Two Bromancing Bad Boys?


An anonymous source sent in this image. I’d say they should come with a clear picture, Don’t you?

We wouldn’t usually run an image like this, but the source claims one Harlem Shakin’ Rev.. and one Diddy.. are the kissing dudes pictured. We obviously can’t say for sure. So we’ll leave it to you to decide…


    • It is. In fact its the part where the was floating in that wind tunnel. They had on those red outfits on.

      • Jacky exposed them also. Diddy is a true faggot. He has to manipulate and control everyone around him. He will take a straight YOUNG man and turn him out into his demonic lifestyle. There are gay men and then there are faggots. Diddy will always be nothing more than a demonic faggot.

  1. It’s definitely Mase and Puff, but to be honest, they don’t seem to be doing anything too scandalous. And they do have clothes on.

    The first time I saw Puffy in a video with Mase waaaaay back, I KNEW he was boning his protege. I barely knew what DL was back then, but you could just tell something was off. When I heard that Mase was retiring I thought: he probably has a prolapsed anus from all the Diddy action and needs to give his rectal region a rest.

  2. The book “Mogul” was an interesting read. It mirrored stuff like this in the industry

  3. This looks like the video from them in those yellow, parachute jumpsuits…in the video..they were all in each others face like this… NOT romantically …just playing around…

  4. Wow….this site has come down to this?……advertising the dick?……..oh lawd ……bwahahahahaha!

    • Oh bitch stop trying to act like you have such high standards and class. This is a gossip site…how classy,intelligent can you be?

          • 12″?!. That’s a bit much. He better go stand in front of Subway. I’m sure someone will pay him $5 for his footlong. He may get $7.50 if he stands in front of Quiznos.

            • If the d is hot, you better run. A lifetime supply of Valtrex is not the business. Lol

            • Yall got me rolling over here. I missed 12 inch dicky Ricky but I can just imagine, lol

            • Richard:

              You hopped onto an entertainment site attempting to coerce someone into having a sexual encounter. You don’t need a liaison, you need a tall glass of ice water to quench your thirst.

              Your hatred of women is obvious, based on how you’re responding to women and about women. Some of us took your initial posts in jest, but at this point, you loom like a sad, angry, frustrated individual who likely has a 2″ member, not a 12″ member. Good day.

      • If your momma’s p*ssy didn’t bleed once a month you wouldn’t be here, Richard. And I can assure you that if you keep taking it up the ass you too will need a tampon. But it will be to hold in your shit from that loose asshole of yours.

        • Lol @ Anon 7:09:

          Richard’s anus would swallow a tampon if he is the power bottom everyone suspects he is. He will need Depends in order to keep the incontinence from his anal prolapse under control. Once his bottom literally falls out, it cannot be reconstructed. Someone better ask these promiscuous gay men and the porn girls who star in gonzo flicks.

  5. Diddy loves Zak Posen. He only f-ed Ma4se becuase he could. Diddy has Cassie having sex with other men while he watches. She doesnt mind because the drugs and money are always available.

  6. That’s Meek Mill and Puffy/DIDDY. They have been doing a lot of “HARD WORK” making music, but these pictures obviously shows they been doing more than just making music. Look up their recent music videos and you’ll see that it’s them. Smh..
    How many more young boys will DIDDY turn out? Sad

    • Are you dumb? That ain’t no Meek Mill! That is Mase! Meek don’t, even, wear glasses. Old dumb ass!

      • Go and watch their new video..
        Meek is wearing glasses…
        U dumb ass! Smh..
        You Internet thug

  7. There was a pic years ago of Diddy lying on top of a dude. I believe it was the pic that got Wendy Williams fired. Damn I wish I had saved that pic.

  8. Shit dont matter we already know puffy n mase are homos. They been put on blast how many times on here

  9. Every mtf on the mainstream are FAGGETY mtfs. Its all about underground hiphop f*ck mainstream rappers

  10. its mase and puffy.

    mase benefitted when big died by being puff’s best friend or boyfriend whatever you wanna call it.

  11. The Illuminati personally shoved Diddy’s dick up Ma$e’s azz?….that’s just rude.

  12. bullshit I saw this picture years ago and its mase and diddy they are not doing nothing. no kiss or anything. wendy williams showed this same pic and I saw it online. sorry all this is bogus you are reading more into it. I love you jacky but this is beat.

  13. there is no f*cking involved its just a regular picture and there is no bedroom involved. their faces are just close thats all..

  14. Anonymous @ July 18th “The book “Mogul” was an interesting read. It mirrored stuff like this in the industry.”

    Jacky already broke down who the characters really are in that book. Check the archives.

  15. Puff and Mase! Remember this was on Wendy’s Old site back in the day! She blew up their spot every chance she had!!!!

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