‘Straight Outta Compton’ Casting Call Snubbed Over Racial Stereotyped Requirements


The agency attached to the N.W.A. biopic has fallen to the center of racist allegations. This, after Sande Allesi Casting released its ad over finding the actors to fill the movie’s roles. The ad went live yesterday, leading many to be outraged over why the role-requirements for “African American girls” weren’t only D-listed… the details read as follows:

“These are African American girls. Poor, not in good shape. Medium to dark skin tone.

Sandi Allesi Casting Agency has since responded to the backlash, calling the ad “an innocent mistake”… claiming, to be “looking for women of various skin tones and body types.”

Here’s how they’re trying to make good:

“It’s the usual method they use to look for different types of people for any project and it wasn’t meant to offend anyone.”

This casting call was posted yesterday by Sande Allesi Casting, an agency that has posted several casting notices for the film:

SAG OR NON UNION CASTING NOTICE FOR FEMALES-ALL ETHNICITIES- from the late 80’s. Shoots on “Straight Outta Compton”. Shoot date TBD. We are pulling photos for the director of featured extras. VERY IMPORTANT – You MUST live in the Los Angeles area (Orange County is fine too) to work on this show. DO NOT SUBMIT if you live out of the area. Nobody is going to be flying into LA to do extra work on this show – and don’t tell me you are willing to fly in.


A GIRLS: These are the hottest of the hottest. Models. MUST have real hair – no extensions, very classy looking, great bodies. You can be black, white, asian, hispanic, mid eastern, or mixed race too. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com subject line should read: A GIRLS

B GIRLS: These are fine girls, long natural hair, really nice bodies. Small waists, nice hips. You should be light-skinned. Beyonce is a prototype here. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com subject line should read: B GIRLS

C GIRLS: These are African American girls, medium to light skinned with a weave. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com subject line should read: C GIRLS

D GIRLS: These are African American girls. Poor, not in good shape. Medium to dark skin tone. Character types. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com subject line should read: D GIRLS


  1. OMG. I cannot. I cannot believe this. ‘D’ list requirements? Ha ha.

    Beyonce lives in weaves, how is she the prototype for the B list girls who have long ‘natural hair’?

    The insults just keep coming. Hope the movie bombs!!

    • They done did it now. Dr is a known woman hater Dee Barnes never forget he’s a PUNK.

      • A lot of people are sleeping on that Donald Sterling fiasco
        But it was well planned and scripted
        The Agenda continues

        • Donald Sterling ain’t no more racist than your average rapper get real LOL BlacKKK men taking over from the KKK the way they treat and talk about BW and now after 30 years of hiphop we talking back and turning our back get your mixed and white chicks to ride. good luck with that the next time a cop kills a bm, oh wait that just happened yesterday, better get the white chicks to march.

    • FORALAUGH……….. Foil by weird al yankovic. Farrkin funny. Send up of royal by lorde.

    • THe D list girl is the dark skinned poor type? WOW and we would dare support a biopic that exploits people of color? This is a good petition for Color of Change to get involved. I say we shut it down all together. Of course it was the dark skinned and light skinned blacks that supported NWA right? Now they are looking for some of the ethnic people who dared to support NWA and help to jump start their careers? Boy Niggas sure do sell out once they make it to what they perceive as the top! LEt me guess Dre fully supports this foolery right? Where is Cube in all of this? Colorofchange.org is a must for this biopic

  2. This is par for the course in casting. SAG types know and are accustomed to this. My guess is that since they are open to non-union women as well, the casting call fell into the hands of a non-union chick who then put it on blast.

    Yes, it is insulting, but how do you think they get the folks for TV, movies and commercials? When they want a fat sassy sista, that is exactly what they ask for. When they want a round the way girl–same thing goes. And when they want an A list chick they use code words which will exclude the more ethnic girls.
    It’s the skin tone thing which is going to cause the most shit to fly, both in the LA media as well as right here. We all know what a, ahem, sensitive topic that is. Well, that and hair.

