Serial Rapist Bill Cosby Strikes Again!

Bill Cosby Serial Rapist

Therese Serignese, a registered nurse from Boca Raton, Florida, is claiming back in 1976 comedian Bill Cosby gave her two white pills and a glass of water, then he raped her in a Las Vegas, Hilton bathroom.

Here’s what 57 year old Therese Serignese told The Huffington Post:

“Somebody came up to me and put their arm around my neck from the back and
said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I turned around to see who it was, and it was Bill Cosby.

After the show I was escorted back to the greenroom, where Bill Cosby held out
two white pills and a glass of water and said, ‘Here, take these.’ I did.

The next memory I have was I was in a bathroom and I was kind of bending forward and he was behind me having sex with me. I was there, thinking, I’m on drugs, I’m drugged.’ I felt drugged and I was being raped and it was kind of surreal.

My frame of mind was that it would be over soon and I could just get out of here.”


  1. Really?!! So let me get this straight… So because he’s Bill Cosby, she swallows some pills. Not knowing what they are or why he’s telling her to take them. That to me is RIDICULOUS. IMO, she didn’t get raped, she totally participated because she was star struck. I don’t care if it was Obama asking me to take them.. It ain’t gonna happen. smh

    • Why on earth would you take pills from anyone other than you general practitioner? “Here take this”… any sane person would have said ‘f*ck you Bill!’.

      • These so called victims r lying. I believe he had sex with them. But he didn’t rape any1. What Cosby did was pissed some1( higher up) off. And now he is paying the price.

        There is no higher than God & He is the FINAL judge.

        • I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth about this one. I know he Is no saint and im sure he has done some dirt. But Im gonna stay neutral right now because when they were talking about MJ molesting these kids and there were several allegations, I was ready to whoop MJs pressed, permed and over ambied arse, Only to recently find out that they lied on the dude.

          • @EddieLongsTragicHairPiece,

            Like you, I’m trying to stay neutral minded on this because I’m hearing some pretty way out info about Bill Cosby.

            I feel as if the very notion of Bill Cosby being a hypocrite of THIS magnitude is a bit too much for the minds of our modern day culture. After all the good he’s done, all he has long before now admitted to, the truthful yet meanspirited method in which he spoke of the lower economic middle class black people during several of his speaking engagements…hummmmm.

            It’s really too much. AND…have you observed the facial expressions of
            Camille Cosby during these recent interviews? I’m not exactly sure what to make of it…I see her mouth move but her expressions say something different in my opinion.

        • @that chick…did bill cosby rape you??? if not, than shut the eff up until you know what you are talking about…_-#””

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    • The same folks who were after MICHEAL JACKSON are after BILL COSBY

      the slandering will not end till he goes broke

      There definetly a pattern here people

      it is too much of the same shit that happened to MJ hapening to BC


  2. What is really going on? Who did he piss off? Coming out 20,30,40 years later? Why say anything now? He can’t be prosecuted at this point, and it’s their word against his if they sue. Who did he piss off?!

    • right!!!! its not about rape imo. he’s not going to be prosecuted in court. doubt these women will get any money. SOMEONE or SOMEBODY is out to assassinate his character and credibility setting him up for the ultimate take down. shit is crazy. looks like someone is trying to remind him of “his place” in the grand scheme of things (Hollywood).

      • Some of these women have already sued Bill and have gotten paid with out of court settlements.

        • @BA, now that’s what I wanna know about. Who got paid off? We know its not any of these folks that are talking. We need for some tea to accidentally spill about payoffs.

        • Not true.. Only one woman pressed civil charges and said that he drugged her and groped her and it was settled out of court. Allegedly, when that women was going to bring her case against him, they had 13 other women who were going to testify against Cosby. Eventually, it was settled out of court (that is why Cosby is instructed to say nothing to defend himself, b/c it’s probably part of the settlement terms not to disclose or talk about it) but those 13 never got a chance to piggyback on that lawsuit. So, because statute of limitations on civil rape cases in this instance may be extended based on accrual of claim( which is when the injury occurred but in some cases can be extended to when the injury is discovered or exposed), these women may still be trying to get together some kind of class action civil lawsuit. My guess is that the original case did not have enough evidence, so she took the settlement. That would mean that original defendant and the thirteen women who said they would testify, when their stories were investigated, they either ran out of time to pursue a civil case in their state or could not offer a decent “preponderance of evidence” and let me tell you, that’s pretty bad. Civil cases are typically easier to prosecute and win more than criminal ones because civil cases have lower standards of proof. A good example is what happened to OJ Simpson. So now, they will take their case to the court of public opinion in the hopes that it either will sway a court or some hot shot attorney like Gloria Allred to take the case if they do decide to pursue something against Mr. Cosby. My guess is if they didn’t have enough evidence then, those 13 won’t have a case now anyway.

