Nick Cannon Releases Mariah Carey Diss Track

nick cannon mariah carey diss track

Shots fired!

Nick Cannon is still in his feelings over his failed marriage to Mariah Carey. Now that Mariah has moved on and is officially engaged to her billionaire fiancé, James Packer, Nick still has a lot to say about his former flame.

In a new track called “Oh Well,” Nick takes shots at the diva, and basically calls her a cheating gold digger!

Nick Cannon”All you needed was a n—- with the money, cars and cribs. I still feel bitter about it…You leaving the house. You f—ing that n—-, giving me a reason to bounce. Oh well,”

“Do you remember that one night when neither one of us would act right? And sleeping together just didn’t feel right? People on TV be happy but this is real life. You know you be wrong, but I should chill, right?”

“She didn’t like when I was broke, but she missed the old me. Wait, girl – you got me confused,”

“One day I’ll probably miss ya. Off drugs and lots of liquor. Until then, I’ll holla at ya,”

And the dagger comes when Nick says his relationship with Mariah was all a lie!

“Baby girl, don’t cry. I won’t lie. Our relationship was a lie, but baby some die. I guess we parted, that’s all. Oh well,”

Someone sounds bitter. Peep the track:


  1. Real men don't do stuff like this. Sounds like he is just trying to start some controversy to get attention and money.

    • Right! He defended Mariah after Eminem came for her neck. And now that she's done with him too, he wants to profit off their relationship smh. Lame.

    • Nicky poo can't handle the fact that ole Mimi done one upped his sorry azz! Negro still in he feelings after all this time. Shame some folk can't just move on. Mimi HAS to a billionaire boo. My girl ain't thinking bout his behind. Loser!!!

  2. He knew what he was getting when he married her, don't diss her now…. such a lame….

  3. If you gonna drop a dis track….make it a good one!
    This is some homemade cassette tape player…bull shit.
    She wanted babies. You knew that.
    Crazy shit, you married her in 3 months….how did you think it was gonna turn out?

    This is beneath you NICK

  4. If Nick Cannon knows what's really for his highest good and benefit he will keep playing with those girls he deals with in LA, do his shows, sit his ass down somewhere and shut up. His ex wife is still to well connected to this very day and that connection surpasses the facade of the entertainment business.

  5. We knew it was a lie from the start when they first hooked up we knewvsomebody was high on something

  6. Usually rappers drop diss tracks. I'm extremely insulted that he went there..clown ass niqqa. I don't want to hear this ish the day my fav ATCQ emcee passes. He's coonin on the wrong and I don't appreciate. I'm only going in cuz I have been waiting forever for Tribe to get it right and put on a show. Shattered.

  7. Eminem need to diss his ass again and hers nick got what he wanted she was his dream girl he knew sge was a junkie bipolar ass freak no he married her impregnated her trying to show out and brag about mariah he wanted a white girl so bad he settled for a mulatto and she played him now he crying just move on and pay your child support

  8. This attention whore needs to man up…
    If it weren't for Mariah he would still be this former star child with no future…
    Now this gigolo wants some attention : take care of your children instead !

  9. Music – wack
    Drums – awful; Casio level
    Lyrics – horrible
    Delivery – lazy
    He needs his azz whooped just for being terrible.

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