Transsexual Immate Accuses Gucci Mane Of Rape!


“Little do these wannabe thugs know the ice-cream tattoo isn’t the only thing sweet about Gucci Mane.”  ~C.O., Fulton County Prison

Gucci Mane is said to be at the center of investigations over the alleged rape of a trans inmate. Sources say… the alleged incident “occurred last Thursday (July 10, 2014) around 11PM, behind the walls of Georgia’s “overpopulated and understaffed” Fulton County Jail.

That’s where Radric ‘Gucci Mane’ Davis is serving a 39-month sentence over a federal firearms charge. The rapper’s alleged rape victim, Lamar Coleman, is revealed to be serving time for prostitution.

“The crazy part about this situation is Gucci Mane was given a light sentence from prosecutors, but still couldn’t manage to serve his time without further incident.”

Here’s what a Fulton County Jail correctional officer reveals:

“Lamar Coleman claims he was raped by the infamous rapper Gucci Mane for stealing a pack of cigarettes. Usually prison rapes are swept underneath the rug, but I thought this situation was interesting due to the fact young men ride around gang banging to his music. Little do these want to be thugs know the ice-cream tattoo isn’t the only thing sweet about Gucci Mane.”



  1. People still gone believe he not gay after jeezy already said he pop x pills and hop in the shower naked with niggas and niggas out his hood said this when he first came with that black tee and so icy niggas in denial

    • This shit aimt even real. Lol Gucci been locked up down here in Nap. 317. Stop listening to shit u read or here bout a MF

  2. Damn These Trannies Are Getting All The Shine Ain’t They!!??

    Let’s Look At This Logically And Intelligently!!!

    The Trannie Is Man!! Not A Women What Do This Trannies Expect These “Butt Thugs” Ain’t Getting Hit It!! Of Course Their Will
    They Want Female!!??? Trannies Need To Think Long And Hard If They Go To Prison These “Butt Thugs” Will Expect Sex!!

      • Excaly No Babies Just Good OL’ Rough Sex Between The Sheets. No Changing Diapers No Child Support

        • Lamar Odom Married A Tranny. So Kevy Kev Is Right!!! But This Also Could Help Black Men Not Paying For Child Support Etc Etc

        • Wow Baybek8s, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about what Kevy Kev said. Maybe I need to laugh to keep from crying, how bout that?

      • I’m going to disagree with you, put my hands over my ears and try to drown you out. Smh.

        • I know a few so called heterosexual men who sees nothing wrong in dating a trans they thought was a woman

          • Anon 14:35:

            If those men see no problem with dating a “passable” TS, they are not heterosexual. They are homosexual or bisexual if they have sex with women as well as TS.

            • If transgendered MTF has had his package removed and has man made breasts, it seems counter-intuitive to think that men who are with them are gay. I’m not stating a fact, I’m simply applying basic logic to the proposition. Gay men in general are repulsed by the idea of sexing a female.

              If they have not had their lower region surgically altered, I agree with your statement. They are simply too chicken shit to admit that they are gay, so they feel more comfortable with a man who looks like a woman.

            • I’m speaking about nature, not nurture. We live in a world where people masquerade like a mf. If you were born a man, you will die a man, regardless of what cosmetic changes you make to your body. Your interior will still be male. Science be damned.

            • Co sign! @ B. Stiviano. If you don’t have ovaries and fallopian tubes you are not a woman period!!

            • Agreed, Scorpiess. People need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel as it pertains to human anatomy and biology. It is truly ridiculous.

      • Kev Kev that’s no excuse. That will give the coward males who already low packin the peanutbutter and excuse. I still believe there are real men out there despite all of this freaky shit

  3. Gucci got 3 years and 3 months all that time with no p*ssy yeah he gonna rape trannies.

  4. Oh puhlease…..that trans trying to come up on some coins. Dude already selling his azz so I doubt Gucci had to force him to give it up.

      • Oh trust I’m sure Gucci loves boy coochie but ain’t nobody convincing me he took it. Fruit-loop tryin to get paid.

  5. rappers who are repeat offenders in jail often fall in the gay lifestyle.

