1. He’s on to something…you never hear white male stars call other men’s wives/fiancee a flat out whore. Do men ever say to Julia Roberts “she’s a whore” ….no. we do the ignorant, extra rude stuff

      • Lil Wayne don’t have a college degree of not a got damn thing because he dropped out of Houston University.College Degree? Try Degree Of Difficulty with all his Tax problems.

        • Oh, well…Damn!


          You strike again on that onr. One of the people who work outside our office was talking about them yesterday saying that if Wayne is not carefull & doesn’t start ‘making it very clear that HE WAS/IS NOT apart of the financial imprudentence of CMYMB or whatever the hell that outfit is called…Birdface & his brother are going to make him the heavy of the company & let ALL legal trouble fall on him.

          Appearently there is a lot going on with them & they sign Wayne’s name to things he isn’t/wasn’t aware of. So, they’re trying to keep it on the hush but Wayne has MORE issues than just his back taxes to worry about now because of them.

          • Wayne’s name is on a concert contract and the show didn’t go on. Lawsuit is imminent. Not sure if he knows. Heard a rumor they borrowed money against the future earnings of said tour. Bank fraud niggas.

      • University of Phoenix dropout also.
        Thanks Wiki.

        Sorry bout that guys. I hate putting out bad info…

      • Degree or not: addicts are addicts. $ managers lose just as much blowing cocaine. “Discipline baby whether you do or not” G Starr

      • Doesnt matter most college graduates work for high school and college dropouts like Dave Thomas, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc. Wayne needs to hire moral accountants who will depend on him to pay off their student loans which cannot be discharged during bankruptcy now instead of cousin Tee Tee

        Only people who pride themselves in obtaining a degree from a public university are those one generation from the hood or the first to ever do so in their family. Everyone else considers it a political piece of paper to maneuver and leverage. My maternal grandfather was a highschool dropout retiring on nearly 65k year in the late 80s early 90s, held the deed to his home, traveled and salaried the same as my grandmother who was a college graduate(nurse). And he didnt need to join the military to do so.

    • It’s not that simple, we are not built like white people, Black women don’t operate like white women so why do you expect black men to operate like white men do. When black women handle things the way white women then and only then will I take this conversation. You think Bow Wow is on to something, well I think I’m n to something. How about this.

      if we want men to stop calling women out of her name the lets start by holding the WHITE men who run the entertainment industry accountable. Protest and boycott their products until they stop pushing mysoginy, disrespect and degradation of black women. Fuck Bow wow, he has talked about bitches and hoes in his raps and called women out of their names. And guess what the women he was talking about were somebody’s family homie. How many goons should have visited his bitch ass and pressed go.? bow wow needs to Get off the white mans nuts, becausetne white man hasn’t had time to call his women bitches and sluts because he has been investing all of his time and effort into making sure black women are called bitches, sluts and hoes. Now wow need to hire some somebody to whoop his own ass because he has called plenty of black women worse.

      • I agree wholeheartedly with you.

        And…I’m STILL waiting for SOMEBODY to tell me exactly when did Bow Wow get hired goons? Because last I really knew of him word was HE was his little ass was raped by an individual paid to work for him…WHERE were his goons then? Or did he get the goons AFTER this horrific event?

        • Paid goons.
          His stylist, maybe his barber, an assistant, a couple half cousins he met once, any volunteers who were in the area who wanted to help….

        • @ Ms Reg, you know how Hollywierd works. He got Goons when his Networth went below $50,000. Over 50,000 you get Lawyers to figh your battles under 50,000. They have dial-a-goon. I think 40 Glocc is the CEO, Somewhere in the contract for dial-a-goon it stipulates if “shit gets real” the goons are required to abort the operation and you still have to pay….lol.

          • @EddieLongsTragicHairPiece,

            If you don’t knock it off in here!!!!
            OMG…you would NEVER believe I work where I do & NEVER ONCE heard of 40 Glock, that is..
            “AND”…HIS BODYGUARDS while they were simply trying to drive down a residential street my friend’s mom lives a block away from. I didn’t like the bullying aspect of it but I’m that elephant in the room going “WHO is a 40 Glock & WHY is his big grown self bothering tiny-ass Lil Wayne?”

            As for Bow Wow having goons…
            The HARDEST diss song in the history of ALL diss songs by my favorite rapper/musician
            DJ Quik comes to mind when he slayed MC Eiht…

            “Where’s your niggas that kill at?
            You ain’t got no killers so kill THAT!”

