Bey & Jay Have HBO Execs Babysittin’ Them To Make Good For Face in France!


“Execs allegedly wished to release a statement, which Beyoncé and Jay-Z are said to have opposed, disagreeing upon what it should say.”

HBO execs have reportedly launched a mission to be sure Beyonce lives up to her word. You’ll recall an insider recently droppin’ word that Bonnie and Clyde being at odds against each other could lead the pair’s “On The Run” tour to bust before their scheduled finale in France. That’s said to be why reps for HBO “have joined the tour” to ensure the Carters make it to Paris — where Bey’s revealed to have signed off as the date for HBO to shoot a behind the scenes special.

“There are lawyers that have now joined the tour, and they’re not here just to see them perform. They are here to help hash things out.”

What’s out there:

“Live Nation and lawyers were called into a crisis meeting on Thursday – prompting fears the billion-dollar couple could pull out of their dates in the City of Love on September 12 and 13.

Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino and HBO chief Richard Plepler reportedly called for the meeting before ‘this becomes a public-relations nightmare.”

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  1. Please make it stop.
    Just announce the divorce already.
    These 2 are rich enough and aren’t hurting for this tour money.
    Both will still have a career after the divorce.
    Its already a PR nightmare.

  2. I’m going to stock up on essential’s water, can goods and dry food’s in case these two divorce the world will come to an end.

  3. Hurry and end the shit so all these miserable unhappy bitches who been praying for this to happen can stfu!

  4. I am so sick of these two. This is so fake…… Just trying to see tickets oh and satan as well.

  5. their so called “marriage” is crumbling!! it’s called karma

    if it wasn’t for solange the world wouldn’t of none there is no suck thing as a “perfect marriage” not in Hollywood anyway
    now that kanye is married the carter’s marriage is in trouble (very fishy)

    FYI: rumor has it beyonce is f*cking rita whora!!! with jayz in toll but the article also says that beyonce is insecure about
    rihanna and rita being around her husband

    it seem when jayz f*cks rita and rihanna he’s giving their powers to beyonce and beyonce copies their style
    he slept with ciara and now beyonce is rocking a new blonde bob she copies ciara’s dance routine warobe hairstyle etc etc

    • I do not believe that ciara let that n8ggah defile her. Ciara doesn’t f8ck for fame. That’s why he hates her.

      • a person on youtube exposed it!!! so there

        beydummie copied ciara’s style dance etc etc why would she copying ciara moves than????
        jayz was definitely humping her!!!! alright

        go on youtube or look it up!!

    • Rita Ora was a “gift” for the Carters to help save their marriage.
      They both had her.

      • they f*cked her at the same time!!!!!

        beyonce using a black dildo butt f*cked her!!! jayz did the classic he bulldozed her kitty cat and it meowed and purred at the same time

        they broke her in like a chewed up drag doll

          • @jazzy

            who you calling insane ???? bytch calling me insane was f*cked but i’m gonna keep it popping and ignore your bull shyt
            you hickory dickory bych assss n1gga

  6. I dont wish for anyones marriage to fail, BUT! If this rumor is just to sell tickets or to genreate any type of income for them that is just down right LOW DOWN, that will mean they have no respect for anyone other than themselves. I dont want to hear “well they never said anything about breaking up it was the media” That is bull because as long as this has gone on they should have said something by now to shut it down and that stupid ass song Bey did with Nicki is a joke. Bish please “a billion on an elevator shit goes down GTFOH!!! What is that suppose to mean. I read blogs and make comments sooo glad I never spent any of my hard earned money on these two. Such an insult to their fans. At this point if divorce is not in the works(just going by the media no ill wishes)they can kick rocks. That means they are somewhere laughing and counting major figures talking bout “we the shit!” Mean while their fans are trying to figure out how to pay back the money they borrowed just to see their show due to all the controversy and hype this tour has had. Jay and Bey like my grandma usta say “Shit or get off the pot.”

    • What do you expect from a low life who wishes death on her baby brother just for being born? I bet she killed more of her own babies in the womb for fame than we know.

      And what do you expect from a drug dealer responsible for helping genocide his own hood?

    • Who does her math? So between Bey, Jay, Solange, and the bodyguard they got a billion dollars?
      Was Oprah or Bill Gates hiding in the corner & we didn’t see?

      Pls stop the nonsense with your uneducated ignant cross eyed self.

      • The greedy b8stards want so bad to be the first in hip hop to be a billionaire, but God dont like evil, and that is why he blessed Dr. Dre with that title, so this camel n8ggah needs to give up.

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