Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble a Match Made In Heaven?


Kris Jenner’s latest beau, Atlanta native Corey Gamble, is being labeled a stalker and a ruthless spotlight seeking media whore, by one of his exes, Atlanta Exes personality, Sheree Buchanan.

Here is what Sheree told In Touch Weekly:

Corey is a social climbing stalker who followed her around after their messy break-up and broke into her house, forcing her to file a restraining order against him.

I know Corey. He’s all about power and money and will do whatever it takes to get it,” adding that she believes he specifically targeted Kris.

He sees the Kardashians as media’s first family.”


  1. This is a terrible mismatch. Both of them need to get somewhere and sit down. All Kris wants is a big black d#xk.

  2. If Corey Gamble is an attention whore then he fits perfectly with the rest of Kartrashians. Dont believe me just ask Kanye.

  3. Well, he found his match cuz them K women stay in the media spotlight. Why am I getting a DL vibe from hom though, he looks zesty!!!

    • You took the type right outta my keyboard. He’s a bit, how YOU doin for my taste. But Kris clearly doesn’t mind a bi guy. After all she was with Princess Brucette all those years.

  4. Umm He may have done Sheree like that but Kris will reduce him to eunuch like she did both husbands and her son in-laws. White and pinay women know how to train men which is why they retire in peace. Kris could talk Corey into killing Bruce if she wanted. God speed to him.

    She, Halle, and Nia make me want a pixie cut so badly.

    • Your words echo Wendy on her show today nearly verbatim.

      He’ll be lucky to leave with his balls intact.

      • I really feel sorry for the cat and dont understand why men choose these type of crazy whorish emasculating women when they claim they want a June Cleaver.

  5. Why is Kris dressed like she raided Kylie and Kendalls kloset. Ripped jeans are ridiculous on a 60 year old who isn’t homeless. Damn Girl, give it up already.

    • Someone on HSK said that these Peter Pan elder women who act and dress like they are 20, like Mama Dee, is a sign of dementia. I believe this is true. These old whores today are an interesting group.

      • Mama Dee syndrome. Can’t tell you how many over age women I see out here doing the Mama Dee…
        Baby tee, jeans and sneakers, ponytail weave with bangs..

        Grammas are shopping with teenage grandkids.. damn shame

        • They still look good and unfortunately that is all that matters. Smh at granny with a weave ponytail and baby tee. God bless these age defying elders. One associate told me that one their church mothers is a spinster, does online dating and has 24 year old boyfriend. No wisdom being passed along, except dont do what I did type advice. It is probably a form of dementia.

  6. Black Men Are Doomed!!! These Bitches Use Black Men, Like A Human Dildo

  7. From this pic he looks badly built….. you would think that Pimp Kris would have a FOINE ass nigga not this dusty looking dude….. Shit if you’re gonna pay then get the best…………

    • and it’s not because he is dark skinned that I said that because I love dark men but he just isn’t attractive to me…….

        • Eeew speak for yourself! He’s aging badly, where his hairline at? Where’s his shape? You must know some low expectation females if they’d go for him, he’s not easy on the eye. But then neither is she so they a good match.

  8. This so-called relationship was expected. Once Bruce was out of the picture, the real Kris Jenner would come out of hiding. Seeing her daughters indulge in chocolate all these years was gonna influence her to copy them. His head is so inflated right now, can’t fit through the door. A lot of brothas yap about smashing Kris, not just Kim and Khloe. So, he not going anywhere for the time being. Kris is doing now what she couldn’t when she was younger.

    • Oh no. I think this sleazy bitch been open for business, married or not, down for whatever whenever whoever.

      Then some poor dumb foreigner lawyer wifed her, probably never heard that quote about hoes and housewives.

      • What’s Good Brotha! Kris is gonna ride the swirl wave right now because a certain percentage of whitewomen are down with being smashed by brothas…Age Is Not A Factor! Honestly, she doesn’t really love us like that. Other women know that many of our brethren in sports and entertainment are easy marks for manipulation. “Just throw some foreign cooch at a celebrity brotha, and watch him melt like a Hershey Bar. Again, this brotha’s Mother is not in the picture…Deceased! She goes after a particular type of man, as we can see. She’s paying him to have sex with her…Pretty Much!

        • Hope it pays well.
          I think being in black circles is how she rolls.. her bff was Nicole Brown Simpson

          I think they make a bad couple.

  9. Older women want younger men. Older men want younger women. What happened to dealing with you age group. When a men gets too old, the younger women then wants a younger man. Vice versa.

  10. Damn, brotha, where is your pride?

    Cue the chains, roll out the whip, and clear the huts on the plantation, the millennial step n’ fetchits are open for biz!

  11. I am in no way stanning for PMK, but there must be something about her. Nearly all the brothas I roll with in their 30s have a thing for her. NOT Kim or Khloe, but HER!

    • Maybe they think ole gurl look naaasty? Kim looks like she’d be a wet blanket in bed and Khloe’s like a big old man. Didn’t PMK have a train sex tape out with some ballers years ago?

  12. People always got something to say. I tell you what, Kris is rocking those custom made nikes. While everyone hating on her Grandma is the best dressed Kardashian. Gym shoes are not.

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