            “MC Eiht, should I continue?
            Yeah, you left out the “g” cause the “g” ain’t in you!”

            Damn a goon…Bow Wow needs Jesus right about now!

      • If you are looking for a woman to lavish respect and adoration you should probably look for a woman who actually respects herself and not just an Attention Wh*re.

    • @truth,

      I want to be clear on this…
      Tony Rock called Erica Mena a “whore” right?
      Your claim is that “BLACK people call their own every name in the book,” am I correct?

      I wasn’t aware that Erica Mena was a black woman. Nonetheless, I honestly feel Mr. Rock should have kept his opinion to himself. While others may totally agree with him sharing his opinion about this woman was in very poor taste but to infer “black people as a WHOLE do any one particular thing or all behave in a certain manner” is simply NOT true & in even poorer taste.

      I’m black & EVERYBODY who knows me can tell anyone that I try to help & assist anyone who crosses my path even those who mean me no good. I do my best to uplift, encourage & promote all those around me. To say I love everyone is an understatement & while I truly believe “I’m hot shit & God did some of His best work when creating & placing me here,” SURELY I’m NOT alone nor am I the ONLY black one! Black people are an AWESOME race of people even those who are often times…

      WE as a whole race do not carry & act out the “crab in a bucket mentality.”

      • @Ms.Reg Erica Mena is in every since of the word a blackwoman.Socalled Puerto Ricans(Ephraim)and So called Negroes(Judah)have a very long history together with both tribes being rulers of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel before both were carted off into Slavery for the sins of our Ancestors and that close relationship continues today which is why Negroes and Puerto Ricans get along with one another better than most before the whiteman buried our history with his many lies.Erica is in fact a Daughter Of Zion despite the fact she and other like her may not know it.Shes from the line of Jacob so that makes her our sister as well as our people.Shalom

        • That’s why I rep Platanos and Collard Greens ALL DAY! I share and can identify with a lot of the struggle. As a Latina, my heritage is constantly called and portrayed as sluts, loose women…and that’s not true. The same way black women don’t appreciate certain stigmas, we do not enjoy them either. But I do understand the resentment, because I know for a fact in my culture a lot of light-skineed Latinas think they’re better than darker skinned women…and that’s from indoctrination that the Master Race has bestowed upon us since birth. What they feel the true image of beauty really is. I can’t talk for others, I can only speak for myself…I love my black sisters, my latina sisters…because we are one in the struggle. #Unity

          • @TAINOBORIQUE Much love to.you sister the spirit of the most high keeps us so called Negroes and Puerto Ricans amongst each other daily and I’m proud of that.The Latinos of Spainiard descent are white so they’re the ones with the complex about darkskin.My Taino Indian people from the seed of Jacob could give a flying fck and to them where all in this struggle together.Blessing to you Sister.Shalom

          • And that’s the difference, I stay KNEE DEEP in the struggle…I have to check some of the Dominican women in my neighborhood who have these hair salons and have beautiful ebony pigment, but insist on straightening everyone’s hair. When I get mine cut/washed they right away take out the brush and want to blow out my hair straight…like its the standard. Then they look at me stupid when I tell them to leave it alone, let it dry natural…God forbid they’re seen outside with their natural God given beauty. Much love to you my brother…and as usual you are empowered by your knowledge of history and the world. I appreciate you for that. 🙂

          • My birth mother is a Black Colombian.
            Afro Colombian. Black skinned like my brother.

            My father was white skinned but not sure of his make up. His coloring was white. Met him once when I was almost 7. Went badly.

            I am brown skinned. I don’t really identify with either as they didn’t raise me. But I like greens.

        • @BA,

          I should know YOU would KNOW but NEVER have I heard this Erica Mena person admit to or “refer to herself as being a black woman or oslf black descent. As a matter of fact she got all indignant when a blog reporter asked her “if she was mixed with black” at a event awhile back. The reporter went on to say “she carried on so badly that he didn’t bother to include her in the Red Carpet video piece he was doing for the blog.

          As always, I clearly understand & respect your correction & teaching.

          • I understand Mrs Reg, but when one has been groomed and trained from a very young age by the Zionist media to think white is superior most have decided to reject themselves in the process.Women like Lala Anthony and Erica Mena don’t know their history and they’ve been taught the reject black so I’m not surprised.The whiteman has taught us here in America that we were only slaves but not about our history before Slavery and like good slaves all of our people have become lethargic and fallen for the game.The bible Says:My People Are Destroyed For A Lack Of Knowledge Because They Have Rejected Knowledge:And this is why we are in the condition we’re in.

