Lifetime Finds New Aaliyah, Adds Wendy Williams as Executive Producer of Biopic


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Zenedaya Coleman has officially been replaced by a Nickelodeon actress to play Lifetime’s Aaliyah. But that doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. Know why? Because at the end of the day it’s really all about what the audience wants.

Here’s what is somewhat of a shocker tho — Wendy Williams just boss’d up, letting it be known that she’s stepped in as executive producer of the Aaliyah project. What’s next, Wendy… Whitney?

aaliyah-biopic-wendy-williams wendy-williams-executive-producer-aaliyah-biopic

Here’s the latest:

“Lifetime has finally found their replacement in Alexandra Shipp. The 23-year-old actress is best known for her role as Kara Tatiana Rush on the Nickelodeon series House of Anubis, and is also featured in season two of Ray Donovan.

In addition to the casting change, talk-show queen Wendy Williams has signed on as an executive producer, confirming in a tweet on Friday (July 18) that production on “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B” begins in late-July.”



  1. Wendy Did Say On Her Show She Wants To Know The Truth!!!

    Girl Doesn’t Even Look Like Aailyah These Mixed Breeds Need To Understand Aaliyah Was A Black Women Not Mixed!!!!!!

    A BLACK WOMEN!!!!!!!!

          • Your Saying She Had A White Grandmother !! Is From Slavery Black Men Would Have Affairs With The White Women
            Then These Heartless Broad Would Make Black Women Look After Their Mixed Breed Kids

          • Cheese, you know this illiterate Thot has no grasp on grammar or history right? Don’t waste your time.

          • I hope Alaliyah gma was not a white person from the slave era! That would mean Alaiyah was old as hell, being that slavery ended in late 1800’s! So prob, her gma was just a white lady who fell in love with a black guy in the 50’s-60’s. Why does it matter if she was part something from generation’s ago?

            • Well said Gluten. Any Black American with an Ancestry DNA test result can tell you that hardly anyone is “pure black” in this country anymore. I did one and I have like 20 ethnicities in me including African, Italian, Greek, English, Irish, Russian, Kazakhstan, Spanish, Portuguese and Asian too (East Indian). I’m have caramel brown skin, the same color as Aaliyah, curly/wavy hair and obviously African American, but because of my mixtures, you gonna tell me I’m not black enough? Who gets to say what is “black enough” or “too black”? The same ignorant people who came up with that whole good hair bad hair shit. That’s why we can’t grow as a people…always dragging each other in a damn barrel like crabs and comparing complexions and hair textures like self loathing Negroes. This is the 21st century, some are mixed through intermarriage, not necessarily slavery. People need to stop tripping. Africans hate most American Blacks anyway, but people stay pressed to claim “pure blackness”. Blackness is a state of mind…not a skin tone.

            • Oprah is. And she is HELLA MAD about it. Everybody and their mama took that DNA test and came back with some european blood. Not her. I watched Henry Louis Gates read her test results and laughed my ass off.

  2. They stay trying to make this Aaliyah movie happen with these tragic looking mulattos.

      • Cosign. Aaliyah’s grandmother was supposedly white. SO FUCKIN’ WHAT. Those genes didn’t come through. That Zendoya was obviously mulatto.

        Hollyweird joos always tryin’ to rewrite history.

        • From Slavery You Coon Are Soooo Dumb Get Out From Your Massa 1 Inch Dyck!!!!

          We All Know White Women Would Seduce Black Men In To Sex Because Their Husbands Were To Busy Making Money From The Slaves!!
          Or Massa Was To Busy Sexing A Black Women!!!

          When A White Women Found Their Were Pregnant By A Slave. They Would Black Women Look After The Child, White Women Didn’t Even Care
          About Their Mixed Children They Never Paid For Food Or Clothing

          And Is Sooo Upsetting How Mixed Breeds Treat Black Women Giving Black Women Nasty Looks

  3. Wow Debra (Whitney’s bff) is going to be working with Whitney’s arch nemesis Wendy Williams? what a betrayal. I find it strange that Whitney and Debra signed Aaliyah on to play sparkle in 01 before her death in a mysterious plane crash and then they finally get the green light to make Sparkle and Whitney is murdered?!!!!

    Now she is producing and profiting from biopics on both of these ladies…something in the coffee ain’t clean.

    • Good observation Mon88….the pieces of all puzzles are coming together.