    We need to focus on shit that really matters and let this silly bs go.
    Thank God someone didn’t print the casting call for the Aaliyah biopic. That would have started the Third World War here.

    • You are full of shit and you know it they are being straight up colorist no matter how you want to whitewash it code my ass. Come again.

      • What part of what I typed was inaccurate? Did I say that it wasn’t colorist? I said that this is how casting is done.

        • Gaslighting. I’ve been in the biz too. “D” is poor and dark. You are being willfully obtuse. Why does the poor fat one have to be dark? YOu get it but you don’t give a damn cause you a bm yall dont’ give a damn about shit that happens to bw but your time is coming.

          • Oh I get it for sure. But I was interested in other folk’s opinions. Obtuse? I’m deeply wounded. Forgive me?

            • @7:33 I understood you clearly and you hit on some good points and it is what it is.

            • yeah @Thee 1 doesnt understand that in this Biz (specification) is key
              you have to be specific of the roles being asked to fill
              and the casting needed to do it

              that is why is broken down A B C D

              THEE 1 took it waaaay to personal

            • Sorrry but I call bullshit. I modeled for years and its nothing for me to walk in and they tell me, turn around you are too dark. Or ” go home, we wanted typical black and you are suburbanite….or we are casting real women today, all professional beauties go home….even though we are All professional beauties from reputable agencies. Open calls suck . But that isn’t the point. We all know how it works… That doesn’t mean it isn’t racist. It’s so f*cking racist. You think casting directors dont realize there are gorgeous college educated dark skinned well spoken girls in the projects? They were born there and use education to do better than what they saw growing up. But that’s not what they, TPTB want to see… And they don’t want you g black minds to see it either.Casting directors want a modern day minstrel show to clown us all. It’s very DISRESPECTFUL and I for one and sick if it….*drops mike*

            • LOL. Simps and butlers trying to say they can read my mind. Yall are taking ME personally cause I’m telling the truth. Yall don’t give a shit that fat and dark skin BW are slotted as poor. But scream when BM get dissed. Unloyal sambos.

          • True. They say BW are at the bottom of the totem pole, but BM are the most pathetic. They seem like the only race of men who don’t care what happens to their women. No pride. *some not all*

            • THANK YOU these ashy fools trying to play dumb. BM are most unloyal towards BW and we are returning the favor when a cop beats your ass down don’t expect BW to rally we done.

      • @THEE 1 AGREED 100 percent! You spoke the truth and hit some nerves! It is wrong on so many levels(colorist and racist casting)! Whomever tries to invalidate this behavior is wrong! BM are the only group of males that sell out their sistas! #SAMBO #WILLIELYNCHSYNDROME WE SHOULD continue to expose ALL casting companies and directors that set these types of colorist and racist standards. So do they think only AB types support their movies? HELL NAW its all of us! SHAME ON YOU F.GARY GREY! HE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE PROJECT AS WELL FOR ALLOWING THIS FOOLERY!

    • They are blaming the casting company but they only receive character descriptions from the film production team. Point fingers at the director F. Gary Gray and his team instead

      • We can partly only blame the film production butt these celebrities, especially one’s of this caliber, have a lot of say so about what and who they want in their projects. Even on their videos.

    • I agree. Just like there are failures in all shapes, colors and sizes, there are also successful people in all shapes colors and sizes.

    • You are full of crap. You know damn well that casting is bogus & biased. You are one of the things wrong with our race. Sellouts!

    • I’m not going to let it go, but I agree with what you said.

      Especially the part about the Aaliyah biopic.

    • Why would the Aaliyah casting being posted have been a problem when EVERYONE knows what Aaliyah looked like? It’s not like Gaborney Sidibe/Whoopi Goldberg-looking broads were clueless as to what the deal is. The issue with the NWA casting, as stated elsewhere on this page, is that it’s largely fantasy-based.

        • Even so, Hollywood is the haven for illusion and, like I said before, everyone knows what Aaliyah looked like.

      • Cali has always been populated with black anglo-saxons. Remember, these negros are from The South(Exiles). Also, Hollywood is based in Cali…Context!

