WOW!!! Video Surfaces of Ray Rice Knocking Out Fiance w/ One Punch

What a damn shame! A shame for Ray Rice as a man, a shame for the NFL, and a shame for his fiance who not only forgave him, but helped him avoid prosecution for what amounts to a heinously violent crime against a women.

Giving Ray a pass on this send the wrong message about any violence towards women. The NFL put more value in dogs (think Michael Vick) than they do women. Something just is not right here.

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  1. This is one of the most hideous things I’ve seen in a while. Here is a man who is a representative of the most highest grossing sport in America behind baseball, a sport that has changed its marketing strategy and pointed it towards women (its fastest growing group of fans) doing something like this. As my granny would say “It’s a sin and a shame!”

    How can he leave that elevator calling himself a man? I get the creeps everytime I see him dragging her body. It’s like a killer dragging his victim. Were they beefing? I don’t know but he’s a woman beater for real.

    Michael Vick went through the wringer about the dogs. Who is wringing this cat out about the woman? Keith Olbermann when ham on this fool and the NFL about it and about a week later Rice gave a press conference but really, I agree with Olbermann–the NFL should represent better for their fastest growing fan base and renounce this killer in training.

    • ALl of that is unnecessary!!! To be honest women deserve to be hit smacked once in a while! I don’t agree with punching them though! If a man is always being a gentleman but his lady is acting a fool towards him, calling him out his name and embarrassing him, or hitting him, then yeah the female deserves what she has coming to her. In all other countries in the world.. Men are lucky because they have real women, not the fake Everything is 50-50 that we do in America! Adam and Eve weren’t even like the girls in America! This society tries to make women like men and men like women! Not gonna work and never will! America needs to take courses from the rest of the world as to What the Position of Man and Woman is!

      • Your comments are idiotic. Whether she smacked him first or not, no reason to lay hands on a woman that is lighter than you in stature and weight. Unless she was trying to stab him or shoot him… No Excuse! You’ve fallen victim to the hip-hop/pimp nonsense that has plagued us since the 1970s. This constant abuse and degrading of black womanhood must cease and desist. And, this goes for everybody on this planet. Every woman deals with abuse differently, his wife staying with him is irrelevant. Ray Rice and tbe Ravens gotta feel it in the seats and wallet… No Other Way!

        • ray was and is as guilty as sin. that has been established!!
          but i’m curious to know if u had a chance to view footage
          from a couple yrs back of the bus driver incident (upper-
          cut heard ’round the world) involving the young, belligerent,
          foul-mouthed sista who spat on him, struck him and
          endangered the lives of other passengers by being so
          confrontational with the driver?! not condoning it, but
          was his actions justified? or are boundaries only reserved
          for us men? …what say you to that?

          thing is, i don’t recall reading a single comment
          (out of thousands) condemning his actions. was
          he justified?

          what say you to that? not condoning it

          • @the birthmark on serena’s left buttocks
            ARe you serious? Everyone could see the sista did potentially endangered the lives of others. I believe in that case the bus driver’s actions were clearly justified. He acted as a protector to other riders and was trying to do his job! So PLEASE don’t compare the two cases. Ray Rice had free will to walk away instead he choose the latter! I wonder if this was his mom would he have endorsed the outcome we see on the footage

          • I remember that incident. Yeah, the bus driver uppercut the young sista for being sassy more or less. As you stated, the outrage was muted in relation to the act itself. We know the routine by now, if a blackwoman is abused, raped, or killed by one of us… It’s Excused Away! According to media reports, The Ravens have terminated Ray Rice from the team, Why Now? The video footage has been released, they have no choice now. This was so unnecessary, all he had to do was walk away. Now, he has been fired from the team, Another Columbus Short!!!

            • It was plenty of outrage over that bus incident the crowd intervened and stopped him he also lost he job and pension.

            • I saw the video on TMZ, he was so nonchalant about the whole thing. Knocked her out cold, and just dragged her out like a trash bag in the hallway. His career is toast, no sane owner wants this coward on the payroll… Period! Why Janay married this nut, We’ll Never Know?

      • You sound stupid as hell I oughtta knock yo punk ass out, no love for any man that puts his hands on a woman regardless of what nicca be a man and walk away or find a nicca to fight unless u can only beat women punk


      • some people are so ignorant that they have to revert back to their 2 yr old selves in order to communicate with others. Clearly he was too ignorant to use words to express his feelings, so he referred to his inner toddler self and struck her. I believe if Black men invest in education and actually attempting to learn what it means to be a MAN, hitting someone would be the furthest thing from your “mature” mindset

        • how can u as a woman ever know what it means to be a man? it would be like me trying to tell a woman what it means to be a mother. i’ll never be a woman so therefore i dont know. fyi what women believe a “real man” is most men see as a punk.

          • @wwwfella71…I hear you, point taken. But I think Starr was implying that his actions were immature and not that of an adult. His actions were impulsive, not unlike that of a child.

