Benzino & Althea Set Up? Stevie Snaps & Posts Pic of Mona & Joseline ‘Right After The Reunion’!!!


From the looks of it… Joseline is not going anywhere! Just ask Stevie, said the be the person who took this pic “right after the reunion” mash-down!

According to the IG repost, the pic captures Mona Scott Young and Joseline the Ratchet Rican posing at Mr. Chow’s where they’re said to have had a celebratory dinner.

I mean Mona sure is smiling from ear-to-ear, ain’t she? It seems like Joseline AKA “The Animal” — who’s pegged as the culprit responsible for setting it off — is Mona’s ex golden goose.

That said… Do you think Joseline could really be replaced?




  1. Oh boo f*ckin hoo…..Zino knows the real deal. JOSE and Steebie are the stars of this ratchet azz show. Nobody gives a damn about him and his ran-thru ho.

    • Benzi is the only one talking and whining. They don’t even feed into his lies. It’s obvious he’s been obsessed with Joseline since season 2. All he talks about is Stevie and Jos. They are his relevance. If Zino was truly happy, he would move on and focus on his fiance.

  2. Is this the same R&B washout Althea whom sang the hook to that song with Cadillac Tah about 12 years ago?Mitsubishi Tah I mean.ha.ha.

    • Lol…..probably was that heffa. Ole girl been at it for a minute and never blew up. Now Zino’s thirsty azz is her consolation prize.

  3. Why is Bill Gates chasin Me …

    King ” Crocodile King ” [ Pepsi ~ Money ] …. itunes ,,,,,, Killed 100 People …. you might know one them ,,, hear all in music …. itunes ….. [ Pepsi ~ Money ] … listen { NOW }

  4. stevie loves his boygirl yes lesbians are boygirls too.

    hell stevies a boygirl himself.

    • Exactly! Bish was always slick at the mouth with Karlie Redd. Karlie should have popped off as well.

    • You a gotdarn lie! An u must be Spanish Whore as well, Cuz u always on here defending this slut? Chile bye!

      • Unecessary…People can like whomever they want, it doesn’t make them a slut…Just plain ignorant…

  5. Hoseline And Steebie Run Thats Show Zino,Mimi,Rasheeda,Erica,Tammy,Altha Etc Are All Extra’s
    Is Harsh But Is True People Really Like Hoseline Ratchet Behavior It Keeps The Money Rolling In And Mona Know’s That
    Hence She Won’t Fired Hosline And Steebie!!

    Mimi Thought That Sex Tape Would Get Her More Tv Time But She Failed

    • U mean Hustaline. Joseline is a hustler and a survivorlist. U can pretty much put her in any situation and she still come out on top.

    • Joseline got us all on that first reunion where she laughed about her numerous mug shots. She came off as relatable and funny.
      Shes the star and cash cow of this show. The rest of the cast are just her back up dancers

      • Why Do You “Shower Rod Mimi” Put Out That Sex Tape Because She Wanted Some Camera Time!!! So She Lied About The Sex Tape
        To Drawling Some Fans But It Failed. Joseline’s Ratchet Behavior Keeps Mimi’s Bills Paid And She Knows It Tooo

          • That says slot about you! Mimi gon have money in the long run Joseline admitted to paying half the bills in that rented house into top that shit off, Stevie. DEADBEAT BUM AND gon have to pay mimi back childsupport!!! An guess what? If he legally married the Puertorican Hoe? She got have to make the difference!!!! Mimi wins! Daradiant 1, its obvious that you are trash! Foh

            • What U call me? Watch your mouth around me! I got a lil secret to shut your ass up! Now if you want to remain whoever you are I suggest U keep my screen name outta your damn mouth! I didn’t come at you sideways so don’t bring your bullshit to me! Unless U wanna do FEDERAL TINE BY ME AND MY CODE IS STILL ACTIVE, KEEP MY SCREEN NAME OUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!!


            • Oh MQ, I have your IP address too! See, you open your mouth to the wrong person and that person is ME! Now, the best thing for you to do is chill out especially around me!! And if anything you can a helluva a lot from me instead against me.. Understand!?

            • That was rather uncalled for MQ. Sorry DaRadiant1. .

              Lets leave the name calling to celebs only!

            • Killa, I am..but if you come at me sideways I got something to shut folks up! I got some deep secrets I can expose and some that can harm a person badly. I loved to trip, but don’t let me fool you. This Lady Taurean is no joke.

            • By the way you cut yourself off somtimes, I know u know some shit. Don’t worry I Gemini laughing all day every day.

      • s u mean u sit around and would watch that cokehead ass hoe say i’ma a bad bitch for 30mins or an hour…then the devil has won…all that and the dumb hoe ain’t even the highest paid female…sad if they get there own show it want last…and all they need to do is fll it with #2 sli people the show will survive…trust

  6. Even if Joseline wasn’t the star on that show she would do anything she could to not return to that pole or hooking on the street corner.

    • Ha goes to show what you all know she pays half the so called bills in that big drug den pays him his percentage…still sucks dick still snorting do you know how many people have shit on them MONA ASS IS STUPID HER DAY COMING

  7. I agree with radiant. You gotta respect the hustle.Jose is a go getta. Call it wat u want she will work lol I mean she made no secret about wat her agenda was

  8. I don’t like alot of things that Joseline does but if they take her off i will not watch the show anymore.

  9. Didnt know Mona Scott was Haitian. I knew there was a reason I couldnt completely despise her. She should do sell behind the scenes footage that made it to the cutting room floor. In true ghetto brawls dvd crackhead confession spirit

  10. I like joseline she is funny, but she seems to be really feelin herself on this season and she taljs really fast and you can tell shes high as hell, and i watched a video of her in a booth acting high and screaming and sweating it was disturbing….

    • Cause she wanna FUQQQQQQ WHERE HER MONEY ATTTTT! I agree that video was a disaster.

  11. Here’s some REAL TEA!!!! The woman in the pic with them was Benzino ex girl before LHHATL…They were engaged an dated for years. That’s REALLY why Zino is so mad at Stevie NOW!!! She has a lot of dirt on Zino…lol He’s pissed…

  12. I don’t care who you are. When you get close to thirty or passed thirty, you should not act like some insecure teenager that take shots at people just to keep the spotlight on yourself

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