Iggy Azalea’s Response To Eminem’s Rape Threat


Could Iggy and Eminem be taking a tip out of a former Corrections Officer turned Freeway Rick Ross-impostor’s handbook? Your guess is as good as mine. But one thing’s fa sho … Azalea has responded to Eminem’s rape threat against her.


Aussie Azalea’s Twitter-bombs on Slim Shady come one day after Azalea Banks slammed Eminem for his recorded rage on rapping about murdering his mother.



  1. poor pitiful, timid, helpless, white woman. who will come to her rescue this time? i dont like Eminem, but i definitely dont like this bitch. they should do a song together.

      • @datjerk

        Your Damn Right, The Only Reason Why Thay Made It Is Because Their White

        Eminem Is A Racist, Sexist, Nasty Trailer Trash
        Iggy Is Fake, Phoney, Home Wreake

    • career suicide if TI gets involved like he did in the case of snoop

      eminem will murder TI on wax before and after TI’s goons get locked up for threatening him lol

  2. She’s probably delighted that he is talking about her – regardless of what he is actually saying. To be honest I am surprised that she is still relevant.

  3. She has nothing to worry about because any woman/man in the industry can tell you he has a penis the size of a pinky finger. How much harm can he do with that. Don’t believe me just ask Elton John.

  4. Eminem is f*ckin hilarious. he’s feeling himself because he been in the game for 15 years but the question is: CAN HE SELL MORE RECORDS THAN HE DID BACK IN 1999? roflmfao

    • We shall see. I hear his new joint is surprisingly good and fresh. Time will tell.

  5. Two white people fake beefing for attention. Is this the new eat coast/ west coast? If so, ill pass. I have zero f*cks to give about either of em.

  6. they both have projects coming out, so fuel the media wiht all sorts of BS just to keep your names buzzing. dont believe the hype this is bull shit..
    Jay and Bey taught me that.

  7. White People’s Problem, Nukka’s Do’t Get Involved
    In White People’s Shyt

    Her Black Boyfriend Will Defend Her Gecko Looking Asss

    Can’t Stand These Pasty Pilsbury Dough Boy Looking Ass Bitch

  8. I agree with captain kangaroo and am more interested in young women getting $ too. Especially coloured gals.

  9. As the official HSK apologist for Eminem(haha) I hoe this finally proves that the comments he made 20 years ago about his black ex girlfriend does not rove he’s racist. He is an equal opportunity misogynist.
    Marshall’s contempt for women knows no color. lol

  10. This is b.s.. all these comments are so racist! Im pretty sure if he said he.was going to rape a woman of color u ppl wouldnt think it would be so funny!

  11. Rage Against The Machine? Eminem, unlike Iggy—has real talent. She’s just a pale ghost pushed on blackmen with an axe to grind. Any harsh critique of her is called for by whomever in Babylon.

    • Hey Ty. How r u. I could care less about Iggy or Em. To me they both suck and the only reason why people are listening is because they have black management behind them and they’re the right complexion for their protection. They were thrown in the Industry to change the face of black music. Eminem has no balls because he is always fighting with women. I don’t ever recall him rap battling any real Mcs or beefing and real rappers because Em knows what’s up. The women he keeps beefing with must don’t want to give Marshall any time. He’s worse than Ray J.

      • You are unaware of Marshall’s battle rapping? Where are you from Papua, New Guinea? He made his name and rep by doing battle. He doesn’t beef with other rappers because he isn’t enemies with anyone of note. Contrary to the readers of this site, most DJs admire the hell out of him and they’re not shy about saying it. They know what kills he has and how hard it is to write the verse that comes naturally to him.

        Ty, as usual you keep it 100 whether it’s the prevailing opinion or not. These folks saying he only made it because of his skin color are either deaf, or the next contestants for The Player Hater’s Ball. You don’t have to LIKE him, but to say he has no talent is absurd.
        I don’t like Celine Dion at all, but I concede she has talent.

        • Eminem is a CORNY white boy with zero soul…If you actually needed to have a sense of musical rhythm to be a rapper, do you really think either soulless Iggy or him would have a rap career?..

          Rap isn’t music…That’s why they don’t need musical instruments to perform it…All you need is a computer and a robot like Paris Hilton to change the wax periodically.

          • Well, you are entitled to your opinion, but millions of albums sold speak volumes. You probably hate the Beastie Boys too.

            And I don’t remember calling him a musician.

