Beyonce Saved Solange’s Wedding Day

Beyonce To the Rescue

Tina Knowles said in a recent interview that, Beyonce came to the rescue when Solange broke out with hives on her wedding day after the  28 year old sister of Bey suffered an allergic reaction to eating seafood.

Here’s what Tina Knowles revealed:

“She went through the wedding and the sit down dinner and she was just fine.
And then they had a second line in the streets of New Orleans and she started
dancing so hard, I think she was overheated. And the seafood, I think she had a
reaction to it. So her face broke out in these welts.

Beyonce took her back to the hotel and gave her a Benadryl. And in two hours,
she showed up at the reception and did the dance with her son and just danced
all night and had a ball.”



  1. Well that’s what families for. Lol! Anyway Jay z looks like he’s scared to sit in the car with Solange. I thought the knowles had control over what pics to release? I guess cause it’s Solange they don’t care.

    • They do have control over the photos that magazines take for their articles, but no one controls pap photos. That’s why celebs hate them.

  2. Not a Bey fan but as I said in another post I love how calm she is and able to diffuse situations. Most people cry, yell whatever whatever when stressed. Must be a Creole thing. Solange is a dumbass for consuming shellfish if she has an allergy. Had a cousin who did that, the first time he was visiting relatives and they were able to take him to the hospital but the last time he died in his sleep a young fella. I still had no sympathy for dumb shyt and putting your loved ones in situations that they shouldn’t be in. Another relative, a type II diabetic, will eat a Snickers bar and then inject insulin.

    • Why would being calm and helpful at your baby sisters wedding be a “creole thing”?. You kind of lost me with that one.

      • The Creole women that I know have an air about them, like afro Brazilisns they are stress free and less rowdy then others hence Jay Zs reaction. Beyonces mom seems the same way. Everyones experience is different. I observe certain behaviors amongst cultures though no one attribute is limited to a specific group. Creoles also do have a mean streak, the women can generally cook and act like traditional “ladies”. No one was yelling, holding their hearts, calling on Jesus and 911 and cussing out the police and emergency response team with this incident but I have been around others and for fear of the lynch mob, I will not say what group they belonged to.

      • Exactly. A Creole thing.. No that is a Calm and rational common sense thing” Creole ain’t got nothing to do with it.

    • I’m not trying to gang up on you NI but some of your comments come off as racist in a passive aggressive sort of way. You tend to put place people in categories based off how they identify racially. Do you ever just base your opinion off the actual individual?
      Beyonce’s so called Creole heritage has little to do with the way she reacted in this situation. The woman has been reacting to stressful situations for almost 20 years. Bey may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she’s pretty good at covering up a messy situation.

      • Your culture comprises your identity and influences your behavior Cheese. People who can’t name their great grandparents or have no tradition a do behave differently. How is this racist. Creoles are black and such as afro brasilians I met in bahia and I am giving a compliment about black people. Not niggas. I’m sure there are rowdy people in each group like there are fat Vietnamese.

        • You are smart enough to understand there is a marked difference between race and culture. A good number of your opinions seem to based more off racial identity than culture.
          Beyonce was not brought up in a Creole culture in any way whatsoever. So what would her mother being Creole have to do with her reaction to Solange breaking out in hives?

          • But this comment, what we are discussing now is culture, not race.

            Beyonce has a Creole name, she was exposed to Creole food and she is even influenced by her dead grandmother not to mention she is surrounded by her moms family with her cousin as an assistant in the beginning. Just because she doesnt speak the language doesnt mean she isnt influenced by the culture. People braiding hair on a stoop in West Philly dont all speak Yoruba but that is a tradition passed down.

            As I said before behaviors are learned and passed through culture and tradition and being around Creole women I see that influence. It absolutely everything to do with how she handled solange at wedding, elevator, to how she handles the media. If its of any good measure they tend to be colorstruck.

