Phaedra Parks Moving Ahead With Divorce Despite What Apollo Thinks

Phaedra Apollo Divorce Proceeding

In his first interview since starting his 8 year prison term, Apollo Nida talked about his desire to work things out with his estranged wife and Real House Wives of Atlanta personality, Phaedra Parks.

Well, here is what Phaedra’s media rep told ROI about that:

“There have been absolutely no discussions about reconciling. The divorce is proceeding as planned.”


  1. She right to get that dead weight off her back..
    He’s no good, Apollo please just STFU





  3. What happened to standing by your man? Teresa and Joe are sticking together. Phaedra this will bite you in the butt because when those little boys grow up and see how you treated their father they will be disgusted by you.

    • Theresa is not an officer of the court. Theresa and her husband are both FELONS. TERESA’S’CAREER’ is cookbooks and that swamp water beverage, Fabellini. Phadrea is an officer of the court. She shouldn’t have married Appollo.

      • Oh plz. That bubble eyed hoodbitch is a straight criminal. She is a madame. She was involved in insurance fraud. I think she’s done twice the dirt Apollo has, he just took the fall for her. All attorneys are officers of the court. But not all lawyers are upstanding and honest. Phaedra is a low down dirty snake.

  4. Think Phaedra just wanted Apollo to have children, regardless of his recent incarceration. They would have probably divorced eventually. Women who have their own money sometimes want the white picket fence, house and 2.5 kids without the headache.

  5. A marriage built on lies and schemes won’t last.. Not for nothing I do believe that she has more knowledge of what Apollo was doing illegally than she is willing to publicly admit to! People keep saying that she married a criminal and perhaps they actually have more in common than some of you are willing to admit. Yeah she acts and looks the part of intelligent lawyer but you would have to be crazy to believe that she had no knowledge of who she was marrying ,or even how he continued to make money..leading to his most recent incarceration! As mentioned lawyers aren’t always on the right side of the legal system, and many of them are not above trying to get over any and every way they can! She knows that she can always hide behind her education, numerous degrees, and career if worse comes to worse. After all who do you think will be more believable if it comes down to her and Apollo? Its no secret that many so called good girls like even prefer bay boys and guys that they consider rough around the edges! Yeah Apollo is more of a pretty boy type but he has been to jail before. How does one bring in the kind of money that Apollo bragged about, spending and have a smart wife like Phaedra not question it?What actually job did she think he did? Now sh*t just got real he’s going to jail.. probably agreed to take total rap so that she doesn’t have to do any time or reveal what she knows..and its convenient to get rid of him… That is her right,and I won’t knock her for that, but she needs to get over that dumb act that she’s been playing! She isn’t as clueless as she pretends to be by far..very sneaky!

  6. Just in case you happen to lose or have your law license suspended what better career to go into but the funeral business? (just in case of course) MO MONEY MO MONEY MO after all the death business is a recession proof one.. She would be able to maintain her lifestyle for most part.. Who knows how long her gig on RHOA will last ..Gotta have a side hustle. Again I ask Where did Phaedra Park think that Apollo was working? From the time he was on this show I assumed that he was a kept man. Just a pretty arm piece for an already moderately successful woman. I never saw him actually working.I did hear her trying to convince him to join in the funeral business. To her credit that would have been a better look for him than doing nothing. He wanted to maintain a certain image for the show and showboat..and you see how that has turned out. Most of these reality shows are full of people with the “fake it till you make it” mind set fronting and trying to keep up with the Jones to impress others … while barely making it..

  7. Glad to read she’s moving on ..she needs a grind type of man such as herself, not someone she has to raise .. on the show it appears that he doesn’t even like his wife, resentful of her in some way. I do respect her hustle though!

  8. you all believe that BS you want to she is not leaving him she is doing this just for the cameras so she won’t look like no suspect trust me

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