Nick Cannon Wants Full Custody of Children?

Nick Cannon Full Custody

Nick Cannon is doing a lot these days. Between defending himself against rumors of cheating on Mariah during their union and not commenting on his marriage, the “America’s Got Talent” clown is rumored to be gunning for full custody of the twins he shares with Mariah Carey.

Here is what’s being reported about their ongoing divorce:

“Things are heating up between Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon – and not in the good way! The nasty break-up between the two is getting worse.

Those close to the couple say that Nick is about to fight Mariah for custody of their twins. He claims to his lawyer that she only sees them when she is not traveling or working and that they have more time with nannies than anyone else.”


    • Nick is going to lose. (S)he who has the most gold and juice wins. Score one for the tragic mulatto.

  1. Well, if they spend more time with nannies then how much time does he actually spend with them???

    • Show you he’s fulla shit. She should give him 5 million to just f*ck
      off . He’s not worth the stress with his corny greedy ass.

    • So true!!! Exactly what I was thinking!!! Probably less!!
      Oh and if he gets custody, how is he gonna spend more time with the kids with his schedule???
      “Clown” is right!
      I had really no opinion about cannon before these stories on HSK, but now my opinion of him has gone way down.

  2. I think that if they didn’t have nannies, Nick would have more time. He is probably going to get kicked off the show since he is on blast for cheating. Some fans won’t see him in the same way. Mariah lives in lala land and Nick seems more down to earth. Mariah has a limo for her dog?! Really?! That’s not normal. Plus every time things don’t go her way, she has a nervous breakdown or can’t cope with life. She’s been declared a depressed person by her doctors.

    • Probably 25 % or more of the mothers across the country are on meds for depression which means they’ve been declared ” depressed by doctors “. Doesn’t mean they aren’t fit mothers.
      Is it normal that a man who supposedly loves his kids would slander their mother and smear her??? Not if he really lives his kids… He would’ve kept that shit for the lawyers and the judge…. Not the public!!!

      • So true. I wish he wouldn’t bash her. But it’s ok for a father to want his kids. When they don’t people bash them and when they do, people look for reason to still bash them.

  3. Of course we don’t know them personaly, but MiMi seems very emotionaly/mentally unstable and its clear that their is some substance abuse issues with Mariah, if you look at all her photos her eyes are always closed, she seem high and spaced out so Nick may be the better parent to care for the kids, yes I know his shit is not snow white but Nick always seems alert and sober..

  4. Homely ass kids. Look very white.
    Mariah has a history of mental problems and don’t need to be around no kids.

  5. Who cares who gets them?! Those kids seem like they are going to have learning probs.Hopefully they will hav great nannies to love them. Nick seems bored in fam photos, Mariah is a kid and cant mentally handle those probs. Just ask Britney Spears youngest kid, or Charlie Sheen boys..


    • Its not the age, its the drinking during pregnancy. Social service was called after there birth cuz she was drinking. Media says it was to get her milk flowing but I say yeah right. Nick seems down to earth and stable. I am a MC fan but she be drunk af, that and depression dont mix.

      • Ding Dong we have a winner! The girl seems like theres something wrong with her eyes. Alcohol fetal syndrome seems about right. Paris Hilton’s left eye is because of this. Im glad dem babies have money to get the help they need. And I actually applaud Nick and Mariah for not sending them away like celebs in the past!

        • OH GAWWWD!! First it’s called FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME. And Paris Hilton’s eye hasn’t always been that way. Google her childhood pics. That eye issue she has is due to botched Botox . It’s one of the warnings they tell you before getting Botox.

        • That is such bullshit. Some people just need glasses . In fact the weak eyes come from Nicks side so stop lying.

      • Haters gonna hate. They do it to Blue and North too, knowing their own offspring probably look like outta grimms fairy tales: straight trolls.

  7. He’s lost his mind—-Mimi would have to be considered unfit
    She’ll write his arse a check n say goodbye
    Nick has always had a thing for women.

  8. those children do’t look right!!! they look older then they actually are….. what is Mariah feeding them her crazy (breast milk) if so
    she needs to stop!!! her and her children look old!!

    Nick Cannot knew the game no d*cking around and enjoy the reward!! but this loser choose d*cking around
    wasn’t this n1gga on “Real House Husbands” showing off about his marriage to Mariah go figure never show off or brag about your wife/husband
    it ruins the marriage!!

    FYI: Christina Milian said Nick Cannot cheated on her with Mariah!!!!!! (go figure)

  9. This will not end well for anyone. It would be a shamed if Nick’s whoremongering came into court, hence, he is not fit to be attentive to his children since he cheated on his wife, and Mariah’s alcohol abuse and mental health problems coming into court. Bottomline, Nick has way more to lose than Mariah. The fact that she is highly revered in the industry will mos definately affect Nick indirectly. Secondly, if he chose to go after her mental state, her as a vulnerable woman versus a black male will not look good. As our beloved Paul Mooney told us, that Mariah is a “confused Malatto”, hence, she choses to be black when it suits her and I am sure it will be played in this divorce and her priviledgedness to keeping her children. At the end of the day, “money talks and bullshit walks. #MoMoneyMoProblems.

  10. Here’s the thing I don’t understand…when a woman and a man meet organically, the woman and man usually don’t know anything about their potential suitor’s prior relationships. When celebs get together, they know the dirt. What woman would want to be with an opportunist like Nick Cannon? It’s bitchmade. Ya know? If I want a bitch, I’ll become a lesbian. No disresepect to normal, self-respecting, hardworking women. IJS.

    • LMAO Just STFU already I mean at this point it should just be your mission to get ANY man to admire you , this dumb bitch said organically OMG IJC with the slow and meek

      • Shut up, trollop, you sound both stupid and drunk.
        This is why I’m a big believer is free post secondary education for everyone. Organically means naturally, u friggin Rhodes Scholar.

  11. So what’s the difference? If he gets custody they will spend time with his nannies instead of hers? He just wants more dough.

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