      • I’m quite surprised NOT one single person from HSK, neither reader nor staff member revisited this issue seeing as how Ray Rice in now FIRED!

        I read several of the comments on this article. There were opinions ranging from a few I totally disgreeed with to some I neither agreed nor disagreed with but understood nonetheless. So that none of my HSK family come after me with all barrels to give me a verbal lashing I want to make clear that I DON’T agree with men beating women & vice versa. “I’ve slapped the holy shit out my husband on more than one occasion & admit to MY wrongdoing, no matter how much I can attest to him deserving it!”

        Here’s my issue with Ray Rice’s situation: We all know he knocked his then fiance’s block off. We DON’T know all the circumstances leading up to it but we know it happened & the NFL has a Code Of Conduct agreement all players & staff must sign & adhere to. That being said please correct me if I’m wrong but “didn’t the NFL suspend this man for a certain amount of games as punishment for his offense?” Right? This “tape” is nothing NEW as I’m almost certain the ruling body of the NFL didn’t just now see it within the last 48hrs. I realize as a result of Ray Rice’s incident the NFL has written new rules regarding players being involved in ANY form of domestic violence. I got that…but how can the NFL overturn their previous punishment (2-3 game suspension) & allow or force the Ravens to now fire him? It’s as if he’s being punished twice for the same infraction. Everyone is clearly overlooking the fact that his now wife only became such AFTER the incident & she’s never attempted or aggreed to press charges of any kind. Of course, we all know this was most likely due to her thoughts of “NOT WANTING TO MISS OUT ON HER OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE THAT NFL WIFE LIFESTYLE.. Just saying!

        My thing is…Ray Rice’s current situation stinks of double standards, errors & unfairness. I don’t know the variables of his contract but I hope he is able to sue the Ravens, NFL & it’s union if they don’t step in to help him with this matter. I am in NO way condoning his actions but I’m damn well not siding with the NFL & all the flipfloping decisions they keep making. They make “excuses for other players all the time” but in this case they’d already handed down their decision only to take it back. That’s damn sure a FOUL!

      • Obviously your father was a Ray Rice type (I assume you knew him). In your house, he probably treated your mother the way the woman in the elevator is being treated, and, YOU as well.

        See, your ugly words reek of pain, violence and hurt. Like a little boy who was helpless in a house dominated by an asshole tyrant who beat the crap out of everybody around him just so he could feel like a man.

        You couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t leave him. She kept him and he kept on being a jerk and a brute and she just let him do it. She couldn’t defend herself and she just let him beat the shit out of you whenever he wanted. She didn’t protect you from him.

        That’s why you hate her. And women in general.

        Little boy, he can’t hurt you anymore but you let him by letting him live inside your head. Even as a grown man you still hate him, but you can’t help but admire the way he got attention from everybody around him by performing, acting out and being a general f*ckwad–like you’re being right now.

        As a matter of fact, you’re just like him. He trained you good. You’re a f*ckwad in his own image. Everything you hate about him you are. People feel about you the way you feel about him. They hate you. Wanna kill you. Your mother hates you. Because she hated him and you’re just like him.

        Do us a favor, little one–go talk to your dad and ask him why he was a jerk who beat your ass then ask your mom why she let him. Then go talk to someone, not a pastor but a professional, who can help you grow into the MAN you are supposed to be and that those two f*cktards didn’t know how to let you become.

    • The NFL is okay with blackwomen being abused, which is why Roger Goodell gave Ray Rice a slap on the wrist. I highly doubt this would have happened if the victim was non-black. The media response surprised me, they jumped on this bs punishment by the league with passion, which was warranted. A lot of us have assumed various isms about the sports industry over time…The Truth Always Seeps Thru. As i tell other brothas, ween yourself off the bottle that is the sports industrial complex… Mandatory!!!

      • @Tyrone agreed! So true!The only time I condone a man hitting a woman is if she is trying to take his life. Other than that its wrong. the good thing about that is this piece of trash Ray Rice just might have a daughter(s) so he can look forward to the Karma being returned through his precious children. So men please be careful with the abuse it finds its way back to your doorstep trust me…

        • how many young men r influenced by his actions? where is the president’s outrage?

        • All of this is unacceptable. These dudes are strong enuf to kill a woman with one blow to the head. A smaller man can do much, imagine what these guys can do? These brothas gotta tighten up, Seriously? Hopefully, this man never does it again. NFL just implemented a tougher policy, and some guy from one of the teams jumped on his wife or girlfriend just that fast.

          • Tyrone are you sure you are a MAN?? You have too much common sense and empathy. I have to say I admire your points of view you are not ghetto and don’t speak as if you dropped out of high school and got turnt out in jail as most of the other ‘men’ who post here are clearly misogynists.