          • LMAO AHHHHHH LIL BOW WOW… How many times have we seen similar tales turn out to be carefully orchestrated plots to stay relevant and get on a show?

      • You’re black but yet you flat iron and “tame” your hair. You sound more white than any black person or Puerto Rican on this thread. Hypocrite!

    • Where are you all getting these numbers from. I had to Project in for my statistics class and it happend to compiling the percentage of college students by Demographics. It took 2 months because it was thorough and I had to compile number from junior colleges, major universities and also had to compile numbers from online colleges. We had a certain amount of schools that we had to use from each coast and and a certain amount from Great plain states. But to make a long story short all of that black people are not going to college like white people, it’s a bold face lie. Now by sheer numbers it’s true but but percentage wise more black are attending college than whites. You do the math. As of October 2013, 77% of America is Anglo Saxon and 12% of them are attending college. 13% of he US population is black and 14% are attending college, Hispanics 6% and Asians 7%. Yeah, more whites are in college of course but that’s a play on words.

      • I have very few other blacks in my classes at school (Uncc). Sisters yeah. Dudes, not really.

        Every white girl looks the same. Same hair, matching outfits. . Very hard to tell one from another.




    • @Philadelphia you are WRONG! Tony ROCK TOLD THE TRUTH! ERICA MENA has behave just like a whore. She is on television slamming her character. Bow wow is a whipped little kid who obviously lacks good judgment. She sleeps with women and men! For Bow Wow is an idiot! 1 race only hatin on his relationship—Black People! WTF is wrong with you Bow WOW? Black people can’t believe you are actually engaged to this little trick hooka! That’s whats up #simplesimonassnigga


    • Well white men don’t do it because white women don’t do it. They never call each other out they really care about public image. As the black community coined the phrase we don’t give a f*ck!?! Now we all know through her past transgressions she is with out a doubt a hoe. She got girls for married men to sleep with and she openly admits to joining in . Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s pretty much a solid definition. It’s not like the lil gay boi is really giving up dick in his life. He’s just at a turning point. They all come to it first they get anything pregnant then they flirt with engagement on again off again blah blahs I’m not a hater but I know facts. He just went to an all men’s pj party with thugs gangsters and pimps and nooooo females I rest my case!?!
      Read more at http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com/bow-wow-thug-love/#31aGookeI36ejy8F.99

    • Well white men don’t do it because white women don’t do it. They never call each other out they really care about public image. As the black community coined the phrase we don’t give a f*ck!?! Now we all know through her past transgressions she is with out a doubt a hoe. She got girls for married men to sleep with and she openly admits to joining in . Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s pretty much a solid definition. It’s not like the lil gay boi is really giving up dick in his life. He’s just at a turning point. They all come to it first they get anything pregnant then they flirt with engagement on again off again blah blahs I’m not a hater but I know facts. He just went to an all men’s pj party with thugs gangsters and pimps and nooooo females I rest my case!?!
      As a STRAIGHT MAN it’s cool to have a guys knight out but a slumber party hell nah!?!

  2. Doodle Head Just Get Over It….Your Fiance Is A Kummy Whore, Who Leaps From Dick To Dick Like Tarzan…..

    Black People Stop Hating, Blame The Shyt On Massa Stirred Up Shyt Between The Slave, Just For Entertainment

  3. why do Negroes want to always compare themselves to white people, The comedian was only telling the truth so get YA standards up Bow you should thank him for being honest

  4. Bow Wow aint about that life. Black americans are not the biggest haters. He should ask his chick Erica Mena the fake J lo wanna be who called black people monkeys. Tony Rock was right about her and the truth hurts.

    • @Anonymous

      Lil Romeo And His Father, Bum Rushed Bow Wow In His Trailer Back In ’03

      Doodle Head Will Be Calling Erica A Whore Sooner Or Later, After She Finishes With Him financially And Mentally And Physically

      Erica And Draya Are Both Whore, But They Still Get Wife Down, By This Dumb Nukka’s

  5. Now wait a minute…
    I went from a front office desk to sharing a cubicle to not having an office to my own private office all with the same company in the entertainment industry. It’s been a whole lot of years between my office & position changes.

    So, tell me..
    exactly WHEN did Lil Bow Wow get “goons?”

  6. Black folks aren’t the biggest haters – we just speak on Black entertainers more than others. We let our opinions be known – and call a spade a spade for the most part! On a side note, the positive things we do just get talked down, swept under the rug and not broadcasted enough.

