his 9 (or 10?) children something but it probably wasn’t much with all them damn kids.

          @Uh oh
          Yammy isn’t saying anything new about James being an abuser. That has been common knowledge even when James was alive. Her story is about how she handled witnessing her fathers abuse and she has every right to tell that story. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that isn’t the only thing her book is about but of course she will highlight the more controversial aspects of the book in order to sell copies.
          Keep in mind children of entertainers are for the most part raised by narcissistic, shallow people. The parents can barely function on their own so you can only imagine how messed up the kids turn out to be. Bobbi Kristina is a perfect example of this, that girl has all the money in the world but she has no idea of what to do with herself.
          Oh and Yammy waited for her father to die before releasing her tell all because she wanted to make sure she stayed in the will. Cissy Houston did the same thing. That greed is a bitch.

          • Good points, but if my daddy was a woman beater, I would get as most money out of him as well.

            Shit, that ain’t greed, that is payback!

    • Hey THATCHICK414!!!!!! I know that’s right. Don’t even touch me! You are right. She is not even thinking about James right now. She waited until he died and made a great movie to capitalize on the rest. She is kicking dirt around his grave digging up stuff

    • LMAO @toenail clipper. Phuck dat…whatever’s closest to you! @THATCHICK414!!!

    • Yeah people tell their story when there is no on to call them on their shit. That’s. Reason that I didn’t really like the Temptations story. The only person still living was Otis. He painted himself and Melvin Franklin as choir Boys when everybody knows that he was worse then all of em, well not David Ruffin…lol. But He was a long way from being a saint.

      • He sure did! Otis was on Unsung and he was talking so ghetto. You can tell he was a mess back in the day!

  5. everybody knew jb was a womanbeater.

    lyn Collins recorde her berst known song think aboiut it after jb gave her a black eye.

    marva whitney wrotre a book called god, the devil, and jkames brown and she talked about how jb abused her constantly.

    marva spoke about her abuse from jb back in the 60’s.

    we know jb beat tammi Terrell.

    jb fired Vicki Anderson cause she wouldn’t leave bobby byrd for him and when they tried to buy a house without his permission he fired them both.

    jb had woman issues mainly necause his mom left his dad when he was 4 years old for a man who had more money to offer.

    jb was raised in a brothel by his aunt.

    Tommie rae was constantly beaten by jb and Adrienne was beaten by jb as well jb beat her to death literally bewcause she kept getting surgery he wanted her to look young and she overdid it.

    years before Adrienne married jb she dated elvis.

    its rumored Adrienne turned james on to angeldust like he wasn’t crazy enough.

    jb had serious demons and his music showed he didn’t scream like that for nothing his own band members said jb was processed and driven.

    lets not forget some of jb’s employees at his office filred suits for sexual harassment jb would tell girls that he had bull testicles that he had surgically enhanced and that he could do it all night.

    one white girl said jb took her out in the woods and raped her for 13 hours and this was reported years befolre he died.

    bootsy Collins said if you didn’t play the godfathers games hed find somebody he would.


  6. James Brown was born in the 30’s 1933 south Carolina when cotton pick’en was still going on and beatings were ignored back then in the south they beat they wifes and it was excepted James Brown was a abused child his father was a drunk beat on his mother and worked for little or nothing it was I believe 5 or 6 kids from what I understand growing up he was poor With struggling parents that fought that was just the way it was back then they believed in beatings that was a way to keep control and keep the respect and the fact they were working everyday in the hot south weather for penny’s couldn’t barely afford nothing to much but work’en like a dog so that was a release of all the pressure of the south no it wasn’t right at all but it was the way it was it wasn’t until the o.j. Simpson thing that it was out lawed and that wasn’t that long ago look at tina turner and ike turner ike beat her for Breakfast lunch and dinner because it was a way to control after all the white man beat they slaves to control things that’s where he come from alot of them come from that no its not an excuse but it was reality he was angry been treated badly as a child so it carried on through out his life music was away out for him and the drinking and drugs were medication as well james brown beat tammy tarrel he knew he wasn’t doing right so he gave her very expensive gifts and took care of her to apologize and his wife’s and kids he apologize by buying them expensive gifts he was brought up like that he couldn’t really help it he had never been to school in the south back then school wasn’t exactly opening doors to blacks so he had little education he went off of what he was taught and been through himself really it wasn’t his fault but it was because he knew it was wrong otherwise he wouldn’t have tried to fix it with gifts he found a way to get away with his music and the drugs and alcohol like most look at David ruffen he also beat tammy why? Because it was how they were raised David ruffen and his brother Jimmy raised themselves they ran the streets and lived going from family and friends living with them but only temporarily never stable before Jimmy was signed by a record company he was a pimp because him and his brother had to survive the music hadn’t taken off fast enough so he did what he had to do for him and his brother so David grew up in the streets so it reflected in how he abused tammy also poor tammy she seen a really hard time in her life with the men she chose but most of them coming from the south were taught that way sad sad it was it was reality and branded in them I want to read this book and see what she has to say should be interesting James Brown had his faults he wasn’t perfect but who is? He’s a legend in his rights he earned every single penny the way he performed on stage is proof that man use to leave the stage drenched with sweat because he’d dance so hard he earned his keep an that’s a fact he was a phenomenal excellent entertainer top of the line he certainly was I love his work to this day he made music that still to this day were listening to it unlike the trash of today’s music james browns music the temptations all green speaking of all green he also beat his woman because he to was a product of his environment coming from an abusive back ground and it played out until his girlfriend or wife hit his ass wit those hot grits him to but al green Marvin gaye smokey Robinson Teddy Pendergrass berry white the other jays the moments the stylistics chi lites those peoples music is still being played and loved that’s music compared to the garage were listening to now so before people examine james brown and dub him the worst remember his work as an extraordinary work of art that goes for the others also they did their thing outside of their private lives we all have problems dealing with certain issues he wasn’t perfect no but he was one hellva dancer singer musician of all time a lot of the ol school musician’s and entertainers are leaving us and it saddens me because they gave us real music and open doors let’s appreciate that instead of picking away and be littleing him R.I.P. James job well done musically u are a legend u will be missed but never forgotten

