Anna Wintour Exposes Kim & Kanye as Frauds

Kim & Kanye Exposed

Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, is revealing her true feelings about the now infamous Kim Kardashian Kanye West Vogue cover … branding it as ‘not a tasteful choice’ while admitting it was done as a publicity stunt.

Wintour made the remarks during a candid discussion at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts.

Here is what Wintour revealed when asked about the cover:

“I see the role of Vogue to reflect what’s going on in the culture. The first celebrity that I put on the cover of Vogue was Madonna, and that was considered completely controversial at the time, too. It’s such a long time ago probably no one remembers, but she was a very controversial figure. Now she’s part of the establishment. I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine! Nobody would talk about us. It’s very important that people do talk about us.”


    • Kim head looks like it’s been photo shop on someone else body and i agree with what you said about Kanye. Kanye haven’t been the same after revealing that George bush doesn’t care about black people, i truly feel he told the truth and is now chipped in the brain and is controlled. I feel also that either Ricardo or Kris is his handler/controller, they have the key words to spark his change in personality. Watch the movie Manchurian candidate with Denzel Washington, it’s very informative. The movies are not for enjoyment but for mind control.

      • @black

        Wow Very Interesting Info Indeed

        Kanye Is A Laughing Stock, The Taylor Swift Thing Was A Compete Disaster, Beyonce Made Him Look Bad ,By Inviting
        Taylor On Stage With Her, Can You Say A Ritual

      • Why wouldn’t TPTB just cause him to have an unfortunate “accident” and be done with him if he told “the truth”?
        The man has serious mental issues. It’s obvious. A chip in your head doesn’t turn you into an out of control egomaniac and narcissist.

      • I agree with what u said idk about the chip thing thou after he said George bush hate black people after Katrina he changed 360 . His music changed I was such a fan of his then now I just shake my head at his formation someone or something was done to him either willingly or by force. He rapped about black guys making and then leaving the black girl for a white girl and then he did that


  1. Kanye likes the lil boys overseas. He and Kim don’t live together in Kim’s mother’s house. She set Kanye up with a child to secure her future money. Kanye set Kim up by marrying her to keep his fag life a secret. Just because you are married doesn’t mean you are not gay. Punk!

    • Actually like all black men in Hollywood, they (black men) have to give back those riches they think that’s gonna get kept. So black men are set up insomeway to give it back. Kim was chosen to be a channel to funnel his money back, through his own seed back to TPTB in Hollywood. See, Kim is a puppet to and i wouldn’t be surprised she was chipped in the brain as well to control, by her own mother. But i do believe everything you’ve said and Ricardo is yeezys boyfriend.

        • Actually it’s you who’s been sipping. *in Paul Mooney voice* wake up nigga wake up!!!!

          • paul mooney love to suck white dick marry white women then talk about him.

            no wonder whites haven’t shut his ass down they laughing at him.

            Richard pryor even sdaid paul is miss thing behind closed doors and he caught paul sucking a white dick.

            also Richard said the first time he phukked a faggot paul was with him.

      • Exactly like I said earlier about bill cosby black men need to stay away from these white women. The white man is using his woman to bring you down black man. Wake the hell up. She is the last trick he is using to destroy you because he knows that you are weak to his women.

          • Black women like Cailii is blind !! These white women is needed to be a channel along other ways, to funnel money back into TPTB pockets. Hollywood Bosnia tactic 101 ;-). I get the game but most black women need to catch up with their mindset to how Holly weird get down. Black men need to educate themselves about what their gonna be facing when they sign that blood contract.

        • Please stop giving white women so much credit.These are grown man making choices to do what they do. Do I think that Kim K is a skank to the highest degree? YES but she’s an opportunist who wouldn’t do what she does if she didn’t have a willing fool to go along with it. These men need to make better choices in women period, but I won’t hold my breathe.Their narcissistic azzes would rather latch on to someone looking for a come up than someone decent. They like feeling needed. Meanwhile most of the women like Kim K seek relevancy through their sexual and relationship conquests. Can anyone confirm exactly what her fame worthy talent is? Making sex tapes, showing off the results off fat transfer azz shots in pics doesn’t count..

