Nick Cannon Has Twitter Meltdown Over Tabloid Gossip


Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

Not only is Nick Cannon NOT a happy camper, dude seems to be blaming the blogs — for WHAT? I don’t know. Rather than taking responsibility for his own reported actions, dude set out on a 19-Tweet rampage … bombing on the media … ‘gossip sites’ and ‘sources’.

For someone who says they have and will never make a comment about his marriage, this must be a very confusing exchange.

Check it:








  1. Nick is now exhibiting the same kind of behavior he attempted to elude to Mariah being guilty of. He should delete his tweets and take a break from social media. He should remember that AGT is very unforgiving as it pertains to Black entertainers. Sharon Osbourne’s had some major indiscretions. Howard Stern is vile and offensive. Yet, their employment with AGT wasn’t terminated like Brandy’s was after her car accident.

    Nick has done well for himself, but he needs to pay attention to CeeLo’s Twitter rant of a few days prior. Don’t have your career adversely impacted because you got in your feelings.

    • My question is: Why is the social medium known as Twitter, the place to rant? It has now become a knee-jerk reactional-not a word, my bad -outlet to vent/emphatise -usually contrived n forced?

      • I had no idea Brandy was on AGT , and neither was I aware her contract was terminated after the car accident.

        I can only guess,that since she-Brandy -was the sole survivor of that accident, AGT, did not want bad press , as a result of Brandy co-hosting the show.

        • Brandy didn’t quit the show, she was fired. One person died in that accident, a woman who hit Brandy. It was a chain reaction accident. Brandy didn’t cause it, nor was she the cause of the woman’s demise. The decedent’s family sued Brandy because she is rich and famous. I hope they choke on whatever money they stole from Brandy, because it was determined the decedent caused the accident.

          • Oh I see. Just that there was a lot twisted report on that incident B. I read that she was inebriated, which I didn’t really believe.

            • From what I read at the time she wasn’t drunk or high and she( Brandy) wasn’t exactly speeding. Supposedly she hit the back of the Honda of her victim, a young mother of 2, at 65 mph. That’s why the accident was determined to be her fault. She hit the Honda, it slid sideways and hit a cement divider, and another car slammed into the Honda and the victim died of blunt force trauma . Her kids and husband sued brandy for wrongful death , as did the other driver of the car that hit the Honda. The lawyers of the victim didn’t just go after brandy… Cops and insurance companies determined that it was Brandys fault. So she had to pay out to settle the claims.

            • I read the opposite of what you read, that it was a chain reaction crash and Brandy was not at fault.

            • Brandy at the time was not speeding she was texting and because she was not paying attention she caused hit another car and caused a chain reaction with two other cars. One of the drivers was killed, and that is why the insurance companies and police deemed it her fault one they knew she was texting. The woman that was killed was not drunk, she was just in the wrong place wrong time, and was killed due to extreme blunt force trauma. Brandy was fired because she never apologized nor tried to make right the situation, which is why also she got sued. It was not until recently when she joined the Game did she finally take responsibility, blacklisting somehow helps you remember to say you’re sorry. Brandy lost not only her job but her endorsements as well including her hair line and a jewelry line. Google “Brandy texting causes fatal accident” and you can read it for yourself.

            • She was most definitely at fault which is why three hefty settlements had to be paid out. It’s not moral fault its legal fault. Someone is always considered responsible for an accident and based on the speed and trajectory she was the most responsible because its almost always your fault when you rear end someone. Ironically the woman who hit the decedents car sued and settled with Brandy before the dead victims husband did.

            • Thank you for explaining the law to me. I have NO earthly clue how it works.

              People never, ever sue celebrities or rich people as a means of obtaining a quick money grab. Everyone who sued Michael Jackson did so rightfully. Brandy settled with the people who sued her because she was guilty. *end sarcasm*

              The only thing I’ll agree with you about is the fact that when a driver rear ends another driver, there is usually a presumption of guilt on the rear ender’s part. That, and I know there were tidy sums paid to victims in that accident. Other than that, we can agree to disagree. The info I received is in stark contrast to what you received, so I’ll leave it at that.

    • See? This foolish buck is getting reality slapped. He messed with the wrong tragic mulatto. He thought he could slander and tarnish her name and just walk away with a big fat alimony check? Wrong. Mariah is more connected than he is. Plus at the end of the day hes a Black man and she’s a mixed chick. He’s getting his N wake up call.

      • Holla…and Mariah is a tough long island broad….she managed to escape the clutches of Tommy (the devil according to Michael Jackson) Motolla…nd she hasn’t said one word. He’s out there leaking slander via his trifling ass relatives ,but now he wants to whine about the blogs. Can you say L-O-S-E-R

        • Anon, I know, right? His lame leaks come back to bite him in the ass his people need to be slapped. He can and most likely will be replaced on that TV hosting job. Mariah is playing this very well she got him kicked off the Pryor movie, LOL. And I have never paid a dime buying any of her music, not a fan.

