Beyonce Called Out For Lying About Her Songwriting Skills

Beyonce Song Stealer

“Everyone knows the real truth… even Beyonce.” -Linda Perry

Beyonce has been put on blast for taking songwriting credits for songs she did not write! The recording artist responsible for having Bey hemmed up is Linda Perry — who says Bey isn’t the only one who’s running around straight jackin’ credit for songs and lyrics.

Here’s what Perry just put out there:

“The assistance their fame gives the song’s popularity. That’s not songwriting… but some of these artists believe if it wasnt for them your song would never get out there so they take a cut just because they are who they are.”


  1. Baphomet Beyonce can barely write a complete sentence, much less write a song. A celebrity taking credit for somebody else’s work happens in hollywood all the time. If you don’t believe me ask Dr. Dre.

    • What about that time she wrote that letter to the FLOTUS? Lmao! Run on sentences, broken fragments, no punctuation, NO NOTHING!! I laughed my ass off how she wrote that letter! Lmao!

      • Yeah, her education level is intellect Is disastrous, it s disturbing and bordering on sad. But I blame Matty ad her Mammy. They should have been reported to child protective services for taking that child out of school before she graduated. And this chick still does not even have a GED. That is some old ghetto project shit. Back in the day it was common to make kids drop out to help take care of the family. And as a result They have caused this chick to be about as sharp as a bowling ball….lol

        • It is ashame. Monica and Brandy both were child stars and got their high school diploma. When I saw on the Family Hustle that Tiny didn’t have a high school diploma or GED I was like that explains it all.

            • Kobe invited Brandy to his senior prom while attending Lower Merion. He was always “extra”. The administrators treated him like a celeb because of his dad and athletic ability. Just about everyone from Philly dislikes him.

    • I must agree. Her mastery of Dr. SUESS books do not allow her to string together enough sentences to write a song.

    • That picture of her she looks scary. Like the face is transform into a demon. What’s up with that.

        • Bey doesn’t have her GED. They lied about that, too. If Beyonce furthered her education, I’m sure she would’ve tried to milk that for all it would be worth, just to get praise from the public and to also be seen as a role model.

          • I’m surprised she wasn’t given a free degree like Puffy and Shaw was given.Who actually believe Shaq attended someone’s college with his dumb Ass!I’m sure everyone has seen his leaked emails and his dumb as a box of Rocks.

  2. In that picture, Beyonce looks like a satanic shapeshifter! She truly is a demon witch!

  3. Yeah thats where shes demon possessed at the superbowl eyes black straight up demonic as hell beyounce has offically left the building

  4. LOL This picture is very similar to (Dark) Phoenix from the movie X-Men: The Last Stand:

    As for the story, I recall another songwriter, I forget her first name, but her last name is Jean, who called Beyonce out for claiming she wrote ‘If I Were A Boy’ way back when. That, along with the well-known ‘Irreplacable/Ne-Yo’ incident, is further proof that ‘B’ and Matthew have been stealing songs for years now.

    • She stole from resentment from Victoria Beckham (former spice girl) also a song from that lady N’dea Davenport of the brand new heavies. Its this site called the Judiciary Report its goes in to full detail of the truth wit Jay B n Rhi. All the styles n songs they stole n copyright infringement lawsuits. It was a few years ago so im sure by now they blocked her but the best believable source ive read if the stories are still there u can youtube it also under Beyonce steals

    • Linda is a top, butch she’d be doing the eating. I know and have known Linda face to face. Nice lesbian former expensive pot dealer back in the ’90’s.

  5. A bit off topic.. The tabloids says she is no longer close to her mama. There is a rift in their relationship

  6. Beyonce Reminds Me Of That Child In School Who Always Took Credits For Someone Else’s Work

    Tina And Mathhew Didn’t Raise Her Right

    • Never spent a dime on B. but I gotta give props to this Black Family Legacy Matthew and Miss Tina know how to raise a child to make that money. B is doing what every white star has ever done – steal and take credit. Make money ma keep it Black!!!!!

      • Keep it black?!?!?! Yeah right. She’s shuns her blackness all the time. Blonde, long locks majority of the time…foh!

      • @Thee 1
        What the Knowles did had nothing to do with a “Black Family Legacy”. They pimped their daughters out in order to make a quick buck. They taught their children to steal, stab people in the back and use violence in order to get what they wanted. And you want to praise that?

        Those of us who were blessed to have real life examples of what an actual successful Black family looks like see these frauds for who they really are. It’s too bad some of you don’t.