    • A person’s/man’s tittle or who he represents or how much money he makes does not equal model behavior.
      We bear the fruit of the seed planted in our souls the NFL, NBA, Golf ETC ETC ETC has nothing to do with this and is of little to no importance. When we bear the fruit of Christ we treat others with love, compassion and respect.
      Unfortunately people can have all these wordly things but their souls are lost.

    • I know how she feels. My son’s father hit me one time. He was drinking and I didn’t made enough money at work, and out was on! Hit his ass with my car! He ended up going to jail. Now, I got Hattie Mae and George A’Book and Jessie and Bud Chavis sitting all over this house!

      • LMAO! DAR1 you are a woman after my own heart. I don’t condone violence but I probably would do the same thing if I were hit by someone who claimed to love me.

    • Chile –


      If she had done so, she would NOT of got knocked the Fu*k Out.

      The Young Uns these days ain’t going for “Don’t hit a Woman” these days, more like “You want to act like a Man, I will treat you like a Man.”

      I Betcha she won’t EVER Lay Hands on him again.

      • Remember, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

        Same principles apply to this situation.

      • PREACH!1! New Day New Age……this is a new world we live in where Values in society is becoming non exsistant

        “You want to act like a Man, I will treat you like a Man.”

        The New Generation doesnt Caree anymore so you guys are wasting your breath on this topic

        its only gonna get worse

  2. That’s pure ignorance. No woman deserves abuse. Only a coward would think otherwise. If she hit him or called him names. Walk away. U r supposed to be a man

    • that’s bs. how in the world dose an adult female not understand the concept of if you hit someone expect to get hit back. i agree a man shouldn’t hit a woman FIRST. but if she hits him he has every right to hit her back. i know if i break the law im going to jail, i know if i hit mike tyson im going to get put to sleep. everyone knows there are consequences to your actions what kind of woman would be that stupid to hit a someone and expect not to get hit back

        • So then why didnt he slap her the same way she slapped him? Since you all about fairness and all, she barely gave him a bruise but rearranged her left and right brain hemispheres, if thats not a homo, then i dont know what is. I bet if it was a man that hit him like that he would have hesitated, and stepped back before ieven throwing a punch. Theres something wrong with attractive black men, they dont know to treat women


            • Glok9,

              Be informed…”that woman did NOT want to miss her ONE opportunity to get that NFL wife lifestyle.” THAT’S why she married him. Damn that “abusive relationship bullshit.” ABUSE was the LAST thing on mind…please believe me on that!



  3. she had money on her mind ,this wasn’t the first time dude hit her,and it won’t be the last time,but what i don’t get is WHY WOULD SHE MARRY DUDE? ALSO IF YOU SAW HIS SO -CALLED PRESS CONFERENCE she looked scared as hell,just remember WHEN IT HAPPENS, I TOLD YOU SO.

  4. damn!! women stop letting these chumpy gossipy n1gga’s treat you like shyt

  5. There’s always 3 side to a story her side, his side, ans the truth. The truth what we can see is that he was was wrong for hitting her and then dragging her body out of the elevator. What we don’t see I’d what she did or may have said to him to make him react in such a way. I’m not condoning domestic violence at all.

    • well we know dude was not defending himself when he let the fist fly… that seems to me the only excuse for violence between anyone. man woman man man woman woman etc..

      • Is the jacky? If it is jacky. Hi jacky. I love your blog. This is the only site I know that keeps it 100%. Have a beautiful and blessed day HSK

        • I will pass the message… I’m just the lowly moderator here, sometimes I can’t help but put my 2 cents in.

    • Did you see the video inside the elevator? I don’t care what she said to Ray, words can’t knock a man out cold but that punch he threw did.
      All the things Ray has heard on the football field and it took the words of a little woman set him off. He’s not much of a man in my book.

    • No one seems to bringing up the fact that, he spat on her, which caused her to slap him, resulting in him backhanding her!!!

      • Thank you! I’m over here like, “Are we watching different videos?” Even before walking in the elevator, it looks like he spat on her as she was walking past him in the hallway! Now we don’t know what she did before they were both in the hallway but the video WE’RE ALL LOOKING AT shows him doing something FIRST in the hallway. Maybe it was spit, maybe he called her name BUT he spit on her in the elevator first…

  6. Our brother has got to do better especially in the choice of women that they date as well as marry. Let’s be real if the sister he hit and dragged was white this brother would have been under the jail, beat before he went to jail, fined, lost all his endorsement deal, and made to look like the angry Negro that he is from this video.

  7. I love my black men and I believe that a lot of their anger comes from childhood. Some of the mother’s are to blame, types of women that these men date, and even the fathers a lot of the times are to blame for the way that our black men turn out. It’s very important to be raised in a home where there’s two parents typically a man and a women. The man of the home is show the son how to be a good man, provider, and great father figure. The woman is to show the son on how to be a good woman, nuturer, and what that son is to look for in a wife.