    Gucci is right where he wants to be now he can be free and phukk all the dags he wants.

  6. The trannies are winning! Look at Hank Baskett. I know Kendra must feel like a piece of ish. I thought Gucci Mane was getting conjugal visits from that chic Keyshia Kaoir. I guess she wasnt a ride or die chic. Lol.

      • No. Don’t you remember that crazy chick who came on this blog about a year ago ranting and raving about how she Gucci’s woman and he’s straight and they have a baby? I Googled her and it appeared that she really was who she said she was. She’s an author of urban sex books.

          • Kimmi Illuminati and her book is available at Amazon. didn’t buy it but I did check it out to see if she was legit and she is.

    • Shheeiittt.Keyshia’s makeup line is gettin $$$$…she can buy some str8…she ain’t too much worried about

  7. he raped him with no condom…a transexual and a known prostitute. Gucci doesnt care about his life? or does he already have the package??

    • Ppl say Trick Daddy does and Blac Chyna and her dude, have the package. Gucci knew what he was doing, I feel sorry for shim. I bet alot of rappers/hip hip ppl hav hiv or aids, but you can’t look at someone and tell.

      • I like him and he’s my homeboy, but Trick isn’t looking well lately. I hope you are wrong, but I wonder. There is an area in So. FL called Belle Glade that has the highest rate of HIV outside or S.A. I wouldn’t doubt that he may mess with some of the women from there since it’s close to his home.

    • I read somewhere that Gucci does have that Monster, and that’s just how they put it. Google it you’ll see for yourselves. Some chick put it out there that he have it to her. Right after that, that’s when Pucci went on his rants and raves. A lot of people that catch that deadly Monster usually spirals out of control. Ijs. I just hope that when he gets out and starts messing w/the Dummies, they demand that he gets tested….

  8. I heard a while back somewhere gucci was in a mall crusin for transs yeah hes gay as hell an ulgy as f*ck wit that yerrible azz tattoo on his face

  9. Gucci prolly baited him with that pack of smokes…one end tied around a pack of Newports, the other tied around his doick…lol..

  10. phukk hank HE PAID FOR A DAMN HANDJOB I WOULD’NT PAY A WOMAN TO JAck me off let alone a man.

    hank came bwetter and cheaper jacking HIMSELF OFF.


  11. yah right, dude had it coming…violated prison ‘rules’…stealing, not paying debt owed, disrespect, etc, are rape-able offenses & the dude knew stealing would get him raped….period.

    • Fruit-loop was already giving out that azz …found out Gucci had money and willingly f*cking turned into rape…..

  12. Exactly..its prison what do u think goes on in prison??
    Its the elephant in the room nobody wants to address.
    Niggas keep goin to jail cuz there someones girlfriend
    Or they got a girlfriend in jail

  13. And people keep 4getting rape is rape meaning anytime someone say no and is forced that is rape

  14. A prostitute can have a 100 clients and if she decides that she dont want to phuck 1,and he forces himself on her, that is called rape also

  15. If he do got aids which he probably do like alota rappers do in hide it.But he got I from a dude. Its almost impossible to get aids from a woman. Most radio rappers are fags. Most celebrities are fags. Its the only way u can make money on a celeb status

    • Your right! For whatever reason most people don’t believe this but it’s true. That’s why gay man can’t donate their blood. I just recently found this out and was shocked that it is true. The HIV virus is more easily transmitted through unprotected anal intercourse than through unprotected vaginal intercourse. Hence, many men who are getting it are getting it from sex with other men! It’s extremely rare that they get it from a women. I know this sounds crazy, but AbeRuth is telling the truth 🙁

  16. Trannies smell like death foot n ass wtf would anyone want that stank shit Hollywood trannies smell worst then drunk pissy hobos



  18. Most of Hip/Hop & R & B is Homosexual. Listen to the music and the hatred & venom spewed. They have and express love for their boys but women are constant B!tches, heauxs. I haven’t bought a rap album in 13 or 14 years. I refuse to pay for someone talking about women like they are garbage & it speaks to our self esteem as to why we have allowed this.

