Master P’s Wife Bosses Up, Launches Battle For $67M!

Master P's Messy Divorce

New developments from Master P’s messing divorce proceedings seem to reveal Sonja Miller’s made a major a pimp play!

Sources say.. No Limit’s former First Lady just took sh!t to the next level after a recent court filing — demanding just about everything but the kitchen sink! “She wants one of their three large chandeliers,” a source reports. “And, her $28,000 wedding dress… plus the Escalade.”

“Sonya Miller says she’s indignant because she helped Master P create one of the most successful labels in hip-hop, yet he has cut her off like a bad habit.”


This, just two-weeks after Mr. ‘I Got The Hook Up’ squashed Sonya’s claims that he abducted their kids. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Hercy, who co-signed with his dad on sending Sonya to rehab. From the looks of it, Sonya’s now just going for the guap. “Court docs reveal an estimated total value of community assets from the marriage at $178,743,300,” a report states. “She wants nearly 40% of everything. All told, Sonya is demanding $67,647,800.”

Here’s the latest:

“She claims she deserves a HUGE chunk of the rapper’s empire — which includes 31 properties, 13 cars, 45 companies… and $10 million of Master P’s “Make ‘Em Say Ughh!” energy drink company

The real estate properties are spread across Cali, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia — she wants eight of them.

Sonya estimates the value of Master P’s businesses — including No Limit Records — at $136,101,000 … and wants $54 million of that.”

Check out what Romeo — reported to be living with moms Sonya — put on blast:

romeo-miller-vs-mom sonya-miller-wants-it-all


  1. She was the mother of his seeds, she was involved in the process of making these successes. She is accustomed to a certain lifestyle. She didn’t cheat during the marriage. Well deserved. Good for her!!!

    • I agree. I hope she gets all she needs because I’m sure she put up with a lot of mess during that marriage. Take him to the cleaners, Sonya!!!!


    • I hope she gets all that and more. He’s just mad because he would really rather be in divorce court with an Asian prostitute that a decent black woman. Screw him both ways, Sonya.



      • Half of his empire really? Ok I feel he could make sure she got a roof over her head and money for food. The kids gotta visit their mom but that’s about it. And he brought the kids into it because she lied and said he kidnapped them. They said she takes them to school hours late if they even go. Just like a damn crack head. I don’t trust a crack head. All that money do she could smoke it up in 2 years with her druggy friends.

        • #so she error
          Sorry this is the wrong candidate for all the black queen shit. And if she was such a good mother I highly doubt Romeo would be siding with his father. And it’s not the money because Romeo has his own investments and did pretty well for himself.


      • Master P, you got your son plugging ICDC college…but from the looks of your spelling you should have stayed in school.

        • Lets assume that really is Master P.

          2 years of community college and 10k startup and 100+ million dollars of assets and growing today.

          If you think that is a person who needs to go to school or continue school, you are an absolute idiot, and part of the reason why the next huge bubble in this nation will be the default on college loans.

          • Oh shut the f*ck up. First of all , I wasn’t talking to you because I’m part of the anti troll movement. Second you are the f*cking idiot. And racist. And bigot. And misogynist. And asshole. And cipher. Etc. Keep your capitalistic views circulating amongst the rest of your herd, snow beast.

          • @ 7:42….what logic? What facts? I don’t care what u said this time because you have been called out many times for your racismn and misogyny. Of course you did not mention race per se. You never do because you don’t want to mention that your persona here is that of a clandestine white troll here to stir shit, regardless of who you might actually be in real life. That said ,again what logic and truth . Explain logically why you called the wife a bitch, and explain why you called her a whore. Be specific.

      • You need to calm down! Your ignorance is making my stomach hurt, unless he helps you with your bills (then i understand) , but if not, please, stop it, im embarrassed for you

  2. After that dog and pony stunt he pulled on youtube using the kids he had this coming. Glad she is standing up for what is hers in the estate she helped built. If he can give his mistress Mercedes a record deal then he can break off the woman who grew with him and created children with some dough. Romeo is so damn dreamy 🙂

  3. she should get her 1/2. What make master p think she doesn’t deserve it. Typical now that the grind is not so hard he wants to wife up his non-black side piece after Sonya was down for all those years and birthed all thjose kids. She was the one to make him say “Make ‘Em Say Ughh!”