      • You are right. What’s crazy is, the black men think these women really want them. Look at Dennis Rodman. Those white women would never be with him unless he has money. He is no where near handsome. He still isn’t good looking with money.

        • This is pure horse shit. How can you equate “the (I’m sure you meant these) black men” with Dennis Rodman?

          So you’re saying that no whit woman would want Taye Diggs if he didn’t have any money?

          You are DELUSIONAL… Those women want them for sure… what the don’t want and the reason they jump ship is fear of being associated with a scandal. Why you think JLo jumped ship on Puffy? If there was no gun violence, they would have been together until they broke up for some OTHER reason…

          Same thing applies to White men… unless a White woman was originally down with the caper or the scandal… she’s leaving their ass too…

          Girl, you need Imhotep AND White Jesus…

      • @Black Today an attorney and FSU graduate 2005 opened fire on students and was shot dead by the police when he wouldn’t put down his weapon. His Facebook was a virtual compendium of governmental conspiracy theories and friends say he was deeply troubled.

        Is that what you mean by being awake?

        Black folk are obsessed with conspiracy theory like no other group. It’s counterproductive and destructive.

        • You’re talking about something totally, so you need come with some other kind of example. That man was touched or i wouldn’t be surprised if he was a Manchurian Candidate.

          • Uh huh, so this Manchurian Candidate was brainwashed and trained at great expense to TPTB in order to take out a librarian and a cafeteria worker? You’re brilliant.

            • I didn’t say all that but that man is dead and the Lord already placed him in his eternity, for murder. However, I’m gonna stand by my third, cause i believe in what i see. So you can keep believing what youiwant.

        • YES finally someone says what I always say and think! These conspiracy theories even within these HSK thread are beyond tired.I get so annoyed when I read them on here under every single topic.

          • I wish we had a dedicated thread for conspiracy theorists like Lipstick Alley does. That way all the paranoid kooks can scare each other to death to their heart’s content while the rest of us deal with reality.
            Of course, there would be twice as many people on the conspiracy thread, but at least the people of reason could discuss topics intelligently without having to hear the words Illuminati and blood sacrifice every 4 lines.

            • Yeah , as you have people like missk not believing what’s really out here an informant like you is fine. But i will tell you this the Bible will be fulfilled and if people like you & missk don’t get saved toy gonna be left behind after the rapture to deal with the, purge.

        • Black folk are not more obsessed with conspiracy theories over other groups. LIES. Look up the denotative meaning of Conspiracy then Theory..try the scientific meaning). Black folk have been the center of conspiracy for a very long time from slavery, racism, segregation, tuskegee experiment among many others like it known & unknown, “war on drugs”, miseducation to induce socioeconomic disparities, colonialism, down to the shooting of unarmed young boys..just to name a few. Yes a small group of people have conspired and continue to conspire for black folk demise. you can keep your head in the proverbial sand or your ass, it doesn’t matter because it does not change that black folk are being targeted regardless of what black folks are doing or not doing ..that is a FACT.

  2. Kim Was On Eilen, She’s Doesn’t Trust Kanye With The Baby!

    Kanye Was Going To A Family Members Wedding, And Kim Wouldn’t Be Able Make It Because Of Work, She Said She Might Cancel Her Work
    Schedule, Or She Was Gonna Asked Her Family Or Friends If They Could Attend The Wedding With Kanye
    From The Way Kim Was Talking It Was Like, She Do’t Trust Kanye’s Family Around Nori Or Even Kanye
    She Kept Going On About,

      • @crazychris

        You Done Know, Kim Probably Doesn’t Like Nori Being Around Kanye’s Family, Some White People Are Funny Like That

        • bitch should have thought about before marrying a black man.

          kim in the only rich niggers only club.

          kanyes black family is too broke for her and kris’ taste.