    • You are right about it starting in the home. Women were not made to be disciplinarians. That job was given to fathers. Sons learn to resent all blk women when they are fatherless and mothers have to try and discipline. They learn to associate blk women with their pain and suffering and many marry white because of it. A mother’s hand should always be loving and kind.

    • I’m about as loyal to BM as they are to BW which is not very damn much. No excuses period.

  8. I can’t speak on the women in this video because she married this man in the video after the fact. Ladies know your self worth. Men will only treat you how you allow them too. Love is the greatest commandment in the bible. If a man can’t love God then he will never no how to love you or treat you. Again I’m not condoning what he did or blaming her I’m just voicing truth. GOD BLESS TO ALL WHO READ THIS.

  9. What a damn shame….al I can do id say WHYYYY and SMFH…I thought I was the only one that got creeped out by the way he dragged her body and he had the nerve to give her a final kick…LAWD why? When judgement day COME homie betta use dat NFL training and RUN #sayword

    • Try it on a bish like me , with six sisters. Getcha ass beat family style. No one should put hands on anyone but if you touch one of my girls, game on!

      • Shut up fool! She should not have married him after she got beat up. This is her fault and she is asking for more! Some women just plain ole dumb to marry someone who beat them. If you teach your girls not to marry for money but for love, they won’t get beat up. Dummie!

        • Stfu, idiot. Don’t try to read someone when your early cave dweller ass cannot spell a simple word like Dummy. Jackass. One thing I hate is this whole blame the victim bit.
          Like I said, no one deserves to get hit . No one. And you don’t teach your sister who is 10 years older than you, because you aren’t the one who raised her….you just grab the nearest cast iron skillit and start firing up some grits, or if you have none on hand, last nights leftover whiting grease will do just fine. Just heat that shiz up, southern style. Dont care who don’t like it we all know women with trauma in their past ,or who survived childhood abuse and allow it in adult relationships because they have been imprinted to accept. Or the overly sweet types that call themselves being in live with some worthless punk who isn’t ever going to change. It ain’t always about money , so don’t waste your thumb strength typing some bullshit back about how its her fault cause she coulda shoulda woulda. Whatever. If I’m there and I see it , I’m gonna call for back up and its on. But in the case of you, I think ilk just stand there eating an apple while you get you brains scrambled because I don’t like your attitude. Trick.

          • It’s obvious that you have been beat up by a man before. My thing is, you should get beat up if you stay with him. This site is for entertainment purposes and you are being punked on this site. It’s not about you. I can respond to these article and write my opinions. Ain’t dookie you can do about it gal! I really do appreciate the attention that you give when I write something. Smiles!

            • Oh kiss my ass. You ain’t Jacky Jasper or the oracle of HSK so don’t even try it. U can’t say shit about what this site is for . Your limited, no imagination having ass probably can’t fathom it but some of us can still rally to a cause not our own. My husband would never, he just isn’t the type that feels the news to beat on someone half his size. But I’ve seen it close enough to knowt women in love sometimes get it twisted because they come from a cycle wife abuse. That said take your ugly smoke and shove it up your arse, wanker.

          • This article isn’t about your bi-polar life. I can respond and say what I want to. You just want drama in your life by reading my article and running wild. I know your husband and he cheats on you. Check his draus out next Wednesday night.

          • And some of them do but we are talking about this article. She was already getting her butt torn apart before she married him. She saw dollar signs and married him anyway. What a price to pay.

  10. While I abhor violence against women, I find it ironic that people are held accountable for their words and actions everywhere and in all walks of life except in the place where a man pays rent/mortgage. It is a crime to yell fire in a crowded theatre and if you comment on a woman’s ass in front of her WWE sized boyfriend you will likely have to box that dude. And try telling your boss to go f*ck himself and walk back to your area like nothing happened. However in your own home a woman can call you all types of bitch ass motherf*ckers and call your mother a cocksucker of unbathed homeless men with no consequence. No shade. Just ironic IMO.

    • Right. But if you called your boss all those names, he would fire you, not HIT you. Therefore, if your woman talks to you like that, unwarranted mind you, then leave her, you should NOT HIT HER, or drag her across the kitchen. You are comparing apples to oranges.

      Put it like this, if a toddler, 3 years old was acting bad ass hell, hiting, biting, kicking, would you knock his or her jaw out and leave them unconscious? No ofcourse not, because you are stronger than a toddler physically. Men are stronger than women, they have no excuse for domestic violence, none.

      • The point was there are consequences not being hit. Ur not hit for yelling fire either.

  11. I’ve seen worse in the hood.Obviously It wasn’t bad enough for her to leave that money alone.She still married him.

    • Exactly! She married him AFTER he laid her ass out like Deebo. With that stated, it isn’t any of my business. If she likes it, I love it. Let the two of them deal with their domestic issues in peace or at war. It has nothing to do with Rice’s career, especially since Rice is paid to be a brute. The hypocrisy of it all.

      • There is a high percentage of girls getting killed if they attempt to leave a relationship.