    Bow Wow must’ve been reading HSK because there is too much negativity and fakeness on this site. 70% of commenters are self-hating and just plain evil… damn shame lmao. 15% are fakes or crazies who hold conversations with themselves using different handles… the other 15% are probably good-natured people with their stuff together.

    • LMAO YES WE ARE…..and forever trying to justify that crabs in a barrel with ridiculous excuses ….its best to keep an opinion to ones self especially if it does not ever benefit anyone …..so calling a spade for a spade has YET to be productive for black people

      • Well all of us aren’t haters… and everybody’s not a crab… if you wanna read some of the most down rotten & hateful comments I’d point you to the Yahoo comments section and a few other mainstream blogs.

        • Yahoo is the devil, I boycott that site, I need to boycott their email server too.

          Erica is Hispanic, not black or Black African, nshe calls black monkeys cause she certainly doesn’t identify with African American. I will say this, I have never heard a black celebrity A or Z list call Kim Kardashian a flat out WHORE. They’re too scared to do it, but they will pick on the little people, black women, because that is the easiest target.

    • I say this with love, but black people hate on their own more than other races hate on their own. It’s just the truth. We never have someone’s back because they are one of us like the joos or Asians do.

    • I think ppl are haters in general.

      Had Shad announced he was marrying an Asian, Black, Green or Purple..

      We still would not have simply wished him well. We would be negative. Taking bets on how long it would last.

      • The question I have is when was the last time anyone simply married for love? That’s what’s missing from the equation. All business arrangements, come ups and raise my profile thru being witchoos.

  7. 1. Even if Tony Rock was right, he was wrong. Why degrade a woman you don’t even know? It makes him look weak to call out Bow Wow (lil Bow Wow Tony???). If he wants to come off as a tough guy why not call out Carl Crawford’s girl (Evelyn Lozada) or Orlando Scandrick’s (Draya), hell even Kanye’s wife. I didn’t think so Tony.

    2. Bow Wow knows better than to put his business out here. He was just claiming a few months back that he wasn’t going to announce any more relationships of his. So if he’s upset at flack he should only blame himself for not keeping his mouth shut.

    3. How weak does Bow Wow look for sicking ‘goons’ (lol) on another man. I thought he’d said he was gonna confront Rock himself. He’s soft as butterfly cooch.

    Both of these ‘men’ come across as punks here. People don’t even understand what REAL means anymore. It’s fkn sad.

    • How do you know Tony doesn’t KNOW her??? I’m from Miami, this chick had a ho-reputation here before she worked for the Kardashians at Dash……

      Another thing… this chick isn’t Black, and she’ll be the first to say so.

      • I’ll give you that. I don’t know if he knows her or not but I’m bettin’ he doesn’t. Even if he does it still makes him look a bit bitter, no? What’d she reject his advances? She owe him $????

        Also, I never said this girl was black so I don’t understand where you’re going with that.

      • Exactly..and please quit trying to claim mofos that aren’t trying to claim you. Most often they will claim a.

        • Exactly..and please quit trying to claim mofos that aren’t trying to claim you. Most often they will claim anything but black even if its in their blood line.

  8. Famous black men always seem to wife whores/thots of other races. Perhaps black men should stop publicizing and parading these ho’s around. Out of sight, out of mind. You have to take the good and the bad when it comes to the media.

    The media lover to publicize bm/ww relationships. Makes you wonder if these people are only doing it for the fame.

    • Its a status symbol for the emotionally challenged. At least it was in my day. First you get the nice car then you fill it with trash.

        • Taino Boriqua The truth is that most white women are cold fish not freaks. They play the freak until they get the ring on the finger, then it’s goodbye hot sex, hello occasional mechanical intercourse.

          • Oh TB I have something for you.. if I can link the pic..

            Newports in West Charlotte– $4.69 a box.
            We have a new store run by some Asians putting the African store out of busIness & Asians are selling loosies 4 for $1 and 40’s are 4 for $5.

            • LMAO! @Willie Dag…the best they got up here in NYC for loosies is 2 for a $1 and only the Arabs sell them. LOL…$11.50 for a box of Newport…Thank God I stopped smoking years ago. Shit, buying cigarettes in NYC is like paying a bill. 40’s are $3 up here (for just one). These young cats around my way got to go deep in their pockets if they want a buzz. LOL

    • I don’t care what race the woman is that they marry.A good woman is just that, no matter the race BUT they just almost always seem to scrape the bottom of the barrow.. hooking up with women who only want to use them and bring nothing to the table but looks (which get old in time ) and sex. There are beautiful educated woman of every race but they stay chasing the gold diggers who need them financially. I think it has to do with their fragile egos.Makes them feel good to have a woman who is dependent on them for one reason or another.