        • I’m so over the resentment people have for CA. I was born in Hollywood, CA. Hollywood is a myth. People from CA don’t act in the stereotypical manner we are portrayed as acting. The transplants who arrive here with their last few dollars and a pipe dream make Hollywood the place people abhor. But folks who aren’t from here never quite grasp that.

          • I’m from here too, and I disagree! We have some fake ass, disloyal bitches in L.A.

            Just being honest. I cant stand none of these hoes (with an exception of very few).

            Now, the bay is a little more down to earth.

            • Fake is a state of mind and a state of being. People are fake when they are insecure with who they really are. That isn’t exclusive to Los Angeles or California. Fake is universal, not regional. There are disloyal people everywhere, in large part because loyalty is a learned behavior. You need integrity and strong character to be loyal. Everyone isn’t able because everyone isn’t strong. Again, that isn’t a regional trait.

          • @B Stiviano

            I got mad love for you Sis…Always! But, we’ve allowed this bs to fester for decades. Not all, but many blakmen in Cali have aided and abetted self-hatred among sistas in the US and beyond. Many have bitten their tongues because these brothas were sticking it to The Man. In hindsight, we have not gained much from that psychosis. B, i gotta keep it 100. This is not personal, it’s some blackman ish that needs to be exorised within the family. Got a handful of homeboys from Cali, they know the deal. We still debating about skin tone and ish, keeps us from the real problems that plague us.

            • @B Stiviano

              You’re Right, but, regional traits are just like the cold virus…They Spread! Even in Miami, this bs is mutating. Gtowing up, it was rare to see brothas with other women. Today, it’s much more common. Again, hollywood and hip-hop have warped a lot of us. This hysteria started with J-Lo from her In Living Color days…The Genesis! Well, we can replace real sistas with pseudo sistas…False Premise! Universal Studios knew exactly what they were doing…Got Cold Busted! Some may see it as mulatto bashing, Whatever! Chasing mixed women and NBWs has never been an obsession, so, my judgement is not clouded. None of this makes sense, Sistas are beautiful. Yet, many don’t feel it and think it because they see some of us lusting after another…Unacceptable!

            • Ty:

              You likely see more mixed race couples because the world is less segregated. My mom’s generation grew up in the tail end of segregation. Because my generation didn’t experience that, I was blessed to have friends from other countries. My birthday parties as a child looked like mini UN meetings. Lol

              CA is very culturally diverse, which is likely why you see Black mixing with “other” more frequently. I have a lot of family in TX. None of the younger BM married BW. It is what it is.

    • It’s not CA, it’s L.A.

      I’ve lived in a lot of states and L.A. dudes are an adjustment. However, L.A. people are different as a whole…no unity in this city. No loyalty. It sucks.

      • The problem with LA dudes, is that, their mindset is transported globally via Hollywood. And, it’s affecting our black sisters in other countries negatively. As blackmen, we must shine a light on this. Recently, a young sista committed suicide over this insanity. She was a blogger that brougjt attention to the colorism issue. I can’t recall her name right now, but it was related to something Asap Rocky said about dark-skinned women can’t wear red lipstick and whatnot. I’ll look up the info.

        • Her name is Karyn Washington…Creator of For Brown Girls. She was 22 years old. When i first read about it, my heart sunk. For any Sista to end her life over this is tragic to me. I’m hard on myself and other blackmen as a whole because of the cancer that is colorism.

          • From what I read, she had just lost her mother. They were extremely close. IMO, her suicide is much deeper than what was reported, so I won’t say anything more because it is not my place.

            There were 2 bloggers who committed suicide. There was the Long Hair Don’t Care girl and the FBG girl. Both were very beautiful and very young.

  3. This PROVES that most BM don’t give a damn for bw unless she is mixed.

    Yall think BW dumb they the sleeping giant with the pocketbooks.

    • Black Folk need to cut the chord…Seriously! Other races will always seek to elevate them above actual black people…The Truth! Mulatto is not black…Stop The Madness! Whites maintain power and influence in our race via half-breeds…Not Our People!

