DNA Test Proves Flo Rida is the Father of Baby He Wanted to Abort


Model, Natasha Georgette Williams, who filed suit against Flo Rida last year for child support has been vindicated. The Judge in the case ordered a paternity test, which Flo Rida, whose real name is Tramar Lacel Dillard,  and his legal team vigorously fought against.

Well, the results of that DNA test are in and they have come back 99.999% POSITIVE Dillard is the father!

Here is what’s being reported:

“Flo admitted they had been having sexual relations, but he was convinced she was sleeping with multiple partners. He also allegedly offered to pay for an abortion.”

Here is what Williams lawyer had to say:

“Though not a surprise to Ms. Williams, we are certainly pleased that the Court ordered paternity test firmly establishes Flo Rida is the father of their son.”


  1. Males who are promiscuous always want to cast a shadow of doubt on a woman who comes to them, as she should, and lets them know she is pregnant.

    It isn’t difficult to be a one-man woman. It isn’t difficult to space sexual encounters out so there is no confusion as to the paternity of your child should you get pregnant. No form of contraception and no prophylactic are foolproof.

    I have never experienced such a situation, but I often wonder how a woman feels when a man denies paternity of her child, only for her to be vindicated? I also wonder how a man feels denying a child he helped conceive, only to find he is the father?

    I hope both parents will do right by their child and have mutual respect for each other, as to set a positive example for this innocent child they need to raise.

    • I can only imagine that it would be absolutely heartbreaking for the mother, if the guy denies the child.
      As for the guy, to find out that he is the father,must be a bitter pill to swallow.

    • Ha. Lemme tell you, I’ve seen it up close and personal several times with friends and family. The menfolk seem to fall into two camps. Camp 1, they keep right on ignoring the kid cuz they asshole-ish like that. 2) they develop a rapport/ relationship with the child and are more or less on point from there on in. Both camps instantly forgive themselves for all wrong doing and continue to blame the woman for whatever problems arise. Real talk .

      • I take issue with the men forgiving themselves and placing blame on the women for an act that takes two willing participants. Birth control doesn’t always work. Condoms are usually effective when used correctly, but how many men were properly trained how to use a condom? With that stated, you would think a man who owns a Bugatti and houses in excess of $2 million would have $20 to take to CVS, Duane Reed or Walgreens so he could buy a box of condoms and wrap it up. The only issue I have with Flo-Rida’s new BM is that she had sex with him. Lol.

      • Check..agreed..no.lie.. this is so true. .but how can a man who knows a child is his be so detached from said child. . Why r some daddys allowed to “warm up”to their children? Daddys get on board, the love of/from a child is one of the greatest gifts that God had blessed us with.

    • There is something called Marriage! If we obey GOD’S commandment and not fornicate, we will be good. GOD forbids evil for a reason! ALLAH is the ALL KNOWING, ALL WISE

      • And since we all perfect we all will abide by his rules #shakingmyhead #sillyrabbit

    • There is something called Marriage that would solve all these issues! If we just listen and obey GOD’S commandments to not fornicate we would be in a better position. GOD forbids evil for good reasons. ALLAH is the ALL KNOWING, ALL AWARE

      • Thank you for bringing up MARRIAGE! Most women of ALL races, NOT just black women seem to have no problem having illegitimate children. It use to a shameful issue but in today’s standardless society it’s the norm.

        What works my nerve is how ignorant our black men are…including this idiot Florida. He trashed that woman & took her through an unnecessary legal mess only to prove his own irresponsibility.

    • This is what I don’t understand about BM. They obviously don’t like kids or marriage most not all. So why not get that snip or use condoms. Right, logic does not apply.

  2. I wonder if he will sing the whistle song,while she is milking him?

    I hope he plays a father role in the rearing of his child,rather than just a cheque signer.

          • :). I replied before via my android but my response was blank-how did that happen? I tried a different browser, same result. SO B Stiviano, the spelt version of the word ‘Cheque’,is never used in America?