    • There was nothing mysterious about that plane crash. I just watched the Behind The Music on Aaliyah and there were local Bahamian men who worked at the airport and heard the fighting between the plot and the members of Aaliyah’s entourage when the pilot told them they were too heavy to take off. They were demanding to go with all their equipment and luggage.

      Did the Illuminati and or Damon Dash know that they would defy the laws of physics and insist on going against the advice of the pilot? Because, if they had just listened to him they would be alive today and the “sacrifice” would have been thwarted in its tracks.
      If it had been an intentional plot to kill all of them, why would the pilot have fought with them not to take off? Why wouldn’t he have just kept his mouth shut? Does anyone here ever employ the simplest of logic when before declaring every death a sacrifice?
      Bad, tragic stuff happens. It’s hard to accept. So we concoct stories in our head to make it easier. But the truth is simple most times. Occam’s Razor.

      • I’m guessing just because you saw it on tv it must be true lol. I’ve worked in aviation for 6 years and I read where they claimed the cessna 404 she boarded was 700 pounds overloaded, that is impossible I have flown several cessna 404, and 405 for years if those type of planes are 100 pounds overweight they wouldn’t even lift off the runway because they are very small yet they want us to believe that cessna took off 700 pounds overloaded? Ppl that have aviation background know this is false because it is taught in aviation 101 ask any piolit they will concur. Next time do some research before you speak.

        • I have also been in aviation for over 15 years. I have read the NTSB report. I have discussed it at length with many commercial captains and they all agree that it was a case of overloading. And for the record, the plane did not attain very much altitude before it yawed and nose dived.
          The information I related from the TV show was anecdotal. I guess the Illuminati/Dash got to the Bahamian fishermen and paid them off huh?\

          Have YOU read the complete NTSB report? Naw…the Illuminati paid them off so they could kill a young girl. Happens all the time right?

          • Great presentation. I love how you presented your case. On this site every death has to be an illuminati sacrifice. If you don’t agree you are attacked and called a bitch or ignorant or blind.

            • Thanks R. The blind thing bothers me even more than accusations of ignorance.

              so many people respond, “you’re just sheeple–you’re not ready for the truth.”
              The very people who sit mesmerized watching those idiotic YouTube videos(Proof!!! Michelle Obama was born a Man!!) are calling ME a sheep? Please. I am open to anything no matter how bizarre it may seem to be. I know that weird shit is afoot in the world. But all one needs to do is a little research to disprove 3/4 of the stuff in those videos. I honestly am starting to think that folks want it to be true, and thus suspend their disbelief and good sense.
              Oh well, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my frustration. 🙂

          • yeah the plane was overloaded. but the pilot stilettos off aNd thats what makes no sense. Most pilots will not fly an overloaded plane anymore than a baker will make oat meal.cookies with rat poison. Overloaded plane equals death. Alliyah and the lay people on board should not have been allowed to make a judgement call that should be left to a seasoned professional. And cocaine does not really impair a pilot’s performance . Many Lawyers , doctors and pilots use coke coke on the regular. So….something just doesn’t add up, no matter what the report officially found. just like shit isn’t adding up for Malaysian airlines. Don’t commercial pilots typically avoid war zones,?…and planes typically don’t disappear. And yes there will be. official reports on both those occurrences and they aren’t gonna add up to the truth either.

      • We can, but we would be wrong.

        Why do we as a people never want to take responsibility for dumb choices? Why does every bad thing have to be a conspiracy plot or a sacrifice?
        Would Whitney have been “sacrificed” if she hadn’t been a major drug abuser for 20 years?

        • Exactly! Some things happen naturally or as a result of the free-will God gives us.

    • I caught that straight away. Damn, its getting more and more blatant how Hellaweird really works.

    • Chris I have an anubis statue in my house because I think it’s beautiful Egyptian art. Does that make me Satanic?

      • Only if you worship it. But personally I got rid of my zodiac poster because it no longer reflects my personal beliefs. To each his/her own.

          • I have a Hello Kitty pillow, amongst other HK stuff! So happy to see another HK lover here.

  4. Their White Washing Black People In Movies Roles What’s Next

    Christian Bale Playing 2 Pac Johnny Deep Playing Eazy E!!!!