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  3. That sweatshirt tho. Person comes to mind Hannibal Sector in Silence of The Lambs. Especially where he says,” Hello Clarice”. Now picture his voice to that sweatshirt. “Hello Friend”.(creepy)

    • Maybe he gave them a nice Chianti.
      (Insert Gross HannIbal Lector tongue flicking)

    • BC said “Hello Friend” was his son’s favorite greeting…that’s where that came from.

      As for the allegations, I’m reserving judgement.

      I just don’t understand (1) why anyone would swallow a pill that was randomly given to them (2) why they didn’t go to the police…they certainly had the complexion for the protection.

      Not blaming the alleged victim…but Bill wasn’t so powerful that yte folks would have sided with him against a yte woman…ask OJ.

      • Mama IMHO Cosby WAS that powerful with the public and the mainstream entertainment media. He was a god on earth in many people’s eyes black and white in the 80’s. Who on earth would believe anything bad about Cliff Huxtable? I mean, it’s damn near impossible to convict any celebrity, even the has beens(see Robert Blake and OJ) because jury members see the person who they imagine they actually know from their relationship with them on TV. Multiply that by 100 and that would have been attempting to prosecute Cosby.

    • I agree…after some thought I came to the conclusion that one chick probably f*cked him for a come up and it backfired so now she claims rape.
      the others just followed suit. Now that Janice AINT nobody and I mean NOBODY had to rape her floosie ass back then or even now. her rep was she layed it low and spread it wide straight party girl. And , and why only ugly white women coming out crying rape. dont get me wrong white and ugly does not discredit them, its just that I dont see him having to have a piece of them that bad when he had way more attractive women in his presence.

      • some of the women were good looking 30+ years ago. I saw a picture of one who is ugly now and was shocked at how pretty she was.

  4. Wow I can’t not believe this wowwwwww! why would you guys wate so late to tell all of this? All of you kept your mouth closed and the statute of limitations are over way over, I guess all of you could do something, civil court but why wouldn’t any of you come out with this after it happened that’s what I really want to know? Well because none of you said anything he was allowed to continue to do these things, over and over continuously. Now Lou Ferrigno’s wive her story sounds weak, not that it didn’t happen, but it sounds sketchy, if you guys were playing pool why would your husband leave you in a room with him alone? and long enough for bill to do these things you claim he did? Most people don’t leave the person they are with side, not in a room with a another man, why would Lou do that? and you were a playboy bunny at Hugh Hefner’s playboy Mansion? That’s all the more reason your husband shouldn’t have left you alone with him. Being one of hugh’s bunny’s why wouldn’t he think you would play around? Isn’t thats what go on at the mansion party’s? Her story sounds weak shaky. I just hate out of all of you nobody said anything until NOW! The man is old as f*ck bout ta kill over AND YOU STUPID BROADS LET HIM GET AWAY, because most likely he won’t do any time. Bill they are after you, I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but those people are after you I don’t know what you didn’t do or you did that pissed them off but they are hot on your tail, all of these women coming out the wood work like roaches, no like a exterminators spraying the for roaches and they’re running everywhere popping all out the woodwork claiming you raped them, I told you bill this is looking more and more like the Michael Jackson scandal, because Mike had the beetles catalog and he bought another one I forget the other one, but they drug poor Michael thorough the mud, he was labeled a pedophile, ran up in his house raided it, just ridiculed him, but he didn’t give up the catalogs, Michael begin to complain about not being able to sleep, and they sent the good doctor to help him sleep, and it worked because Michael is sleeping much more better, better than he has in years, so much more better he won’t be waking up again, he’s going to sleep from now on. Bill I’m sorry I believe you did so some of these things but the real person that makes me believe you did is that lady who blasted you on t.v. and took you to court to prove you were her daughters father, I believe you did do some of these rapes though, I also believe you did something to Lisa Bonet, I would love to hear her story, I know she had a lot to tell I hope she does come forth with her story, we shall see, bill you know if it’s proven you did these things you should suffer the consequences of your actions, I don’t know how this will unfold and I can’t wait to see. Shame all of you ladies didn’t speak up before now, because I don’t see anything happening to him, you guys let him get away.

