Karlie Redd Calls Yung Joc DL Homosexual!

Young Joc DL Gay Rapper


Is Yung Joc the New Gay Rapper Xposed? I don’t know, but Karlie Redd says so!

Peep the Tweet:

Yung Jock Downlow Rapper






      • Well, I believe her, she is a very sexually free woman so she should have the inside scoop on some of these ppl’s tendencies. Even Satan tells the truth some of the time.

        • shes doin what all hoes do……call a man gay as soon as they are done with her…NEXT TRICK….Im pregnant…miss me with this

        • true dat. And YJoc got gay all over him, with or without Karlie’s scoop my gaydar goes off on that midget everytime. With his capri wearing ass; what man wears capris, especially someone in the hood! come on mah, messy or no messy; Karlie telling the truth…Only an idiot would believe that nigga st8. lmao, get real.

  1. Damn and I thought he was da one calling puff dem out looks like they turn his ass up (pause)

      • exactly why he up in here with the sshhhh signal all on his lips that’s turnt all up…looking zesty as f*ck…..

  2. She stay talking tuff..one day somebody gonna bust that fake ass & pop them fake boobies too…

  3. P.S. & according to Jacky aint like 90% of all rapper, actors and ppl in the inDUSTry gay, on the DL or BI…?

  4. Lol. He called her trifling for still messing with him after he came home smelling like fish. He also said that she has pimento cheese coming out her poosay. I died and came back to life after he said all that. Lmao.

    Of course she would say he was on the down low. He roasted her.

  5. Isn’t this the same woman who posted a pic of Joc’s meat along with Benzino on IG? These 35 and older women need to disappear so we can start anew.

  6. joc’s career is dead anyway who cares about ghis one hit wonder status.

    puff moved on.

    • One in the half hit wonder with”Its Going Down”and”I Know You See It”but that album as a whole was trash.

  7. Karlie sholl can’t keep a man…she must got that crazy gene like Halle. Isn’t it funny that Karlie was willing to make a fool out of herself on tv to “be with him” but now that he has embarrassed and dismissed her all of a suden he is on the DL. Karlie needs to GTFOH and go sit her old arse down somewhere; she is entirely too old for this foolishness. It’s really sad that after all these years in the game she obviously hasn’t learned nuthin! What is she getting out the deal for putting all these miles on her puzzay? #ThotLife #Tragic

  8. She’s an old thot for sure but Joc probably is Gay ok Bi…most of the male celebs are on the DL. We all know P Diddy is Gay as hell….

  9. He acts like a fagg too. But why is she exposing him after they break up? Men let this be a lesson, women will throw you under the bus if you do wrong by them!!!

  10. So she likes DL brothas!!!! If he is, that says alot about her. She is just made that he exposed her ‘feet’ action……lol

    • Karlie is a freak, I think that’s been est. a long time ago; so what no news. Perhaps she a lil bi herself but that doesn’t remove the fact that Joc acts, looks, and dressed as fruity than a fruitcake. Comeon ppl, yall don’t know gay when u see it. Reg of who exposed it, the shit was already in my radar on GP. Wakeup and smell the coffee.

  11. If you watch the scene where Erica model bf ask for her debit card, joc was smitten with dude. Even asked to pay for drinks

  12. This is old news. Been in the streets of ATL that Joc is gay. That’s why I was baffled when she showed up on lhhatl with him as her bf

  13. he left his wife of 20 years for karile redd!!! now bytch is outing him!!!!

  14. Heeeyyy!!!! I’m 37 and I must say GOD and the years have been good to me. I have two great kids and a 23 year old who’s smitten but I’m not hearing the younging lol been there done that so whoever is saying 35 and older get outta here…..Don’t do that 🙂 age is an attitude if u act old ull be old. #wherearetherealgrownmen

    • That’s right! And I really hate to put somebody to shame but you make me wanta blast my pic on here so I can really show u whats up at 40 looking like I’m 25 boo, and probably look way better than you do at 22….smdh, ppl say the most ignorant shit. I wonder what that idiot looks like…. Post urs and I will post mine….Dare you boo! lmao.