            The situation I described with the crying to Jesus and cussing out the Ems team actually happened when a child severely injured by a relatives weapon at a birthday party(aka cookout and drink fest for the adults).

            How is this comment racist?

            • Brava Non Importante!!! Very well said.

              And I absolutely agree with the idea that, even if Beyonce never stepped foot in New Orleans a day in her life, she cannot help but be influenced by the culture of her women kin folk. Our culture is so rich and ingrained
              into everything we do–from food and music to
              our colloquial speak and (pseudo)continental manners. Some folks may find us to be a little too precious about our heritage, and I get that, but there is a certain mystique to New Orleans shared by no other US city with the possible exception of Boston. We really celebrate our history without apology, and we exist as one large extended family.

            • So are you also color struck Anon? Because according to NI you Creoles are color struck.
              I have Italian, French and Indian grandparents on both sides but that doesn’t mean I’m automatically influenced by their culture. You may have claimed Creole all your life but Beyonce only started claiming that shit when she decided to crossover.
              I stand by my statement that Beyonce is not Creole nor has she been influenced by the culture of Creole people.

            • Don’t let her insult your intelligence, it is racist. NI You keep stereotyping certain cultures in the Black race then try to clean up your statements with a cosigner but I see right through you. You continually try to start racial arguments then holler no I’m not.

              “People who can’t name their great grandparents or have no tradition a do behave differently.”

              “No one was yelling, holding their hearts, calling on Jesus and 911 and cussing out the police and emergency response team with this incident”

              Wow, really? You can gone somewhere with those passive aggressive wrapped up in a bow type of racial comments. You are not fooling me.You should be the poster child for the Boule.

              I stand up for my race as a whole, I don’t pick and choose the ones that I think represents me the best. If you are Black you should be ashamed of yourself.

              By Beyonce

            • Thank you BE. I knew I couldn’t be the only person around here to see what NI is trying to do.

            • Non, this is between you and Cheese, but I think you are being a tad disengenous . You are NOTORIOUS for making slick race based comments and you have been called out on it before. Not because you are white, but because your commentary spews contempt . You just layer it under humor. Ironically, when you previously made fun of black female hair, referring to as “Cotton headed”, I think Cheese defended you, but you really pissed me off. My unsolicited advice, maybe just use your sharp wit exactly the same, just leave your stereotypes about Vietnamese, Cotton headed ladies, Creoles etc out of it. You’ll still be funny.

            • Great advice 12:43
              You’re right I did stick up for NI thinking everyone else was misinterpreting her. Now I know the truth about her and I will be the first person to admit I was wrong.

            • NI been doing that for a while. I remember Raheim broke a few things down to her for the exact reason. A lot of her posts are hysterical but she definitely is nursing some inclusion issues. Inclusion to anything other than black, so it comes through in her jokes probably not on purpose. I don’t know what type of black people her family is or what kind of black people she’s been exposed to but me mine don’t clutch our chest and act stupid when a situation gets tense. Sounds like an episode of “Good Times” wtf

            • That’s Sanford and son Oh, This is the big one. “Elizabeth imcoming to join you honey”

            • Passport stamps > Google. Really dont understand how and why people get up in arms over a difference in opinions, I dont. Groupthink I suppose. Btw I didnt bring race was not brought up in this post. The sun will come out tommorrow and thankfully Cosby reruns are still being shown on Centric.

            • Passport stamps > Google. Cultured hmmmm, that says a lot. That money would have been better spent finding a clue.

              You just don,t get it do you? I to gave you my opinion freely, now I’m going to pay you in dust.

            • @non importante… A persons is influenced not just by their environment but also by spirits, either it be by Godliness or demonic corrupt influences. Nonetheless, remember this is just an article this to can be just BS.

        • @non importante I do agree with this part of your comment…

          “Your culture comprises your identity and influences your behavior Cheese. People who can’t name their great grandparents or have no tradition a do behave differently.”