    • He did! Dallas chick at the Sheraton Hotel in 1989. He was warned too!

      Then again, they say Dre injected him.

      But I was witness to the hey she got aids shyt back in ’89 and he went anyway!

  4. Speaking of pocketbooks. Why buy A Michael kors when u could buy stock in Michael kors? It’s up 83% btw.

    • Great suggestion. Also, they are beginning to sell song royalties that one can invest in being part owner. This is a great way for us to reclaim our music. Google it.

  5. I wonder if blacks are going to get mad and shut this down like they did that little girl who was gonna play Aaliyha. Nope they gunna shuck and jive right to the theaters

    • This is about pushing real sistas out the way, which clears a path for non-black women to target the simps…rappers, athletes, actors, etc. Hollywood is all about keeping whitewomen on their fake pedestal…The Game! A lighter, less blacker version…Kim K Syndrome!!!

        • The truth is for those with steel stomachs. Black folk run from the truth regarding many issues. Deal with now, or keep being pushed aside…Your Choice? Mulattos women are complicit in all of this. Meanwhile, sistas in Africa and the Caribbean are bleaching their skin to be lighter. Tyrone is the bad guy…Really???

  6. This is the BLACK WOMAN stereotype…..made by HOLLYWOOD.

    I am soooo sick of white women defining me

    • Would you feel differently if the exact same casting call had been made by a black CSA agent? Seriously, I am curious if this is about them being white, or is it about the fact that Hollywood favors a type for the hot chick and another type for the hood chick?

      • I can say for me, them being white has little to do with it. They are rewriting history with this casting notice because light skin chicks with weave down to there didn’t come until way after N.W.A. If you ever saw the N.W.A. pool party video there ain’t nothing but brown and dark skin sisters with bomb bodies along with a few Latina and Filipino chicks and a couple of yt girls. This was before fake booties and tata’s were everywhere. This is B.S.

        • Youre right. Seems like the late the 80s90s was the era for voluptuous brown women with braids or a blowout as video vixens. A few weaved light skinned girls who with full noses or lips and a token exotic negroid asian or hispanic who like ice t’s ex darlene ortiz (someone had to get their hair wet and just not dance by the pool) Now its the opposite -every video is mixed or white with a token dark skinned girl. Seems like mixed raced “good hair”people just spawned overnight. Just look at the old 2live crew albums to get the Real. My life’s ambition in grade school was to be a Luke dancer.

          • N.I.:

            I heart you!!! My secret dream was to be a Luke dancer! Lol. I have enough boobs but not enough backside, so I threw it out of my mind. I remember seeing Luke videos on The Box. They changed my life. I didn’t know women could dance like that. They were the first women I recall “twerking.” They were so fly.

    • Stop letting them! Fuck what they feel or say, Sistahs we gone soon wake up an stop carrying niggas that’s in on the crusade to the constant Disrespect of the Beautiful black women. Define yourself y’all! Peace.

      • Preeeeeeeeeeach on, sista! It’s been a struggle but we can help our younger sistas survive this kind of hurt and pain. Each one of us can reach back and grab a hand, pull them up and shower them with positivity.

        • Each one of us can reach back,but it’s not happening. The millenials have it worse than we did. No wonder everyone is reaching for the bleaching cream.

  7. Too much REAL issues going on in the world to worry about this bull.They can hire Katie or Krashita skinny or fat black or white stupid or smart I don’t give a damn.

    • Right. Its about BW you can’t be concerned but let Donald Sterling tell this truth and sambos want a mammy.

      • OK You do make a point THEE1. It seems that the bias is not taken seriously when it only concerns women.

        • Correct becus all they have to do is yell shoe sale or put on reality tv and you all get distracted.

          • I KNOW you must be talking about BM they the fools standing in line to get Jordans but never take their kids to school the whole world talks about that you BM think the world is blind? can’t

  8. Sisters you better watch and learn. Most bm just want bw to be a mammy and march and defend their ashy dicks but they got nothing to say when BW get messed with. Yall got daughters cause you don’t like condoms and your daughter is your karma. good luck with that.