  5. hiring black sorceress Wendy Williams….ooo great. See b/c its about rituals, & Wendy pays hers just like the rest…w/Wendy as exec producer, the actors & actresses pay their rituals to her, meaning this chick who gonna play aaliyah is gonna go through alot of dykery & satanic rituals to play the part. They call it “channeling”, inviting spirits (aka DEMONS) in to embody the role as Aaliyah…ask Angela “Voodoo Priestess” Bassett, she killed the Tina Turner movie b/c she understands this principle, also Al Pacino, no one can play Satan like that w/out that unclean spirit. Yeah, I also saw the Ray Donovan episode w/this girl…of course she playing a whore, a whore sleeping w/some NFL or NBA dude & his wife was gonna shoot her & Ray Donovan tells the wife to shoot her ass & then they drop her off in the park & told her to say she got mugged…she is supposed to be a frontrunner on American Idol in the show….clearly this actress been on her hands & knees for the jhews in hollywood & they are rewarding her

    • Wow! kingdom8…where can I read more about this…this stuff is chilling….any sites or books for 101?

      • its not like they really “channel” the actual person, it doesnt work that way…when u die, u move on to the nxt experience, no ghost shit, still roaming around…DEMONS are very good at mockery & acting as someone else….DEMONS can very well mock anyone, voice, mannerisms, etc…every seen Mystique in x-men??…its like the same thing..

            • check out the original series from the 80’s.

              tf is cool seen prime die too many times.

              check out the 86 movie it weas the first time I heard of any kind of matrix.

              transformers was always in some cult thing.

              like the beast wars.

              a war far away in another galaxy before humans were created the tfs came to earth millions of years ago.

              sounds familiar.






          • the point is that DEMONS inhabit them & mimick the person they want them to….thats why Wendy is exec producer b/c her, the director, main actors & actresses, a maybe a few others will go to a dark room on set somewhere quiet, w/a pentagram drawn & candles & they will call the demon up, give it instructions on what they wish for it to do, which will likely be to posess this girl & make sure the film goes successfully. They will sacrifice something, preferably a baby, newborn, or a very young male child, depending on how powerful the witches involved are, they will get a child but w/Wendy I’m seeing probably a animal, but they need to give blood for the spells to work..& the next thing u know this girl will be bigtime & she will play Aaliyah perfectly…that is, if everything goes to plan

            • OOOOOOH demons shapeshifting creepy!

              I’m scurred. Gotta go to YouTube and get scurred sommore.

            • Oprah is the only person Wendy allowed to touch her stomach during her first pregnancy. Wendy miscarried shortly thereafter. Is it safe to assume that Wendy’s baby became Wendy’s sacrifice or is that purely coincidental?

            • How do you know only Oprah was allows to touch? Did Wendy actually say that? Creepy…

            • @ kingdom8 Agreed except they do not give demons instructions. These evil spiritual beings are far more powerful than humans so the humans are taking direction from them. Only after they have fulfilled their rituals will the demons possess and work through them.

    • Let faith be your guide not fear. Living in fear will surely leave you open to all types of isht.

      • Cao All this preoccupation with conspiracy theories is just a manifestation of fear. People who live on YouTube sites watching all the videos are looking for explanations to things they don’t understand. And there are no shortage of hucksters like Alex Jones and David Ickes who are happy about it too. They are the snake oil salesmen of the 2000’s.
        People who spot these theories here are low hanging fruit showing their fear and gullibility with every declaration of conspiracy and demon sighting. White people find it hilarious that we are so easily led, it’s sickening.

        All you have to do is ask yourself, if this insider info is so esoteric and secret, then why the heck can anyone with internet access learn all the secrets of “The Illuminati” by merely Googling it? It’s ridiculous. The real story is NOT on YouTube and Alex Jones is an idiot. But he has made a very good living off low information folks of all races, so I suppose I can’t call him stupid. smh

        • Well its not TPTB that are doing the revealing. As a Christian I beliwve all this coming to light is predicted by scripture but everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.I guess my question would be, if you think all these conspiracy/secret society/ illuminati stories arefalse, what convinced you that there is no truth to it?

          • I believe in conspiracy. Just no the idiotic stuff that is easily debunked by critical thinking. I believe in the Illuminati. But I DON’T believe that Jay Z and Kanye are members and that every thing which happens to black folk is a result of Illumnati actions.
            The true actions of the powerful families has to do with New World Order, banking and arms etc. not a drugged up rapper wanna be living in Chicago with his mama.

            • And there you have it! All this obsession with the Illuminati has gone overboard on this site.

  6. I still don’t understand the point of this movie but at least this girl is cute.

  7. Wendy is disgusting! What happened to respecting the family’s wishes? I guess anything for a quick buck right. I hope the Haughton family sues.