  4. She cant be all that bad their kids turned out great, quite sure she raised them pretty much by herself due to him being an artist on the road all the time. P give her, her money so she can go ahead about HER business I dont think she still want you either. And if she had a drug problem sent her to rehab and keep it a family matter we didn’t need to know that most of us didn’t even know who she was. SHAME ON YOU!!!

    • Totally cosign, the most intelligent post about this topic.

      P is gonna fight for that money tho. He needs it to payoff the prison system in LA so that his brother will only do 20 instead of life.

      But Sonya betta get her shit together and never even look at even an aspirin again. The courts don’t play with moms on drugs.

      • He can pay all he want, his brother still is going to be locked up like a bad case of hemrroids.

    • Sonya was a damn good mother. I am sure there are a myriad of reasons why Romeo is standing with Percy now, but it isn’t because Sonya did not raise a fine family. And for all yall casting the first stone as to her crack smoking, she is human, and human’s handle pain, deception, abandonment and other marital ills in many different ways. The Park Avenue
      wife of a bond trader sips her Montrachet with an Ativan chaser all day long as her husband holes up with his secretary at The Carlyle and no one thinks a thing of that.

      we cope how we cope…but to insinuate that she was not a fine partner and wife is just mean spirited

    • If this was a man asking for half of some woman’s bread he been with x amount of years, all you would talk about him like he was a hot piece of shit no matter what he done or contributed. I hope that idiot bitch that said take him to the cleaners gets a f*ckin hole in her money hungry ass head

    • sadly even tho black don’t crack, drugs will beat the hell out of any woman’s looks.

    • She just look like she’s had hard times. She hasn’t been taking care of herself appearance wise. She’s problem suffering from low self worth and esteem

  5. That bitch didn’t sign artists, create a record label, secure a distribution deal, make a empire that ran the rap game for about 10 years. She didn’t do shit but open her legs and apparently get hooked on drugs.

    She is a waste of human skin. Lying on a father with his kids while she goes to rehab and then making a ridiculous claim that she needs money.

    For those supporting this chick you must be like her, nothing more than a common whore looking to get paid because you let someone screw you. Pathetic base minded women and white knight men.

    • She was his wife not a prostitute or a wet nurse. If anything give her half of what he made off Lil Romeo. Women are more than just useless breeders. She held down the fort so he could do him and was there when he was selling cds out of his trunk.

      • She was his wife, now she isn’t. What she brought in she should leave with. She wasn’t a owner or founder of no limit records or new no limit. she deserves none of the wealth that miller generated from that.

        The mind set that a wife is owed the fruits of the labor she did not labor in producing is what is wrong with most western women today. A delusional sense of entitlement that opening their legs and being there means they deserve something.

        Look at you, scheming about what she should be able to steal from her son, again like no more than a common whore thinking about how they can flip a trick. Lil Romeo had a record contract. He reached a audience and produced record sales, concert ticket purchases, and worked for what he earned, to claim his mom who had nothing to do with his music endeavor now is owed a portion of what he generated is ridiculous.

        The woman didn’t hold down a f*cking fort, you can’t hold shit down if there is nothing to hold. P had money, nannies, and drivers when Romeo was a f*cking kid, so cut that shit out as well.

        She married a person that was successful that is all. If she cared more about marriage than getting high and being a waste of flesh, she would probably still be with that successful person.

        • Do, I’m so sick of your woman hating ass.Who the f*ck are you to call anyone “bitch”. The reason you are always on here pontificating on the lives of others like you are some kind if gd authority on all things wack is because your own life probably sucks. Dollars to doughnuts your saggy white ass does not have a relationship, much less a spouse. Don’t worry about anyone getting one half of your net worth. I’m sure they will bury you with all two of your cents right in your right ass pockets.