    • Shut up you rambling fool! Also, commas are our friend. That was one long, crazy, run on sentence. I can’t stand people who justify domestic violence, it proves ignorance and your deplorable writing skills further substantiate my suspicions.

      • Oh and this is not a real email address. I never use my real email address for this site. Some of you Negros on this site are buffoons. I would not want to be contacted by such ignorant people. I shutter to think that such stupidity exist in the world.

      • why you gotta go in like that. Obviously, this is an older person givin’ us some history about how it was. The poster didn’t condone any of the shit.

  7. Ps lil mama in the picture with james i wonder if she was the one he had on soul train? james was on soul train that was the 70’s and he had his daughter on stage with him and his band it was so cute she danced with him she was so cute

  8. Once you let someone disrespect you once, they’re gonna keep doing it. You got to nip that isht in the bud. Can’t be going through life thinking it’s okay for your man to beat up on you. She was taught she wasn’t worth isht. Shameful

  9. james had no business messing with tammy she was only 16. her dad knew him and that was how they got together. as for Ike he was a pimp and he was said to have pimped tina but she swears up and down it was a woman who looked like her yeah ok he was pimp that beat her so I can imagine him putting her on the stroll. stevie wonder’s dad beat his mom and he was a pimp who later put the mother on the stroll and she did as she was told. there is talk that tina was ike’s blood cousin. when the family heard he had another and they saw her they said wait that’s our cousin.. people think or thought beatings meant the man loved you. it does happen that what you see at home you may repeat but then again you may not. it depends on the person. marvin did not beat tina they were never a couple they were 2 hurt souls who crossed paths and became close. he took her death hard. They both had abuse in common.




  10. Why expose her daddy now??? It is sad to see domestic abuse exist, yes I get that but your daddy is long gone. Get some healing and move on. We all knew James Brown was a womanizer and so n so. Why tarnish your dad’s legacy….whatever u wanted him to correct or do, he can’t because the nigga is dead. Move on. Some things just don’t need to be in the public eye.

    • I don’t see her as tarnishing his legacy. I see her as helping Black folks out of their mental chains.

      We idol worship just as bad as the whites. This man left us great music and moreover, great revolutionary music.

      But we as Black folks confuse the message with the messenger.

      We need to be real clear, the message IS NOT the messenger!

  11. I dont believe that black men beat thier wives because of slavery, i think its because slot of black men are alpha males, they want to spread thier seed to multiple women, they want to dominate thier territory and dominate thier wives, the men in Africa are polygamists and they cut thier wives clits off to make sure they dont stray, i know a woman who is married to a Muslim black man from Africa and here in the states she is his wife, but he has other wives in Africa and when he goes to visit them she is not allowed to go nor is she allowed to ask questions

  12. what we need to find out is ……….if he beaten up his white baby mama!!!

    a lot of these black celebs will lavish their white pasty wives with gifts not black women!!!

  13. the only time i get cold sweats is when my man is d*cking me down with ice!! and ramen noodles (using your imagination)

    • Sure sign of a food stamp recipient.

      That cooch may be raw, but it sure ain’t fresh.

      Please keep your project rooftop romanticism to yourself.

      Thanking you in advance,

  14. This thread proves that most blacks are a danger to themselves and deserve to be mental slaves.

    There is no light at the end of the tunnel…..

  15. fred Wesley wrote about his time with jb in the book hit me fred check it out.

    fred wrote about how jb treated his band members, him, bobby byrd, lyn Collins.

  16. Her dad was a known women beater and her mom wanted the name and his fame. So we know he wasn’t shyt as a person so she needs to keep her memoirs to herself and spill the beans on her mama for marrying him.

  17. BERRY GORDY WAS A pimp he put every group ouit on display.

    George Clinton talked about pimping of the pleasure principle he turned out lots of girls too.

    sly stone was a pimp woman beater.

    prince abused women.

    rick jasmes used to watch whitegirls eat each other in satanic pentagrams and circles.

    the abuse goes on.

  18. David Ruffin was a drug addict
    Eddie Kendricks was gay
    Melvin Franklin was a woman beater
    Aretha Franklin & Diana Ross are ghetto stanks, they have children by different men.
    Barry White was a woman beater
    Ronald Isley ripped off his dead brother’s estate

    None of these celebs are saints I can go on & on

  19. Continued..

    Teddy Pendergrass..bisexual
    Frankie Beverly..cocaine addict
    Luther Vandross..gay
    Mary J Blige..rumoured to be a hooker
    Biggie..dope dealer
    Jay Z..dope dealer/ murderer

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