        • Which is why allot of mulatto kids grow up not feeling*black enough* meaning not having an understanding being apart of a people (genetically)that’s not treated the same as white mommy or Daddy. I hope that little girl learnto love herself for who she is.

          • This I agree with. We mixed kids always feel insecure because we are told we aren’t a real part of the community. It hurts.

            • I call bullshit. If that’s your personal history so be it. Total opposite in my family. My grand dad always said that black people having a white parent is nothing new, been going on since slavery. We just embrace our blackness is all.

            • Have you read some of the comments made in here about mixed people such as Zendaya(the actress who was originally picked to play Aaliyah? That’s what I meant, not family members being mean.

            • @anonymous 13:45.. Get on with that bs about slavery. DNA go can go back 4 generations not 15 which ishow long ago slavery was. Most blacks, post (after) slavery have been marrying other ethnic blacks from different countries that migrated to America, latinos, native Americans and Asian. Because of the violence against blacks in that time blacks steered clear of mating and marrying whites. Please miss me with the black women was raped thing cause not all black women got pregnant , allot of then was also killed or died from their injuries or lynched afterwards. so you and your granddaddy is full of it, he should know better. You white people need to cut this mess out you’re trying so bad to make black people think their not black fully while stealing and rewriting our history right before our eyes.

        • @CrazyChris

          Very True, Kim Is A Hypocrite Bitch, Should Of Thought About It Before She Got Knocked Up By Chipmunk

  3. I didn’t read that Anna Wintour called putting the couple on the cover a a fraud. She said it was not as tasteful as she would prefer, but tasteful doesn’t sell copies. There have been other covers with TV stars which were not very tasteful or elegant either. I don’t think “fraud” and “tasteless” are synonyms.

  4. Why doesnt Anna Wintour put black women on the cover of her magazines? Anna is just as evil as Kimye thirsty and doing publicity stunts. She could kick rocks.

      • The truth is everything that magazine stands for is everything with a western European influence. And is I’m not mistaken there was black women who graced the cover that moved units but they had to be Europeanized to get put on. In otherwords the magazine caters to a white majority demographic. If there’s any other kind of culture of people that likes vogue, pretty much they’re influenced by European Coulter but this sister is not falling cause i don’t see myself add a white female. To said some sistas can’t say the same, does blond hair/blue eye (contacts) ring a bell? lets say it together “INFLUENCED !!! There you go, was that hard? * side eye*

        • Well it is a western magazine. US, Italy, France, UK. I guess women want to see other women who looks like them. When a woman of color comes along who is a game changer, then AW uses her.
          It’s Business 101.

          • No ish Sherlock , tell me something i don’t know!! Kim is no different with her fake surgically enhanced body and face. Black (Europeanized) women have graced the cover of that magazine. I’m very much aware of who this magazine caters to mainly and it’s cool. But I’m not gonna buy into this western influence bull crap, leave that to white women & the black women that’s intimidated and strongly influenced by their beauty, I’ll accept mines for what it is, BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL.

            • Amen to that BLACK & BEAUTIFUL..I embrace mine for sure.While some us are busy trying to look like them ..notice how many of them are trying to look like US..butt shots, tans, full lips..don’t get me started! I don’t believe or buy into the hype..Don’t care what the media, Hollywood, society at large, or anyone tries to feed me.

          • And p.s.. Kim is not a game changer, if it want for Kanye status she wouldn’t been put on that cover. No sister that’s erotic (with get real curvy body type) and beautiful dark skin features well never grace the covers. The reason why that won’t happen is cause no white women can see her own beauty in a black woman and the same on the end with black women toward their (white women) looks. That’s why black women have magazines like ebony, jet and essence caters to us, while most others caters to the majority.

            • Well a few black beauties have graced the cover..Beverly Johnson.. among a select others BUT they are few and far in between for sure.

