Solange Knowles Reported Pregnant!

Solange Knowles Pregnant

HSK Exclusive – We’ve got the drop on Solange Knowles’ recent walk down the isle, pointing to her groom Alan Ferguson, 51, as a man who put a ring on it under SHOTGUN WEDDING circumstances!

According to our insider … Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson rushed to tie the knot this past weekend because the couple are expecting a child!

Dig the Drop:

“I don’t know how far she is with her pregnancy but she’s carrying a child.”


  1. Damn, Told Your Fucking An Older Man Does Have It’s Benefits….. Like Fucking A Wet Sponge!!




      • Too Much Good Ole Fashion Sex

        Been Looking For A Nice Dick, To Have A Child With No
        Luck, Sperm Bank It Is!

  2. If she is pregnant, great. Solo has married two black men and made two black babies. Good for her. As a people, We need to see more black love and families, because media and society aren’t promoting it, we have to do it ourselves so the younger generations coming up don’t think its obsolete#operationmakeabrownbaby

    • @Anonymous

      Didn’t She Marry A latino Man, Her Son Is Half Black And Latino

      • Looked light skinned black to me , but I really don’t kbow the ijs and outs of his ethnic background. Just kn ow he ain’t white.

        • Her son’s father is a black man. Yes, he’s lighter complected, but he is BLACK. People kill me with their color/race confusion/complexes.

      • Latino is not a race. We have established that here many times. There are many black Latinos. He sure wasn’t no Ricky Martin or Mark Anthony looking dude.

      • Please please please visit the Dominican Republic one day or many countries in South and Central America. You will encounter many black people who speak only spanish. They are black by race and latino by culture. Why do people do this still? It’s the 21st century. Go to Germany. Lots of black folks who speak THEIR language, german. They are germans from African descent. Black people exist throughout the entire planet, not just here in the USA. Blacks people isn’t just you. Hello. BTW, latinos are also from asian descent, caucasian, indian, and black of course.

      • Latino is a culture not a race…
        She married a white boy(or a mulatto) who spoke Spanish and ate Spanish food….

        You have black people who are classified as latino.

        You have white people who are classified as latino and you have mix-ups who are classified as latinos.

    • is he a drug dealer with blood on his hands like her bro-n-law? if so, u r right about their ride with criminals and die with them mates r good for YOUR CHILDREN – NOT MINE

  3. Well thus is the only post worth commenting on since I’m bot into reality tv at all and that’s primarily what this blog writes about. So ill just say congrats to Solo on baby # 2. Now Blue, Kellys son and thus newbie can all grow up together. It’s fun coming up with a bunch of cousins all around same age.

  4. Well i heard he had a big ole gigantic dyck. So its all good. jk: lol ! At least her husband is fine, sexy., clean cut and well groomed. Most of these young ninjas aint shyt now in days and are undercover durty booty bandits, so I applaud Solange for her wise decision making. Solange husband looks waaaayyyy better the Beyonces camel Im happy for Solange for that Lol !

  5. I’m happy for them. Atleast she they wanted to marry before the baby is born. Plus she married a brother!!! Yahooooo!!!!!!!

  6. Congrats to both of them. I think it’s fantastic that they chose to marry before the birth of the child. I wish more would consider that option.

  7. Would this be Alan’s first child and mariage? I’m speechless because its hard to find a good man let alone with no kids and baby mama drama. Congrats if its true.

  8. From that photo, it seems Mr Ferguson, looks like Solange’s father. Lol! Congrats to them!

  9. weird thing is that papa matt keeps having babies which means solanges child coming up when have half uncles and nieces only 2 years older.

    blu ivy is older than some of matts outside kids.

    isn’t beyonce pregnant again.

    oh I forgot mother beyonce cannot get pregnant shes too holy for that.

    beyonce can impregnate herself.

    • CrazyChris, I also heard/read that Bey and Jay were expecting baby #2. Whether she’s carrying this one or has a surrogate, IDK, but this has been the latest rumor about them.

  10. Did Pappy Mathhew give the bride away or does he not exist to the ladies of the Knowles clan anymore?

  11. In 2014 people are still having “shot gun marriages” ? Didn’t she have one the first go round when she was 17 and pregnant with her son? I say if you marry it should be because you want to and because you love the person no other reason.Truthfully a baby won’t keep a relationship together. She seems to really care about this man but (shrugs) what do I know! I’m just a chick with an opinion.

  12. As long as their happy ..right on! But that’s a cold jumpsuit she’s wearing. Sophisticated and sexy.

  13. Her handler. Her and her sister are now married to older men. It is time for Solange to reep her illuminati benefits do she needs someone in the house with her to “handle her”. Did you see that fool on that elevator. Disturbed young womsn who has seen too much. She better keep having Bey and Js babiesbonly reason dhebis still around. Matthew continued to exert too much control over that MK Ultra puppet. He was supposed to mocue on once she married her handler so they destroyed him. Mama already sold her soul. She was a hurt bitter woman with witch craft inher genes so not hard to get her to comply. She got a clothing line, new man and body. But one thing she coulnt escape that witch face. Like mama like daughter.

  14. Look congrads to the newly-weds. I wish them happiness and success in this life and the next. It’s sad that in order to get married that you have to be pregnant or some other type of black sterotypical bull nowadays when the world itself is in chaos and out of the order of God. I am not going to sit her and judge Solange (real black woman) because she got married a mature older black man and they’ve been together for about 2 years??? I think. Juelz seem to like her new husband. The pickings are slim for us black women as it is. I’m happy that solange or this black man didn’t sell out and date outside of their race. They found each other in the mist of the chaos
    and they got married. Congrads again Salonge

  15. Does it really matter? All this explains is all the cancelled shows she had due to illness.

  16. This whole marriage is a sham. He is a strictly dickly gay man. She is a big old lesbian. A blood sacrifice needs to be done from Beyonce. tHESE ARE TWO GAY FRIENDS DOING A JOB TOGETHER. dON’T forget Solo is bi-polar & they do extreme things not stable people she case in point.Don’t forget Solo had to leave the U.K. flee a jealous lesbian relationship she was the problem I heard with big drug habit. She likes white girls too. Her son looks nothing like her first husband. I think he belong to a white man. The ball player is very dark skinned. Just like I don’t believe this child belongs to her present husband. He part of the set up about to go down. jAY-Z tried to pass his mistress Cathy off as Bey’s sacrifice but that wasn’t close enough. Bey got to choose somebody in her family mom,daddy,sister or nephew,daughter. Found this story real dumb but if you build a history of lovingness for that family member about to be sacrificed no one would suspect the worst about the person about to benefit from their loved ones death/sacrifice. Think about it. Why would she consume seafood if she know she allergic to it? was deliberately given that for an elaborate set up/timeline? the devil is crafty now. tHIS STORY SHOULD NOT HAVE been news worthy. But that moma of theirs is a witch runs in the creole line. So I think the plan is to sacrifice Solo unbeknownst to her…..she thinking its going to be the new baby since she not willing to allow her son to be sacrificed. BUT I think they need to take Matt ass but they probably wont since he estranged from them right now. Wicked shit yall I know but these folks done sold their souls & Lucifer has to be fed. Just my thoughts cause after that elevator fight then she married this dude out of nowhere. Handler of sometime thats for sure. Why he wasn’t at the party? dude is suspect in soo many ways.He 51 no kids…big sign he gay &hate p*ssy. He looks soft effeminate… gaydar detects a high level of sugar. Her background seals the deal for me. Only time will tell.

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