Jeezy: Jay Z Drops Tears After Taking His Mind Back To Marcy

Jay Z Nostalgic for Marcy Projects

Guilt Roc’in-A-Fella?

Has Brooklyn’s very own Mr. Barney Carter turned to a conscious King who cares about the poor – OR – is Jigga only taking his Holy Grail back to Marcy Project just to try and regain his street cred? We can’t confirm the answer to that question. But here’s what we know for sure… Jeezy says Shawn Carter called him to breaking down the tear-filled emotions he experienced while writing about his BK hood, for the ‘Seen It All’ track the pair collaborated on.

“According to Jeezy, coming up with the rhyme was no easy task for the Brooklyn MC who has spent his career making rap look so easy.”

Check out what Jeezy just put out there:

“We got on the phone and [Jay] was like, ‘Yo, Jeezy, when I was writing the verse I had tears in my eyes, man,’ because it took him so far back to Marcy. Every bar in that song was real — I put my hand on the bible.”

Here’s a snippet of Jay’s lyrics from the song:

Gave my life to the block
Figured I get shot least I die on top
I came alive in the drop

Now the Nets a stone throw from where I used to throw bricks
So it’s only right I’m still tossing ‘round Knicks


      • Why is Jeezy talking about this instead of Jay Z. Something doesn’t sound right. If he called you in tears why are you talking about it. I sense a publicity stunt.

  1. **Loyalty Is Greater Than Love***

    Family Has Disagreements/Arguments/Fights. When I Need You…I Need You!!!

  2. “Every bar in that song was real — I put my hand on the bible.”……

    This is were I call BS. Jay been mocking GOD since Reasonable Doubt. So when he says anything about a Bible….the DEVIl is a LIAR

  3. Jay Z probably was getting so emotional thinking about in the days that slinging dope and drugs was not so bad compared to NOW where he is “rich” and has to do so many nasty perverted things to remain on top and please his masters.Be careful what you ask for the illusion of glitter and gold aint that pretty when you sell your soul.

  4. Well go back to marcy and make it better
    For the people of marcy!

    Go help ur day one niggas out!!

  5. He just trying to get his street cred back…everybody know he drinks with his pinky out now. LMAO

  6. Gay z dont give a f*ck its sure alot of rumors coming out about them lately the illumnati must not be to pleased wit them there lil so called prefect marriage is crumbling how long for the business arrangment is over

  7. Man, the Carter’s are wearing me out with all this damage control. They’re doing everything to make our opinions of them change. Jay Z and the Bible in the same sentence. Beyonce supposedly throwing out Jay’s groupies. It’s too much. They need to sit down and rest awhile. Take their shoes off and just chill. These things just make them look desperate.

  8. Jay is as fake as Bey’s padded azz. He knows good and damn well he has a ghost writer and doesn’t write his own lyrics.

    • He has multiple ghostwriters. There are a lot of rappers in NY who were not very commercially successful as artists who are still on because they write for others. I can see the artist’s face who writes for Jay but his name escapes me. He was a 90’s rapper. I want to say OC, but he was similar to OC. I’ll remember him soon.

      • Sauce Money. That’s the guy I was thinking of. I also think he has a female ghostwriter. I won’t say how I arrived at that conclusion, but its plausible.

      • Or stealing other og styles like Biggie and Snoop
        Go to youtube and check out the video Camron made about him

    • “It’s My Beat” Sweet T?!. She can rap her ass off! “As The Beat Goes On” is my favorite song by a female rapper. She ripped it harder than most dudes. I would love it if she is still in the game ghostwriting. She was beautiful and talented.


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