  7. Linda Perry is right, too long enough for somebody to spill this T.

    Speaking of hot herbal beverages, Miss MIXED Linda Perry herself used to be a POT DEALER in NORTHERN CALI. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT.

  8. Just asking. I’m no stan. Why BP so happy to have B. exposed as the same fraud that white Hollywood is? Not talking about JJ, he is the curator of news. I ain’t mad at her for doing what what folks do 24/7, who do you think taught Matthew how to manage her? Like Berry Gordy, who has stolen more than… Clive Davis? Off topic I know.

    • berry pimped every female group he had.

      all these females were hookers it was rumored Aretha franklin was pregnant by her dad when shewas a teen.

  9. She looks so evil in that picture. Last week I was listening to one of her CDs and I had turned if off to go to sleep and I swear all I could hear was her music and demons talking like very loud and her music was playing but my radio and TV was off and it was very dark and scary and they was just talking.

    • LMAO! Beyonce is coming for you Zelma. You will be a BeyHive member in no time. :-p

      • or her little dyke cult in Atlanta they already told one stupid ass girl to commit suicide which she did.

        wonder was it worth it.

    • Beyonce is used by demons. Check out this community

  10. Beyonce use to FCK with Sean Paul and Mark Nelson from AzYet but she’ll deny that too.Kylie Minogue is still pissed about Beyonce copying her style some years back.

    • Haha. Our kylie. Hahlolhahlol. The only she stole from her was her gay fans. Hahalololhah. Good one. Halololha.

    • Kylie Minogue That Cheater….Back In 2002 She Did A Article Saying She Has A Black Butt To Rival Beyonce



  11. Industry standard. Intimidation 101. If you speak out against Beyonce your writing career is over. Nothing to see here.

    • Awww, Touche’. TPTB have been going after her and Jay’s ass and they don’t have the type of following they use to have. And just by this woman of this caliber speaking out just shows and proves the decline is really happening to them. This would not have happened a year ago.

  12. And why agin are people shock about this? Beyonce pretty much still a lot of things and said she did it. If you had not notice by now she is coping Rihanna by sound and by looks her new CD is base all on Rihanna maybe she thinks if she is like that jay z would want her why you think she keep on with that song why don’t you love me that her sister wrote.




  13. What’s interesting is that lying about writing songs killed Lauryn Hill’s credibility but we’ve known this about Beyonce since Neyo and it’s not a big deal.

    • Probably because Lauryn said ‘I Get Out’ and left the Industry, while ‘B’ chose to be another Illusion with a team to clean up her ‘messes,’ hence her ordering those Superbowl pictures to be removed from the Internet (Yeah, right).

      • Yeah, she had help writing and producing from a group of musicians called New Ark on ‘The Miseducation…,’ then got sued by them for not crediting their contribution(s) soon after its release.

  14. Yeah Beyonce claimed writing credit for Amazing Grace years ago that was my tip off. Who didn’t know she was a fraud by now? That’s why she’s always trying to cover over it with that white girl act. She’s a beast and her days are numbered because what’s in the dark always comes to light and cheaters never prosper in the end. I’d rather be a starving artist than an oppressive attention ho who brings my people down.

    • Ya think? Only on an urban site will you see such disdain for black celebrities. On most general sites people speak very well about Bey and Jay. Here- not so much.

        • You are correct. I have never been to TMZ.

          I had in mind slightly more upmarket sites such as and HuffPo.

          • Well u need to hang out on those more often
            Because we dont kiss celebrity asses over here

            • For real. You wanna stan for Bey you are on the wrong damn site. Funny how speaking the truth is considered jealousy.

          • “..I had in mind slightly more upmarket sites such as and HuffPo.”

            …Then why are you here? You didn’t possibly expect glossy Celeb worship from a site with ‘Street King’ in the title, did you?

          • 4:47 I’ve seen HuffPo commenters go in on Bey. You can find that kind of thing happening more today than ever before. The decline is real.

      • Their race nor that success have nothing to do with the disdain. It’s the treacherous lives the Carters have lived that bother us. Stans only pull the race card when people are talking smack about the Carters but you conveniently forget about the Black people the Carters have stepped on, stole from and poisoned in order to get where they are today.
        We aren’t blind to such things around here so huff po may be your best bet if you only want to see lilies and daffodil Carter comments.

    • Tell Linda Perry she’s jealous of Beyonce for exposing her ass and see the response you’d get.There’s no jealousy in the truth.When’s the last time Hey or her gentrification project supporting husband spoke up for you or any other black american?I didn’t think so.

