Def Jam Disses LL Cool J on 30 Year Anniversary


Def Jam Recordings didn’t invite LL Cool J to perform at their 30th anniversary concert.

LL Cool J recently spoke over the phone with Mina SayWhat of Power99’s “Rise And Good Morning Show” and when she asked about his feeling about not being on the bill, this is what he had to say:

“They didn’t reach out to me. They know my phone number — it ain’t too late. We’ll see what happens. If they want to call me, I’m cool. If not, then it is what it is.”

Here are the acts scheduled to perform on October 16th at during Def Jam’s 30th anniversary events:

  • Rick Ross
  • DMX
  • EPMD
  • Jhene Aiko
  • Fabolous,
  • Method Man
  • Redman
  • Onyx
  • 2 Chainz
  • Foxy Brown
  • Ashanti
  • Ja Rule
  • Warren G
  • Jeremih


  1. LL made Def Jam a fortune. Is there another rapper with as many platinum albums as LL?!.

    The egos in the recording industry are massive. The lineup should read, first and foremost:

    Run DMC
    LL Cool J
    The Beastie Boys (RIP MCA), etc.

    Def Jam is still bitter that LL called them out on that slave contract they signed him to. Fuck ’em. Half of their 30th anniversary bill is trash.

    I see Musiq Soulchild isn’t on the bill, either. I guess that audit he had performed at Def Jam when his checks came up as short as he is still has them pissy. Again, f*ck ’em.

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    • A) Run DMC were never on Def Jam.They were signed to Profile records their entire career.
      B)LL Cool J is on CSI and I doubt his schedule would permit for him to perform.He only wanted to appear and that might still happen.
      C)The surviving members of Beastie boys have said they would never perform again without MCA
      D)Musiq Soulchild was traded to Atlantic records in 2006 for Fabolous.They basically swapped contracts.

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      • 1. You’re right about Run DMC being on Profile. I forgot about that. But seeing as how Run DMC are the founding fathers of commercial rap and Def Jam was the premier rap label, founded by Joseph Simmons’ brother, Russell, I found it a fitting match.

        2. Some of Musiq’s best work came from his Def Jam days. IDC if he left the label, he probably would’ve been on the roster if not for that audit.

        3. LL also had bad blood with Def Jam over his 10 album deal and slave contract. I’m certain that’s why they didn’t invite him to the anniversary celebration.

        4. Even if Ad Rock and Mike D don’t perform, they should be present as The Beastie Boys and at least speak about their careers.

        5. I don’t have big blobs. I will not be confirming anything on my person with you, you pervert. Go Google some titties like I’d imagine most men with a boob fetish do. Sicko.

        • LL beef wasn’t over his deal he owns his masters and publishing his beef was with Jay being giving the position when LL album was due to drop they don’t like each other L felt Jay did a bs job marketing the album and ain’t nobody missing musiq the 2 acta that are missing are LL and Public Enemy u can add Slick Rick and the Beastie Boys to the list but LL and PE should be there no questions asked

    • “Musiq Soulchild isn’t on the bill, either. I guess that audit he had performed at Def Jam when his checks came up as short as he is”
      STOP IT! lolol

  2. LL left out? Something’s wrong here! How can DJ leave out the dude who helped build them? And as I look at this lineup, why are these clowns on board and not LL?

    Jhene Aiko, really? Who’s that? No LL? Where are the Beasties in this lineup? Where’s Run DMC?

    In other words, how can you celebrate your anniversary without your flagship acts? That’s like holding a wedding anniversary without the groom or without the bride. Really, Def Jam? smh

    • Damn right no PE. Fuck Def Jam. They are nowhere were they use to be. That lineup sucks except EPMD.

  3. no slick rick, 3rd bass either.

    no ll or public enemy that sucks for the golden age of hip hop crowd who remembers these folkjs.

    • You know what, not too long ago, I was watching old school videos. I saw the Flavor in ya ear remix, the one P Shitty made. And watching the video and listening to the words now and hearing music in its totality now. His entire verse was telling you he likes transvestites box. What the video and listen to the words. He put it out there. His entire verse starts out will the words “HE SHE”…..he tried to tell us looooong time ago

      • Lol. You just caught that? The chick in the videos who looked like a brolic Wendy Williams in the Big Poppa video where she stood in front of the urinal. Biggie saying, “I’d f*ck RuPaul before I’d f*ck them ugly ass Xscape bitches” in Dreams. Biggie saying, “You look so good [huh] I’d suck on your daddy’s dick.” All of that stuff made me scoff. I’m surprised I don’t have permanent wrinkles in my forehead.

        You are right, though. They all laid their preferences out, but it all went over 99.9% of their listeners’ heads.

          • Check Richard Pryor’s sexual history, then get back to me. He engaged in homosexual sex.