  15. Hi juice. Karlie redd is kinda up there in age but that doesn’t mean crap. She is a thot she is kinda loose but I think she’s just lookin punub in all the wrong places give her a break. Look at benzino and his tragedy of a girl….he’s lost too but I like him. Ijs

    • @ juice She got it strictly from the show. I don’t know her to have done anything but be an ex. Btw I attract that same range of guys so no thank u lol

  16. What’s wrong with our black brothers? Maybe blacks should have stayed out in the cotton fields. Every since soul train aired, black men have turned into faggs!!!

    • We’ll should all vote to send your black ass in the cotton field to pick cotton then you’d wish you were shaking your ass on soul train.

      • hell yea tell dat punk azz mofo his azz was look n @ soul train 2 bitch trick


    CARLY RED DATING HIM MAde the public pay some kind of attention to him.

    so what yung joc likes dudes hes from Atlanta what you expect.

    • Then when the queers can’t afford Atl anymore, they come here to Charlotte, raising our disease rates, etc.

      Thanks a lot bad economy!

  18. I know Joc very well and have known him since we were like 14 years old, and one thing he IS NOT is on the DL. What folks don’t know though is that he is a cool, down to Earth dude. For real. And he has always been that way.

    Joc has a close family member who is gay and he’s not ashamed of that individual at all. Joc is definitely one of the good guys in this rap game. But gay, he isn’t.

    He’s a real dude and I promise you, if he was gay, he wouldn’t be the type that would hide it. Dude seriously does not give a f*ck about other folks opinions. And ain’t a damn thing wrong with that.

  19. She’s a reality show actress.
    She plays a nosy troublemaker on Love and Hiphop Atl.
    She’s a plastic surgery addict, fake boobs and butt.
    She chases rappers and singers in the hope she will have her own singing or rapping career.
    She tells everyone she’s in her 20s but has been exposed as having a college aged daughter
    A real cute Trinidad ian lady but not worth the headache.

  20. …So the same guy who was supposedly going to expose a certain CEO for being gay is on the DL himself now?

    Thots on Jocs: Film at 11.

      • Yeah, I know what you meant, which is why I co-signed your calling Atlanta that. And I’m not surprised at all about the Strippers and strap-ons, considering what Industry dude is in and who his boss is lol Don’t get me wrong, many people are going to do what they want to do sexually regardless, but those associations are fitting, to say the least.

  21. well she never denied the plamento cheese so i guess outting him was pay back lol either way it wouldnt be surprising if he was bi i mean were used to this outting crap but it only matters when ur an A or B list celeb not D(oh shots fired… sorry Joc)

  22. Eewww lol Lmao @ Willie Jones flatlined @raheim thots on joc I’m still cracking up. Hey juice mane my buddy good to see u hun

    • Thanks! But its oh so true. We’ve had an influx the last couple of years.

    • Y’all might need to get you a room!! BOL!
      It’s nice to see ppl get along on this site!

  23. Wow some desperate female groupies on here….the internet is crazy…people assume they know your life story, assume your a disinfo agent, and trying to make love connections on a gossip site…very annoying

  24. Now and days it has become popular that every time some chicken head gets mad with a dude she puts out a rumor that he is gay. This shit is getting old.

  25. So you’re like me…completely in the dark about ALL those supposed celebrity wannabes on that horrid show except for Rashedda. I heard Karlie Redd sing her supposed hit song & what I learned is “Karlie Redd is one extra auto tuned non singing hussy who should never sing or speak to that lying/cheating toad-faced Yung Joc EVER again.”

    That’s all I can tell you!

  26. i just delete spam contents…occasionally answer a comment if I can… what is written/published is well outside my responsibility and something to which i could not answer.

  27. LMAO I guess drug sales wasn’t all that was going down in the traps where Joc was from….lol. I have nothing against gays but comeon ….like I don’t like fraudulent shit like really fool. you shoulda been making songs about some other type of shit…lol. like “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…..that’s right it’s better than yours”……lol. I could picture Joc giggin off that song yo..lmao

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