          • I don’t know who you are, but I obviously hit a nerve with the way you are crying and moaning and trying to personally attack me.

            I’m sorry that the truth hurt you, but you should probably embrace it and just realize that you need to change.

            marrying someone or having a kid with someone doesn’t entitle you to what they have earned.

            • Yes, you hit a nerve b/c you represent how people are today. Uncaring, selfish, arrogant, prideful, mean spirited, and don’t fully understand their actions until something they say and do ends up causing them harm.

              New generation sucks!

            • Yes a whore crying about why they can steal from someone.

              Oh god, the mind of those whose mind’s are base as gutter.

              You want to steal from others and will call them greedy and selfish to aid in your theft. No different from the garbage gutter welfare kings and queens who cry about “who is gonna take care of their babies” when they have them in large number already living off the government dole or their mom and dads with no job prospects because they have no ambition in life and no marketable skills.

              So sad.

        • Baby, do your research, she been and help start that company. Get your facts together, she has education too, been there since day one. Trust I know….

            • Her calling you “Baby” was a nice way to acknowledge that you’re an immature POS! Nothing endearing about that.

            • Oh its dope money don’t be fooled.

              Even if it was dope money, that means he still went out and earned it, unlike her.

              So again what ground are you trying to stand on with that?

              What she didn’t snitch so now she deserves it?

              It is clear you are out of your depth. I can see that at your over emotional response and how you have no substance to what you actually replying with just emotional crying and name calling.

            • Lol , you are so full of shit with your lame ass mins control attempts. Everytime someone calls you are they are crying and moaning. However when you made your initial comment about what a bitch she is, that wasn’t you moaning and crying at all. It was just you stating your opinion because as an albino, your opinion holds more weight than anyone else’s. You are notorious for your insult and insist routine. And your racism. Which begs the question is you hate women of color so much, why do you crave our attention? Plantation fantasies?

            • Crying again and attacking me instead of coming with an intelligent rebuttal to what I actually said.

              Typical of those who no longer have an actual argument.

              Get it together lady.

            • Oh don’t even try it , you black woman obsessed pos. Everytime one of these sisters cut you to the quick you pretend she is crying…yet when you spring up calling people botched and whites you are doing what? Yodeling? Whinying? Or braying, since that’s the noise a true jack ass makes. Explain again how is it that you are the sole person on here worthy of having an opinion? Especially since subjects like marriage, divorce and relationships with women do not apply to you.

            • And we are all confused by what exactly your so called logical argument is. She deserves a payout from the empire she helped build. The Asian is the one who gets benefits purely for spreading her legs. There is a definite difference. So please feel free to expound on how she did nothing and deserves nothing. Because with all your bluster about how logical you are, you havent explained at all

            • Nice punt ,but I’m nit trying to prove anything to you. You said you provided all this logic and truth and I asked you to back it up. You still haven’t done that so until you do, you don’t get to ask me anything. Because I asked you first . So again 1) why is she a whore 2) why is she a bitch 3) why did she not help him build his empire. Answer logically and truthfully. And without “crying”.

            • No limit is one small part of his holdings. She investigated and found several of their real estate holdings. She helped found the energy drink and ran one of HIS charitable contributions. She did all this while managing his primary household and rearing children. And she was not named as management because as his spouse she didn’t have to be. She was plenty involved especially in the early days , so your so called logical argument falls flat. Btw, the insurance settlement story you googled up, is a cover story. Let’s just say she helped him come up with that initial capital and leave it at that.
              Your logic about why she is a whore is completely illogical. The word has a sexual connotation which you did not connect to the lady or anything she has done. So there is no logic and truth to either your argument as to how she did not help him found his business, or that she is a whore. Furthermore you did not explain how she is a bitch either. There is nothing bitchy about knowing what you helped build and what it is worth and refusing to walk away empty handed. As for her drug use, that has nothing to do with anything but if you want to use that to call her a bitch remember this, if doing drugs makes her a bitc h she ain’t the only one …think cover story…get it? So no u have made no points. Try again.