  9. Massa still raping us. SMDH…Things haven’t changed they just been rearranged

  10. u can’t blame Dre for this…this is what hollywood does, how they stereo-type. Its something they do, when ur black & an extra, they will call u for things like criminal, drug dealer, soldier, etc if ur male & ESPECIALLY if u are dark skinned. Thats just what they do. CBS is very good at this in the casting stages, its why blacks are always criminals, even the extras in the background…this is how they subliminally stereotype our ppl

    • it’s the same as that TV show Cops. Have you ever notice that the majority of the perps on Cops are black? You know that is straight up racist because we only comit 13% of the felony crimes since we are 13% of the population. Sometimes there will be a drunken hillbilly but it’s rare. Mostly just blacks on that show. How did they get away with that for 20 years without no one complaining about it?

    • Yes let’s make it a flop. Then there will be even fewer films employing black actors. Yay!! We win!

      • It’s the lesser of two evils. We don’t need to support a system that degrades us. I’m willing to support small black produced and black directed movies….

  11. I think I will sneak into this movie instead of paying damn near 20 bucks to see it?

  12. As black people we shouldnt be surprised with the casting for this biopic look what happened with Zendaya. Black women should not want to do these horrible movies anyway. NWA is the same group of people who used the n word and disrespected black women in their music and lets not forget Dr. Dre beating up Dee Barnes. All NWA did was destroy the black culture.



    • NWA were largely a bunch of studio gangsters anyway, and that alone makes me question why people want to see this.

      • no better or worser than lil wayne, drake, bow wow, and soiuljah boy.

        the majority of these thugs were not all that tough and even the ones who sold ones was just local drug dealers who did nothing but that they wasn’t big time mafia kingpins.

        its all entertainment its no worser than seeing Charles Bronson or clint eastwood back in the day.

  13. Black women stop selling yourselves short by being in these ghetto and stereotypical movies that portray you in a bad light. Im disgusted by minority women on these tacky shows like love & hip hop, basketball wives, rhoa, etc. Stop selling yourself short for a dollar its not worth it.

    • Yes. Because BLACK MALE societal and media representation is so much more positive. SMDH.

      Black women’s burden is something else. Via the media, and Hollywood the whites long to degrade us.

      However via black male hip hop artist the whole genre now is built upon the degradation of black females.

    • Black males:

      Stop writing and recording songs that negatively depict your Black grandmothers, mothers, sisters, female cousins, aunts and daughters. Stop exploiting the regal images of Black women in your tv shows, music videos, independent films and major motion pictures. Stop tarnishing the images of Black women because of your ignorant beliefs that Black women have it “easier” than Black men.

      Once Black men, who were ordained to be leaders, not followers, step up to the plate and stop blaming slavery and/or the white man for Black male misdeeds, you will not only restore the images of Black men and Black women, you will most assuredly restore the Black family, which is vital to the preservation of the Black race.

      Black males are seen as problematic in society for a reason. It is your responsibility to alter people’s perceptions of you. You do that by being strong in the right ways. You do that by making wise decisions for your lives and your families. You do that by educating yourselves, staying out of legal trouble, abstaining from drugs, tobacco and abusing alcohol, etc. You let your big head do the thinking for you rather than fraternizing with females because of the sizes of their breasts or posteriors. You spend adequate time developing from a boy to a man rather than remaining in a state of mental, emotional, spiritual and financial infancy, yet aging.

      Stop fighting the people who love, encourage and support you. Know that you are worthy of being loved and respected, but learn the lost art of reciprocity. Stop dragging your sisters.

      • That was beautiful and hella positive and since it did not contain profanity or pop culture reference, was probably missed by many 🙁

        • Thank you, N.I. It won’t be received because it came from my heart and my keypad. But I’m ok with that. As long as I’m not blocking MY blessings, I’m golden.