            • Lol @ spelt. We would say ‘spelled’ and ‘check.’ I rarely see ‘cheque’ used here. I never see ‘spelt.’ 🙂

            • Alright, Lol Yeah, spelt is used over here, like whilst /while, spit/spat. It is quite hilarious really.

            • If we say ‘spat,’ it is likely to mean two people who got into an argument. Lol. I imagine the English uses of the word are probably the most appropriate.

            • Well, it could also be used in that context as well. But, usually refers to being the recipient of an unlucky or intended target of projected saliva.

  3. See, this is why there’s so much HIV in Miami. All these girls trying to get pregnant by rappers and ballers. All this promiscuity and no condoms!
    He says she had multiple partners but everyone knows what a hoe he is.

    • Miami is an incubator for HIV/AIDS because it’s subtropical, lots of beautiful women, and it’s corrupt like hell. No accident ballers and rappers spend time…Self-Explanatory! The industry has made dudes so jaded, they automatically assume a sista is running game. In our race, the showtime negros are the doctors and lawyers…Money Men! They’re not bumping and grinding with us 9 to 5 cats. We can be honest about this, Not Offended! Women like men with means to provide for them and child…Bottomline! Flo Rida need to represent, and take care of his seed. We gotta do better in rerelation to our women… A Must!

      • FL will boot that Haitians for crossing the border, but they allow the Cubans to stay. Those Cubans are the “incubators” for HIV and AIDS.

        • Are you saying that the Haitians played no part in bringing HIV to South Florida? Are you unfamiliar with Belle Glade, the HIV capital of America and home to more Haitian sugar cane workers that you can count? The Haitian male and female prosties spread HIV to American and Latin blacks in Belle Glade starting in the early 1980’s. It’s now a virtual AIDS ghetto.

          As for the Cubans, if Haitians had rich and influential residents in Miami, the refugees arriving from Port au Prince would probably be greeted with open arms too. Cubans own Miami, and with money and numbers comes power-particularly political power. We could learn a thing or two from their ethnic cohesiveness.
          Although I realize that Puerto Ricans are basically Americans, they are quickly eclipsing the monetary power of Cubans, not through business acumen, but through sheer numbers. Florida, once a bastion of Cuban Hispanics is now becoming San Juan North. Personally I love it, because I way prefer PR’s over Cubans.
          They are spawning at a rate only rivaled by Mexicans in this country, while they Cubans breed in a more Anglo fashion. Lots of birth control and small families.

          • I’m not terribly familiar with FL, period. I find it coincidental that dark-skinned Latinos or Black people are always the ones to blame for HIV/AIDS. Money doesn’t protect someone from contracting HIV.

            HIV/AIDS started as a gay white man’s disease. Once BM started branching out interracially, the cases of HIV/AIDS amongst BM and BW began to skyrocket.

        • Ignorant and racist statement followed with “I’m really not familiar with…” Dumb bitch which is it? Cubans in FL are incubators or nah? Punk bitch

          • How dare you!!!! She is infallible!!!! Perfect!!! You are stupid not to recognize that.

            • You don’t know her, so take your rickety crickety cosigning with no credit ass the f*ck on. I’m so sick of you lame, Anonymous bitches who really aren’t anonymous, posting sarcastic and disrespectful comments about and to me. If someone nutted in your Happy Meal and told you it was mayo, I extend my condolences, but bitch, it wasn’t me. All of the attempted e-thugging and hate don’t do a single thing but propel me in real life, so keep it going.

          • Is Cuban a race? Last I checked, it is a nationality. And I am not familiar with the heavily populated Haitian area they mentioned. Build a bridge and get over it.

            What is racist is blaming the Black man/Africans for HIV/AIDS. But you don’t seem to take issue with that. People forget that you can contract HIV via IV drug use. People who have money partake in illegal drug use. When they’re high, I doubt they concern themselves with the quality of their dope or the cleanliness of their needles.

