Bill Cosby Answers Janice Dickinson Rape Claims

Bill Cosby Rape Cases

Bill Cosby is refuting Janice Dickinson’s rape claims against him, and painting the drug addicted realty star as little more than an attention seeking and very disturbed woman who despite speaking on her meeting with Cosby numerous times, she never made any mention of sexual misdeeds other than claiming, Cosby, “blew her off because she wouldn’t have sex with him.”

Here is the statement released by Cosby lawyer, Marty Singer:

“Janice Dickinson’s story accusing Bill Cosby of rape is a complete lie.

She did an interview with the New York Observer in September 2002 entitled ‘Interview with the Vamp’ completely contradicting her story. She claimed that because “she didn’t want to sleep with him (Cosby), he blew her off.

You can confirm with Harper Collins that she never claimed that Mr Cosby raped her, that no attorney representing Bill Cosby tried to kill the story (since there was no such story) and no one tried to prevent anything she wanted to say about Bill Cosby in her book.

The only story she gave 12 years ago in her autobiography as well as her interview with the media was that she refused to sleep with Mr Cosby and he blew her off.”


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  1. why would anyone in their right mind support this old dirty b8stard. double digit rapes deserve a death sentence

  2. There are 2 things the black community loves to defend no matter how wrong you point out they are. First it’s the bible (actually sourced back to ancient texts written by fallen angels/demons) and its rapists (black men who are now sexually assaulting black girls at 60% by the time the girls are 18). Black men tend to get the bigger pass in their degenerate behavior. Cosby raped that woman.

    • Thank you. Even if Janice is lying about her encounter, there are like 12 other women making the same claims against Cosby.

      • Just because they are making claims doesn’t mean its true. Not one of those women went to the hospital, called the police or tried to fight back and they all waited 15 to 20 years to speak up. If it happened someone should have spoke up so it wouldn’t be so many victims. I’m pist no one spoke up.

    • Theres truth to this. I believe if the bulk of the women coming forward were black the story would have been brushed off. Sadly like R Kelly, these degenerate males have the support of Black females, doting wives that stood by their side.

  3. Rich Black Men And Women Are Doomed!! In Hollywood Because 3 Out Of 5 White People Will Claim Sexually Assault On Black Men And Women. Is The Truth, You Know It, And I Know It.

    A White Woman Accused Kobe Brynt With Rape, Kobe Had To Pay Her Money After The Case, She Did A Video, Saying She Was Lying About The Whole Incident

    White Women Will Always Be The Death Of Black Men, Their Poisonous!!

      • @Anonymous

        What The Fuck Do You Want?? Your’ll Like A Dirty Dog Looking For Food, Who Doesn’t Go Away After Being Politely Shooed You Away

        You Still Came Back For More, What Is Your Problen?? Not Getting Enought Sex

    • Fine. I will believe you when you post a link to Kobe’s alleged victim admitting that she lied, and after you list 10 of those 3 out of 5 white people who claim sexual assault against a black person in Hollywood. You’ve listed one, Kobe, so give me 9 others who aren’t involved in the current Cosby mess.

      • @Anonymous

        What’s There To Prove, Haven’t You Heard Of Jim Crow?, Where Innocent Young Black Men Were Hung, Because White Women Told Lies

        Because Their White Boyfriends Would Force, Them To Lie About Black Men, Black Men Were Scapegoats For White Men?

        White Women Lie All The Lie About Black Women Sexually Assault Them Is Common

          • Jim Crow was 50 years ago. Today proof is required. You didn’t say that your stats were from Jim Crow days. TODAY do you think 3 out of 5 ww accuse bm of sexual assault?

            • @Anonymous

              Uses Your Brain, Not Your Dick! Pr!ck Jim Crow Was An Example

              White Women Lie About Black Men Raping Them, And Still These Nukka’s Fuck With Them, Breed With Them, Marry Them
              White Women Are Poisonous To Black Men

              When White Women Hang Out With Rich Black Men, White Women Will Dick Tease Black Men, Flirt With Them, Touch Them
              When These Black Men Want Sex From These Dried Up White Women, That’s When White Women Will Scream Out Rape

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    • kobe made her ass bleed guess she never took one that big before it must have felt like rape.

      • @Anonymous

        A White Woman Called Bonnie Sweeten, Lied And Said A Black Man Raped Her

        She Was Having An Affair And She Told Her Husband, He Must Of Asked Her Why She Was Sweating, And The Bitch Lied And Said A Black Men Sexually Assault Her

        This Was In 2011

        • I think I remember that. It certainly has happened. I just don’t think it happens to 3 out of 5. I’ve been around 37 years and I don’t know anyone personally that it’s happened to.