      • @Say Cheese 9:21 -As a Creole woman myself, I’d say you are pretty accurate. We are “HUMANS” and react just like “Humans” of any race. Our culture is what may make us a bit different, but surely not better than anyone else.
        One love!
        Shout out to the boot:

        Port Allen
        New Orleans
        Morgan City
        Houma and the Houma Indians
        New Roads
        Baton Rouge
        Lake Charles

        • I agree. I never heard all this negativity about us until Beyonce did that damn Loreal commercial.
          I can honestly say that the idea of us thinking that we are better than anyone else is completely foreign to me. I have never seen myself as anything but a black woman who can speak French and cook a mean pot of seafood gumbo. smh

    • If beyonce is calm. Dcause she’s creole, the.n why is solange NOT CALM? Your logic is flawed AF. They have the same DNA …. Sooo beyonce is creole and solange is just what?… Black??? Lmaoooooo ur semi-retarded.

  3. Haha….second pic, Jay looks scared like ” oh shit, she about to ball up her fist”,LOL. He’s lucky Solo didn’t wear a white handbag to match her catsuit. That wedding look was cold as hell by the way. She rocked it.

  4. I don’t trust none of them!…and jayz I see what you did here,f*ck her up on the most important day of her life, eviiiiil

  5. I just turned my pants pockets inside out (illuminati code for, I ain’t buying this shit). They are creole people from Texas and after all of these years of abundant shellfish and the fancy seafood that celebrities eat, she has an allergic reaction. The only way this makes sense is if she just developed the allergic reaction and didn’t know it existed. Furthermore, people normally have their favorite foods at heir weddings what’s the chance of someone consuming something that they are allergic to at their own wedding? But I’m tripping on “Beyonce Saved the Day”. Out of all the people there, the smartest person was Beyonce? But hey, it’s possible, this is not a knock on Beyonce, but BUT, the only person that could think was Beyonce. Shiit, my hat goes off to Beyonce, she was the brains at the wedding…..oh my. I. Just having fun here it is don’t y’all get offended. Beyonce probably is a very smart, caring, resourceful strong woman with a plethora of knowledge. Just because I don’t this she is does not mean she isn’t.

    • Well I call bull shit too. Why didn’t she save the day in that elevator?

      So she saves Solange by holding up something to cover her face and gave her some Benadryl, Shouldn’t she have done this as a sister? What does she want, her name in blood?

      And please tell me why her and Jay Z whisk her off without her husband? Shouldn’t he have been there to comfort her.

      Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

      • All valid questions Black Enga. New husband should’ve definitely been in that car.

    • Y’all are too much fun man. You all make this place a party and I love it….lol

  6. Methinks one should only have to read 10 Beowulf stories in a lifetime. I’m at my quota.

  7. Can Ms Tina Talk Probably??, Beyonce Can’t Talk Probably, Luckily Solange Can Barely Speak Probably

    Anyway Jayz Probably Put Something In The Seafood, He’s Very Ruthlessness And Evil
    Judging How He Rolls, He Ain’t Over The Fight In The Elevator?? If Solange Was One Of He’s Random Hoes, He Would Of Axed Her By Now

    Where’s Beyonce’s Body Guard Julius Oh! That’s Right Jay z Got Him Fired, Probably On The Same Day As The Fight!!!

  8. I knew Beyonce would find a way to get some good PR out of Solanges wedding. Good old Tina has saved the day. I’m still confused why they put Jay Z in the car if they were just taking her to the hotel.

    • Cause this story is bull and didn’t happen this way.

      Can’t poor Sol have ONE DAY?!
      Bey the hero saved the day!

      Sol, 28 and a mother, couldn’t figure out on her own to take a Benadryl and needed Beys help?

        • Just like her frenemy Kim K!!

          Probably why she hates her.. cause they’re the same person!!

          • I keep telling people that but they don’t want to hear it. The only difference is one can perform on stage the other one can perform in the bedroom.

          • Both girls had pushy parents and families willing to ride their success.

