Gospel Singer Leaves Wife of 20 Years to Smash Adrienne Bailon!

adrienne bailon boyfriend israel houghton

Gospel singer Israel Houghton divorced his wife of 20 years this year, and before the ink was dry on the divorce papers, he was jetting off to Mexico with his new boo…”The Real” co-host, Adrienne Bailon!

Fameolous website did some digging and found out Adrienne and Israel have been secretly dating for months. Many members of Israel’s church are now questioning the timing of their relationship. You see, Israel had already confessed to cheating on his wife, which led to the end of their marriage. Now it looks like Adrienne was the home wrecker behind the scenes!



To make matters even worse, Israel has been friends with Adrienne and her ex-fiancé, Roc Nation exec Lenny Santiago. Adrienne and Lenny dated for years and got engaged in February 2015. Seven months later, Adrienne called off the wedding. How ironic she ended her engagement at the same time Israel was pulling the plug on his marriage!

Fameolous found this old Instagram post where Israel congratulated Adrienne and Lenny on their relationship…when he was secretly plotting to steal Lenny’s girl!


Israel and Adrienne have since denied that they cheated on their former partners.

adrienne bailon israel houghton


  1. she must be selling it. Otherwise I don't understand why she would want to date a fat grown man. Damn there went the respect I had for her.

  2. To Israel: (In the voice of Tamar) LIES!!

    Yes, he cheated years ago and he cheated again with Adrienne. C'mon now it ain't rocket science.

  3. All her views on the show now is booboo. I have no respect for any woman or man who messes with a married individual.. karma! Will get that ass.just watch

  4. Everyone knows Adrienne is a thot. She used to smash LeBron back in the day. Oh and let's not forget she is friends with the Kartrashians.

  5. Let's not forget LeBron has always been with his children's mother his now wife Savannah. That means Adrienne was smashing him on the low.

  6. O/T: Hi Sasha R ! 🙂
    Could u post a story about Cardi B reading Peter Gunz deadbeat behind? lol

  7. EEEeeewwww. Thank the stars for hookers like Adrienne, cuz with a body like Israel’s… some things you just gotta leave to the professionals

  8. OMG!! I'm Shocked she appears to be so wholesome on the Real. I have lost all respect for her and him. I thought so much of her, I see she isn't Real at all.

  9. They look like they smell of musky holy oil…LORD HAM MERCY! She's always been a DL THOT and home wrecker. She used to mess with FABOLOUS the Rapper when he was dating Emily B, and she goes way back…..I believe dude still had his wedding band on in the picture too….SMH! Tasteless. He needed to wait at least 6 months. His ex is probably sitting back laughing at their flabby asses too! Karma is nothing to play with, especially when you are supposed to be high up in the (church) house of God! Good luck to them on that!

  10. When you can't keep up appearances anymore you get sloppy. He probably just stop caring. You know the wife already knew what their marriage was about. She was happily cashing those checks and probably didn't care who he was smashing until he told her that he wanted out. Can't you see it??? She goes to the minister to tell about the cheating when her comfort is about to be displaced. Meanwhile…he says…"F" it….

    Let him live!

  11. it's nice to see she is not stuck on looks…..so what he's older….so what he's over weight..I mean I know fake is,the new,real..crazy is,the new sane……dumb the new smart…. she May be guilty of dealing with a married man. …..but amen for not judging how he looks

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