      • If You Watch Wendy’s Show She Said That She Wants To Know The Truth What Really Happen With R Kelly
        But Not The Plane Crash!!!! Ummm Sound Fishy

    • The Haughton family wants to see Aaliyah’s story on the silver screen but that’s not going to happen so they might as well get used to the idea of her being on Lifetime. Anyway The Haughton’s do not get any of my respect after they sold their daughter to R Kelly, Dame and Jay. No one in this situation is more disgusting than them.

      Wendy is more likely to find out the truth about the marriage than she will about that plane crash.

  8. Somewhere the cotton headed gyals from #blacktwitter are grunting and salivating as they peck away on the keyboards and tablets

    • What do you mean by “cotton headed”. That term seems vaugly racist to me. Please explain if you were referencing their hair texture?

        • Do you always answer a question with a question? I asked you straight out: what did you mean by cotton headed? Can you give a straight answer?

            • I did. Cotton head is a snake. But I was asking You what You meant by it. Lol…helluva sidestep. You are obviously afraid to own your racism. I see you now, Non Importante. You better never again call yourself calling someone out on “reverse racismn.”….or self hate.

          • You answered yourself with your initial reply to the comment which is why I responded with that question. My comment isn’t racist as others mentioned.

            Perhaps my first approach was too Socratic. Is the term cotton head offensive and if so why or is using it to describe certain instigating demographics on #blacktwitter the bigger issue? Does it apply to you?

            You seem adamant for response so here you have it. Quit projecting.

        • Please non importante is a shit starter and a trouble maker. He is probably LB3 cyber-incarnated.

        • If Non is so capable of speaking it as she sees it, she will have no problem explaining her euphemism of choice.

          • “racism” is an institutionalized system for marginalizing blacks and denying them economic opportunity and equal access to the economy which benefits whites.

            How does using a term such as nappy headed, which is used here frequently, harming the black population economically?

            You’re just pissed because Non Importante has a brain, says what she thinks and takes no prisoners.

            • I’m not pissed about anything and you can mind your own f*cking business because I seriously was not speaking to your Iame interfering ass…I well o ow the defi itikn of ra ist turns on whether or not the offender has power over the minority or not, so you can shove it. I k ow nothing about NI personally and how others here refer to black hair. So I am asking Non again: what did you mean by cotton headed? And N I can answer. You take your fangirl ass on somewhere and have several seats.

            • Again w the gotdam spell check….well k ow the definition of ra ist and its economic component. There. Ok cleared that up so it can’t be used as a distraction.
              non, what did you mean by cotton headed? Who were you referring to and why? Anon…stfu!!!

            • You’re funny. I love how you and that Bella think that it is improper to chime in and opine on a message board. Do you understand the nature of a message board sweetie? It is for an exchange of thoughts, information and ideas. So sit your exclusionary ass down next to my fangurl ass.

            • 21:44:

              I don’t go for shit starters, such as yourself. I wasn’t a part of that portion of the thread, so why is my handle being brought into anything? Spend less time concerned about my actions on HSK and more time developing a life of your own.

            • I like you,BElla, that Anon(NI in drag probably) just trying to distract now that the racist cat jumped out of the self hate bad. Pretty obvi that by cotton headed she was making fun of girls with a certain kind of hair. I just wanted her to own up to it, if she had the requisite balls….they just dragged you in because she’s trying to thrown you under the bus. You are Zendaya to her Wendy Williams, lol.

            • This isnt a popularity contest and you dragging me into shenanigans are not appreciated. Unless posting tea why comment incognito? Your question was answered. You are not your hair.

          • Oh I missed that part. Where did you answer the question: what did you mean by “cotton headed”. U said my question is answered but I didn’t see where you answered it sooo?

        • Nor do I need,desire the bullshit! Stick to the statement here! I took the shit personally, & yes it was portrayed in a derogatory , very much ,inflammatory sense! Un f*cking cceptable!

    • I wonder how they would feel if they casted lupita for the part of Aliyah…or another dark skinned actress

      • They would probably YASSSS.. LUPITA GIVE ME LIFEEEE! Because some “exotical” takes another “L” in the land of milk and honey.

        • Shut up, race baiting shit stirring twat. Oh, I see your fake ass now. You are despicable.