            Kris and Tina are the same person too. Relying on the girls fame to make their lives better. They would be even bigger nobodies if it weren’t for their daughters.
            One married a queen, the other married a perv.

            Idky Bey acts so high and mighty against KKK. Matt is a pig. Sol is a druggie. Beys marriage is a sham.
            KK at least had her own baby.

            I really think Bey is jealous of Kim. What woman isn’t (even a little)? Kim is the most popular figure in the world. She just has to be famous to make money. That’s competition for a singer. Bey has to keep her songs tight, her dancing right, she has to work hard. Kim can just stand there and make her money.
            It would piss me off if I had been working since age 5 on developing a career to see someone get fame so easily.

            I will give Matt some credit… while all these other black dudes are going after white women — Matt likes black girls. Yup. Him and R.Kelly.

  9. Black people please stay away from Creoles…
    The Caucasoid French created them as a buffer class to infiltrate and undermine the black race…
    Let them Creoles marry other Creoles or white folks and treat them exactlty as they think they are…SOMETHING SEPERATE…

    wHEN shit hits the fan, they will get that wake up call from their white Masters who made them think they were part of the Ruling Elite of the System of White Supremacy….They were only used and created to serve as their pawns and to be subsequently discarded after they have completed their usefulness.
    They’ll see soon.

  10. No offense to my Creole niggas, but truth is truth…You are genetic poison and you don’t belong to either us or them(YT)….

    When it is convenient though yall will play the black card at the wishes of your white fathers..

    In fact yall are the ones who f*cked up the successful Haitian Revolution when yall when back and served as spies and gave info to your French daddies.

  11. Let me give yall a quick little history lesson about New Orleans…The French overpowered the Indigenous Black Owners of the land there in New Orleans , The Washitaw Black Natives who were there for 1000’s of years on THEIR LAND…

    Anywho the French came in and was welcomed as it were our custom, due to our COMPASSION AND TRUSTING HEARTS(which led to our downfall)…Well once the French got enough of their people in with guns they eventually murdered enough of the hosts to steal our land…They then established slavery as Europeans are apt to do but they were outnumbered so they started raping the women and created a buffer class of mulattoe called CREOLE…They gave the Creole so called PRIVILEDGES that they denied the Blacks and made the Creoles feel special and the Creoles repaid them by serving as their spies and messengers to their white lovers and fathers…

    Now when the British/Americas bought the STOLEN LAND (Because it did not belong to them,it belong to the Black Washitaw) from the French they instituted British style White Supremacy which relied much less on the Mulattoe Class System or Buffer System of Half Breed Bastards and Trick Babies…The Creoles welcomed the Brits/Americans and told them they would work with them as they did the French and they were basically told by the White Brits: “Nigga, If you don’t take your black ass over to the black side of town and get out of my face (except for the fancy whores) Im going to lynch your asses higher than the blacks”..

    history lesson done.
    Something to walk with.

    • You are correct about the Indigenous Peoples of the territory now known as Louisiana, and you may be correct about the creole people of Haiti, but you are dead wrong about the rest of your screed.
      We are related to the French and Spanish people of New Orleans by blood of long ago, that is true, but NO ONE white disregards us or has ever “put us in our place.” We RUN that city. PERIOD. My grandfather and uncle were mayors of N.O. They were among the most powerful men in the state of Louisiana. They bowed to NO MAN ever.
      We are black Americans first. We are no different than the black citizens of Ga. Ms, S.C. or AL. We are of and from the diaspora like you(I assume.)
      The primary difference between us and other black folk in America is that we usually stay put were we were born and raised, therefore we have a familial culture where we know so much about or family’s history.
      Why there is so much resentment and even hate directed towards us here I will never understand.
      I am more accustomed to people telling me how much they love NO and wish they could visit more often. Here we are viewed like the lepers of the black race. smh

      • Look, I just relayed the facts…You didn’t actually refute anything I said as not factual.
        I’m not trying to be mean spirited…I’m just not going to be protective of the facts to protect anyones deceptions and two-facedness…