    • Right. ..ride or die for their niccas..but don’t want to take care of their kids and they don’t have women..they have bitches and thots….whatever that is….you said it right

    • That song “My Hittas” sounds like a love song to his boys. You are so correct they love the men and hate the women.

      • Omg!!!!!!i swear i say that everytime it comes on. smh.
        That one and that damn “vato” song….

  19. Gucvi is a self hating coon.sell out that stay doing time wasnt he justin jail a few years ago u sure cant take the ghetto out of him.

  20. No sane man wants to be behind bars. Gucci Mane and others brag about being jailbirds…Homo-Erotic Tendencies! They’ve never hidden this from the people, many sistas are in denial…Sadly!

        • Amazing how homosexuality is cloaked in so-called gangsta-rap? The other side ain’t playing games, they bout it in every aspect!

      • You Ain’t Wrong Sis! Blackmen are supposed to be about enjoying life, freedom, women, family, etc…Not Jail/Prison/Slavery!

  21. Tranny’s will only further assist in the de populations of blacks. Fucking a dude to get out of making babies and taking care of them = no more blacks two dicks can’t make a baby.

    • Interesting moniker given your comment. The sun is not going anywhere….I’ll let you think on that

    • @Sunni

      The trans epidemic is an extension of the IR issue. Blackwomen are the total package, but it’s not enuf for some blackmen. We run away from healthy sexual relations with our wonen. Whitewomen get old after a while, so, the high comes down at a certain point. So, the next thrill takes over. If a blackwoman is not enuf for a brotha, it’s a red flag…My Thoughts!!!

  22. Trannies are taking good prostitue work away from these up and coming females hoes. I mean, WTF??? LOL

  23. Someone saw an opportunity and is taking full advantage. Being gay is glorified, transexuals have been killed lately (one the “brother” of an NBA player), and Gucci is famous. I would doubt highly this is true.

  24. If black women were smart they’d be getting with these Hispanic men that come over here to work. In 10 years if you dont know Spanish you might not find a job.

  25. womwen don’t care if these dudes are gay or bi all they see is dollars.

    these guys these days they throw hints left and right.

    entertainers hsavbe always been on the dl anyway but in the past like the 70’s wasn’t no internet or music videos only way to see your favporiote group was to see them in tour or soul train or a tv performance.

  26. prince camre out wearing lingerie and a bra and makeup but women love it.

    little richARDS ASSHOLE SHOULD BE DESTROYED BY NOW all those black and white dudes who phukked him for the past 50 years.

    all these dudes was suspect.

    little Richard never hid his he would go out wearing wedding dresses and bra and panties letting those whiteboys know his ass was available.

  27. all these dudes hanging with gay ass looking entourages like kanye.

    performing at gay concerts or gay pride day swearing they’re not gay but gay supporters.

    how many rappers been locked up over the years, Gucci got to pay for serving satan.

    seems like all the so called ganster rappers end up in jail or dead.

    they wanna portray thugs and represejnt kali whether they intend to or not but they have to pay kali.

    kali rewarded her servants or thugs with death she would kill her slaves or thugs at will while others watched and still worshipped her.

  28. I must say I dont like the lad or bulk of his music but respect his work ethic. Releasing mixtapes from jail. Jay Electronica no album having azz should take notes. Gucci didnt rape that trans. It looks too manly like he would rape gucci and take his cigs dax wax with wave cap

  29. I smell a set up….people are raped in prisons all the time with no percussion (unfortunately)…..why is this being played out….I ain’t buying it. Someone’s looking for a cash pay off.

  30. This…is no surprise. Gucci been fukn gays and beating gays since the 90’s…who beats fags? Fag lovers. I know a gay dude that used to work for me..before Gucci was famous, just another nig in the studio, he lived w my gay friend..when gay friend got off work, came home Gucci was there drunk and demanded he “dress up like a trans” friend didn’t do it, even tho he is flamboyant, just said it wasn’t his thing..Gucci beat the brakes off of him, busted his face, and broke his rib, dude had to run out of his own apt and hid from Lamar for days… true story. Y’all defenders don’t know the real Atlanta..the late night drive by’s your favorite rappers like to take! Gucci raped that man..prally wasn’t his first in county either.

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