          • @THEE, when you get going you are hilarious!!

            Does anyone else think Nick Cannon is kinda dull normal or is it just me?

            • Nick Cannon is duller than a plastic knife and more boring than watching paint dry while having sex with a one-minute in it to win it.

            • I think he is just normal! But I like him. He appears to be a cool guy! However,he must have missed the memo! You have no privacy as a celebrity! It’s cool as long as there are benefits but the minute the press gets negative people start to cry about Privacy.. WOW! Stop saturating the television with your promotional shows then we won’t want even remember you! Hence giving you all the privacy you need.

          • THEE1:

            Nick simply being unfunny is reason why he shouldn’t be anywhere near the set of the Richard Pryor biopic. Mike Epps is actually effortlessly funny. Mike has a big personality, which is much better suited to portray Pryor.

            • You are correct yet
              I have read in several spots that she called Lee Daniels and it was a wrap you know LEE loves Mariah she can do no wrong in his eyes. I’d so the same thing if my BF acted up, call up all my contacts to ice his ass.

            • I hope she wouldn’t be that petty, but she is MC. Nick is her husband and the father of her only children. He should work and make ample provisions for Roc and Roe. I can’t support her on that if that’s what she did.

            • @B I also feel Mike is a better choice for the R Pryor role. You are 100 percent on point with your comparison of the two.

            • B. we can agree to disagree. I don’t care who a person is, family, man, etc. but if they are going to use the press to diss and slander me, I’ll be using all of my power and connections to cut them off.

    • Hey stop bad mouthing me! If you guys really care about me, buy my first two albums! Oh and do not forget about my tablet on QVC!

    • everybody and his brother knows mariah only married him to be a sperm donor to give her children some color and that she wouldn’t be with him long. AND when he got too sick to put out, i knew his days were numbered LOL women in their 40s r red hot and dont have time for sick men

    • Stiviano It’s allude not elude. Since you are quick to correct other posters errors I knew you would appreciate learning of your misuse of a word.

  2. Divorce is a hard thing to go through, especially publicly. He was having a bad day. A rant on twitter is not the worse thing he can be doing.

    • No honey this WAS his SMEAR CAMPAIGN he was planting leaks getting his own daddy to diss the mother of his twins But he got checked about who has juice. He does NOT. She does. She or he who has the most gold and connections wins in Hollywood she got him kicked off the Pryor movie he better stop while he still has that TV hosting gig.

        • Thanks. I’m NOT a Mariah stan nor have I spent one thin dime on tunes but even a blind man could see he tried and failed to smear her. She smeared herself back on TRL when she had that ice-cream meltdown with Carson Daily. He’d have won if he had shut the hell up and been a gentleman. I mean, of course, he’s a whore hopper but still, he could have won in the court of public opinion but now, pffft. She’s called in her connections its a wrap.

  3. He’s not having a meltdown, he’s speaking the truth. Nick has never been in the headlines for anything but marrying Mariah and them having twins. All the positive stuff he’s done in his career movies charities they dont give him credit. But wanna post his divorce on any magazine available. They wanted to dog him when he beefed with eminem not only for Mariah, but the song black bitches. Yea Nick was nothing to mention then. Now they want someone who is private about his personal life be exploited and name ran down. This is how the man operate. Get down or lay down. Reminds me of dont be a menace the man there waiting to cross Nick’s name off the list.

    • @anonymous; i understand ur reasons for agreeing with Nick’s actions/ behavior. However sometimes the best form of revenge is to remain quiet.

      The media set him up & he walked right into their trap. He’s been around Hollyweird long enough to know better.

  4. Nick is learning not to mess with the mixed chick who has more money and power than he does. He must be on those narcotics. Had his daddy dissing her and she the mother of his twins. Nicks people need to be slapped for going along with that bullshit slander campaign from him it turned around. Mariahs lambs don’t play nor do her Hollywood connections at the end of the day she IS half white.

    • Nick knows what he’s talking bout. He and Mariah are getting divorced and you hear nothing from him or her. Mariah even tried to hide it. So the question is why all the lies? People get divorced everyday, they have children they both love and wouldnt want them involved in all this bs. Two people trying to be adults about the divorce which is hard enough, and media doing whatever they can to make it ugly. Thats why Nick is mad, also why he said to the sources hope the money was worth it. Its his family divorce doesnt mean hate all the time. Sometimes people just cant get along so you have to move on.

      • There’s a non-disclosure agreement in force. That binds both sides from discussing the matter. If he breaches the agreement, he may end up owing her money and vice versa. It really isn’t the public’s business, so both parties should be mum about their dissolution.

