Benzino Planning to Sue Stevie J For Defamation

Benzino Defamation

HSK Exclusive – Benzino is threatening to sue his former BFF and LAHHA co-star, Stevie J. This, after Stevie claimed the former Source Magazine owner was fired from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for making threats.

Yesterday Stevie J is quoted as saying, the real reason Benzino and Althea got fired from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was because Benzino had been threatening to kill Stevie, Joseline, and various producers and staffers of the VH1 reality show.

Benzino has put on his legal hat and is calling it defamation and he’s threatening to file suit. If a suit is never filed, chalk this up to just another publicity stunt.



  1. Why does this hoe continue to think that he is some type of draw or needed for a storyline. Him making that “need us for a storyline” comment is the most dillusional thing I have heard all year. They don’t need his bitch ass, they already have a perfect replacement for them on that show. Yep, another high yellow captain save a ho washed up rapper who has been the target of many a gold digger plans to wife a music industry hoe and the dude talks more about the nuptial than the hoe does..AND…when anyone calls her a hoe, the washed up rapper goes on the offense. Does this sound familiar Zino?!?! That’s right sucka, lil bow wow and Erica Is about to take your place. You extra regular stunt queen. He ought to go and be a permenant member of the Wendy Williams Studio audience, he will be right at home.

    • Uh Oh, U Know Shad don’t play when it comes down to his Whore
      I mean wife!! He gonna get his goons on you!!! LMAO

    • What rap album did he put out…LOL! He always seemed like the male groupie type to me.

      • He had a a group called made men and their best song was that rock the party bullshit song that Mario Winans produced. It caught some rotations on the club scene but it wasn’t anything that to put in the collection.

        • @ELTHP Just viewed some of his videos, I remember that group, some songs I recall, but he still was whack then and now. Diddy boppin’ all over the place with a do rag, didn’t even look right. He just needs to stay behind the scenes at ALL times!

          • LMMFAO, yeah I’m going to have to agree with your assessment. The we’re wack but didn’t know it because they thought they were fantastic. They were what I refer to as Wacktastic……lol. Garbage and ain’t even no it….lol

  2. Benzino Sit Your No Neck Ass Down, Althea Looks Like A Character From Jay Jay The Planet
    They Just Mad, They Ain’t Still On The Show, When Althea File A Police Report She Made It Ugly

    That’s Why Mona Fired Them

    • This whole entire bullshit wouldn’t gotten this far if 1) He should have left Hothea alone in the first place and 2) His slick ass mouth started the entered fiasco at that reunion. Yes! He started that bullshit! The only thing Stevie said, ” Is it hot in here? Is the AC on?” Joseline was calming him down and she said,” Shh shh just be quiet ok?” No neck shit starter had to come outta his mouth slick and said, ” That’s that coke. That’s that cocaine he on.” BAM! That what all that took. Benzino did talk shit to that producer off stage after the fight was over. And he did threatened that producer. Hell, ever since he got with Hothea it has been nothing been drama and he is losing everything. He done lost his BFF, He job on LHHA, and about to lose his magazine. Dude U better wake the hell up!

  3. I am so sick of these two buzzard ass ninjas. They need to hurry up and phuck and make up. Arguing like scorned lovers. Straight Mitches.

  4. Benzino just terrorized the English language. WTF is “dillusional?” Is he working for Vlassic now? I have no doubt he told Stevie and Joseline he would kill them, in a fit of rage. That constitutes a terrorist threat, punishable by 5 years in prison if convicted. With that said, the person who needs to sue for defamation is Stevie. Benzino calls Stevie a homosexual, a cokehead, etc. He also calls Joseline a transsexual. Benzino has been attempting to discredit Stevie and Joseline and make them look awful in the public eye. Add them to his many list of plaintiffs, because he has been sued more times than Althea has been screwed.

  5. Benzino is acting like a bitter, scorned ex wife after the divorce. Stfu about it.

  6. althea’s looking for a new dick as we speak
    and benzino is just pissed he ain’t making no money anymore!! karile reed and erica dixon are laughing at althea

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