      • @B Stiviano

        Black Male Pride Is AWOL. We know the horrors of slavery, colonialism, jim-crow, kkk, lynchings, etc. The reality, other men fear us more so than the other way around. Yet, we walk around like lost puppies looking for Mama in the neighborhood. Honestly, we gotta stop blaming lost parents, God gave us all a brain. Some choose not to be critical thinkers, which is a road to slavery. Basic Concepts…Women Define A People! If we love blackwomen as God intended…We Can’t Lose! This is female-centric thinking. I get called a woman and other bs because i stress this point…So Be It! Who Is Greater…Lion or Lioness?

        • I can’t say I agree with you re: women defining a people. Men determine the sex of a baby. The baby’s last name is usually that of the father. When a father is absent from a household, IMO, it is far more impactful than the loss or absence of a mother.

          Men were ordained to be leaders, first and foremost as heads of households. If men are not around to provide, protect and lead, the family is vulnerable. As strong as we are as women, we were not constructed to do what men do with the effortlessness that men do it.

          Society has allowed the role of men, particularly Black men, to be diminished. Black women are being brainwashed into believing they are both a mother and a father when they are single parents. A man can never replace a woman and vice versa. Boys should be taught to protect, defend and later provide so they can grow up to be effective men, husbands and fathers. Both men and women are vital to the circle of life. Life cannot exist without both entities, so one should not be downplayed in order for the other to shine or flourish.

            • Thank you, KC. Just posting my observations based on what the great teacher called life has imparted upon me.

            • Might have to book that face transplant and get me a airline ticket. Haha the family unit is where it all begins.

            • ROTFL. Don’t change for anyone. Family is most assuredly where it’s at. Definitely the foundation for a stable life.

  14. NWA was bad for the black culture disrepecting black women using and glorifying the n word. I dont care for those sellouts.

  15. This is sad , and no one is taking these things serious ,,, they are disrespecting the african american people all around , the woman in this way and the man also , like they are soft and weak , and can’t stand up against no man but their self’s ,,, when will us african american’s will be real man ,,, in 2000 more years ,,, when will you wake up to reality , before your extinct i hope … you are intelligent , you are getting $ , why are you still trying to destroy each other and also letting others disrespect you , like the n word ,,, that really is calling you a punk … when you do nothing about it ,,, show these people we stand up as 1 body , the african and the african american body , with our woman who is our highest most prize , you will not disrespect us ,,, we can get money no matter what , and you will respect us ,,,, we came to far to turn around ,,, i know this whole system is against us african american people but you still have to look how far we have came in it , it did not change we are letting them change us …. the more different races came in , its like the more the system or people is against us , but we have to stay strong ,,, we have to know the system is nothing with out , so the system and all te people in it better show us respect ,,, quit worrying about money and selling your self out and your people out you will get money , just continue to stand up for your people and what is right ,,,,
    believe me this is truth , they need us ,,, look at what Lebron , Bosh , and Carmelo did this year , they need us , but they don’t want you to know the truth ,,, Know your Value ….

    • The most successful model booker in history was a fat ugly white woman at Elite named Monique Pillard.

      Ugly women know more than you think about what sells, because they spend their whole life on the inside looking out.

  16. I dont get it Ice Cube,Mc Ren, and Dr Dre had nothing to say about the casting. These men all came from a black woman and its sad that they dont have enough heart to speak up for their own. I wouldnt feel comfortable seeing this movie because its going to portray black people in a negative light like theyve been doing. Dont support this movie with your dollars!





  17. I meant to say I would feel uncomfortable seeing this movie. These sellout rappers dont care about their own people and have never contributed in helping the black race but destroy it. Eazy E died of Aids with all the money Dr Dre has he has never done nothing for Aids research etc.

          • @Anonymous @Killa callan

            Go Phuck Each Other Sideways You Dumb Mother Phucker Your Nothing But A Bent Sticks!!!
            Your Obessed With Me Cuz I Speak The Truth And You Nipple Sucker Are SO Phucking Dumb SO Go Suck Your Dycks Hard You
            Wet Blanket

            • All bark cb. Hate is is your goal, and you do it well. How bout some ideas on how to fix all this shit black people go thru.

