Tony Rock Backtracks On Erica Mena Whore Comments

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Bow Wow must have some persuasive goons.. Know why? Because the little brother of Chris Rock is back tracking on his agreeable whore reference to the future Mrs. Bow Wow.

Here is what BallerAlert is putting down:

“At Tony Rock’s first comedy show following the incident, while the comedian stopped short of apologizing or taking it back he did admit he should respect Bow Wow’s engagement and marriage.”


    • Bow Wow sent Teresa over there with a razor in her Celine bag, ready to slice Tony aka the unfunny Rock, the fck up.

      Why backtrack on telling the truth? Erica Mena IS a whore. Defend someone’s honor who is honorable and deserves to be defended. Erica is like an old wash cloth. Throw that b out and get yourself a new one, Shad.

    • WHO DOES BOW WOW THINK He iS? Defending this bisexual hooka! ONLY A BLACK MAN! ONLY A bLAcK MAN!

  1. I don’t what I said still stands erica mena is a world wide ho period, like I said he didn’t have a man to explain to him like a father or a older brother, erica mena is the kinda bitch you f*ck and toss her ass, you don’t wife a bitch like her, she’s what she is and have been, a trick, she been around the industry believe me and a few more places lol, if I were his older brother or dad or close friend of many years I’d tell him what every man should know and that’s how to determine between a hoe and a real woman you bring home to meet the family and marry, and erica ain’t that LMAOOOOOOOO! Bow wow ask around you won’t have to go far to read this tricks resume lol

    • He was raised by a woman. And if his mom acted like Erica then…there you have it. Men like women like their mother whether she be a Saint or a Hoe. I’m not calling his mom a hoe. I’m just saying you love what you see and live.

  2. I just hope that ill fitting Grecian looking dress in the previous photo wasn’t her wedding dress. She needs hips to fill it out or something more A line.

    • Yes that dress was a hot! She needed less of them saddle bags I mean hips to make that outfit happen. Those bad fake tits wasn’t doing that dress any justice eithier

    • She had no waist. Or a thick waist.
      Something was off.

      She’s uncomfortable built.

  3. No matter how ratchet Erica Mena is, and she is a ball of flames… She Still Family! We may not agree with her actions, but, tearing her down is self-defeating. Tony Rock is doing what the puppetmasters want…Eating His Own Flesh!

  4. Doodle Head Threaten Him, Like What Tyress Did To That Other Comedian

    If Erica Was A Black Woman, Bow Wow Wouldn’t Of Defended Her, Because Erica Is Latino Doodle Brain Is Defended Her
    Black Men Are So Dumn, They Rather Defend A Watered Down Bitch, Than Their Own Race

    Fuck Them, Fuck Doodle, Fuck Erica

  5. If you notice, Bow Wow’s dad was not in his life much like 75% of children born to Black Wooly Haired women in North America…If he did have a MAN/DAD in his life he would have never have been allowed to be raped by pedophiles in pursuit of a job in entertainment…Thusly, he would have never dared bough a prostitute back to his family home as a potential family member…I don’t blame Bow Wow’s momma…That child was the only asset she really had and she sold him to the devil because she was abandoned..I blame white people and this system of Global Racism/White Supremacy….I don’t blame the victims anymore…I go right to the Wizard now.

    • Don’t come in here disrespecting black women and then hiding like a p*ssy. And that 75% stat is total bullshit…you f*cking troll.

    • You sure you don’t go to another Wizard?? The Grand Wizard of the KKK?? Cause you sure sound like a white supremacist with your underhanded insults and snide comments of my black sisters… If you are black–which I doubt–you have been horribly brainwashed and I pity you because you think we can’t read between the lines at what your really saying in your post. You are not that clever. Go eat a salad, troll, and make it tossed.

  6. What’s happening with all the back tracking?
    Snoop and T.I. and Iggy, now this…

    Also. I see TPTB are really pushing rape. Eminem has a rap about raping Iggy. It’s come full circle with a white talking about it.

    • Hey Will
      When I saw TPTB in ur post I thought u was gonna say Bow Wow was in the illuminati. I woulda been through witcha bruh. Lol.

      • Ha ha no!
        I do think that TPTB want these beardships to really happen though.

        And of course, corrupting youth is their main goal..

        • Absolutely. Yeah u had me scared for a minute. I was like can u just his illuminati membership application :
          Name: Bow Wow
          Other names used: Lil” Bow Wow
          Occupation: Simp, Down Low, Ex-rapper, Reality Personality
          Net Worth: Dope Baseball Cap Collection; Barely Nutted On Black Tail Collection; royalties on songs no one wants to listen to


    • Eminem has always rapped about raping somebody. A year or so ago, there was a Christmas card showing him raping a reindeer. No surprise coming from Europeans.

  7. Tony Rock is a real man…He saw that his black brother was uncomfortable with calling his hoe a hoe and he pulled back and apologized for causing ill will…
    Good one Tony.

  8. No Real Dicks, And You Wonder Why People Have Sex With Objects Instead Of People

  9. If Bow Wow had a caring father in his life he would have never let his little boy go and perform at a music awards show with a permed head of hair down to his butt… That’s something that a degenerate and ignorant mom would permit to be done to a male child.. A father wouldn’t have had allowed it.

    • I remember my mom taking g us out to see Big Mama’s House and.. Boom here’s Lil Bow Wow doing the verse from Bounce with Me. I recall my bro sis and I saying that lil f*ck snapped but we couldn’t call if it was a boy or a girl.

    • A REAL DAD WOULD HAVE NOT LET THEIR SONS HAng around crips like snoop and a dangerous environment like deathrow.

      bow wow’s mom must have been phukking snoop.

      because snoop was very interested in bow wow and snoop wasn’t even a dad himself at the time.

      the gin and juice video with bow wow and the other little boys was jumping in the bed looks disturbing now.

      what mom would let btheir kids hang around a dangerous environment like deathrow yes she had to have been phukking snoop or suge or somebody with benefits.

  10. Makes you think 3rice. Like why is Tony Rock’s old ass even speaking up on Bow Wow and ol girl? Has her thotful ass been in or around his old ass circle? Is shit really that bad for Bow Wow, or is he finally breaking down and coming to grips with his sexuality after it being forced on him until he likes it now… And is confused as shit and they need him bearded up asap?

    • You right. Only a fa**ot would date a worldwide ho who busted it open wide around the world! Cuz a fa**ot ain’t gonna neva be in dat pu*sy so he don’t care what has been through it.

    • That’s what my thoughts were. Did he or she used to be his “hoe” at one point




  12. omarion is bow wow’s f*ck boy!! they both got non black women as beards……… women do’t stand for no shyt and these nicca’s know that……..

    apryl looks deformed and that nose ring she’s wearing isn’t giving her any justice, in fact she looks like a cow
    erica is a full blown hoe….remember erica was having secret smashes with draya

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