        • @Anonymous

          I never got into the Eminem hysteria too deep because I knew what Dre was planning. Prior to Em coming on the scene, the subject of white rappers was cloaked in hushed tones. When are we gonna have the first platinum white rapper was an ongoing topic back in the 90s. Like a lot of brothas in that era, I was a Beastie Boys fan. Brothas in Miami vibed to them whitebois heavy. But, never did I or others get the impression they were attempting a coup of hip-hop. With Iggy, my spider senses had my mind racing. I knew about Iggy from XXL Magazine, I used to subscribe to them. “Yeah, a white chick from Australia doing the rap thang…Interesting?” I assumed she would crash and burn, they fooled me. Iggy is the alibi they use to get inside. Using a female mole or spy to infiltrate the enemy ranks is so much easier to accomplish…COINTELPRO! Eminem was highly successful, but the brothas kept him in check. Hip-Hop is a lifestyle, it’s bigger than music. A culture created by American Blacks in NYC heavily influenced by Dancehall from Jamaica is a global phenom. It’s omnipresent…Everywhere! But, it needs to be saved from the wolves. We lost Jazz and Blues because of stupidity, the same is happening with hip-hop…Sadly!

      • I’m Good Sis! Slowed down with HSK for awhile, but, I’m gettin back in rotation. My patience for Iggy and her posse sunk a long time ago. Using our culture as a lotto ticket…Contribute Nothing But Reap Millions! Eminem is no different, except that, he has actual talent. Tip wrote and produced one f**kin song for her pale ass, and now she’s the Queen of Hip-Hop aka Hip-Pop. Brothas never allowed Eminem’s head to swell like that. Iggy, being a white female presents a different dynamic altogether. The Kazars that run the industry know that coonish negros will fall for white cooch on a silver platter… Weak Brothas Kryptonite Forever And A Day! Like I said in the previous post, any critique from whomever is a good thing. These white chicks are wolves in sheep clothing…I Ain’t Lying! Love You Sis!!!

    • Ain’t Nothing But The Truth Sis. As per usual, Iggy comes back with a weak response. “Tired of these old men attacking me all the time. ” Pity Her—So So Sad! Culture Thieves get no respect. She needs to find an ISUPK stand in New York, DC, Chicago, Venice Beach, and other locales to see what harsh criticism looks like. She Gonna Learn?

  12. I don’t know the whole story behind this but Eminem should be past all this bs by now. He has a daughter in college.

    • They should have posted his lyrics.

      I’ve read them. They’re pretty bad.
      He barely mentions Iggy… she wasnt main topic of the rap, barely a line.

      But he’s gone too far. Its ok to kidnap, drug your gf, threaten to tie her up, lock her in the trunk, drIve off a brIdge.. etc.. but threatening rape is a bridge too far

      • Willie, even though he is my friend, I agree with you. That track is most unfortunate and I cannot imagine what drove him to do it. He will receive a lot of flack for it and deservedly so.

        • He’s only doing what they tell him to do.. corrupt white youth ..

          Maybe if they switch the name “Iggy” to “Hailey”, he would understand how bad this is…

          • Dead on. M is the Peter Pan of rap. He has a mind to put words together, but it is for nothing good. He is in a constant state of teenager temper tantrum. I think we all know he got it in him to make real thought provoking music, but he resorts back to whinging, bitching and moaning. Grow up m. Make music man can listen to. Ur f*cking 40.

            • He serves his masters better by rapping about being a “monster” and burning beds with Rhianna.

              And I think he just turned 42.
              So hes a 42 year old white dude who raps about childish foolishness..

              I just don’t get the appeal anymore. It was all good to listen to this stuff, 1999,2002.. but not any more.. I gave up on new music about 5 years ago. I do listen to some rock, old school R&B, even some new wave and freestyle..

  13. Eminem is an old white man, trying to still be relevant in a faux genre of so called music that has passed him by…

    America needs a new Elvis for the 20-TEENS…
    No one wants to see a bald headed old white man rap about rape…

    Why isn’t Justin Bieber doingi this stuff now
    Isnt that what we pay him for?

  14. He is younger than Jay Z. Early 40’s isn’t that old. But he doesn’t party or appear in the tabs. He’s easing towards retirement.

  15. A 44 year old white man is not the same as a 44 year old black man..

    Just like a 44 year old white woman is not the same as a 44 year old black woman…

    And Im saying that, if everything is equal and the black man/woman is eating a good diet and exercising and living right…Im not talking about Precious and Fat Albert…

    Eminem looks like a 55 year old Meth Head.

    • I called this around 2002 or so.. because Em was the first.. I didn’t figure he would age well. Most whItes don’t. Take a look at those new Madonna pics. She’s 56 and they have to photo shop the years off her…

      What was goIng to happen? I know NO ONE finds a 44 year old white rapper hot. Thats too old, and he Is too dIsconnected from realIty. And what would a man that age even rap about? Rape? Wow.

      • Madonna looks HORRIBLE. I have acquaintances her age who are white and look far better than she does, and they haven’t had any cosmetic procedures.
        All that exercise and low body fat percentage is now working against her. Over 50 a woman needs a bit of fat in her face or she looks like a hag.

        • Its that Satanic living. I thought they had magicks they did to stay young.. like whatever Bey does. She looks good.