          • Alek wek is not a game changer, she has curves liken to a white woman although her face have strong African features and beautiful chocolate skin. She is not competition like Naomi.

    • Back in the day when supermodels ruled magazine covers, Anna took her sweet time to put Naomi and Tyra on one of her covers. But it’s not like that now. Kanye was on a cover, as were Lupita, Beyonce, Rihanna and Michelle O.
      I just wish Anna would’ve put Lupita on the cover after she won instead of Kanye and her pet Kim.

  5. You Know The Movie Called “The Devil Wears Prada” Is Based On Anna Wintour!
    Her Former Intern Wrote The Book About Her…………Sour Faced Bitch!!

    • gee reallllly??????? What would we do without your vast reservoir of knowledge CB?

    • Really I have to read the book now. One of my favorite movies with glen close

        • I meant Meryl. Thanks for that Unlovable. Whenever someone walks into a room coughing I jokingly spray disinfectant and say “this place is an incubus of disease” like she did when anne hathaway walked into the board meeting with the flu.

  6. Sorry but i just don’t see whatever it is the rest of yall, well some of you, see on this woman. I don’t see the sexy, I don’t see the beauty. I just don’t get it. These people don’t interest me whatsoever , but they are featured here and on many other vlogs and blogs everyday. What is the appeal?

    • Truthfully many people, and they won’t cop to this, are fascinated and bugged to death that a bunch of average looking people became ridiculously rich and covered by the media as if they were royalty by doing absolutely nothing. It’s like a disturbing fixation.

      • I think people are fascinated with her life style and live vicariously through her

  7. I hate it when the participants try and take the high road. Anna Wintour was part and parcel to this ish, and now she is backtracking???

    BTW, Kim looks demonic because she is.

    Kanye should have stayed in college. Maybe he would have had some sense.

    F*ck them all!

  8. @anonymous I totally agree she never puts black women on her covers but yet she put this talentless ho on her cover. Even though I doubt black women read her magazines. I don’t recall Janet Jackson,Kelly Rowland,Nia Long,Angela Bassett,etc.being on the cover of vogue.

  9. The singer Ciara can give Kim a run for her money being on that cover. Ciara is an attractive looking girl who models very well besides Rihanna.

    • Come on now, the magazine wants to sell copies. Be realistic, Ciara is not popular enough to be Vogue cover material. She’s barely popular enough for Jet cover.

  10. saw the E!! sepcial wit these people wen Kim + Kanye got married…it was interesting to say the least…You could tell Illuminati set the whole thing up tho…like really? Versailles, Valentino house, clothes, crew, fireworks, paparazzi, im like damnnn TPTB set this up big time…Kims sisters were mad and jealous u could tell they were hating hard…Rob, future blood sacrifice has been MIA lately he must feel the demons calling him, I think he’s been targeted for sacrifice, interesting bcuz if they take Rob Jr out, it would be like really satanic bcuz they took his father out wit the same name…creepy…Kanye is gay tho, watching the special he was basically dressing all the females then had the nerve to say “This is what happens when you have a straight male around”, they all gave him sideeye like “girl, bye”….Kanye is under brainwashing tho + I think Kanye also convinced “Lord Disiick” to sacrifice both parents cuz Kanye been thru it all & they probably got him 2 talk 2 scotty…Kourtney is a dy-ke ho, im just convinced at this point & I think she giving her kids to TPTB for mind control & sex…Mason?? really girl, couldnt be more obvious wit there checkerboard floors and all…Khloe is depressed being OJ’s daughter & all, she seems the most kool but the most disturbed also…she very very insecure…The younger girls are sold out & Kendall i think sold her soul already, she Marc Jacobs call girl when he want to impress wealthy men who own him, Kylie i think is alittle afraid and timid about Illuminati, but wit that family she stands as much of a chance as Jaden & Willow, smh. Kris seems happy that she has created this satanic monster that is the Kardashians, but eventually the house of cards will fall bcuz these ppl are very evil and alot of terrible things happened to these girls thanks to there momma, Kris & Robert Sr. gave their daughters and possibly son? to mind control and sex and now the new generation will go thru it too…sad part is wit Jay-z + Bey giving Blue up to satan, you know Kanye will do what his mentor does and will do the same for North..Kim will do whatever, bcuz she really do love Lucifer