          • Black Men Think Very Wisely Before You, Stick Your Pencil, In A Dried Up White Bitch’s Sharpener

          • Yesterday this retard said one in three. It jumped to three out of five overnight. I’m scared to go outside I could be accused in the next twenty minutes

          • @ThatChick414

            It Just Proves What I Just Wrote, White Women Are Cunning And Ruthless They Lie And Cheat
            These White Devils Do’t Mind Getting Dicked Down By Black Men, But When These Nukka’s Dump This White Bitches
            That’s When White Women Go Telling Tales, Fuck Them Pasty Bitches

        • Wow one incident of one WW accusing one BM. Let’s all stay indoors from now on, it’s just not safe for us out there. Loon.

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  4. That coke heAd Janice was f-ing everybody back in the day. When she was on a surreal Life she went ape cause some dude “touched her”. The bitch said on the show her dad molested her for years. Now jab said Bill did it.
    She’s a lie.
    All you needed was a gram of China white and a hard on. Jan would drop the draws for a horse if he had blow.

    • Your comment is the perfect example of why women are hesitant to come forward with rape allegations. The accuser always gets dragged through the dirt. I don’t know if Janice is telling the truth but why are you attacking her when Cosby is the person who has been accused of raping multiple women?

      • Yep Cheese. It’s the old “nuts and sluts” defense devised by Slick Willie’s team back during his Presidency. You make the women out to be cheap whores or crazy women. Without that blue dress, Monica would have been just another nutty slut.

        • Oh you know politicians and CEO’s are famous for that scheme. Remember what Clarence Thomas tried to do to Anita Hill? They are still trying to make her look crazy but I believed her too.

          • Fun fact: Judy Smith (real Olivia Pope) represented Anita Hill and Monica Lewinsky. Doesn’t seem like she did her job that well to me.

          • I totally believe Anita Hill but I blame the left wing limousine liberals for throwing her to the wolves. They used her in an effort to derail Thomas’s appointment, but I think they knew it was a very long shot. I doubt she ever really got over the humiliation she was put through.

  5. This is just really messy any way you look at it. The statute of limitations I’m sure has passed so why now is all of this coming to light? Ofcourse as a woman I’m against rape but at this point what can be done to Mr. Cosby to make him pay for his crimes? His reputation is definitely being tarnished but I just want to know why now? I guess i think too critically at times, lol.

    • Ms Tarshis said last night on CNN that seeing Cosby’s wholesome image tarnished is consolation enough for her.


    • My granddad’s eyes looked ust like that as a result of his having Parkinsons. I don’t know if Cosby has Parkinsons, but it’s possible.

  6. He only went after white women it seems. So of course the accusers are going to be white. There had to be some black women along the way, but I’m thinking that he managed to intimidate them into keeping quiet. Did he have some sort of fetish? Because he didn’t choose to marry white, but he sure did seem to want power over it. Was it really unexpressed hatred?

    • You ever seen his tapes in the 70’s when he was an activist? There’s definitely something more to this “fetish”.

  7. HE USED WHITE WOMEN FOR HIS BED WENCHES! Lmao! Wheres the sistas he “raped”??? I’lL wait….why was he so race specific in his choice to so call “rape” certain women?? Did a white woman disrespect him in his youth or early on In his career and he made a personal vow to humiliate degrade them every chance he got???? Hmmm ..or is his situation GIVING US A SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE AS TO WHAT PURPOSE WHITE WOMEN REALLY ARE FOR???

    • Bill seemed to be race specific it seems because a young black woman named Autumn Jackson who’s mother is also white about 10 years ago threatened to expose Bill to the media if he didn’t pay her millions or claim her as his daughter.You might be on too something though.

  8. Janice has to be careful and not double talk or misspeak when dealing with rich crafty lawyers because her claims can and will be debunked once any technicalities are found and this damaging interview from the past doesn’t help either..Bill will use his status to create doubt but he’s settled these claims out of court so to me that’s guilt within itself.All these different women can’t be lying.

    • BA, I predict Janice will be shredded by his attorney Mart Singer who is known to be hell on wheels. She already has shown inconsistencies in her story so it will be child’s play for him. Good. It only hurts women when one of us fabricates a story for attention.

      • Agreed.All it takes is one lie or inconsistency and the case is over.Ask that little Hamite chick who accused Dominic Strauss Kahn of Rape in that hotel.Once her phone records were release of her and her than boyfriend plotting on dudes money the case was later dismissed.

      • She probably can’t get anyone to answer the phone for her at this point. I hope she’s prepared for what’s coming her way.