          Ciara.. whoa.. now that baby done aged her. She looks like a mom. Guess you can tell who has the cast of nannys and helpers and who’s doing those late nights and who isn’t (Bey) .

        • All that surgery’s done her no favors. All that f*cking around and devil worshipping hasn’t helped either.

          • It really hasn’t.
            Her daughter Lourdes is gorgeous though. That’s gotta suck.

            • I know. She’s got the dad to thank for the looks for Lourdes. I think Lourdes is ashamed of her, bless her.

    • white people age like milk. it goes off in a week!!
      they tan to hide their wrinkly’s and liver spots

  16. Fuck Eminem, Fuck Iggy, They Only Hang Round Nukka’s To Look Cools

  17. don’t take any liquids or medicine from the pudding pop dude.(special message for white bitches)

  18. This prob why he so angry still.Eminem Speaks about Being Raped and Cries – YouTube
    ► 8:23► 8:23
    Oct 11, 2012 – Uploaded by SubliminalProof
    This clip is from the movie “Da Hip Hop Witch,” Eminem is trying to convince Proof to never go …

  19. Dude was is a good white rapper but y’all letting that fact that he’s white go to y’all heads ! He is not the best he’s not even top five ! Stop pushing him so f*cking much ! He used everything black to get where he is and now we have a million of Caucasian rappers ! Not too mention damn near all labels are ran by whites give me a f*cking break!!!!! He always talkes about negative shit and the whole world loves him ? That’s the same shit we originated he stole and we got hated for it. Wtf!!!!!! Not too mention twister yeah I said it he remindes me of twister they way he tries to spit it lighting fast. You have a rapper right now on trial for vulger lyrics that don’t even incriminate him but the white judge is sending him a message but mr drug abused crystal meth face gets every pass In the world on every album ! Ps I’m sick of hearing he’s the greatest! One thing about whites is they will push their hate to popularity and we the Originators will always jump ship to make that equal opportunity pleasent. We created hip hop they called it rap and now to make it you got to fake it. There shouldn’t be one rap white owned record label owner !! Not one !!!!! Wtf they know about the streets where from!!
    Idiots always giving out passes now you gotta suck dick take dick turn trick!! Name 1 thing we invented that they haven’t stole. Go ahead I’ll wait. …………………….hmmm,mm

    • Well you know TPTB searched high and low for the right white rapper to corrupt the white youth?
      They tried first with Vanilla Ice but he wasn’t real.
      Then Marky Mark, who wanted to act..

      Em had the perfect mix of trailer trash and teenage angst and outrageous lyrics that appealed to lost white youth..

      Blacks had NWA and Public Enemy, and around 98, whites got Em

      • Every time he starts whining I feel like gouging my eye out with a rusty fork to make it stop. Just say no to crystal meth kids.






  20. forget em yeah he can rap.

    but he raps about stuff angry pissed off whiteboys can relate to.

    drugs yes em done them and rap about them.

    em’s better than 2pac only to whiteboys.

    nothing new bout whites imitating black artists everytime I mhear em I want to hear nwa, geto boys or the chronic.

    I can dig some chili peppers but why settle for that when you can liszten to funkadelic or Hendrix and the peppers admitted they were imitating it.

    all these white musicians and artists imitated and copied black music and they nevber denied it.

    elvis, beatles and stones was doing black music and made more money while the few so called black originators left are broke and sick.

    paul mcccartney and ringo starr is doing good and the estates of lennon and Harrison.

    where are jimi Hendrix real family his stepsister who is Asian runs his estate whiole she only gave Hendrix son a million and his biological daughter GETS NOTHING BECAUSE JIMI NEVER TOOK A DNA TEST IN HIS LIFETIME.






    • Chris, the Asian woman is his half sister not his step sister. What I can’t figure out is why she refuses to license any of his music. She could make 100s of millions over 25 years by doing so. Hell, even the Beatles have done it.

  21. tHE worse Eminem could possibly do with that 2″‘er is to get old Iggy wet with dog water/.

  22. So I guess the term “TPTB” has replaced the term “Illuminati” from Think Tanks….

  23. @CrazyChris

    Remember When “Arrested Development” Added A White Person To Their Group, It Ruined Their Image And Brand. Just Like

    “The Black Eye Peas”
    They Added Fergie And It Ruined Their Image And Brand, Before Their Music Was Rustic Earthy Soulful Blues Etc, Now it’s ElectroPop!!

  24. ewww can’t stand that busted looking bitch! they need to deport her aussie out back ass back to kangaroo land where she’s belongs
    her time is slowing going. her music is for white people who wanna be cool frankly i do’t give f*ck about her or her chitty music

    as for eminem he’s a classic example on why nicca’s needed to keep hip hop black, eminem is a trailer trash constantly rapping about his mother and ex which is boring. move on

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