Details of LHHATL Brawl Divulged, Cast Members Form Coup To Get Joseline Fired!


“Joseline is the culprit who bit a security guard and ripped a piece of flesh ripped off his body.”

Dirty details just dropped… detailing what went down before the recent full blown brawl on the set of LHHATL’s Reunion show.

“Benzino called Stevie J a crackhead. Stevie J then charged Benzino, yelling “f*** you.

Stevie J is standing by a story disputing reports that he “held down Mimi” so the ratchet Rican could go in on her. “When a dude jump into broad business, he might as well be a broad,” Stevie said. Other info reveals the VH1 cast are boycotting Joseline, and are said to be scheming on how to get her booted from the show.

This is what’s out there:



  1. I caught a bit of this show. I can’t believe some of the heads here watch this show. Smart heads too.

  2. Thats a damn shame this is where they gon turn on joseline well mona wantef turnt up be she didnt expect this turnt up add choke to the equation an this is the outcome

    • Stevie owes a bunch of people money in New York. That’s why he booked to Atlanta. Now he burned a bridge with Anna Benson. She may be the one to take Stevie out.

      Benzino is millions of dollars in debt and always has been. Kim Osorio should’ve called some goons on him when she was at The Source.

      A lot of these cast have sketchy pasts, so if something happens to them, it likely has nothing to do with the show.

  3. Are any of these ppl famous? What is this show? You guys say this Josealine is a man, well she beat ass like one! She will now prob get her own show.

  4. I hope she does because LAHH is boring without her. She’s the only reason I watch. She’s who she is and she’s funny as heck. Mimi was pretending to be a goody but she sold her soul for money, because she was jealous. I don’t really care that she made the tape, but lying about it and letting Nico take all the blame is lowdown. If Joseline makes a tape I’m sure she would say Hell yes, I’m getting that money. Just like she said the reason she got with Stevie was to get up–An even trade isn’t a swindle 😉

  5. Hosline Is Mona’s Money Maker So Hoseline Won’t Be Booted Off!!

    Hoseline Keeps The Viewers Watching Her Ratchet Behavior. Mona Must Be A Damn Fool To Boot Her Money Maker

  6. What Does Tammy And Waka Bring To Table? You Hardly See Them Their StoryLine Seems Fishy!

    Mimi And Freakko Are Trying To Be Like Stevie And Hoseline.The Sex Tape Was Probably Forced Mona Probably Told Mimi
    To Do A Ratchet Storyline Or Your Fired “Speach”. Mimi’s Pathetic Excuse Was The Sex Tape Was For Her 4 Year Old Daughter?
    Bytch Got Screwed On Camera And Her Pathetic Excuse Is She’s Doing It For Her 4 Year Old Daughter?

    Couldn’t She Of Bought Her Daughter A Doc McStuffin’s Doll Instead Like Any Other Mothers Would

    • Tammy and Waka are as tired as his mama Deb’s wigs. He stay cheating on that lil girl. They add nothing to the shoe.

      • Lol @ Tammy and Waka being as tired as Deb’s wigs. They are so damn boring. I like Deb, but her son and DIL need to go. Deb is the one with the storyline, the good advice and the career.

  7. We all know stevie j owes everybody money and steals womens dishes, we know benzino use to o wn the source and we know everybody on these casts has shakey pasts and some family members want them dead sombody say somthin we don’t know pls. Joseline gonna have to move putting her hands on tammi, wakas mother is the female suge knight and she got other sons who will chop joseline and stevie j ass up and mail they bodies to puerto rico they better watch they step……..

  8. Another one of her sons was killed when waka first came out he was scraficed for wakas fame now her other surpose to have committed sucide blood scrafice deb aint no joke she scandalous

    • Damn Eddie That was funny at first, but then I got to thinking about the fact that his brain was acting up and that’s how Ali and so many are brain damaged now. It’s really sad.
      And all those football players with multiple concussions too. Getting your bell rung isn’t as funny as it used to be after Seau’s suicide.

      • You are right in that respect and I do feel bad for someof the peope that can’t help it. But I don’t feel bad about the joke because, with football and Boxing it’s a choice a gamble you take going into these sports and believe it or not, they step on the field or in the ring to literally kill or be killed. Its the modern highs takes slave trade. They get payed a lot of money to willfully use and destroy their bodies. They know the dangers and they gamble their lives and their health. But I do have the utmost respect for Muhammad Ali.

  9. Joseline Hernandez is the show. Mona will probably fire everybody before Mr. Hernandez get the boot. The producer said she was reality GOLD. They not letting that goose go.

  10. Hoseline aint all that she can be replaced she out of hand now the fame has went to her head she needs to be knocked down a couple notches an humble her self this wont end well just like they made her they will break her its always someone badder than you out there shes needs help its clearly she has a choke habit.this is what mona wanted anyway,Hoseline gon.get tired of that shit sooneror later just ask.chrissty an jim jones

  11. Besides hoseline fame wont last longer than the show if she is fired she will be forgotten thats reality tv for yall cause her music is trash an she can olny do appearances so long so needs to save them reality coins.

  12. If you are going to rip paragraphs from TMZ at least give them the credit for their writing. Just because you may not get credit for yours with some does not mean you have to get into the gutter with those who do that Jacky.

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