    • world class wrecking crew and they wasn’t disco they was more electro funk slicked down r&b they were prince ripoffs.

  18. Black Women We Give Birth This Ungrateful Color Struck N1ggas Then When They Get Famous Their Turn Their Back From Black Women
    They Will Date/Marry Non Black Women Who Acts Like A Black Women????

    Moral Of The Story Teach Your Children Young. My Friend’s Daughter Knows About Slavery Since She Was 5!
    She Only Hangs Around With Black,Muslin,Indian,Somalian She Only Likes Black Boys

    • That sounds good but do the black boys like her back?? BM PREFER light skin women look at any rap video look at any BM magazine. BED WENCHES. Unloyal sambos. Got the nerve to get mad when we get our swirl on and BM swirl 3x more than BW do.

      • Maybe now THEE1, but I just saw a list of the 12 hottest interracial couples on EW site and all but 2 were women of color with white men. So the trend may be shifting.

        • And it takes fathers in the home raising the kids and providing the example. Just saying that makes me a radical around BP wow what a concept men raising their own kids -only in the hood would you even have to tell me to do what others do naturally.

  19. Cosign with all y’all. WTF I wanna see these sellout DL muthaf*ckas?

    They pretended to express the rage of the black community, but all along these gangbangin’ gangsta thug rappers took rap to the white folks with the indiscriminate and prolific use of the n word.

    They disrespected black women, saggin’ pants, extolling prison sentences and started the whole homies over hoes BS, all thinly veiled promotions of homosexuality.

    Fuck them. Of course, they would use a white casting company and of course they would project their self hatred in a movie. Their self-hatred pretty much corrupted two generations.

    • Preach! You can tell by this thread too many BM are sell outs. Want BW to whoop and hollar about any racism they get want us to march and can’t even TYPE the words: this is wrong. Yall the men drop out of school the most go to jail the most, but get carried by the women the most grand mothers raising your asses and you lames can’t even type: SELL OUT PUNKS. Karma brothers is here your time is here the world sees how you sell out BW. I seen some called BlacKKK men I can agreed that too many are SELL OUTS.

  20. World Class Wrecking Crew… Before You Turn Off the Lights!
    Even the raps sound totally gay. Sorry but they do.

  21. Guess the ones who should really be upset are the fat, poor out of shape light skinned / white/ latin girls because they didnt even ask for them…

  22. But nothing about this is new this Is how they do for casting it’s a little harsh about d group but people that you see on TV gets that group and the movie how do you think when you see a loud person on TV acting the same as some do is because that the group they put them in not fair at all.

      • Yes it is! And you want to know what’s so sick about it that people go for that they feel that’s the only gig that they can get. But they do some white woman the same way look at the woman that is playing Tammy, she get the d group too.

  23. 95% of y’all Corny, Lyin’ Ninjas pretending to be up in arms on this board know y’all prefer light Skin-dit girls too.

    And y’all hoes were 200% harder on Usher for marying a hood girl who looked like yall (better in most cases) than you were on Ice-T or one of these other race traitors…

    All of y’all stop lyin.

  24. anybodfy heard talk shit get shot.

    ice is 56 years old why he talking bout shooting somebody.

    well ap9 is still breathing and he phukked cocoa and dissed t.

    • Is that the video he was shooting white people in and they got made at Ice t and he said he was not at fault because the man who did the video was white.

  25. BOYCOTT THIS STUPID IGNORANT SHIT! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s simple, don’t see the movie! When the movie is released, DON’T SEE IT! As a matter of fact, when Ride Along Two comes out, don’t see that either! Finally don’t buy Dr. Dre’s bullshit headphones. FUCK ICE CUBE! FUCK down low DR. DRE!

    • I say f*ck every black man making a buck. Damn sell outs. Right? How dare they do what it takes to be successful when there are others who are broke.

      • Sell out bed wenche BM only protecting mixed and white women but expect BW to ride or die. That ish is OVER

        • Is there anything you’re not angry about? Damn just slit your f*cking wrists.