      • How do you figure Mariah tried to hide anything? She hasn’t said Jack. She just snatched up her babies and got outta dodge. I respect that. Nick is starting to look like he was trying to make Mariah look: Cray-zayyyyyy(in my ceelo voice)

        • You are right. Matter of fact, I USED to like Nick till he started dogging the mother of his kids I can’t stand men who punk like that. She hasn’t dissed him except she said he abandoned her and the twins. BM seriously need to stop punking the mother of their kids on front street, the rest of the world doesn’t respect that. Yeh, I know most Blacks hate BW (identified women) and its open season to diss us, but the world is not the hood. He is learning standards and codes of conduct – the hard way. His knucklehead daddy should have taught him to keep his damn mouth shut and collect the check.

          • Nick’s stupid father caused him more problems by saying shit on Facebook. Father and son are dumb. I hope Morocco is a little smarter than the other males in his family tree.

    • I was just about to say he doing drugs, but not because of what he said. But for her to be the substance abuser in this relationship, he sure looks higher than a picture of Bobby, Whitney and Bobby kris at the top of the sears tower. He looks f*cked up

      • Mariah can pound the champagne. I was going to say that I don’t think she has a drug problem, but I know she did once upon a time, so it may still be an issue. Her excess weight is likely coke bloat. Eminem knows. He allegedly has recordings of convos between him and MC where she is begging him for more drugs. Think V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling. MC has been fighting to keep those recordings out of the hands of the media. Rightfully so.

        • Butterfly has quite a few mental health issues. 9/11 really obscured all the stories about her trip to upstate New York after her breakdown in the summer of 2001.

  5. P.E says it best “dont believe the hype”, and “cant trust it”. Really sad to see that morals have been replaced with money. No one cares to remember its the root to all evil. Glad im a hard worker with confidence in myself from the ol school were we keep it real. Not many out here nowadays. Everybody wanna be the it thing need less followers and more leaders. Im not talkin Malcolm Martin types. More Dave Chapelles types would be fine by me. The ones who dont wanna do any and everything to make it.

  6. Twitter and all of these social media outlets are nothing but Boobie Traps set up by the government to monitor the activities of the public and whoever is not privy to this is Disingenuous.We are in a Police State and all activities are monitored.But on another note,those kids look nothing like Nick”Squeeze The Sherman”Cannon.Mariah is known as a Maneater in the industry so if is was him I’d ask her for a receipt.

    • Exactly! Everything is being transitioned online, for better recording and efficient record keeping for latter blackmailing

    • Roc looks exactly like Nick. Roe looks exactly like Nick grandma. He just posted a pic of them online the other day and the resemblance is uncanny. Those are his biological kids. That’s why they have that cannon family forhead

  7. @Black:
    This has nothing to do with THIS PARTICULAR thread but I wanted to address what you wrote about Jim Crow laws on another thread that’s been deleted:
    You wrote that the laws pertained to white slave owners fathering biracial kids and not wanting to care for them and the black slave mothers taking them to court.

    Ummm… That’s not exactly what the Jim Crow laws were about; Black women weren’t serving white men “up before the courts” to get support for their mixed kids.
    There were about twenty laws that supported the separation of Blacks from whites during Jim Crow. During the enactment, blacks became distinguished by one-sixteenth of black blood in their bodies. So the portion of the Jim Crow segregation laws that were related to the one drop rule were more specifically the one-sixteenth rule, or in some states, “the one-eighth rule”, and that included blacks, native Indians, Chinese and Japanese.
    It’s closer definition, as it pertained to blacks, was that if a person had at least one-sixteenth of black blood, they were considered black. This was a way to deny black people basic human rights to survive during a time of great economic uncertainty – pro-civil war, where blacks competed for jobs and privileges that only the whites had (because it was the biracial population, or persons with one-sixteenth of black, Chinese or Japanese blood who competed the most for skilled labor jobs).

    Where biracial children and adults came in was during the slave era, as we know, a great number of biracial people were produced. Not only were these the offspring of slave owner and slave, there were freed blacks in the north who ALSO produced biracially. These unions were between freed black men and white women as well.

