Phaedra Parks Expected To ‘Very Soon’ Deliver Divorce Papers To Apollo Nida … Leaving Him With NADA!

Phaedra Apollo Divorce

“I would like to say I would want her to stay around and do what a wife should do. But tomorrow’s not promised.” -Apollo Nida, May 2014

Time reveals all truths — and for Apollo Nida, that time would be his eight-year prison sentence. As for his harsh truth? That’s likely to be him seeing Phaedra for who she REALLY it… a woman face the the belief that he may have put a ring on the more wretched woman of all! Not only did Phaedra Parks pull a no-show at Apollo’s sentencing hearing — word is, “Phaedra will be serving Apollo with divorce papers very soon.”

“She is embarrassed by him and is trying to distance herself from him. As a lawyer being married to someone like Apollo hurts her career, and she spent so much time defending him — its made her look like a fool.”

That’s COLD! To add insult to injury… a source reveals Phaedra’s whereabouts, and actions, at the time of Apollo’s sentencing — calling out the RHOA ‘Southern Belle’ for “opting to party with pals in Mexico” instead. On top of that… Phaedra’s reported to be using Apollo’s crime coverage as a boost to promo her book! REALLY?

“You can’t kick someone while they are down even if they fell trying to trip you. Offer them a hand instead.” -Kenya Moore

Dig the drop:

“Phaedra will not be waiting for Apollo to get out of prison. She saw this coming and she and Apollo have known for a long time now that he’d be sentenced.”


    • If she is filing its only to avoid incurring Apollo’s debt! She knows what she is doing! Don’t trust Phaedra. She is not a southern belle! that’s bullshit! She knew that Apollo was a Hood nigga when she married him. Don’t believe the hype

      • I was thinking this. She HAS to divorce him! Or pay up. Only Phaedra knows if she loves him.

  1. Know..This Bytch Can’t Last 1 Sec Without Sex!!!! Apollo Needs To Be Friend Kenya For Conjugal Visits

  2. Fakdra is protecting her assets. She doesn’t want that restitution coming out of her bank account.

    • What assets does Fakedra have? If her homes aren’t paid for, which I don’t think they are, all she has is equity in those homes, if there is equity. Her cars were old until recently. If those cars are owned outright, they can and will be seized. Anything that Apollo claims to have purchased is up for grabs. That 7-series she has been seen driving on RHOA will end up on the back of a flatbed soon. Jewelry, clothes, furniture — the government can and will seize it all.

      • Trust and believe Fakedra has some coins. She may be fake but ole girl is about making her money illegal or otherwise.

  3. Phaedra is so fake and phony. She only used Apollo for his sperm. She had no intentions of being with him for the long run. She got a free wedding that was paid by bravo and got to go to Africa and Mexico with the other ladies. I hope karma catches up quick with Mrs.Parks!

    • Bravo paid for her wedding huh? That would indicate some amazing ESP and foreshadowing on their part since they were married before her first appearance on the RHOA.

      Are you confusing Phaedra with Nene or Candi?

    • Bravo doesn’t pay for weddings. They pay the stars of the wedding specials for their show, but Bravo does not pay for weddings.

  4. he wasnt thinking about his wife when he was disrespecting her for Kenya…on national TV, might I add. Its funny how now since he’s in this situation- family has become very important to him.. thats laughable at best. She should be a good wife, but he can be a shit face of a husband??? oh, okay, Apollo- lmao

    • Enough said, he loves prison that’s why he did something stupid to go back. Get your papers southern bell don’t wait for his ass. Let crazy Kenya have him.

  5. Is this the part where Kenya is suppose to be mad jealous and envious of Phaedra and Appollo (marriage) situation?

  6. Marriage of the Bible and the Whiteman’s idea of Marriage are two different Marriages.

    • Don’t stop there BA. Keep going and drop some knowledge in here. Most of you here always dropping knowledge. Loves it!

  7. lol @ the comments on here…Phaedra Boule so I doubt she worried about anything…she “protected” & Apollo dumb azz going to jail is just a monkey off her back…he knows where the bodies are buried & is probably the only reason she was w/him…besides the fact she wanted lightskin kids…Apollo is borderline retarded & u know Phaedra cant stand him, just want that felon d^ck…

  8. Most men are not gay but I do believe most gay men were sexually abused as children. Do you fall into that category?

    • Naw. It’s a female pretending to be male. A foreigner pretending to be American and likely white pretending to be black. 100% faaaaaaaaaaake!!!

      • Yeah funny how he didn’t respond to my question. Oh well another day on HSK, another troll.

  9. Did Apollo and Phaedra truly and legally GET married or was it an arrangement made for the RHOA? Has anyone ever verified that a marriage license with their names on it exists?

  10. Phaedra’s a hustler. Apollo’s retarded which is why he couldn’t foresee this happening.

  11. It wasn’t Jacky. It was the gay Hollywood Mafia who erased your comments. They are mad at Jacky for not giving them credit for the “hit” on Tracy Morgan.

  12. Black women are tired of these jailbird negroes. She’s a fool for marrying him and would be a bigger fool to wait for him.

  13. How else can Apollo get zoom-zooms and wham-whams if they take Phaedra’s money too? A brother gotta eat. Lol.

  14. One of my comments was deleted and I was commenting on the topic. I’m over it.

    • Your spirit is as broken as your English. Poor, bitter thing. If you weren’t on HSK so much, you wouldn’t know what I was doing.

  15. miss pheadra parks is gonna double dip.. teach these n1gga’s a thing or 2

    she doesn’t need apollo’s dick to keep her satisfied she can go and get an esort

  16. And here’s the gay anal loving troll, planted here so we can all get used to men talking about wanting anal. Nice try, asshole.

  17. Shut the f*ck up, delusional freakazoid. U destroy nothing except folks patience you non spelling overseas idiot.

    • Stop pushing your devient sex agenda ,you spell check needing thot. If you are what’s on the menu, I’m anorexic all day long, bishhhhhh.

  18. A lot of college-educated sistas feel the need to kick it with the thugs because the other side is afraid of their shadow. Women like confident, bold men. So-called good blackmen are lacking in this area…The Squares! However, the thugs have an expiration date. Phaedra loved hard, and she fell out of love just as hard. A lot of cats got caught up, thinking they could fool the whitebois…Real Gangstas!

  19. This was predictable. At least Commander Alabaster was able to give her precious children. Countdown to Feds coming for Phaedras past white collar indiscretions

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