        It’s not always about money. So i wont judge.

        A man, physically stronger than the woman, punched her like he Mayweather. That’s no good.

        • If you charge a bull, don’t expect him to take you to dinner at a 5-star restaurant. You better yell “toro” and run as fast as you can, because if he catches you, that’s your ass.

          • Oh well if it makes you feel like a man matching up with a woman and knocking her out.

            Smdh. Cant believe imma say it but jayz a whole lot better gentleman than this fool.

            Also, why keep questioning the womans reason of marrying him? Why not ask Jay rice why he married her, if she obviously a gold digger? Why marry her if they have such fight where he knocks the woman out? You know why? Coz he psycho.

            Abusive partners often manipulate. Mind games. Alternating abuse with extreme shows of remorse and kindness.

            A male who lays a hand on a woman like that… is not a man. Not normal. Has a ton of issues, probably the steroids or experience with abuse. Or maybe a depressed closeted gay who envies/hates females.

            Because men ARE stronger than women. Women punches are nothing to real men.

            Point is, he’s not a good role model. Not deserving of NFL where kids idolize players. He should be out. They treated Michael Vick worse when they first handed out 2 game suspension to ray rice.

  12. I guarantee he hates his mother deep down inside. Whether it’s because he thinks she caused his father to leave or whether she was a hoe in his mind, he has no respect for women in general. And there’s no way that he had a strong man in his life teaching him how to be a man. Sickening. I just hope he has been getting some serious anger management counseling.

  13. TMZ knew exactly what the heck they were doing when they released this on the first full weekend of football. Why wasn’t this released earlier?

    • TMZ should have released it when it could have had an impact on his conviction. Ray should have gone to jail.

  14. that was foreplay , why is it when a woman hits a man its ok and some even find it downright funny . this video shows she was going at him and he defended himself . really there are more serious abuses going on and we never see them . leave this couple alone , I suspect that since Rice is a black millionaire this really upsets the undercover racists amongst us . Yeah I said it

  15. we know know good damn well the powers that be don’t give a shit about a black woman but every chance they get to stick to a black person all of a sudden its top priority . and you sambos need to get a grip and open your eyes white folks aint never going to like you no matter how much you agree with them

  16. She hit her head on the rail and dropped. NOT EXCUSING RAY RICE; however, this is not new news!!! THE OUTRAGE IS REHASHED. Any knock out is ugly! We all saw this
    months ago, it was heart wrenching yes, but to get “RE-OUTRAGED” is kinda lame. He’s been punished by the press, by the NFL, by the public and his conscience will do the rest. People love tragedy and train wrecks until it’s at their front door, then they want privacy and respect. KNOCK IT OFF THE WOMAN MARRIED HIM AND ASKED FOR LENIENCY. EVERYONE ELSE HAVE SEVERAL SEATS!!!! BTW I was raised in the confines of domestic abuse, all you can do is pray for the victim, because that’s the only person, sadly but true, that can stop abuse.

    • He got a slap on the wrist. He didnt get “punished”

      Word is, NFL denying that they saw the video before. They did.

      Everything goes if you’re a good player. Well, except if you harm dogs. Smh.

      • The Ravens dropped Rice and he has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL. Maybe now the angry Black feminists are happy. When their sister is on welfare because her ex-baller can’t get a job and she is underemployed, maybe they’ll take her donations of food, hygiene supplies and hair care products so she can sustain herself.

        • He got dropped JUST NOW. NFL saw the video BEFORE. He got punished because of public outrage. But before, he got a slap on the wrist, made the wife apologize. He apologized in public to his team NOT TO HIS WIFE. If tmz didnt let that poop out, he’d be up in gear.

  17. Both sides should keep their hands off one another. All you ladies who feel a man shouldn’t hit a woman no matter what,i don’t agree. If a woman feel like she can fight a man then be prepare to get knock the hell out !!! Just cause you mad don’t mean you put your hands on him,i don’t get females that do that. In my honesty opinion, i feel a women throw a hit first she can catch one back. I’m a female and i approve this message.

  18. Well I don’t believe in domestic violence or any kind of violence, but she married the man. What ya’ll want her to get a divorce? Ya’ll know she’s gonna try to get with the next rich athlete that comes along. And if that doesn’t work out than she’ll try to get with an up and coming rapper and troll VH1 and get on love and hip hop. Ya’ll seem more in a uproar than the wife is.
    Don’t think that Ray, his wife, the lawyers, the publicist,& the NFL organization are plotting a scheme right now. Soon ya’ll are gonna see Ray & his wife on a publicity tour. They will be holding hands, being kissy kissy, lovey dovey,& what not. They will start some kind of charity together. Shoot they might even a reality show together. It’s like all gossip sites and bloggers are giving this more attention what happened between Ray and his wife.

    • She looked kinda scared on that press conference. And they made her apologize for her role in the fight. Damn. I think she’s scared for her life

        • Football Wives was already a show that only lasted a season. Pilar Sanders was a cast member.