    • Debutante Carla Ferrigno hadn’t yet met Lou when the pool/kiss episode occurred. She met him shortly after.
      None of the women thus far are seeking any remuneration or court justice from Cosby. They were victimized at a time when women were not believed and treated horribly in court–a rape trial in the 70s and 80s was like being raped again. That has all changed in the 90s. Lawyers can no longer put the victim on trail for being a “slut who actually wanted it” which was the strategy prior to the change. How would you like to sit on the witness stand and have every one of your sexual partners revealed, your style of attire criticized and your medical history made public for all to hear?
      It’s easier to understand why so woman kept silent when you understand what women used to be put through. Then add in the fact that we’re talking about a perp who was beloved by all. Who would believe that lovable, kind intelligent Cliff Huxtable would do such a thing?

      To me the biggest clue that something is very very wrong with Cosby, and he is far from the man we thought he was, is that NONE of his costars are coming forward to support him. NONE.

      • Damn Sis U made some interesting points. Now I see why I enjoy reading your posts. U actually break it down.

      • While I do not believe in literal witchcraft, I still found your post interesting.

  5. Okay…. So he sacrafices his son for fame….. The Hollyweird Elite are coming at him again…. Reminds me of how, they persecuted Michael Jackson…. I do not know any white woman in Amerika, that could say a Black man raped her and the man not be hung by his balls…. Rich or Poor. Less we forget about Emmett Till who was brutally murdered in 1955…. Bill just needs to submit to the Elite Hollyweird Industry….and all will be …. White $$$$ again.

    • 1955 was almost 60 years ago. Things have changed drastically since then. We couldn’t use the rest room in a place of business either at that time.
      That is a false equivalent.
      Bill doesn’t work or live in “Hollywood.” He is an old, not particularly healthy man who lives in MA.
      He abused his power when he had it and now the chickens are coming home to roost.
      The Feds didn’t catch Mob boss Whitey Bulger until he was nearly 90 either. Sometimes the wrong you do in life finally catches up with you. Why do you have to assign Illuminati or Hollywood Elite motives to everything which befalls a black man?
      Bill is hardly a factor in the Hollywood Elite, nor has he been for 25 years. The man was a bastard when he had power. Now he doesn’t have that power and it’s time for him to pay the piper, even if it only results in a loss of his good reputation and legacy. This is not about money for the women involved. It is revenge pure and simple.
      White women LIVE for revenge.

      • Tony, I respectfully disagree. You cannot blame this on the Joos. Bill f*cked up all on his won. Now, I agree that no one is jumping in to save him. He probably had many Jooish power brokers under his thumb in his heyday, but unfortunately, NONE of his former associates, be they black, Jooish, Asian or Caucasian are going to bat for him. That speaks volumes about the sort of man he truly was behind the scenes. I mean, even Hitler had his supporters. Where are Bill’s?

      • I COMPLETELY AGREE. I’m tired of repeating myself though. Being a rapist is only bad to the general public. Those who Bill pissed off have done much worse. Unfortunately, the general public believes that evil doesn’t really exist.

      • Things have only appeared to be changed from 60 years ago. Beneath the surface it is all still there.

        And, Whitey Bulger was about 70, not 90.

        But, I do get your points. Sometimes, shit does catch up with you. I don’t know if you are following the pedophile mess that happened in Britain, but a very popular variety show entertainer, Jimmy Savile, who was a British institution was a serial rapist. He molested sick children in their hospital beds AND THE NURSES WATCHED AND SAID NOTHING. He is long dead and it is all now coming out. And a lot is coming out about long dead politicians and educators and performers who were all on this child orgy shit.