  9. I guess that’s why the others didn’t speak because of how Janis is being ridiculed, and slammed with the lifestyle she’s had, but bill did something that made me say hummmm? He painted her as a junkie who wanted to sleep with him, and he blew her off? Really bill? So a good looking so called model throw’s the p*ssy at you and you said no? Some how I just don’t believe that and not mention that’s what most sexual predators say, (o she was comin on to me and I blew her off) I’ve heard that quite a bit from guy’s who claim it was the women who started it.they blame the other person. I don’t know if you did or you didn’t but it sounding like it might be fact, I’m just saying it sounds suspect.

  10. This bitch is lying,i’ve been telling all those who jumped on the “GET BILL” bandwagon. Janice is a coke whore and a BIG LIAR and everyone in the industry knows she is. The Illuminati is using her and those other women to smear this man and destroy him. Every time a woman cries rape and especially if the man is a Black man,people give the woman the benefit of the doubt. When you are as successful and rich as Bill you got all kinds of firery arrows shot at you. The Boule/Elite want Bill to come down now and this is how they are doing it. Firs they smear this man and then they are going to try to take him out if he does not comply with their demands. Back in the in those celebrity circles sex was everywhere and with everybody, women and men,men on men,women on women…..Bill raped nobody. The man had more p*ssy for free than most dudes will get if they lived 10 life times. He had no need to rape anyone. Those sex rituals were plenty for him and all those others. Janice is lying and so are those other women. Bill is being set up.

    Don’t you people remember how that football player was accused of the same thing and then all of a sudden the DNA didn’t match and the women who accused him recanted? Why do you think that happened? It is because he gave in to the demands of the Illuminati. Once you take that oath with those demonic beings you can’t break the oath or they will set you up to destroy you.

    • Do you honestly believe that only men who cannot get p*ssy rape? Rape is all about power. It is pretty obvious to people of unbiased intelligence that Mr. Cosby had a want and need to be dominate over white women. He didn’t like them, he was disgusted by them. By drugging them he rendered them even less human. Raping an unconscious woman is an act of hate.

      Just ask that Max Factor heir. He could get lots of p*ssy too.

    • Hey stupid do you not understand that a man of his wealth and stature is a part of a underground secret society? He does not need to rape because he can hire women to act out any sexual fantasy he has. In Hollywood they dress up at those sex parties and simulate rape all the time. Bill would have no need to really rape anyone….women were throwing themselves at him left and right. If he is on some sick power trip and need to rape you must understand that the Illuminati have women in payroll that will let him ravage them for money. They can make it look really real. These rich people play by a totally different set of rules from everyday people. Bill could make one call and get his wildest sexual dreams accomplished. This man is being set up and you are too stupid to put it altogether. Get your emotions together and you will be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Those Hollywood sex parties art got his fantasies met for free,no need to rape. These women are lying.

      • Were you there? You’re the emotional idiot for thinking that any of this could be beyond the realms of possibility.

        • anon I wrote on a different thread that a young black attorney opened fire on students at Fl St today and was shot and killed by the police after refusing to hand over his gun. They released his Facebook page and it was filled with one conspiracy theory after another. He was convinced, and I quote, “that he was being set up by TPTB.” The first thing I thought was, I wonder if he wass one of our resident loons here?

          • Shit that’s some scary ish! Whilst I have no doubt there is much badness going on behind closed doors with the elite, there is also much paranoia and mental illness in the world and especially in here lol. Massive amounts of skunk aren’t helping.

      • Bill or anyone else doesn’t NEED to rape..

        People who rape, rape because THEY LIKE TO RAPE.

        Just like many people who have a refrigerator full of food doesn’t need to hunt deer to survive.

        People who have plenty of food who hunt deer, hunt deer because they get a thrill from killing.

        As far as I know, the only people on out lonely planet who hunts and kills for fun are my Caucasian brothers and sisters.

        • i guess you missed that show on ID about the black serial killer in Charlotte who murdered 16 black young ladies over 5 years, all of whom he had some personal connection with.

          • That’s an aberration my friend…You cant fool me by citing THE EXCEPTION…
            96.5% of all serial killers are white males between the ages of 20-55…

            • Lets all try to stick to THE RULE, or people will start to think you have someone you are trying to protect or something to hide.

            • Absolutely it is a rarity, but since ID began a few years ago I have been shocked to learn that there have been some very prolific black serial killers. And without exception they were extremely charming and intellectually gifted.

              My theory is that they have a seething inner hatred not unlike Tommy Sotomayor, and one day they just snap and start killing women.