    Generally, in the case of existing in the south on a slave plantation, these biracial offspring were given more rights than full blacks by slave owners – especially if the slave OWNER fathered the children or if his son or nephew fathered them. (One of the long-studied sociological facts is that, statistically, whites were, and still are, kinder to other humans who look more like them, because of relate-ability) so most mixed race kids were allowed to learn to read and write. A lot of them were taught skilled trades and some were even college educated. Because of who their fathers were, a number of these offspring were granted freedom early, and some, who were still classified as slaves, were allowed privileges on the plantations that far exceeded what a regular black slave was allowed. Some whites didn’t like this DURING slavery for mostly fear of inferiority, but AFTER slavery it presented more of a problem than one could’ve predic
    This mixed population – with better skills and better educations than a lot of whites – were fighting to maintain privileges bestowed upon them by their master/fathers and brothers and uncles and grandfathers; in addition to competing for skilled labor jobs that they had long been trained for and had worked.
    The economic outlook in the country was bleak, and whites felt that they deserved to eat, work, and survive more than any other race, including natives, Mexicans, Japanese and Chinese.
    By the way, the name Jim Crowe came from a white man who did satire of a dancing negro in a comedy skit during the 1800’s that, I believe, was called “Jump, Jim Crow”; meaning, “Jump, Negro, Jump”. Therefore, “Jim Crow Laws” meant “Negro Laws”.
    By including the one-sixteenth rule, whites were given precedent over blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese, etc, and most importantly, the skilled and educated, biracial descendants of slaves/white fathers.
    There were many reasons Jim Crow laws were enacted and in some states there were as many – or more than twenty statutes.
    These were ways to keep non-whites lawfully from many things – from voting to applying for jobs to simply being present where whites were present, except in subservient ways.
    There may have been a case where a black woman fought in the courts for her biracial offspring, but I’ve never heard of it, and being a student of black history in addition to consulting with two friends who have degrees in black history, I couldn’t find anything on it. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen – just means (to me) that Jim Crow laws had little or nothing to do with black, ex-slave women taking white men to court to garner support for their biracial children.

    • Interesting post. Read about Elizabeth Key Grinstead. Not sure if she was related to the Keys of Star Spangled Banner fame, but she was a slave who succesfully sued her white owner for freedom for her and her son, John. Remember back then there was. O real concept of child support. It was considered that parents owned their children much like slaves were owned by their masters. In her case she was succesful in suing because of her white blood. And the fact that she was Christian. That was. In like 1686, America in its current incarnation didn’t even exist yet. But as the country developed it became harder and harder for black slaves to sue for freedom because of what the bible says regarding slaves must be content with the lot. Pretty screwed up.

      • Read Ephesians 6 :5-9….also Deuterontomy 15:12-15. The bible discusses but does not outright condemn slavery as a practice. God himself allowed the Hebrew israelites to be enslaved in Egypt. So early Christians often encouraged slaves to accept their lot in life as if their sufferings were the will of God. And of course slave traders and owners thousands of years later used those bible passages as justification for the wickedness they were subjecting fellow humans to.

        • The Hebrews are slaves again in america Duet 28:68.We are the descendants of the Hebrews that were slaves in Egypt.The second Egypt that duet 28:68 is referring to is America. We are the Hebrew Israelites

          • Why is God punishing the Hebrew slaves for being slaves? If they were slaves in the first Egypt then what were they being punished for then? If slavery is suffering for the will of God then why even look at it as punishment?

          • @Anna We are suffering the curses in Duet and Leviticus for the rebellion of our ancestors for breaking the Laws of the God of Israel and we’ve pickup up where they left off.So,until we awaken to the truth and start keeping Laws,Statutes and Commandments we’re going to continue to suffer the afflictions of the Most High.It’s no coincidence that we perish and spend more time in jail that all other.Those are curses and punishments directly from the most high for our rebellion.But we’re in the last days of the whitemans rulership and once the messiah returns most of our people are going to perish and only a third of us will survive.I’m trying to be amongst the 1/3.How about you?

  8. Corrections:
    POST* civil war.
    * RE produced biracially.
    *Long-established sociological facts….
    * Some whites didn’t like this DURING slavery due mostly to fear of inferiority, but AFTER slavery it presented more of a problem than one could’ve predicted.
    *The name Jim Crow came from a white man, Thomas D. Rice, who did satire of a dancing negro in a comedy skit during the 1800’s that, I believe, was called “Jump Jim Crow”; meaning, “Jump, Negro, Jump”. Therefore, “Jim Crow Laws” meant “Negro Laws”.

    Sorry about all the typos.

  9. Hey hey hey! I will let you know that I enjoy f*cking the rolls and folds of flab that Mariah has developed on her once hot body! Those rolls feel so goooooood! Ah yeah, am a gigolo! Ah yeah, do you guys remember my first album? I sure don’t!

  10. nick is a gossipy n1gga… this celebrities love to complain about paparazzi following them and people planting fake stories etc
    but that’s the life their choose so stop complaining these celebrities do’t mind going to magazines and talking about their crappy lives
    to get paid for it…… when these paparazzi takes photo’s of them for FREE!! they snap!!

  11. Nik,
    Shut your mouth. You were as nutty as Mirah. Maybe after getting ill you changed? Maybe she didn’t take care of you like you thought she should? Maybe she doesn’t treat the kids equally? You knew!

    You knew!

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