        But I agree with you, it’s not that Black folk ain’t capable of this shit, it is that White folks can and do outdo us in this area

        • You are mainly correct, however the nurses DID try to speak up. Jimmy had and continues to have v.powerful associates including politicians, police chiefs and even royals who are implicated in it up to their necks. As far back as the 70s people tried to speak out against him. The truth will never out whilst TPTB are part of the problem.

        • I checked Wikipedia and Whitey Bulger is 85 years old and he was arrested in 2011. That would make him 82 when arrested.

      • You speak a lot of sense. But women of any color can be out for revenge when wronged, as can men.

    • He didn’t sacrifice his son. He wouldn’t give up on trying to buy NBC. They kept telling him to back off. So they killed Enis. He backed off.

      • Agreed Joi. No matter what Cosby did I saw that man in grief so deep I thought he might not be able to handle it following Ennis’s murder. He would NEVER have had his son killed for career advancement. Never.

        • You don’t know that for certain, none of us does. Guilty conscience maybe? Contractual obligation?

          • You’re right, no one knows. I guess I was still projecting my previous belief, in Cosby as a decent and caring man, on his behavior when I made that assessment. Old habits die hard.

            • We try to always see the best in people which is a good thing usually. But ole Boule Bill I just don’t know?

  6. Jacky what happen to blind items? Now sense bill is the hot topic should you post an blind item don’t be to obvious, don’t make him the blind item we’d know who your talking about right off.

  7. These women played themselves thinking that they were going to be able to capitalize off his celebrity. One woman takes pills that he gave her and another one walks out the bathroom and he is naked on the bed. She walks over to him and he puts lotion on her hand. You know the rest. These women are hoes. They knew what they were doing. Why would you audition for a male in a hotel room? Dumb and more dumb.

    • I thought that too but someone told industry was informal and less corporate back then. Similar to the Faith Evans/ Tupac attempted when she went to his hotel to discuss a song/business but he had other intentions. People called her a liar when she wrote that in her memoir. Maybe these women really thought they were discussing legitimate business.

      • If she was telling the truth no one believed her. I feel bad for women in cases of sexual assault. Especially if she is of questionable character as if whores cant be raped.

  8. All these money thirsty bitches smell money. They think he is down for the count and they want to get paid. So now any woman who can prove she was ever been near Bill can come forward and say he raped me. This is all such bullshit.

    • So the fact that he admitted to giving women sedatives to relax them means nothing huh?.

    • Idiot. You don’t spill your story and THEN ask for money. You ask for money in order to keep your mouth shut. They are doing this because they loathe him.

  9. I smell a set up and the Illuminati all over this. All of a sudden all these women coming forward. Something is not kosher here.

    • This has nothing to do with the shadow government and women are now having a voice because finally the media is given them a voice and a platform that’s been denied to them for decades.Most of these women were either laughed at by attorney’s or just flat out ignored by journalist in the past when trying to tell their story and now people are willing to listen.

      • So now you are sticking up for wrinkled old white “Hamites”? Always knew you were a fraud.

      • Thank you BA. It is so refreshing to hear a calm voice of reason.

        And Lucid, wrinkled old white women are not Hamites.

      • Those who control the media were fully capable of killing this story starting with the first victim. They chose not to.

  10. So she would have been 17/18? If this is true Bill liked them young. Dont know why people find accepting drugs from a strange man shocking when there was past thread about a woman contracing herpes from open sores because her football playing boyfriend told her it was an allergic reaction. Cosby was like the black Mr. Rogers in that era. No one would suspect Mr. Rogers of giving them a roofie.

    • Yup. In the 70’s men routinely gave women Quaaludes on a date to “relax” them.
      It was a different time.

  11. Yes, most of these women were active participants because of Bill’s status even though they pretend otherwise.But that doesn’t negate the fact that he drugged them to have his way with them.Dude obviously has a style and a fetishes for drugging women and that’s painfully obvious.

    • To someone with an oz of intelligence it’s obvious, but half these posters are blinded by money and fame. Smh.