          • Yeah, now he’s paying Tracey to pretend to be his girlfriend. SMH. Tracey’s decisions are really starting to disappoint me. That was one woman I thought had it together as a teen…well, up until Eddie.

            • +1, sis. I used to see Tracey in Westwood. The worst decision I ever thought she made was signing the Wessyde Goon Squad to Yab Yum Records. Then her true self shone. Smh

              (Sorry, Bernard.)

    • Probably because they do it all the time at home, they just got caught slippin in an elevator

  19. Now the only time it’s acceptable to put hands on a woman is if she comes over to your house, kicks your dog, sets the house on fire, and jumps on your Mama. Ray Rice was wrong for this.

  20. I think if more women learned how to fight…and I don’t mean that BS defense courses they teach you on how not to get mugged…I mean some Trinity from the Matrix ass kicking lessons…men would think twice. You see, we’re asking men not to hit women because it is wrong. That means we are leaving the restraint up to the discretion of the assailant. Which we all know if not full proof because in the heat of the moment people react without thinking. So the only thing men have to go on in respect to not putting their hands on a woman is “it’s not right”. I think if Bytches started handling their business and eventhough they are not stronger than a man, a man has pressure points just like a female (i.e., nose, throat, eyes, etc.) you permanently damage any one of those parts on a man, he will cease hitting you and need the paramedics immediately if not the coroner. Like Malcolm X said and I quote:

    “We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.”

    “It doesn’t mean that I advocate violence, but at the same time, I am not against using violence in self-defense. I don’t call it violence when it’s self-defense, I call it intelligence.”

    “I don’t mean go out and get violent; but at the same time you should never be nonviolent unless you run into some nonviolence. I’m nonviolent with those who are nonviolent with me. But when you drop that violence on me, then you’ve made me go insane, and I’m not responsible for what I do.”

    “Respect me, or put me to death.”

    These quotes are not only applicable from a race standpoint but appropriate when talking about it from a sex standpoint. If women learn how to be just as lethal with their hands as men…Men will think twice about putting their paws on us. We can’t leave it up to them to show restraint and be nice, we got to teach them that we are not to be phucked with under any circumstances! Done!

    • Yeah @Lula, I’m not condoning violence at all. Man, but it’s like this…I can’t live my life thinking if I said the “wrong thing” to a man or a truth that he wasn’t ready to hear I can get popped in the mouth…and the only way I won’t get popped is if he decides he doesn’t want to hit me. He got to be scared like men scare other men. It ain’t about trying to be a man, it’s about knowing your worth. Men think twice before they get into it with another brother, because they know there are physical consequences…that’s it. I can’t live in an existence that the only thing saving me from an ass whippin in his own restraint. Can’t count on that. In the animal kingdom it’s kill or be killed. I dont’ want to be hurt. So I’m kind, respectful, have manners and appreciate my man…but if he doesn’t do or feel the same for me I have to leave him. If he puts his paws on me, I got to represent and show him it hurts back when you put your hands on me. This chick decided to marry this piece of ISHT and by doing so she has set women back 50 years into the dark ages.

  21. You got receipts? Because Jacky said he didn’t pimp. He said some Hollywood types got it twisted and asked him to procure some women and he laughed at them because he doesn’t run bitches. I read that here. You got other info, supply it.

  22. I was in one of those party stores yesterday and heard another foul exchange between thot and young son. Come the f*ck on motherf*cker. I told you I aint buyin you shit. Bring yo ass on. I hear this every time I’m in the hood. Fast forward 12 years. Wonder if it contributes to him wanting to shoot up the block? Do better. Damn. He could be Ray Rice in 2026.

      • That i kinda agree with, ghetto unwed black mothers have no idea the scars they leave on their sons, they’re ignorant, and broke so they take out their frustrations on their children, the children grow up to treat black women like hoes and trash because they hate their mothers.

        • Lucid you meant to say: Ghetto, unwed black fathers have no idea the scars they leave on their sons, they’re ignorant and broke so they take out their frustrations on their children, the children grow up to treat black women like hoes and trash because their DADDY hates their MOTHER.

          • @tHEE, ok, most definately True, BUT when was the last time you’ve seen the average young black man having utter disrespect for his friends, and peers? The psychology of it has more damning effects on the women he attempts to date and build relationships with, women suffer the most , and the impact is worse when the young mother is like i depicted earlier.

            • Are you kidding? One of my bum male relatives has two sons who are mad at the world cause daddy don’t give a shit those boys have hot tempers and cuss everybody but auntie and grandparents. Have you forgotten how quickly black boys kill each other? THAT IS utter disrespect.

            • Sorry thee 1 will never admit this fact. She has such hatred for BM it aint even funny. You are correct. These thots are angry at the men they got knocked up by and actually hate their sons. The sons feel that hate and later shoot up the block. Stop reproducing with niggas who don’t love you. This shit aint even hard.