        Dr. John Henrick Clarke said it best…
        He said he started to work on a book about the role of the Mulattoe under the system of Global white supremacy and how they were/ARE used as a tool historically…He said he stopped the project because if he ever put that book out “they” would run him out of town…
        The Secrets of how they keep black people undermined even to this day would seriously upset the apple cart and they would make him look like THE BAD GUY, just for relaying the historical and documented facts…


      • btw

        You cant be both Creole and of the BLACK RACE anymore or less than you can both be Creole and a member of the WHITE RACE…

        I’m not falling for the duplicity anymore…There is nothing wrong with being a Creole if that how you decide to classify yourself, but don’t try to hook your wagon to the Black Race when you are genetic limbo and unaccepted by your white Fathers as white.

        We don’t need the Caucasoids sloppy seconds.

      • So powerful, yet Dutch was killed, right? And we don’t even want to began to talk about Marc and Michelle.

    • Like….wow. just , wow! Quite a read. All I can add is that the creoles, generally are very invested in being creole and intermarry with each other . If they don’t claim beyonce its likely because her father is dark skinned regular old American black . They do seem to have some odd skin shade based caste system, I M H O. Guess you have to be one to really understand it.

      • That bias by skin shade has gone the way of the horse and buggy. Creoles rep every shade of brown the mind can imagine. Younger creole women tend to be attracted to darker brothers as a rule, so the skin tones have adjusted accordingly with each new generation.

        For Hamburger: I do not identify myself as creole outside of the confines of my city. I never mention the word any more than I would mention that I was born a Catholic(as most people in Louisiana, creole or not.) I am black period. Saying you must identify as either black or creole is akin to telling a white woman she must choose between being a Caucasian or a redhead. The terms do not contradict each other. I have geechee relatives on Daufuskie Island S.C. Would you tell them that they must denounce their geechee heritage in order to be identified as black?
        This is such silliness it’s just sad. There are a million things for us to be concerned about, but this is not one of them.

  12. ULTIMATELY, under the system of White Control and Domination its WHITE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE RULES…

    White people are very unconfused as to who they and who they don’t accept as white…VERY UNCONFUSED….

    And to white people there is but one question…
    Either you are a member of what they call the WHITE RACE or you aren’t…

    Those 1000’s of sub racial categories they created under their race CASTE system was not created for them…

    It was created to keep us confused and divided,whilst they sit back unified and steadfast in their whiteness and walk away with the vast majority of our planets resources…
    They are just having a ball and I respect their hustle but THE BLACK EAGLE has woken from his slumber at long last.

  13. There Are Some Creole People In The Caribbean, Just Not America

    In Jamaica, Trinidad, St Lucia, Barbados, There Are More To Name A Few

  14. I don’t give a damn if there were Creole people on Saturn…It still is what it is…

  15. All the word creole means is a mixture of Spanish French and African. That’s it. It does not connote a special caste.

  16. And lets not forget..The term Creole and the Caste system of race is created by and for white people in order to maintain their control…
    I’ll call a mother fukka whatever they want to be called cause I’m that kinda guy…At the same time I don’t accept nor live by their race rules…Its for them, not for me.. White people don’t comprise enough of the planets population for them to make these rules and classifications binding enough for me to sign on to them as anything more than pseudo science…Its all a mind f*ck with the projected goal to keep them in power and my people powerless..

  17. All I know as a black person, a Creole has never done anything for me and a white person has never done anything for me except do what they can to keep me subjugated and underfoot.

  18. ….and that’s the last I will share on this topic.. Its starting to get circular and a bit repetitive and emotional based…


  19. Benzino Is Creole And He Claims Black!!
    But Some Creole People, Look Down On Black People, They Think Black People Are, Beneath Them

  20. How can you be sure that it isn’t the opposite.. Benzino is Black and claims creole?

  21. My first experience with someone who said they were Creole was my best friends stepfather. Her mom was full blooded Native American and her real father was French. All I know is that they were racist and I wasn’t allowed in her house. After years of our friendship her family accepted me to a certain degree because I let her stay with me when she was sick and took care of her when she was in trouble.