  12. Wowwwwww new women are coming out now it’s a nurse, and Lou Ferrigno wife the Playboy Playmate, lol her story sounds kinda made up, wow this is wild, I don’t think anything will come of all of this, being that it happened so long ago, the time has ran out long time ago. I feel bad for Camille, she has to deal with all of this its terrible, she’s the one I send my regards to because no women wants to find out her husband is a serial rapist and has violated several women. This is horrible. it’s one thing to be a womanizer and cheat on your wife that means it’s creeping both parties are involved, but a rapist they don’t care how you feel they just take it, sometimes very violent and aggressive and don’t care after, ms.Cosby i am so sorry you are going through this. Well we won’t know until he’s try’ed in court if it goes to court, but I don’t think anything will come of it, after all this is said and done, he’ll go in his hole and the next time we hear anything from him again he’ll be in critical condition and bout dead leaving behind the rep of a rapist.

    • The rape allegations are suspicious but Camille knew about Bills philandering. Said in another post she should have married better and havent bothered to check the rabid emo responses.

      • Agree. Men are only as faithful as their options. Rich men have many more options.

        • You aint neva lie…totally agree but it goes both ways these women couldn’t be faithful to them selves meaning they also had options not one has said that he held me down, had me tied or a gun ..who takes a pill from a stranger. First thing people were taught back then “never talk to strangers” let alone take any of their pills.Let me guess they took it cause it was cosby, remember most of the claims were before The Cosby Show, So squeaky clean Heathcliff Huxtable was not around yet. Who does that? They went against all just to be in his company if this is indeed true. Let some fool be naked when I come out the bathroom if there is no threat you can leave.she chose to stay. There are so many holes in each of their claims…smh

      • non important:

        Yes, but you destroyed your credibility when you equated marrying better with marrying lighter.

    • I think it was sadly apparent by Camille’s demeanor in the A interview that she is well aware of Bill’s many indiscretions. She aid a great price to be Mrs. William Cosby, but that was how women were raised in her era. I refuse to judge her.

  13. O and I heard around Lisa Bonet might have been one of his victims ihope she tells her story, that would be crazy, but if she was one of his victims I hope she comes out and spill the tea about him . come on lisa tell us what really happened on the set of the show, join the crowd, everyone else has come forth with a story it’s your turn.

    • You KNOW there is a story there. I always thought that rift between them when Lisa filmed Angel Heart was very suspicious. But I don’t see her coming forth with her story. jmo

  14. If someone hands you pills and you take them, who is to blame? These women were opportunists and because this black man treated them like the whores that they were, now they want to try to bring him down. Black men need to leave these white women alone. They will bring you down.

    Who paid these women to lie like this? This is getting out of hand.

  15. Why the f*ck did she take pills from someone??? Ok so these women are just coming down off of being high on some pills that they were not knocked down and forced to f*cking take??? What kind of pills make u high FOR 36+YEARS ????? BITCH BYE! SHE FUCKED UP WHEN SHE SAID SOME NIGGA SHE OBVIOUSLY JUST MET GAVE HER PILLS AND SHE TOOK THEM??? WHO DOES THAT! ? NOW IF THESE BITCHES WERE SO HIGH THEN HOW THE FUCK U KNOW IT WAS BILL SCREWING U??? Could have been any BLACK MAN! REMEMBER !! U BITCHES SAYING Y’ALL WAS HIGH! FOH!

    • Okay. Let’s say that the nurse was not a true victim.
      How about the 14 other women? And they all report some sort of substance being put in their drink.


  17. Exactly Tippietoes. It would be commensurate with saying in today’s world, “He handed me a joint and I took a hit before I passed it.” No one would excoriate a woman for doing that would they?

  18. It Takes Two, Too Tango, Sex Is Sex, Women Need To Learn How To Defend Themselves, Women Need To Stop Dick Tease Men,

    Do’t Accept Drinks From Stranger, Do’t Accept Pills Or Food From Stranger

  19. If a man is wealthy and connected, he can get away with murder… Literally! Cosby is a vivid example of this and more. A daisy-chain of sexual episodes over the decades,, all of this was gonna see the light of the day… Bottomline!!!

    • It could have seen the light of day after he was dead. What’s he got, ten years max? Look at Jimmy Seville. His shit didn’t come out while he was alive.

      • Not for the want of trying though JJ. TPTB managed to contain it until after he’d died, the old demon.