  23. black women need to do better stop thinking about the d*ck… the d*ck’s inside you …. you wasn’t born with a d*ck!!
    a lot of women will put a piece of d*ck in front of their children!! and that’s f*cked up no wonder why teenagers are messed up

    because their mother/grandmother/aunt/sister’s put a d*ck in front of them!!!

    no wonder these children will put their mother’s in nursing home. no wonder why these children will treat their mothers like shyt
    to busy getting d*cked down didn’t look after your responsibilities

    • I know people like that. Usually it’s because they don’t know how (or like to) self pleasure LMAO.

      • these young women today are weak and disloyal all they care about is the d*ck….when their man is inside the pen these hoes will
        spread they legs like hot butter on warmed toasted

        while these men think their women is faithful and loyal their not. having some another n1gga d*cking their women in front of their kids!!
        no f*cking respect is sickening

        women stop relaying on a d*ck to make you happy!! do other thing like shopping hobbies

  24. From what I saw on TMZ it looked like he spit on her. That’s when she slapped him, then he punched her. From what I saw HE started that fight when he spit in her face. Which in turn she slapped him. He had to be out of his mind, to fight his wife in PUBLIC with everybody having cameras. Wow, Lord help!!!

    • He will blame her for today’s suspension and contract termination and probably KO her again but she’ll cower AND cover for him during their apology and redemption tour. She won’t leave him as it’s part of the abuse victim syndrome, it may be years before she checks out unless he chooses to move on to the next.

    • If he hit her in public, it probably wasn’t the first time that he hit her.

  25. NFL, NBA and MLB will only take serious action if it affects their image. Ray Rice would still be in the league if the latest tape did not come out. The same thing goes for the Donald Sterling scandal. If a scandal doesn’t affect the sports league’s image or profits, they don’t care. For years, the NFL didn’t care about women. Because of this latest scandal, they care because they stand to lose millions if they do nothing.

  26. Ray Rice is an employee. Ray Rice probably has a moral clause in his contract. The media got a hold of the video. There is an outcry, he violated his contract. He is gone. If any of you owned a team & one of your employees were costing, money, reputation, although you may like them, you would let them go foor the good of the entire organization. Riced made his should bed. He spit on that girl. Would he do non-black girl like that? No, so why he treat a black girl like that let alone his wife? I agree all sports franchises looked the other way when it came to players bad behavior. They are not looking the other way because its costing money & fans have lost interest. The players have brought this all on themselves. You act like children thats how you will be treated

  27. Look, I don’t think women or people for that matter should put their hands on folks, but he obviously spit on her.

    He has no respect for himself, his fiancé (wife) or anything. This Ray Rice must have been raised by a wolf or something. He deserved everything he got.

  28. Ray didnt take the oath…bottom line…that bitch got caught stealing out of one of our high end dept stores a few years back. To me that was an embarrassment to this mans career then..she has several traffic tickets on a 2014-15 range rover that “he obviously bought her”! So this winch is just simple! And it is said that she spat on him in the elevator! Now I dont condone violence towards women either but if u acting like a raggedy hood bitch then u end up getting treated like one!this ho doesnt know how to carry her self when dealing with someone in the media like he is! She must have gotten him confused with being a drug dealer!but back to the oath thing..people that take the oath have done wayyyy worse shit than this..the quarter back for the steelers kept getting rape allegations against him and u see before thst shit got out of hand it went away. .He’s still playing! The ravens are down with that illuminati shit because one very early morning a couple of years ago I was up watching the news and they (newsperson)were on the field speaking to their coach and there were 3 players along side him forming thier hands in the shape of a diamond! And they werent talking about JAY-Z! so if they take ray from a 2-3 game suspension to being fired guess what OPTION HE OBVIOUSLY DID NOT CHOOSE IN BETWEEN!!!!! HE AINT SUCKIN NO DINGA LINGS OR TAKING ANY! I am not a ravens fan (especially after seeing that hand gesture shit) but u all need to check that bitchs track record…he doing everything for her and she out here f*cking up? Um yeah ok …

  29. I personally don’t feel like there is a need to hit a woman but to be honest with you, there are some women who know that men can’t or shouldn’t hit women so they take advantage of that and don’t give Men the respect that they deserve and I just can’t ever accept that. There are some women bro, who will keep being, excuse my language, The Bitch of all bitches, until they get slapped, and now all of a sudden she sees life realistically, she becomes a role model to women, and all men want to be with her! So sometimes it takes something like that to happen for some people to become a better person. The only thing we have to acknowledge at this stage is the fact that yes, women are gonna get hit, but should only be done so under extreme circumstances, and that Men like this poor football player should not lose his livelihood behind something as simple as this! It’s not like it’s the end of the World. But because so many people just jump to the defense of women, usually painting them as the oppressed one, when in fact they could have been the oppressors the whole time, it makes us turn a blind eye to all the facts because she is a woman and they are associated with weakness. There are countless Men who go through daily abuse by women because they know they can take advantage of the way this society is built. I actually feel sorry for the Men. It’s like you slapping a Dog all the time in the face, it may bark at you at first, but if you keep slapping the dog then it’s a matter of time before it’s going to bite you! It’s the same thing with Men and Women. Some people won’t leave another person alone until they get hit. Now you have a man that is going to lose everything he worked so hard for in Life over something as trivial as a slap! and everybody is turning the other cheek to it because we allow society to think that this is how Men should be punished! I think that it’s unfair to that Man and any Man that has gone through something similar. We Men need to unite in making sure we don’t blindly support something without thinking of all the possible angles and then deciding how Justice should be served!