  15. what is the response from a Stan when there is factual evidence of their favorite entertainer doing something wrong? jealous/hater/must not have money etc. etc. why would someone be jealous of someone illiterate/dim witted who can’t even come up w/ the basic ass chorus/song structures she uses about the same themes.

    so just because a black person doesn’t want to support a black artist they arent into at all that is bad? Its bad to have ones own standards for what they’re into? If all you want to believe are illusions and that all entertainers you like are flawless your on the wrong blog.

    • Plus what has Jay and Bey done for the community at large as of lately besides continuing to sell us out
      They dont even donate much to their OWN charities

    • Truth!!! Stans who blame critics of the Carters for the breakdown of Black society really piss me off. Jay z is the person who sold poison to his community and 20 plus years later he’s still bragging about it every chance he gets. With as much talent as Beyonce has, the only thing she has consistently done is is reinforce the ignorant stereotype of the hyper sexualized Black woman by humping the air on stage in little clothing every night in order to make a dollar.
      Instead of looking at what the Carters represent to society, these mindless drones want to blame those of us who criticize them as the problem. Their stan like stupidity hurts my feelings.

  16. A lil bit off the topic. Is it me or did Jacky sold this site to somebody? I just realize his pic is not in the upper right hand corner.

  17. I betcha one person Bey will not copyright infringement on! Prince! That’s right! Prince! Everything he got is patent. So if Bey copyright anything from Prince, he will definitely will sued the shit outta her body.

    • Princess has a God complex about himself.Dude threatened to sue a lady on YouTube for playing his music in the background of her video so you’re correct.

  18. Lol….the comments on here show why the black community can’t keep it together.
    Why you all giving this Linda Perry woman glory? She married her girlfriend and didn’t get back into the limelight like she wanted to so now she’s tagging Beyonce. Please…. Just so everyone knows Dolly Parton wrote I will always love you Whitney Houston. See how that works.

    • Oh us that what it is? Being a granny award winning songwriter and recording artist herself, and having a famous spouse and family isn’t enough so she has to lie on Beyonce? Was Neyo lying on her too? And future? And Amerie? And everyone else who called her out on theiving? Are they all jealous?

        • Well, considering so many people across the Internet think Beyonce is in her early 40s, your ‘Granny Award’ comment actually makes sense LOL

    • When Beyonce has anything to do with black unity and progression, your comment will make sense. Until then…

      • I’m with you on that one Rah. How in the hell somebody get writing credit and be inducted into ASCAP and knowning their education level is at middle school age?



    • She won’t even cop to the fact that her entire upper body is sleeved and covered in tattoos. I hardly think she will ever come out. But when you live with your girlfriend for 50 years and not your husband, does any one not know it?

  20. I just saw that concert goers in Houston, TX are being charged $80 for parking so they can get into the OTR venue to see Camel and Seabiscuit. Chile, bye.

      • It is absolutely extortion. They want people to be financially broken in order to see them perform a bunch of meaningless songs. It is so disgusting. What’s worse is that people are breaking themselves to be able to say they saw Bey and Jay in concern. No thanks.

        • Shiiiittt….the most I”ll pay for parking is by my handicap decal and free parking! $80…Bullshit is nothing but chewed up grass!

          • Ill never understand why ppl give these acts their hard earned money.

            When your child (blue ivy) has a bedroom bigger than my whole house.. sorry you don’t need my measley coins.

  21. does it really matter at this point, they are richer than everyone on here that has graduated from high school and college. they are smart enough to hire good money managers to handle their business affairs and they are not dumb to begin with.

  22. Similar to Britney Spears, Beyonce is a zombie, incapable of making her own decisions. Both are victims of hollywood’s mind control programming system called MK-Ultra. They must obey their mafia bosses. If they don’t, well you remember what happened to Aaliyah and Whitney Houston.

    • Yep Beyonce’s brain like Britney’s is fried. All that electro-shock therapy and satanic rituals done where they are the main focus plus drug abuse got to their brains. At least Britney got a break since her meltdown but Beyonce is still being tortured badly behind closed doors.

    • NBA Yes I do remember them. One was unnecessarily killed in a plane crash and one was a tragic drug abuser who died after 20 years of ruining her body and mind. So what’s your point?
      Go back to RWS you paranoid theorist.

      Oh wait. That’s exactly what THEY said to you on that site about your wacko theories.

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