  20. I am so confused about these “rapes”. All these women seem to be so naive and gullible. Taking pills from a man they hardly know, going to his hotel room for one on one dinners!!! Nobody deserved to be sexually abused or raped, but the stories behind these assaults are really bizarre.

    Just read another story in the Daily Mail:-

    “Angela Leslie, a former model and actress, claimed that the TV star forced her to masturbate him after pouring her a strong drink.Leslie, of Warren, Michigan, said that Cosby poured her a drink and told her to act like she was drunk – but she couldn’t drink the strong concoction.

    She went to the bathroom and when she came back, Cosby was in bed and naked.

    She claimed that Cosby then began to rub against her, poured lotion on her hand and put his hand on top of hers and began to massage his penis.

    She told the News: ‘He masturbated with my hand. I wasn’t pulling back. I was in shock.’

    The 52-year-old said she believes that the cocktail Cosby gave her was drugged.

    But she didn’t pass out and after the alleged sexual attack, she said that Cosby wanted rid of her.

    She added: ‘I felt so used. I felt that he didn’t get what he wanted, and he threw me out… He didn’t make me feel special in any way. He said, ”Come here, put your hand here, do this.”

    I believe he is a big perv, but it seems that some of these women were so desperate for fame that the went along with it, and were pissed when they got nothing from the deal.

    • Celebrities weren’t seen as flawed human beings up until recently, since the advent of social media. Before that, fans believed that celeb’s public image was true. That celebs were perfect people.

  21. BC did it, he’s guilty. Yes she was stupid for taking the pills but he’s still a rapist however you look at it. I also agree that it was very different for women back then and women’s rights. So I understand why most didn’t come forward. I also agree BC pissed off the Powers that Be. And do recall something about Lisa Bonet and why she quit the show….smh….Lisa Bonet please spill theTea.

  22. Did Bill also get an honorary doctorate in pharmaceutical medicine?
    What the f*ck was he doing dispensing medicine without a license?

    • Men used to carry “Ludes” to loosen up women’s inhibitions. As long as the women were aware and agreeable to it, it was an acceptable practice in the 70s.

  23. Where is the evidence?!!!! Like James Brown said, “Talking and ain’t saying NOTHIN”!! These women have no proof that this happened. They just want interview time/money. And if he gave them money not to talk, they need to pay him his money back cause they didn’t keep their end of the promise. I don’t believe this at all. back then, Bill would not have had to rape no one. And now he can’t even rape himself. So shut up!!! Black men, please learn from this too and stop messing with white women!

  24. Why didnt these women come out sooner. It sounds very suspicious that their coming out now. I dont trust that attention seeking crack whore Janice Dickson. These women are being paid to lie about Bill Cosby. Who’s next the President.

    • Have you even read the earlier comments? Women were afraid to go to the police back in the days before the 90s. Rape trials were horrible on the victims.

  25. Bill was an okay looking man back in the day but that nose. Lol. He’s aged miserably I hope everything is okay with his health. I hope the allegations aren’t true. Raven Symone said he didn’t touch her. I hope the other Cosby castmates are just as supportive.

    • Why should they just be supportive. He could have touched them too. Raven Simone was just on Oprah saying she’s not even African she’s American. So whatever that little lesbian says means nothing. He was cruel to Lisa Bonay, Mr. Perfect got mad when she got pregnant and wanted her to save her to abort to save his precious image. After that he blackballed her. Her words mean exactly…Nothing.

      Also the Cosby show was front to portray an image of no more racism in Amerikkka. And Black people had arrived, after all look at the Black corporate lawyer and her Obstetrican husband. In the meantime Crack, violence and gangs were raging in neighborhoods. The drugs and guns were being brought in by the US Government. So if black people people opened their mouth to complain about anything, white people could point to the successful “Huxtable” I’ve never heard any black people with a name like that, and their well behaved, never having a problem children. Just like the selection of Obama. But that was the Plan. Which is why TV is called Programming.