  30. I been tellin yall, the show is over! But idiots talk we need education? 4 what? We been done that shit and what good did it do us? Its the shutdown of society! You mocked Israelites but when your precious material items are confiscated dont ask us for shit!

  31. Yall so stupid! Ray Rice situation is nothing! A clown ass whore and an idiot roid freak were f*cked up, so what? We got bigger issues and should quit job school , i mean entire system! They bout to shut the lights out ppl! Nevermind go back to TV and ipad. No need to be free

    • Sis nada wrong you asking questions at all. Shutting lights will come in form of militarized streets as you seen before in Detroit! Go watch movie 1984 and see what I mean. No tv shows by own choice and no internet. Demolition Man, Network, V for Vendetta….hell even Wizard of Oz told you this already! TV sucks but movies give away agenda. Children of Men as well. Its going down and black ppl turned blind eye for decades! Frankly we getting exactly what we deserved

      • Sis, we in major trouble! Its gonna get worse before it get better. At every angle individualism is being killed. Niggas is blind! They allowed 3 or 4blacks getting paid give false hope while rest of us starving

        • While I agree that Agenda 21 & 1984, as well as Minority Report give you an idea of what THEY PLAN, as my mama always said–‘The best laid plans..’..wanting & planning for it to happen & being able to MAKE it happen are 2 wholly different animals. I think that there are a lot of activities going on but just look at the Jim Jones/Guyana tragedy to get an idea as to how successful MOST of their plans are–CIA funded mind control that isolated primarily black men, women & children in the middle of the jungle with a messianic psycho who was on the CIA payroll the whole time–these people were by all accounts,brainwashed & completely at Jim Jones’ mercy & under his control–yup, they got their money, income & even convinced them to take their a$$es out into the middle of timbuktu–but in the end, they FAILED to convince them to commit mass suicide SO they still workin’ on their craft. Black people, I agree, DO NEED to pay more attention to what’s happening all around us-Nazi Germany was no anomaly & Africans in Namibia I believe were used as the test case for that PRIOR to Hitler using the fake ‘chosen people’..but as always, WE WILL ALWAYS BE FINE. SO yes, the page on this particular chapter is about to end, but that just means a NEW chapter is about to begin & black people STILL have the highest birth rates in the world & WE STILL sit atop the richest natural resource reserves on the planet. It’s completely our game to win or lose. But yes, disconnecting from the matrix wouldn’t hurt. Learning how to handle weapons, learning a hustle OUTSIDE of the system, having rations & food enough to hold you and your fam for some months wouldn’t hurt either–white preppers have been doing this for YEARS. But in the end, as always, we as a people will be the victors. Even white people in hollywood tell you this–they know it. We will lose some in the battle no doubt, but the war is already won. But hold on, cuz it is gonna be a bumpy ride.

      • Urban warfare? Naw its worse they got our minds! All of this is by design but idiots on here wont listen but thats ok. George Clinton knew about the Mothership coming just like Independence Day but wait til you see who steps off of it

      • @Don’t think that this CIA created contraption called the internet is representative of ALL black people. It IS NOT. There are people who are taking care of biz & believe me, they don’t spend their time in the matrix or on msg boards. They operate under the radar and off the grid. I look at the frenzied activity of others..if what they’ve been planning for us & doing to us for so long was WORKING, there wouldn’t be people that recognize what’s going on; so obviously, it’s not full-proof. And again, THEY hide in the shadows. Nobody who is really coming from a position of strength & power needs to hide. That’s the hallmark of fear & common criminality.

  32. I dont agree with men hitting women but she did walk up and slap him in the face before they got in the elevator, my aunt used to tell me dont hit a man because they have quick reflexes and might hit you back without thinking about it, and from what i saw the girl lunged at him like she was going to do a Solange on him in the elevator and he did what jay should have done

  33. All your dreams and wishes are over! America is shutting down and concentration camps coming. They got you by the balls and nipples nada you can do but get back right with the Most High before the chariots come thru the clouds

  34. His wife does look a little butchy/dykey to me. She reminds me of Marion Jones. Anyway, he probably knocked her out because he figured that dykes can take punches well!

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