Floyd Mayweather’s Son Is Calling Him a Coward & Woman Beater


Floyd Mayweather may be a champ in the ring, but his son calls him a chump!

Floyd Mayweather is being dubbed “a coward” … by his own 10-year-old son! Sources say Kouran Mayweather is slamming his boxing icon dad based on the belief that TMT man should step up and admit he physically abused his mother, Josie Harris.

Kouran recently dropped word that he witnessed his father’s brutal attacked on his mother. The child’s troubling revelations led to Josie Harris’ interview slamming Mayweather for lying on his son, while calling him a man in denial.

Here’s what Josie Harris had to say about it:

“If you were to ask him what happened in the home, he says, ‘Where are the pictures? With Rihanna and Chris Brown there were pictures.”



  1. Ok i just read this article. I’ m not taking up for anyone involved but to say that Floyds son called his father a woman beater is an understatement. Most of this article seems to be coming from Josie Harris’s point of view. 1. Sources??? say that the son his calling his father out for physical abuse. Who are the sources? 2. Is Josie harris putting words in her sons head to say to the media about his father? I mean i personally i’ m not a fan of Mayweather, besides him being a great fighter. I think his choice of women is crappy. But this article seems fabricted. And of course you find a picture of the kid with a broken arm.?? Really HSK? Oh! And to make it seem more believable throw the chris and rihanna incident in there. Most of these women who date these type of men know.exactly what they’re getting themselves into. Hopefully before you buy you check out the merchadise first before phrchasing the item. He sold her a dream, she bought it and when the ish didn’t work she returns the love that she claim to have had for this man by speaking out 10 yrs later to the media and throwig her son into the loop. Please

    • You completely nailed it…
      I don’t need to comment any further.
      You shut it DOWN & I’m done!

    • Sources?? Are you serious? We all know, anything can be fabricated including “Sources.” Best bet, the son would be the best to comment on the abuse, he was probably there during “said” abuse. To say, well she married a boxer, so she should expect to be abused, is a totally ignorant comment. That’s like saying, “If you marry a man, expect to be cheated on.” Come on now.

  2. Floyd is a bum. Anyone who puts their hands on a woman is a coward. The son is right. Im sure he lost all respect for his dad for doing that.The nfl is cleaning house and boxing needs to do the same.

    • Fuck that,some women are more violent than men. Normally i would agree with that comment but lately i see women attacking men. Should they just stand there and allow the women to f*ck them up? Bullshit…..women need to learn to keep their hands to themselves too. If you don’t want to be hit,then don’t you hit either. You man enough to hit a man you be man enough to take what comes after. Women should not get a free ride. Women are not always the victims. I teach my sons not to put their hands on a woman unless she hits them,and then they can defend themselves.

      • Bullshit.you can walk away or hold her down,men now in days will look for any excuse to hit a woman i see. Men are stronger and your telling me you cant find a way to difuse the situation without having to strike a woman? Bullshit!

        • Fuck you with that bullshit. A bitch put her hands on me first i am knocking her ass out. You don’t want to get hit then keep your hands to yourself.

            If a man put his hand on me and he will get arrested and I will press full charges and fight to see that he gets the maximum.

  3. She probably picked on his limited reading ability. Insulting a black man’s penis, intelligence or his mama may catch you a backhand or a two piece to the dome especially if what you are saying is truth. Or and touching his cell phone or call of duty session. A man can only take so many dumb muthafugga and lil dyck ninja comments before his inner Rae Rae surfaces.

    • Every post you comment on, you make it your point to say something negative about black men or black women. The article is about a black man’s relationship with his son and you find a way to get around to a brothers dick size, intelligence and his mother. If you ever have a son and someone says something negative about you, I hope he stands up for you because if he doesn’t and you know about, this comment you made, you will remember. Wether you are black or not, it’s obvious that you have a problem with black people.

      • You are a selective reader or what I say contains an element of truth that strikes a nerve. All black people are not nwords. Being worth 300 million and illiterate and possibly beating your childs mother is nword shyt.

        I have never been hit but I will bet my companys match in my 401K that some woman reading this has been hit upside the head for touching someones sell phone, calling some mans mom out her name or critiquing their sex game. Trust me my ex was in law enforcement in a low income area. I know nwords by association. Always remember peoples experiences are different and no one will agree with 100% of what you say but you.

        • Non Importante Your posts do frequently hit on a raw nerve or two, hence the silly feedback you have gotten recently. But that is precisely what like about you. You say what you think without censoring your thoughts for the sake of political correctness. You have inspired me to be more true to my own thoughts. Please don’t temper your words in order to please a small but vocal clique.

        • If you had said N word, I would have never responded but you didn’t, you said “black men” and that encompasses a lot more people than the word N word. I agree with you, this guy is a nigga who is always doing some nigga stuff. But there are many black men who look at niggas like this one and shake our heads. He is not a very good example of a black man and no matter how much money he is worth, he is not necessarily worthy.

  4. I can believe every word of this, he has no reason to lie about seeing his Mom attacked by Floyd Mayweather. Don’t know what planet these dudes come from, but, laying hands on somebody’s daughter is a death sentence. But, we’ve become a soft society in many ways. He should be concerned about this, the money be damned. It’s just trees with green dye, not flesh and blood. He already got more wisdom than a lot of us in this country… Salute Him!

    • What’s Good Sis?

      This issue is real to me. My Mother was abused by my Pops, and it’s a helpless feeling to see your Mom attacked and crying knowing you can’t do anything to stop it. Some folk may say that this young brotha is lying for his Mother. Maybe some other ish, Not This! He has the right to speak on it, f**k what we say. Any man that hits a woman, should pay a heavy price for doing so…Women Are Not Our Property To Beat On Like A Stuffed Animal… Please Believe!!! Be Good Sis!

  5. Interesting how 50’s son is railing against his father and Floyd got chummy with him to get under 50’s skin. Now Floyd’s son is doing the same against his father. How long until 50 jumps in on this feud.

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  9. Actually, the incident happened when he was 10. He is now 14. He is looking back on his report of the incident.

  10. This young man has no reason to lie for his mother or against his father. I’m sure he has witnessed more womanizing than most of the men on this site. If it wasn’t his father’s sexual exploits with loose women who abuse drugs and alcohol at his father’s expense, it was his father’s attacks against his mother. I don’t care how much money you earn or have, that type of behavior is inexplicable, particularly around children. I am happy to know that a pre-teen or teenager will speak up against womanizing and brutality against women. Kudos to this young man for his bravery.

  11. Yes exactly..Some people are just too damn star struck and money obsessed for their own good! Having money or fame doesn’t make one automatically a good person.

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