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        • Lmao….when first joined the military this dude said that same shit. It was about 10 of us that would stick together. He said that shit one day when we were all playing cards and drinking cheap beer. He said that shit about f*cking Rupaul before the fat chick from exscape. We didn’t know anything about what you are talking about but I’m sure he was repeating what you are speak of. Anyway that comment got his ass excommunicated…we did not f*ck with him anymore.

          • And why were you drinking cheap beer? You did him and his liver a favor. You know you’re too fine to drink cheap beer.

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            • I’ve never had oatmeal stout. For you, I would happily say it with my whole chest. Lol

        • And yes that dancer seemed sexy,from a distance on black and white film…UNTIL!!! You take the extra moment to look at its grill…’s face looked like it was a bare knuckle street brawler and the hair line looked like an overhead view of the California forest tree line at the end of summer after enduring them damn drought fires. The distract you with that t shirt they used for a skirt

          • As The Dogg Pound so eloquently stated, “Body of a goddess, face from hell.”

            • Ooooooh, I never paid the face any attention. Like Fred Sanford said. Look like the part of the Polaroid that you tear off.

              But did you hear Busta say flava, in you but grease…lol. and you got p Shitty dancing around with his ass stuck out…..homonersexuals….lol

            • “The flava’s in your ass crease/Busta Rhymes about to bring the noise, so cease/let me loose in the belly of the beast…”

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            • I’ll say whatever you’d like with my chest. IJS. I was going to offer you something to eat, but this is a family show. Whoa. Lol

      • Gays have a bunch of fagg signs. I didn’t know what the purple porch light meant. LL has been making the ladies think he is straight up. Shoot, he is a straight up fagg!

        • Cameo did the same thing with “She’s Strange, and I like it”. In room 123, she elusive you see, like the invisible man in drag,
          and when you come to meet her, you’ll never greet her, she’ll be waving her skirt as a flag,

  4. Crazy. LL IS Def Jam, and on the real, Jhene and Jeremih shouldn’t even be on the bill. Not surprised Jay isn’t performing, and speaking of him, it’s interesting how Foxy is performing despite the numerous issues she’s had with Def Jam in the past, particularly her accusing Def Jam of selling the Masters of her fourth album ‘Ill Na Na Pt. 2: The Fever’ and putting the entire album on the ‘Net in the midst of her openly criticizing Lyor Cohen over said album. I can’t wait to see how this turns out for all parties involved.

  5. DMX is the only artist worth seeing on the whole line-up. LL need not be part of this line-up half the acts were still in they momma wombs when he was doing his thing. Legends should not have to share the stage with soon to be has-beens. Shit some of them are has-beens and don’t even know it.

    • Public Enemy is likely too positive for Ratchet-ass Def Jam, even back when they left the label. Still f*cked-up they aren’t on the bill. though.

  6. I dont agree with some of those artists on the list like Jhene Aiko? Garbage! Her music does nothing for me. Where’s the real artists that we love like Mc Lyte,Salt N Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, De La Soul, Leaders of the New School, these are all LL’s peers and should be on the list but if LL aint invited I guess it doesnt really matter. Smh.

  7. I think LL knows that his fans are all about his talent and the fact that he always acts like somebody with good sense.
    From what I read here, he is in good company with the other artists that were left out, too.
    I don’t think he will lose any fans over this. He might just gain a couple of new ones.

  8. What about TLA Rock? What about Nikki D? What about Boss? What about Slick Rick? What about Montell Jordan and who can forget The original harlem player Oran Juice Jones? LL was always a cornball!!

    • I was listening to “the rain” this weekend. I don’t know about all of the rest of the people. But i was in the ATL and Montel Jordan is the minister of music at this church my cousin took me to. And he was denouncing secular music talking about all of the madness in the industry and how it almost took him out. From the way he was talking, If they called him he would turn them down. But you know how that goes

      • Artist usually down talk the industry when the public is no longer interested in buying they’re shitty music. Montel Jordan been a joke and a Never Has Been not a Has Been.ha.ha..He tried to pop off to Lil Cease and Junior Mafia back in the day and almost got highjacked.

  9. Tla Rock was the very very first artisy signed to def jam.. his song is called “its yours” prodiced by Rick Rubin and Jazzy Jay.. Nokki D was the first female signed to def jam remember “Daddys little Girl”.. Boss was a gangster girl group signed to dj around the time when nwa was hot..

  10. The lady boy lover doesn’t care. Todd Smith is on Viacom’s payroll now!

  11. I bet no artist on the line up questioned his absence to producers.
    #datcheck over #loyaltytohiphop

  12. So a Def jam 30th anniversary without LL Public Enemy Slick Rick and what’s ledt of the Beastie Boys but they have Jeremiah and Jhene Aiko performing BULLSHIT

  13. ll fool j needs to shut the f*ck up. he’s black card has been provoked after he made that song with the honky tonk red neck
    brad paisey enough said

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