            Some of these Cubans are as Black as these Haitians, but we dare not mention that, either. It is racism, nationalism, colorism and discrimination based on socioeconomic status that prevents Haitians from receiving their just due not only in FL but in the US. The Haitian population is thick here, in spite of those obstacles. They don’t disclose their nationality in many cases. The Haitians I know are strong, hard working, loyal, contributing members of society. We should open our borders to people who will be assets to this country. If that is dumb, let me be a damn fool.

            • So thought provoking! You truly are one of the great minds of HSK. What a privilege just to read your every dispatch.

            • Haitians are the only sane people in this city… I Got Love For Them! Cubans are another story altogether, but that’s another topic.

        • Sis… I Love How You Think! The Dope Game contributed more to this plague than anything. Women started selling their bodies to get lit, had a junkie sista just walk inside our residence out of nowhere. I was a youngin when this happened. Between the 1980s and 1990s, Miami was off the f**kin chain… Literally! Cats had no concern, they were hittin females raw, running trains, the whole nine. Money was falling from the sky. Luke gave a glimpse of the ghetto girls in the hood. But, Cocaine put Miami Girls on the map. And, it’s still the same. Like i said, Miami is hot, hot-ass women, and crooks galore… Dangerous Mix!

  4. Georgette is lovely. I just met a little Margot and like that name too. I’m tired of Peyton, Taylor, Emma etc

    • I too love Georgette. It reminds me of the beautiful delicate fabric. A good choice!

      • I’d rather be a Georgette for life than a Matilda or Gertrude for a month. lol
        The only Hepzibahs I am aware of are the Biblical one and the town outside of Augusta, Ga. Do you mean someone actually NAMED their child that?? Holy —–.
        My great grandmother was a Beulah, so I’ll leave that one alone.

  5. hey hey hey calm down.i just hope for the sake of the child he gets properly taken care of.

  6. Ok, I DO live in South Florida and Haitians far outnumber American blacks here. And Haitians DID contribute to the spread of HIV here, but Miami has a huge gay population also and these gay males also contributed to it. There’s a joke that there’s as many gays in Miami as there are Cubans.
    Regardless of which group helped to spread HIV initially, it’s here to stay. No one is immune and every ethnicity, race, and gender are contracting it.
    Btw, I am “chaos” and I wrote that comment. I guess a was a little frustrated when I typed it and that’s because I had just read some more shii on Flo somewhere else. I have been in some of his circles but have never met him personally, tho I have seen him out in the same crowds as I’ve been in. Anyway, he seems like a ho.
    So many hoes here, male and female. They act like they are bullet proof but they are gonna learn!
    Flo has said a lot of hateful things about his baby’s mom (this woman Natasha) smearing her really bad. But what I want to know is how is he gonna say that she had numerous sex partners while they were together and he is sleeping with her without protection??? Her and other women!!! Point is, so many people here are f*cking like rabbits without protection. So many girls f*cking ballers and semi-famous rappers just to get paid for 18 yrs!!! So if they are trying to get pregnant, they are not using condoms!!! Plus there are girls who f*ck old rich men and get paid extra for going bareback. Most of these gold diggers have 3 or 4 sugar daddies. They think they are the only girl but what a lot of them don’t realize is that the sugar daddies have 2 or 3 other hoes they are hittin’.
    Just nasty. You have no idea where someone has been before you and after you!!! But these girls down here are thirsty as hell for wealth.
    I’m 28 and I used to go out in my early 20’s back in 2008 to about a year ago and I have seen it all in the clubs. Ugh! I’m ashamed to say that I was even around this shit for as long as I was.
    And speaking of Cubans, they are more racist than any white person I’ve ever met.

    • Thank you! I am so tired of Haitians being the fall guy for everything plaguing FL. I know there are Haitians with HIV/AIDS, but I thank you for breaking it down. Thank you x3.