          • You’re a HIT DOG HOLLARING and weak as a glass of stale water. Only a WEAK BUM ASHY BM gets upset online. Go raise your bastards, bastard.

            • And only really unattractive females are as angry as u are. Cute women have a much more pleasant disposition. Ouch.

            • Yawn. You keep proving you are a down low homie cat calling with the girls I smell you Miss thing and your LIES about having a child in college when you are just a hood booger.

  26. Dr. Dre is sucking Jimmy Iovine’s dick! Ice Cube is trying to push alcohol down our throats! Jerry Heller made over $100 million off of the entire NWA brand. Don’t forget Jerry Heller had Eazy E injected with Aids. Now they’re making a movie that is degrading to our race? FUCK THEM! Don’t see this bullshit movie! By the way Dre, Cube are producers,so they’re partly responsible for the racist casting call!

    P.S. not one black person owns anything of value in the rap music game. It’s all owned by the hollywod mafia!

    • Easy E made many songs about his sexual conquests whithout condoms. Someone may have sent him an AIDS infested female but no one injected him with anything.

      Use Condoms… Live
      Don’t do Cocaine or Heroin… Live
      Manage your weight and health… Live

  27. Who defines black womanhood? This nonsense keeps going and going because our women have lost control of their personhood. Nowadays, any female can just make herself into a sun-kissed female. This is the issue, non-black women are being pushed to blackmen as the new “Black Woman.” It started with latin women in hip-hop videos, now includes middle-eastern, east-indian, south-asian, persian, etc. Of course, a set of brothas co-sign this insanity…Best Believe! Stay ahead of the game Sistas…Racial Awareness!!!

    • Thank you for saying that alot of men don’t even see this good to know it’s still some men that won’t fall for this.

  28. Message to Compton Mayor Aja Brown; Please do not let Universal Pictures film the movie, “Straight Outta Compton” in your city. Please do not let hollywood’s MK-Ultra programming use your city to attempt to portray Compton in a negative image. Stand strong and stand up against the hollywood demons who are trying to destroy the black race!

    • Its a wrap. BW tired of 30 years of bullshit rap and BM are lazy bums who never had a daddy to teach them how to be a man. MOst not all!

  29. N.W.A are bunch of sellout when these black people get famous their forgett where they came from
    Ice Cube is not so bad he did a song called get your head in the game were he raps about sellout
    black men dating a white women

    Dr Dre is the biggest sellout he helped Eminem a non racist ditch his fellow black friends for a trailer trash who raps inappropriately
    about his mother. black men wouldn’t do that crap


    SERIOUSL;Y DRE NEEDED SOMEBODY TO BRING HIS LABEL BACK SINCE WEST COAst gangster rap was dying and Eminem brought dre basck and kept him in the limelight.

    deathrow was dead with pac deceased, suge in jail and snoop on no limit dre needed em.

    but yes Eminem is a copy of esham from the detroiut rap scene check him out esham been around since 89.

    both Eminem and insane clown posse was highjly influenced by esham and his group natas.

  31. I am dissapointed with Ice Cube, Dr Dre,Mc Ren and Eazy E family needs to speak out about this casting. Im sure all you have seen these rappers kids particularly their daughters because they are dark skin and chubby not all but still beautiful. Its time to stand up against racism! Light skin or dark skin we’re all looked down upon.

  32. Theyre all sellouts! Ice Cube and Dr Dre cant act anyway. Im not wasting any of my dollars on this garbage unless I see it for free on my tv screen. All the men in the picture look very questionable. The rumors of dre being gay must be true. None of these so called men look comfortable just very femme. Lol.

  33. Someone mentioned that Eazy E was not infected with aids but someone sent an infested hooker to him? Now remember Tomica Woods Wright was three months pregnant with his child. The question is why doesnt she and the baby have it?

  34. White people arent going to waste their money on you if you cant act on the big screen. Oops I forgot this is a low level movie with a bunch of negroes in it like boyz in the hood and menace to society and none of those horrible movies won an oscar!

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