    Long story short, her step dad had light skin and course tightly curled hair just like mine but her didn’t consider himself to be Black far from it in fact. Him and his family spoke in a mixture of French and something else that I cant recall but their English had a southern drawl.

    Other Creole people that I have met with darker skin were more down to earth but they still had certain family members with lighter skin and eye color that thought they were better than their own darker skinned relatives.

    I don’t get why some people use their Creole life style as a status. And please don’t take my words out of context. I am in no way trying to bash Creole people and their heritage. I’m just a Black woman. I don’t know if my ancestors came from Africa or not. What’s going to really bend your noodle is that a lot of so called African American did not descend from Africa. Don’t believe me? Google The Black Freising Koning. Talk about blowing your wig back, now there’s some fruit for you cafeteria style, take it or leave it.

    • BE It’s not a status, it is more of a familial bond. Have you ever been to Wisconsin and been among the German immigrant community who make all that cheese and sausage? Or in Minnesota where the Scandinavians tend to hold on to their traditions? It’s closer to that than a separate identity.
      It really isn’t that big of a deal in the modern world. I think a lot of the confusion stems from the pre-civil rights era when some, not all, creoles chose to pass. Those days are looooong gone.

        • We are like family because we share a deep and abiding love for our city, its music, food, music and culture which includes so much richness it’s hard to describe. My family is also a part of the Mardi Gras Indian world which celebrates the ties between Africans of the diaspora and Indigenous People of La. The old Dixie Cups song Iko, Iko is about that tradition.

          • Really? Ok what does this mean:

            My grandma and your grandma
            Were sitting by the fire
            My grandma said to your grandma
            I’m gonna set your hut on fire.

            No disrespect intended but wtf kinda tradition is that???

            • Not set your hut on fire, it’s set your flag on fire. The flag boy carries the mantle for the tribe. It’s a song about the competition between the various tribes of Mardi Gras Indians. The Big Chiefs.
              Just for the hell of it, Google Mardi Gras Indians and see for yourself what a beautiful tradition it is. And if you Google Dixie Cups/Iko? YouTube you will see the video of one of our parades with all the exquisite costumes that they spend all year creating for the competition. It’s so unique and special.

            • Thank you so much for posting this Black Enga. What a great video! It made me homesick and wanting to go back for the Mardi Gras next year. As the Big Chief said, “the Mardi Gras Indians are the best kept secret in this country.” That is just one of the reasons I’m proud to be from N.O. We may have lost a great deal of our native culture when we were taken from Africa, but in N.O. we are all about building a vibrant culture based on the past melded with the present.

              Hey Pocky Way!

            • You’re welcome Anon 13:12. I enjoyed it too. I found it while I was researching a name and found his obituary, it said that he was a “Big Chief” from the Mardi Gras Indians, I was very Intrigued because I had never heard of them before.

              You should be proud, it’s a beautiful tradition. My family has lost a lot of ours hence my constant searches to find out more about my ancestors. Keep them dear to you.

      • I get what you are saying but Beyonce and my friends step dad use it as a status. In the makeup add she states that she is African American/Native American/Creole with blonde weave and contacts on. Why did Beyonce have a need to explain what type of Black person she was? Because she sees herself as better than the average black person that’s why.

        Be who you are, I have no problem with that. It’s when people use race/culture/traditions to make them feel superior that I have a problem with.

        • BlackEnga. i love you. You speaking the truth and i love it. That’s what burns me up inside about the people such as Beyonce. Every black person in america can trace the lineage back to a white slave master. The last names that most of malveaux, Tibadeaux, Baptiste, and yes even Beyince’ have all derived from european french slave owners who would leave their big plantation houses to sleep with slaves on the field. Creoles all derived from those unions but was moved into the house because they were much prettier than the slaves in the field. The slave masters would sleep with their own children. The house negroes learned french and the master of course brainwashed them (air of mystery) onto believing that they were better than the field negroes. Add money to the mix and you got Beyonce or Beyince’.