          • Lupita fans qualify her with an Ivy League degree, her white girl inclusive hair braiding tutorial, Brad Pitts’ and Jared Leto’s potential love interest or comparison to Beyonce, Amber Rose, Draya and all things synthetic, Yaki and quadroon if you dare say shes overhyped(which she is most definitely is). Seems like a nice lady but women like Erika Alexander, Renee Neufville, Nbushe Wrightand Terrell Hicks existed in entertainment and in our families before her acceptance by mainstream media. Are they not desktop wallpaper/chat avatar worthy? I guess the Lancome contract matters or perhaps rebounding from unhealed wounds after Gabourey Sidibe’s 2009 debut and mainstream success with Academy Award winning Precious.

            By the way how is it race baiting?

            • Non Importante, don’t sweat. And knowing you, I’m sure you are not sweating anything. I hope that this one irritating and obviously cotton headed reader will not stop you from saying what you think in the future.
              You represent a demo here which is in the vast minority and I always look forward to your comments.

            • Lol….you bitches are a trainwreck. Cotton headed equals nappy headed right? Your grown asses and I bet you lot are at least 30s if not 40s sitting up here calling people nappy headed. And then, have the Nuuuuurve to get upset when you get called out on it,lol. Probably be the first one to holler like a hit dog if some racist white on t m z called lupita nappy headed. But its ok for you to do the same.
              You are an embarrassment to yourself.

            • Thanks Anon 11:11 (ooh elevens, master number)

              Dont know why it has to be a pejorative term. Per wiki cotton is a soft fluffy staple(valuable thing). people project their own insecurities onto others concerning the structure of dead cells and protein.

            • More side stepping. I’m glad you refuse to answer. You SHOULD feel ashamed of yourself and now you are pretending Like valuable and soft is what you meant. ” the ladies on BLACK Twitter with their soft, valuable hair….”
              Bish plz, you are so phony and fake.

            • You are cool with me non importante. I didn’t take offense just because I thought ther tearm cotton headed meant stupid.

            • Damn typos, lol
              That should have read:
              I thought the term cotton headed meant stupid.

  9. All of this is crazy zendaya or wateva her name is would have been a great choice I think but I hey…

  10. I think they made a good choice on this one. And as for Wendy Williams I am happy about that because I think we will get to see what really happened in her life her plane crash don’t need to be seen her family would have to relived that time and that won’t be ok to see but I want to know about the baby she had with rkelly and the end of her life. Can’t wait.

      • Exactly NI! I told y’all Lolita looks exactly like Aaliyah. Talk like her, walk like her til its scary!

  11. Wendy keeps saying she wants to know the truth and thats bs. I dont care about her relationship with R Kelly because we already know what went down. I want to know was baby girl sacrificed. Sorry to say the pilot had cocaine in his system and too much equipment on the plane and they stilll they still let them fly. Something dont sound right with that.

    • Read the NTSB report. You have some facts confused. You are right about the cocaine, but the pilot was insistent about them not taking off until they threatened to take his job. He had only been employed for several weeks. FWIW, a little cocaine would not interfere with his piloting skills. Before mandatory random drug testing in 1990 began pilots did cocaine in small doses in order to stay on point and alert on long flights.

  12. I want to know the real deal about Whitney in that hotel room. I heard that Bobby’s sister was saying she believed someone intentionally harmed Whitney. The same goes for Pac and Biggie I want to know did Suge or Diddy play a role in their deaths. Did Jerry Heller inject Eazy E with Aids? All the conspiracy theorists can agree with me on this one. We want the truth and nothing but the truth.

    • Probably not! The movie will probably portray Aaliyah as an angel that would sit at home and play checkers and chess!

  13. there are songs from tweedy bird loc that disses eazy saying eazy was messing with hiv infected hookers.





  14. a lot of rappers flirted with death like pac, eazy, big, bone thugs, and scarface.

    bushwick bill lost his eye.

    scarface lost his best friend.

    pac and big talked about suicide and vbeing driven in hurst and they kept talking all these satanic references of hellfire and coming back as another person.

    sorry but when you play with death it comes back on you.

  15. Yeah, I’ve been preaching this shit for years. Here’s a satirical article for your consumption. I write this shit in jest, but real life is much more tragic.

  16. Yash Qaraah said Wendy is down with the elite. she also said “Kanye probably locks Kim in a dungeon” she described MK Ultra Mind Control
    on her show a fews months back how would she know???

    she also said she wants to know the truth about Aailyah’s plane crash. Wendy even talked about Beyonce’s pregnancy
    Wendy even said Miss Tina is a witch

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