    • Oj is not kloe dad, her father is Alex Rodan or Rogen he’s a hairdresser/salon owner that’s Cuban descent, he’s rich. Kloe looks just like that man and got his body type as well big and husky (top heavy body type with her fake butt) with a fat face.

      • Her middle name is Alexis, frfr. They put there profiles sid by side in a pic, twins. He has fair skin, lighter hair like Khole, same height and body type. Kris is and was a hoe who stepped on her marriage. Her and Nicole Brown Simpson where beasties and we know that woman was no saint. Rob was Kris and Sr. reconcilliation baby. Khole looks nothing like her mom or dad but just like that men who was also Kris’ hair stylist then and now……

    • Okay I had to just zoom right on past that soon as I saw blood sacrifice and Illuminati references being made..Its too early for this sh*t and I haven’t had enough wine…. I CAN’T I WON’T..Not tonight or any

  11. it was never proven that khloe is oj’s daughter.

    and kanye’s dad is still living even though kanye was raised by his mom.

    the majority of black entertainers come from single parent households most are orphans.

    orphans somehow make it famous.

    its always the ones who has the worst backgrounds that make it big.

    • “its always the ones who has the worst backgrounds that make it big.” Yep because it is easier for MK mind control. People who were raped, assaulted, poverty stricken, etc etc are always the ones who TPTB love to elevate and manipulate.

      • They do it to their own kids too. Pariz Over the Hill-ton is MK too. There are some very interesting articles out their by generational abuse suffers out there. You should read up on it.

      • Yeah people from intact functional families generally cant be controlled because they have a support system and values, provided they come from a moral stock. Classic Michael Jackson syndrome. Same as in real life the nwords that wild out or are in jail usually dont come from shit. You can distinguish families who had great grannies drinking moonshine from spoons, selling fish sammiches and hooch in liquor houses vs. grannies who baked pies and went to secretary school while working as domestics.

    • What worse background did Kanye have? His mom single parent or not was well educated and seemed to take good care of him. I think he’s just really full of himself and narcisstic.. with a touch of mental illness.

      • Precisely. And quiet as it’s kept, I think only child Kanye was exceedingly wounded by his father’s abandonment. They say that often gay men are seeking the love and acceptance from a man as a substitute for the missing love of their daddy.

        Not sure I agree, but it’s a possibility.

  12. In other words… Anna Witch-tour used the fools to make money and she admits it. Not one thing in what she said that we didn’t already know. If people want to get paid for letting people exploit them, what you gonna do??? We can’t lock Kanye up to keep him from ruining himself further… he has gone as deep as he can go already.

  13. Yes sir Paul mooney is a c&ck sucker for real,I seen that Richard Pryor roast,in fact I think they. Burned his ass,for revealing the shit the elite of hollyweird be doing. I know redd fox was phucking lady java ? Now who was Richard phucking,and who was Paul mooney sucking!

  14. In what Alternate Universe is a 5’10-11″ man short? South Park was right to call Kim a ‘Hobbit’ and her family ‘loud little people,’ but Kanye is average height for a man, which may be surprising to some considering his ego would make those not ‘in-the-know’ think he was 7 feet tall.

  15. Anna Wintour didn’t want them on the cover of Vogue anyway, but the suits pulled rank and made it happen. All of this for a David Copperfield Marriage that was hella messy on that infamous day. Kanye shoulda had the dress on, Not Kim. His real wife, Ricardo Tisci must have been proud. Now, she wants to bust a move. Kanye wants her to quit reality tv and be a housewife…Oh Yeah?

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