      How soon Black people forget. Cosby was running around talking on Faux noise and any place that would listen to him, talking about black people like dogs. He also made the degrading cartoon Fat Albert. Yet he had the nerve to denigrate young men for they way they dressed and talked. Also back in the day his comedy was just as raunchy and rancid as any rapper today. And he’s not a real Dr. I’m glad he didn’t go to his grave in Peace. What exactly did he do for Black people? The only thing I heard was he gave money to HBCU’s and they turns out more COONS than Slavery did, and other front organizations that don’t do anything to help our people. We don’t even know if he’s a part of all this. Maybe to take attention off Ferguson, “illegal” immigration, or the collapse of the dollar, I don’t know. I do know I don’t trust or like Bill Cosby and I don’t care what they do to him.

    • I wish you could edit. I messed that first paragraph all up.
      Scratch the last sentence of the first paragraph.

  26. Cosby this n Cosby that if he wasn’t so vulnerable back then why is he so vulnerable now ??? All these ex junkies and washed up actresses seeking book deals now want retribution ! Stop the witch hunt most if not all had reoccurring expirence !! How dumb must one be when seeking success?? Please ferguson verdict is way more important don’t get caught up in the white wash!!!!! That’s why the witch hunt always want to distract us from what’s really going on and you all are fell for it.

  27. All I can say is Mr Family value luv him some white blonde p*ssy rofl @ damn clown smdh but want 2 talk shidd abt blk ppl

  28. Bullshit everyone wanna say he raped them. I was raped and I was scared to tell but it didn’t take me 50 years to tell and I wasn’t look got no monetary gain

    • Everybody different and it’s not 50 years ago. I’m sorry to hear of your ordeal. It’s different circumstances here, not taking away from what you suffered at all but it must be difficult to speak out and be believed above a powerful celebrity.

  29. My point exactly original man they looking for book deals and acting gigs washed up has beens

  30. I remember when his son was killed in the 1990s. At the exact same time, a very young woman sued him for paternity and lost. He was paying her hush money for years. The daughter was on drugs and brought the paternity suit and lost. Her mother looked not only like a drug addict, but a stone cold heroin junkie.

    What Cosby did was deal with druggies. White folks love their pills, so that was his entrée. Back in the 1970s, sharing medicine, busting scripts, taking medicine off label WERE NOT CRIMES. So now these druggies can claim a different scenario, now that they cleaned up after being stoned for 30 years, yeah they just got word the 70s happened almost 40 years ago. I am beginning to wonder if Cosby’s side job was slangin” pills for some Hollyweird Dr. Feelgood. All those white actresses back in the day were pill heads. I mean, c’mon, how the f*ck you gonna be date raped and then go back for more? Cosby probably saw the whole thing as quid pro quo.

    I am not stanning for Cosby. I have heard from very reliable sources that he is a jealous and mean piece of work. But if anything, I would want to hear what made him target white druggies? Was a hero in the eyes of his youth slain by drugs? Did he have no sympathy for white folks and expressed this by using white junkies?

    I don’t know, but it makes for an interesting story. When white female druggies pay too high a price for their drugs from a rage filled black man who was born into segregation and lived it. Hell of an intersection.

    Oh, and I just wanna give credit where it is due: Ms. Reg, your posts in the last week, week and a half have been really good. You too, Da Radiant, loved the sex ed post about the menstrual cycle and sex!

  31. Here’s what I think….Bill Cosby is being subjected to character assassination. We won’t know why. Years ago when his son died, we were all more innocent to the sinister ways of TPTB. Now folks are waking up and making connection and figuring out how duplicitous media gossip can be. I don’t k ow if Bill raped anyone. I think its possible because he was a bigtime Hollywood player. He moved in circles where the men have power and the women are basically fodder. A lot of women willingly offer themselves up for fame money and a come up. Others see themselves as better than that , yet allow themselves to be in compromising situations so they can give in to some moneyed man’s perversions and still look themselves in the eye and not feel like they whored themselves out. If a famous man walks up to you and gives you a pill, you k ow its drugs so you will black out and let him have you sexuallly. If you are sixteen and in a hotel room with a man in his late 30s and he keeps serving up ” career advice” with a side order of his penis, but you keep allowing it to happen because each time he gave you an alcoholic drink and you drank it, you are complicent in your own violation. I keep noticing none of these women claimed he used deadly force. Many had career aspirations in entertainment. The unfortunate reality in that these powerful Hollywood men are all allowed sexual privileges from an elite pool of willing sex workers,.some voluntary some mind controlled or sold out by parents. So even when they run across an unwilling partner they don’t even allow themselves to hear the word no, they are so used to having their way. I think Bill was allowed to dip in that pool many times because he paid his Hollywood dues. Now he balked at something….maybe he refused to offer up one of his daughters to the elite prostitution pool…maybe he old as he is, was called upon to participate in a ritual or some kind of violations and he resisted because of his habitual arrogance and thinking he was above being taken down. Or it could just have been that hollowood has a no black heros policy. Maybe he was once again.looking to buy some sort of media outlet. We may never really know but know this, what Bill has done—They all do. Every. Single. One. The fact that we know his shit means he is being cut down to size. Meanwhile woody woodpecker in his stepdaughter/ wife is a blatant child molester…a yt one. That’s Holloweird for you.