          • Babbs I love you too, I love all of my people but a lot of them don’t love me. I can accept that, it is what it is. It just bothers me when I have to fight racism within my own community with my own people based on skin tone. How are we ever going to stop this destruction from within unless we make a change. The one drop rule still applies to all of us, smh.

            I wouldn’t have lasted on a plantation, too Black and too prideful. I would have had a tree on my back or hung from one. Thank God I was born in this century.

          • Actually the black woman that was chosen to bare the masters children were, the beautiful black women that was chosen to be a house worker. Black women that was unappealing stayed outside, as field workers. Mulatto girls/boys was sold away or had to be set free if they came out to white looking, especially if mulatto girls gave birth to them.

            • You are grossly inaccurate. The favored black women had a second family with their common law husbands, and they were freed and placed in a home of their own. The children were born free and then educated and they bore their father’s family name. The men stayed with their women until death.
              Perhaps you would have preferred working in a field with your pride intact, but back in that time few would agree with you.
              My great, great, great grandmother died a millionaire with her own couturier shop in the French Quarter.
              I agree that it was an elitist set up and seems very unfair to those who weren’t so fortunate, but life is seldom fair, back then and now.

    • Black people with wooly hair have been living in the Americas for over 40,000 years… Before the Chinese and the East Indian came here via the BERING STREIT…We are the true NATIVE AMERICANS and when we mixed in with the EAST Indians AND THE Chinese migrants is when the AMERICAN INDIAN/MEXICAN was created…America has always BEEN OUR LAND AND YOU CAN CHECK THE OLMEC STRUCTURES WHICH PREDATE ANYTHING CLASSIFIED AS AMERICAN INDIAN….
      and when EUROPEANS FLOATED THEIR NASTY SELVES OVER HERE 500 YEars ago we met their ships at the shores and welcomed them as friends with a trusting heart and compassion for homeless bums…
      never make that mistake again…drown them at the shores.

      • White People Originate From Albino, Look It Up

        Why Do We Calll Afirca The Motherland, Because Africa Is Where It All Began

        • white people originate from the ARYAN HINDU tribe with black skin and straight hair…

          They are not from Melaninites with wooly hair from Africa..

          don’t believe me, ask Hitler

          • That’s ass backwards because white skin is a mutation of black skin and east Indians derive from a mix of black skin with albino. Google the words : the worlds first civilizations were all black. Dude has pyt together q pretty good compilation of fact based ( archeological, ancient artifacts and artwork, texts etc to explain) its much better than some crazy ass you tube conspiracy theory. You will see how all other races arise from black skinned people.

            • The real BLACK SKINNED people are the Hindu with black skin and straight hair..They are your BLACK RACE….The Wooly Hair Kushite Nubian have various shades of brown, red and yellow melaninated skin tone…

              Its not the skin that is the proof…ITS THE HAIR and no other people on this planet has wooly hair except for the children of the Eloheem…

              All other races on this planet has fur whether they have black skin, pink skin or yellow skin….

              What we have been led to believe is the black race is not actually the black race but the Nubian race…

              The Black Race is the Hindu with straight hair and the white race came through their seen via their Aryan tribe of Hindu.

            • Nope. Cradle of civilization is in Africa, not Indus Valley. But I’m tired of this subject so whatever

        • Thank you 411 Chick. I am glad to hear your words of inclusion. It’s sad that some don’t agree.

      • THATGIRL

        You are doing a bait a switch …
        The original poster suggested that ALL CREOLES have a familial bond.. You know damn well they weren’t talking about your immediate kinfolk…

        I was trying to make them realize that the
        “FAMILIAL BOND” she feels with the universal mulattoe is the WHITE GENETIC MATERIAL…

        stop playing games gurl
        don’t play dumb

      • Its interesting that in the movie “2012” when Nature destroys AMERICA, white folks are in a boat and where are they headed to?


