Wiz Khalifa Hooking Up With Selena Gomez?

wiz khalifa selena gomez

Well this came out of left field…Apparently Wiz Khalifa is making sweet music with Selena Gomez inside and outside of the studio.

The two have been working together on a new song, and allegedly started hooking up at the same time, according to sources.

“[Wiz and Selena] have been ‘fooling around’ in between [recording] sessions, which is infuriating Amber Rose! Selena is playing with fire, not just with Amber but also because Wiz is a terrible influence,”

Something tells me Amber gives zero fukks about who her ex-husband is smashing. She’s too busy with her new flavor of the week.

Do you think these two are hooking up on the low? I kinda believe it… especially since Selena has taken on this new “hood” persona after meeting Wiz.





    • It's not the dick. It's the begging like little puppies black men do to them. No white man (think bieber for example) is tryna beg selena for anything. Another black man flourishing with a white leftover bitch lol

      • The sexual stuff is cliche at this point in the game. Non-black females see ego-obsessed negros as stepping stones to bigger and better things. It's waaay beyond them being thirsty for ebony wood. They do nothing for blackmen, yet, we seek to give our dollars to them for a piece of ass…It's Embarrassing!

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        • You're supposedly so attractive but you always get the other men's trashy leftovers. You never get the classy Indian, white or Asian women… I wonder why.

    • Comment:

      What's Up Chris? The sexual stuff is cliché at this point, Selena Gomez is just another non-black female spazzing out after sleeping with a so-called hood nigga for stripes. We've become a stepping stone for these chicks, and not in a good way. Seeing all the pesos Kim K has made by stealing from blackwomen has encouraged other chicks to fall in line. Not surprised by this one bit. Blackness is dominant, but, we get screwed nonetheless because we're blinded by ego and our family jewels. Latin women have turned into the new "White Women" because of their ties to latin blacks…Read About It! It's not doing jack for us. Our culture is being lost because negros get caught up in trying to impress for all the wrong reasons!!!

    • It's not about looks. Selena Gomez is an attractive woman, that's plain to see. Us as blackmen twisting ourselves into knots over foreign punany all the damn time is what irks me. Keeps us sidetracked and so forth. Sistas are the cream, but, we got a billion dollar mindset as brothas…Mo Money Mo Money! Gotta have all the bitches, that's how we think…Straight Up!

  1. Wiz probably has a nice long one as that can be the only reason cause he's definitely not cute in the face.

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