      • Oh and the worse the reputation they seem to want it even more.. I’ll never understand this.

  9. If Erica Was A Black Women, Bow Wow Wouldn’t Of Defended Her, Is The Truth, I Know It, And You Know It
    Black Men Tend To Defend Their White And Latino Women, Not Black Women

  10. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, no he didn’t say that did he? LMAOOOOOOOO! You mad cause we know your girls a round the world trick? LMAOOOOOOOO really? now who’s stupider than you to marry ol gang bang? The industry slut that’s been passed around more than the sun goes up and down LMAOOOOOOOO! the truth hurts I guess LMAOOOOOOOO bow wow got goons LMAOOOOOOOO what you pay’em what you had left? LMAOOOOOOOO!

  11. I think there’s no man in his life, no father or older brother because I would’ve been told him erica mena is the kinda bitch you f*ck and toss her ass after, YOU DON’T FALL IN LOVE WIT A HO, you f*ck that bitch and ditch her, you don’t wife a bitch like her.i feel sorry for him he needs a man’s guidance because he making a mistake thinking a trick ass thirsty bitch like erica is more than what she is a HO period. everybody knows this, see me I’d ride that bitch nut in her throat a be out, until I’m ready and id tell her to bring onea her girlfriend so we can break it down and after GET THE FUCK OUT! Don t call me I’ll call you! LOL really, you don’t wife a bitch like erica, you use her for what she’s good at and we all know what that is, Don’t we?

    • He called JD when he was thinking about proposing but JD was indisposed at the time. He was in the middle of the festivities that go down at Diddys annual all male pajama party and pole smokers convention.

  12. I’ve never heard of Erica Mena being a industry Bicycle ever.Rich Dollars, and Bow wow with the exception of her kid dad is all I’ve ever heard off so how’s she a hoe?!I’m confused.

    • I think it’s because everyone is using the law of averages. They say most people in the entertainment have to sleep their way up the ladder even the ones in the business that happen to have talent . They look at Erica and are trying to find her talent but nothing is there, she doesn’t do anything except cause commotion. The you wonder wheredid she start what is her claim to fame? We Luther name in the computer and her biography says “video model”. Video model is code name for hoe. I think that’s the formula everyone is using.

      • I agree, but if I’m not mistake wasn’t Erica a store manager for the Kardashians once upon a time?I think she made a couple of cameos on KURT in the past also.Prodigy threw a few shots at her in his book a couple years back but that’s really all I know of her.I’m not sure if home girl is just getting a bad rap.

  13. He might has well had married Karrine Steffans. Let’s face it…As a woman being promiscuous or conservative is a choice you decide to make for yourself…has nothing to do with color, there are video vixens in every race. And if you want a wife to be a “whore in the bed”, how do you think she gets that way? Practice makes perfect. lol

  14. Lmao money can’t buy common sense 1 nigga said something now its the whole race lmao as if you still even relevant. We’ll see who gets the last laugh bow

      • Exactly, She probly his lil beard cause fizz n omarion jboog n raz b got kids and women they wit(beards) lol. I feel sorry for her more so than him because he soft n barely makin it hisself.

        • LMAO @B2K with beards. I’m done!

          Fizz did look a little too pretty with that pony tail back in the dayz.

          • Remember raz b put the whole group bow wow marques Houston and Chris stokes on blast for they booty hole play days swinging on and slobing each pole. Damn shame that’s why I don’t date niggas that think they cute lol.

            • LOL! *Wesley Snipes voice from New Jack City* “YOU PRETTY MOTHER FUC$ER!”

              Then Marques Houston came on HOT 97 trying’ to say Raz B was lying. LMAO. I had to quote his exerpt from the interview, IT WAS JUST TOO GOOD: “It’s all BS. He is an attention w*ore. He wants that attention because B2K was huge and everybody knows how big B2K was and when something like that is stripped from you, and you can’t get any fame you go to the extreme measures and the dude is psycho.”

            • They were minors.I blame that nasty azz pervert Chris Stokes.. and whatever other grown man was messing with them boys (allegedly of course).

