Katt Williams Sucker Punches a Grade Schooler, Gets His Azz Handed to Him!


Katt Williams messed around with the wrong one!

The comedian was at a middle school, and as with all Katt stories, everything started off fine. He is seen on video chatting with a group of boys and laughing. But then within seconds, Katt snapped!

He sucker punched a young boy in the face, and a fight broke out! Katt was no competition for the young boy, and the comedian can be seen getting choked the f*ck out!





Looks like Katt’s gonna have another lawsuit on his hands. Smh.


    • Yup , its so sad to watch 🙁
      blackassassins.com also got an article on Katt's programming

    • Yes. "They" are setting the stage to take another black man down just like Bill Cosby right?

      It couldn't possibly be that Katt is strung out and it's messing with his mind and judgment and he is making very destructive choices could it? Nah. Just like the man set up Cosby with all those women, it ain't Katt's fault either.

  1. My question is WHY was he at a middle school anyways, if he's not doing a speaking engagement ??

    • No he was at an apartment complex playing soccer with the kids. Doing the right thing and giving back to the kids. Don't get it twisted now. I have seen Katt give back now.

  2. I think he just stood there or layed and flopped on the ground while the kid layed on top of him. He's not well and this is only part of his illness.

  3. DR1….PLEASE call you folks & tell them to get your boy. This is just waaaayyyyy too much.

  4. What in the blue hell is going on th Katt Williams. Didn't he just get out of jail. All these offenses caught on tape. Katt maybe spending some time in jail.

  5. IT'S funny because he looks like a 4th graders and the teacher came out like boys stop fighting and get back to class all jokes to the side something is not right with him he talking a bit to often about them and they don't like it.

  6. I just saw the entire video and that lil boy provoke Katt. In fact, he was telling the lil kid to leave him alone and he didn't want to go back to jail over no bs. So the kid kept provoking Katt and Katt punched him. Katt took him time out of his life and played soccer to those kids and one lil knucklehead had to be dummy and messed up a good time.

    • very true! the vid here doesnt tell the whole story. it wasnt a sucker punch! he was really askin for it. katt even attempted to walk away before this went down.

    • Thanks, DaRadiant1 for letting us know the video being shown everywhere is NOT the whole video. I had to do some searching, but I found the full video and yes, that little no mannered boy provoke Katt.

  7. What? Stop making excuses for this Midget Queen, this guy threw the first punch! This guy tried to fight a teen and y'all are still making excuses for him?
    A clone? WTF! This ain't no dann clone that's him. Some of y'all sound really crazy, everything isn't a conspiracy theory

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