        You would hope in 2012 that black people would have learned from history and turn those ships away and point them towards EUROPE or blow the ships up at the shores if they attempt to disembark onto the shores…Maybe let those 8 niggas on the ship come down off the boat but send everyone else on their way.

      • Im not here to try to convince anyone on anyone else’s good or evil qualities…I believe anyone is capable of doing good deeds and bad deeds..Im not a religious nut so I don’t subscribe to your god/devil theory.

        I am just pointing to the historical evidence.

        If your study history and fail to come to the same conclusion and fail to protect yourself from making the same mistake of picking up the snake time and time again after getting bit time and time again because of your trust and compassion then I would have to write you off as UNINTELLIGENT and deserving the deeds of the unintelligent and the law of the survival of the fittest states that the least intelligent are not usually able to continue reproducing.

      • Some Africans helped to enslave their own folks, just as some white peeps were also enslaved by their own race. Slavery’s still going on the world over, e.g. Dubai built by Philipino and Pakistani slaves. Good and bad in every race, by staying blind and racist we play into the hands of the elite’s plot to divide and conquer. It works every time smh.

        • Preach!!!!! Only in America where we are less than 20% of the population would folks choose to disavow a sizable number of their own kind.
          Shitting on the “mulattoes” is an HSK traditon.

  22. don’t forget, when white folks first came here we could have very easily killed them right on the shores.. they had a few weapons but they were weak, sick, hungry, scurvy, etc. and we nursed those mother f*ckers back to health and fed and housed them until they got strong enough and we taught them to survive on their own…
    And whats the first thing they did once healthy?

    That’s what happens when you willingly inmvite DRACULA into your home…


  23. Im thinking about making a tee shirt that says


  24. Creole my Pee-hole! Ya’ll gullible jack rabbits believe every thing the media tells you.Beyonce and her family are 100% 0ctaroon negroes or should i say “New Negroes”Yall are the same dunnies that believed Michael Jackson had a skin condition. When people obtain a certain level of fame and notoriety,then they began to claim the non-black parts of themselves, and its annoying as heck!!!!

    • shame creole merely refers to the presence of some Spanish or French blood. It doesn’t mean light skinned or mulatto. Louis Armstrong was creole and he was quite dark skinned. Most look similar to Beyonce’s natural color before bleaching, but there are plenty of us who you would never think had a drop of caucasian DNA. for real

      • Wait, I thought Creole was just referring to a culture? If they (Creoles) use the term to refer to their Spanish and French white blood, then they are ignorant as hell.

        First, most Creoles in America are no more white than the average black American. Secondly, why would you take on a title which glorifies the blood of a white slave master who more than likely raped your ancestors? You would think that out of respect for your ancestors who were raped, you would not do this. This is one of the reasons why many blacks in the pasted claimed to be part Native American when they were in reality part white – they hated the blood of the white rapists being in them, so they didn’t want to claim it.

        Ancestors on both sides of my family were raped, and a decent amount of white blood continues to be passed down. My great-grandparents and grandparents looked straight up white and could pass for white today, though they were not. My grandfather hated whites and did not claim that blood. One of his white relatives tried to reach out to him, and he claimed he wanted nothing to do with them. My parents dang sure don’t claim the blood of those rapists.

        I think any black person who is clearly not biracial/mixed via the product of a loving interracial relationship, but who is still trying to hold on to the few droplets of massa’s blood is beyond pathetic, but that’s just me.

        Are you Creole? I honestly think you have it wrong. I don’t think Creole is meant to be used to refer to Spanish and French white blood. BTW, most Creoles do not look similar to Beyonce – many of the Louisiana Creoles do, but the Hatian Creoles are dark-skinned, and they outnumber Louisiana Creoles.

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