    • Did you say that if a woman takes a pill she is complicit in her violation?
      The laws and statutes do not agree with you.
      Again, we blame a woman for her own rape.

      If a woman becoming intoxicated by her own hand equaled an unspoken “go ahead” for her date to have his way with her, colleges and universities would be turned into full time maternity wards.

      • Yes you read right. I’m very clear on my opinion and not trying to make anyone agree. But of you think the law doesn’t support my opinion look up the terms ” least cost avoider” and mitigating circumstances”. Criminal law is beyond a reasonable doubt, but the standard for civil law violations ( negligence) is a reasonable person standard. It is not reasonable to pop pills in a hotel room behind a locked door with a stanger, the same way its not reasonable to drive a car at high speed with no seat belt . Every person has a responsibility to practice reasonable saftey measures. She wasn’t agreeing to his advances she just didn’t refuse them.

        • Since when are rape cases tried in civil court?

          You are way off on this.

          I am not referring to Cosby’s case, but rape cases in general. If your theory was correct, there would be no need for men and women to sign the sex agreements which are being advanced on college campuses nationwide. A drunken woman is not a “sure thing go ahead” option for her partner any longer. Impaired or not, the woman must give consent by law.

          You sound as archaic in your thinking as a man who claims that if a woman wears skimpy suggestive clothing she must be down for action. The law provides that a woman can walk buck naked through a city park(which would most certainly be an error in judgment just like taking a pill) and if a man forced himself on her it is rape. Don’t believe me? Check with your atty. You are using good sense in your thought process. The law does not always reflect that.

          • I don’t have the time and inclination to go back and forth with you. It’s clear you don’t know how the law works so Google it. Or read blklawyers comment above. Also, no one said anything about clothing because no one and no court says a woman deserves to be raped because she is scantily clad. That’s not archaic, that’s just plain dumb.My sister who is a practicing attorney admitted to two bars said , that its jurisdictional and statutory but in most places its a hard sell to convince a jury that repeatedly taking mood altering substances and engaging in sexual activity is felony rape which is why so many sex assaults are handled as misdemeanors(civil like I told you earlier) : sexual misconduct, exposure, lewd and lascivious acts, forcibly touching etc. For example, the woman who claims she got drunk and BC put his penis in her hand and made her wank him off is going to have a hard time proving felony rape. So what her lawyer will do is sue him for forcible touching and settle the case out of course because the other thing about rape cases is a lot of times women who truly feel they were raped, will not accept money. They want justice .Not always because sometimes women are scared, don’t have resources or want it over and don’t want to get rapes again by the court system. But still, My sister twice has had cases where while the guy who assaulted did not admit they raped both setttled by apologizing ” for their conduct”, paying a fine, taking a sensitivity course and doing community service . Anyway hit up Google and research for yourself.

  32. True story anonymous. But why now? If they were looking to off black heroes, why not sooner when he was at the top of his game? And why not target more black heroes? More white celebs are exposed on a daily than black? None of it makes sense.





  34. I need a specific list of this Blurry entity called TPTB… I want names…This term is just as spooky as the ILLUMINATI….In fact its even spookier…It sounds like a bunch of evil superheroes from Marvel Comics.

  35. Why didn’t he just hire call girls. Pay for service. Everyone treat each other respectfully in the game (meaning, no sneaky shit like drugging another person without them knowing). Maybe because the thrill of him having to drug and then take advantage and manipulate was more powerful.. yeah, he’s a rapist. Shame on Mr. Cosby for perpetrating a fraud.

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