      • @B…Yw… But you touched on how HIV flourished in the black communities and I’m not sure I agree with that… Unless you mean that the swirling was done between black gay men and gay white men…. Because what I’ve understood is that because of so many black men being on the down-low, they have brought aids back to the black female. I know I’m gonna catch hell for saying this but 2 black women from Atlanta wrote a book on this a few yrs ago. They said, and I’ve always known this, that HIV was able to flourish in the black communities because of so many down-low black men secretly having unprotected sex with other men, contracting the disease, then also pretending to black women that they were straight and infecting THEM. Blacks are notorious for not using condoms and it’s becoming the death of us. No pun intended.

        • I don’t think it is coming solely from DL behavior. I think that is TPTB pushing the gay agenda on Black men. There is a plan in effect to disassemble the Black family. If the BW fears the BM and assumes she can contract a deadly disease from him, she will likely leave him be. She will be single. If she is single, how will she procreate? What a great way to end the circle of Black life. It may just be a theory, but it is also my belief.

          Herpes was never a Black thing. Now, all of these Black folks are coming out of the woodworks with herpes. We aren’t laying with our own and staying with our own. Brothas are chasing and capturing everything that isn’t Black like it is a prize. The sad fact is, these other races and nationalities of women aren’t just screwing other men and women, some of them are engaging in bestiality and involving these BM. They are out here cuckolding and engaging in bukkake parties. Those types of deviant behaviors are not US. They are not who we are and what we represent. They are learned behaviors that too many of our people have been taught by their experiences with “others.”

          Men are the carriers of diseases. It is amazing how lesbians who’ve never had sex with men can remain STD free, but a woman who has had sex with one man can end up with the worst, most incurable STD known to man. Again, anything to create a divide between Black men and Black women. Sadly, BM are falling for it, hook, line and sinker. I just pray for their collective protection and welfare.

          • @B. Stiviano: I agree with you but you cut the brothas a lot of slack.

            I just think the black junkie f&cked the gay white man and then f&cked his junkie blackride or die chick. Then, it was on.

            What we must also remember and not forget is that what went underground with homo behavior was heroin use. Everyone thought that disappeared in 1980. There were plenty of folks still shootin’ up around the time crack came on the scene. That also drove the epidemic in our communities.

            Anal sex is now gaining traction among Black women have been so demoralized and desperate, they are now lettin’ men raw dawg them in the azz. BW need to stop, as the Bible says, “letting the sons of Israel turn them into whores”. Why are we competing with gay men? Why are we not conscious and secure in our God-given femininity? Because as black folks, we are too susceptible to the media garbage. The conversation now should only be about BW.

            • I mentioned heroin indirectly on my post re: Cubans. Thank you x3. I appreciate your reply.

        • Tameka Foster Child Raymond v. Raymond I'm Ready To Sign Them Papers, But My MFing Pen Ran Out of Ink

          No Name:

          Anal sex is a gateway for HIV/AIDS. Too many sistas are letting BM use their “back door,” and that is problematic as well. When you have a vagina, you should be using your anus as a portal to expel solid waste — no more, no less.

          • Very true. The anal canal is full of germs and bacteria. It is waste and no place for a dick that will then go into a vagina.

    • Cuba was the last island in the Carribbean to outlaw slavery.

      That Spanish system of slavery and the racism that followed, even to this day is worse than any Anglo krakka racism.

  7. Tameka Foster Child Raymond v. Raymond I'm Ready To Sign Them Papers, But My MFing Pen Ran Out of Ink

    So true!

  8. People when you do Babydaddy/Babymama things (procreate outside marriage) don’t complain about it. If you don’t want her as a wife don’t make her a mother. Its a very simple concept to understand

  9. at least he didn’t impregnate a rubber lipped white bytch!! flo rida stuck to what he knows best a caramel brown women she’s beautiful
    black women need to know what their worth. we are envied white women try to do out black women to make black women feel/look BAD!!

    you sellout coons are encouraging these washed out illy white rubber lipped white women. there’s no denying that some black women wanna be white
    but is not their fault!!! white people have planted this notion that “white is right” but if everyone was white it would be a boring place!!!!

    just stating the facts and the obvious………. black women you are worth a billion dollars do’t copy these rubber lipped white women. let them copying you

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