Another Common Video Hoe Caught a Lick Off Bow Wow!


Bow Wow — who now calls himself Shad Moss — appears to have been got be another gold digger. She’s more like just another common video hoe, Ayisha Diaz. And.. as if that were not bad enough… Bow Wow then took all his girly emotions over to broadcast on IG!

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  1. That is probably the most intelligent sentiment Shad Moss has expressed in his adulthood. I’m happy to see men realize their worth. Men AND women should have high self worth, high self-esteem and morals. Men AND women should respect their bodies and be cautious as to whom they associate with. That isn’t Shad being “girly,” that is him realizing he has made too many mistakes by making poor choices and devaluing his worth. I wish him all the best.

  2. I agree with poster #1. It shows qualities that a girl like me can admire. Not like most any other dude looking to just hit it and quit it. Not necessarily a small d*ck problem either.. just a sensitive real respectful type man that flourishes in a stable committed relationship other than fly by night types.

    • And he came to this decision after he f***** how many hos? Awwww yes… always get clarity after the whoring around and unplanned pregnancies and groupies.

      • R in NYC – Agreed! You notice he never talked about how he would treat her, its all about him making sure women dont profit from him.

    • Its sad @beauty cuz his mother used to let him go on tour by himself with Snoop dog when he was a youngster

  3. Shad is very sensitive. One day some special girl is going to sweep him off of his little feet. Lmao.

  4. He’s Right Ciara Used Him Like Used Toilet Paper! Now Future’s Using CIara (Karma Ciara) Most Women In Holly Wood Used
    Black Men For Fame Krapdashian Are Infamous For Dating Black Athlete And Now Rappers.

    What Black Men Need To Understand Is White Women Are Gold Digger Too! Not Just Black Women

    • Yeah cuz Black men are innocent and as pure as the driven snow. They never lie, cheat, steal, use or abuse women. They are just our helpless victims……

  5. Well that’s the company you keep. How would they get to you if you didn’t allow it? You like the video/club/stripper types. If you truly wanted a beautiful, decent woman you could get one.

  6. I cant get with the title of gold digger sometimes because people from other countries pre arranged marriages so that their children can marry 4 money
    Even poor tribes believe in it

  7. Shad is SOOO smart, .. people would actually be surprised to learn he doesn’t even talk like how he talks on 106 in real life, ha ha. he’s no saint tho, in actuality he’s quite the monster.

  8. By no means is this atonement for having an Easter egg rammed in his bum or acting like a geeked queen during every Omarion interview

  9. It’s good to see he has grown. Some men never get it. At least he figured it out.He has come to the realization of himself. It’s guys out here in their 50’s and still thinking is cool to be a hoe

  10. this nigga played out like a jheri curl.. hadn’t had a hit since he was little… lame ass young money clown

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