          • Chris stokes probly broke up the group cause they didn’t want to have sex parties wit him anymore

  15. Now this motherf*cker got one more time talking slick outta his mouth. He going to get that slick mouth of his in more trouble than he asking for. Now he keep right own and believe it or not he is going to end up missing. Erica won’t nor can’t do shit about it. The best thing to do for her own safety is pack up and haul ass without a trace. She knows what’s best for her she might want to cut his ass lose and charge it to the game. Keep right on and watch. Shad’s ass is going to come up missing. And his dumbass trying to change a Ho to a Housewife. U can’t do it Shad!! Its called an oxymoron MORON!!

  16. I will call any woman a whore regardless of color.

    lets talk about these white bitches and dykes.

    gwen Stefani
    Britney spears
    Christina Aguilera
    iggy hozuela
    annie lennox
    Cyndi lauper
    mary Kennedy’s dumb ass hung herself like a damn white fool she was.

    sinead o connor and every other white dyke prince phukked.

    Adele’s fat ugly ass she can suck one though all fat white girls know how to suck dick.

    paris Hilton slut.
    Lindsay lohan crackhead ass if chris brown can go to jail why can’t she.

    • lmao!!! @all fat white girls know how to suck dick

      I can’t, I’m crying ova here.

    • The Kardash Klan
      Bruce Jenner
      Kendra Wilkinson
      Mama June
      Taylor Swift
      Marilyn Monroe
      Heidi Klum
      Miley Cyrus
      The Jersey Shore whores
      Courtney Love
      Sienna miller
      Aubrey O’day
      Pamela Anderson
      Courtney Stodden
      Janice Dickenson

  17. Funny how his own comment proves his point. He just generalized the whole black race as haters of which he is included. #BoyBye . I don’t think people are hating on his engagement more like questioning its authenticity would be a better statement. Bow Wow should ask himself why others opinions matter so much.

    • Because a hit dog always hollers. He know she a hoe, he took her off of the Hollywood stroll. See, that nigga wanted the honey, all we want is the moneeeyyyyy.

  18. Not black people. Ugly people like Tony Rock just like to talk ish especially when another mans chick looks better. Bow wow needs to let BS slide

    • He tries so hard. He puts the ? On there so the alphabet boys don’t stop by his moms basement.

  19. Bow Wows goons are probably very much like Kanye’s goons….Guys in skinny pants and handbags with pointy toed shoes and lip gloss./

  20. THAT HOE IS THAT BOY’S BEARD… She’s a bigger beard than SOLANGES husbands beard…

    All the B2K boys have their own beard… And for those who have any doubt left, Omarion actually grew a beard for the hearing impaired.

  21. Wait a minute, what the f*ck is Bow Wow talking about with his black on black crime rant?

    1. Eric Mena is a registered whore with the State of Las Vegas..

    2. She is not black…She is a Spanish speaking cracker.

    Mr Rock is well within his rights to speak his mind…She aint no sister and plus she’s a racist prostitute/.

    • Well now wait…

      According to our wise HSK brother
      @Black Anastacia…her Puerto Rican wannbe ass is in fact OUR BLACK SISTER! The way he explained to me excapes my memory at the moment but if you scroll UP ^^^ somewhere you can see his explaination for yourself but he broke it down to biblical times & also made it clear that while Ms. Mena-Moss (I know, I got some nerve this morning starting this “Mena-Moss” mess but don’t slap me!) DOES NOT know her own history she IS in fact black as are the rest of her kind who seem to walk around pretending to somehow be better than us & only claim to be “Black when it’s popular & convenient.”

      • Wow…”the rest of her kind”? smdh

        If we become who we hate, then we hate what we do…

      • Don’t listen to that Black Hebrew Bullcrap…
        Those iSLEY bROS. looking wannabe mofo’s hate anything black and will sleep with anything white and justify their coonism with some pseudo religious unproven text that they cant even read in its original language themselves…DA BLIND LEADING DA BLIND.

  22. Why don’t you introduce yourself to heroin. It left our community years ago and I hear it is making quite a splash in your environs.

    Do yourself a favor and OD. Thank you.

  23. Well white men don’t do it because white women don’t do it. They never call each other out they really care about public image. As the black community coined the phrase we don’t give a f*ck!?! Now we all know through her past transgressions she is with out a doubt a hoe. She got girls for married men to sleep with and she openly admits to joining in . Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s pretty much a solid definition. It’s not like the lil gay boi is really giving up dick in his life. He’s just at a turning point. They all come to it first they get anything pregnant then they flirt with engagement on again off again blah blahs I’m not a hater but I know facts. He just went to an all men’s pj party with thugs gangsters and pimps and nooooo females I rest my case!?!

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