  11. Like I said before – why now the man is 80 years old and all these old hags are coming out of the woodwork to claim rape yet they lived their lives from these so called horrible events for 60+ years without saying a word. I’m just saying. Alot of sinister shit went on in old Hollywood (20, 30, 40, 50 etc) and yet they never smeared or destroyed these white legends who were guilty of filthy shit.

    What amazes me is how Bill was able to have a lucrative career, become very wealthy, and at the peak of his career at the time of I Spy, Fat Albert, Cosby Show etc. not one mention of him raping white women. Yet 60 years later all these accusations. The way these women said they were drugged and raped is exactly what happens today (21st century) in the bars (slipping drugs in your drink). As a matter of fact the only thing Bill liked was the playboy mansion and sleeping with those white women, they never accused him of rape.

    So tell me what is going on here? Its not that I’m saying he is innocent I just want to know the point of the timing, the purpose of this 50 year old information,and how much that Black comedian was paid to bring up this sixty year old shit about Bill? And as for Janice didn’t she say she was raped and abused by several men in the fashion industry?

    Damn the courts won’t even allow trials for horrendous civil rights crimes over twenty years ago, the powers that be don’t even charge white officers with murder or accidental manslaughter for executing Blacks on the streets in cold blood, and what about the illegal sex trafficing and rapes/gang rapes of innocent girls, women that is running rampant in our society, but yet the focus is on a Black 80 year old has been hollywood actor accused of raping white women 40 years ago I mean DAMN.

    • A crime is a crime, no matter the color or time span. Why are you stabbing for Boule Bill? Do you think he gives a f*ck about you?

    • @Anonymous .. I have an issue with the timing as well, why now? In hindsight, THEY are letting Mr. Cosby know that he is STILL a nigger! One that lusts white women while married to a black woman. Ole dirty south. And I aint talkin about music!

    • There have been whispers of rape regarding Bill Cosby for decades.
      He was always too powerful to fight, but the truth is finally out and there’s mire to come.. He’s no different from the rest of them, yes he could call a hooker over, but rape is about CONTROL AND ANGRY. I believe he did it and I feel for the women he hurt and his poor suffering wife.. He has humiliated her for a long time, I hope she get the hel she needs to heal from all of his filthy deeds.

  12. Bill walks around with pills for menstrual cramps on his person?

    And she ingested a pill for menstrual cramps from a strange man?

    Did he give her one of his extra kotex pads too?

  13. In Hollyweird, everything is possible. Im sure the women coming forward are NOT lying. Its hard to think of him in this darkness, but it is what it is. Can you dig it?!

  14. @white guy<< ..lmao at you. you are obviously a frustrated nobody. go back to your dark damp dungeon and play video games somewhere. pesky!

    • He must be very lonely. So sad to see a miserable little white man. He must miss his Mommy.


      • Hey Glock! I saw your viral video “I’m not gay no more…I’m delivered!!!!” and you are even more handsome than I imagined. How’s that new sexual orientation working out for ya?


      • Lol no I only actually said it once, the other anonymous ain’t me. Apologies if it wasn’t you but I thought maybe you’d been banned so come back with another name. That Rotten Fruits or whatever it calls itself is copying your style.

  15. White Guy

    Im guessing that you are either Janice Dickerson, Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, with some free time on your hands.

  16. And yet you seem compelled to visit this site to be amidst the women you profess you are repulsed by. I wonder what that signifies?

    Retourner a le Stormfront perdant.

  17. I say PROBABLY, a fat black chick because statistically a black chick from AMERICA is going to be obese 60% of the time…A white woman is going to be obese 32% of the time and a Spanish speaking woman who eats latin food will be obese 41% of the time…
    So it stands to reason, that 6 times out of 10, when a black woman types she is more apt to be fat with a weave than to have a six pack and a natural.

    • 32% sounds low to me. Have you been to DisneyWorld lately? It’s like an obese white women convention where they are required to wear horribly unflattering clothing. At least most obese BW know how to dress for their shape.

      • The vast majority of fat white chicks live in the Southern belt…Unfortunately for black people we took our slave diet with us when we left the south during the Great Northern Migration from 1920-1965…We continued to eat heavy and fattening slave food but we didn’t continue to do the hard manual labor to burn it off.

        • Cuz by all that time we had leaders and what not doing all the walking and speaking for us…the civil rights movement made blacks lazy and dependent

  18. Thats not what i heard from REAL white men…foreign men either. .u must be talking about the white women u smell through your television…im sure they dont smell! Hahhaahahahaha what a dumb ass..

  19. damn bill looks like my ex… damn the sex was good
    he set my cootie kat on fire!

    had to put some ice on my privates area

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