        • They been together since teenagers, do you think P was dreaming of the life he wanted by himself, she was with him in the projects. …


            • The type of nigga that’ll deny his own mother some his blood to live just because it’s his.

          • Look at that, people who are trying to justify stealing money from a man who worked for it by someone who didn’t do shit having the audacity to actually try to claim that the person telling a gold digger to kick rocks is actually greedy and selfish.

            Not the chick who is a drug addicted proven liar who is making a money grab to most likely support her habit.

            • What proof do you have that as his spouse, she did nothing to build and increase his wealth. Please provide concrete examples

            • 7 :48, how do you know that’s all it was. Several examples have been given. Seems like she helped with marketing management, or, real estate, personal assisting caretaking, publicity, public relationships. This thread is rife with examples of all she did, some from sources that sound knowkedgeable and credible to me. But if an employee is all she was and her position as his life partner means nothing , do you suppose her was paying her a weekly pay check? A 401k perhaps? Because if you have proof he did that , yes she was compensated for her work. But you and I both know you don’t have proof of that. Because what she was to him was so much more.

        • What an emotional heartfelt essay however in community property states the spouse is entitled 1/2 of assets acquired during the marriage, from rap mogul to a city workers pension. Not rooting for her to bleed him dry but get her share. We dont know Sonyas role in the creation of No Limit – she may be the Sheila Johnson to Bob or Raymona to Berry Gordy. If those men had no support or ideas from their wives BET or Motown would have been another failed venture. Wish her the best.

          The fact that that he ignored her petition for divorce, probably to bide time for legal loopholes, is an indicator that he knows he is in for a fight. Hence the drug accusations and Save the Children youtube video he got the kids involved in.

          • Yes whore logic, the court says if she sleeps with someone productive or marries him she is suddenly entitled to the fruits of that person’s labor via government theft of 50% of the producer’s property or from outrageous child support payments. SMH

            Sad part is those like you who have the whore mentality can’t even recognize that that is a nothing but a condoning of whorish behavior and activity because it rewards it and produces more of it.

            Unless the woman has stock ownership of the company she has no entitlement to any of the ideas given to an actual CEO of a company. It would be as ridiculous as sending a piece of advice to Campbell’s Soup on how to make it better, them listening and doing so, and then claiming you deserve a percentage of the profits. Thats right is is stupid.

            But whores always try to get a dollar out of everything

            He ignored a drug addicts petition of divorce leaving her with access to all of his resources, her children, and etc and you think this means he is in a weak position?

            Whore logic.

            You think her having access to 100% of his assets as his wife is worse than her having access to 40% of it and being a known drug addict who is voluntarily checking herself into rehab after lying about her husband kidnapping her children.

            Whore logic, thinking 2 birds in a bush is worth more than 1 in their hand. SMH

            • Please stop defending this ignorant idiot who gives the asian hoes cars money etc and disrespects his Black wife whom he was married to for years and had his children. Of course she should get half, white men pay up all the damn time – white wives get half. Its just this sorry ass does not want and think he does not have to pay and it will cost him!!!

            • I haven’t once defended Percy for any of his actions.

              I’m speaking out about the actions of a gold digging, drug addicted, whore who is looking to heist money from the man who worked for it.

              Sorry that this is getting to a lot of you with the mind of basic whores, but lets call a spade a spade.

            • First of all, give me three examples of her whoring. Because if you are gonna put it out there it better be based on something other than wishful thinking. And I wouldn’t expect you to understand this since its a human issue but constant disrespect, lack of affection, infidelity etc can lead a person to turn to drugs. Not someone like you of course, but humans, spouses parents etc often fall into that trap. Bottom line is she worked through that and is well now.

            • Whine whine whine about why a whore deserves money for work she didn’t complete and money she didn’t earn.

              Oh now you are trying to claim it is secretly Master P’s fault she is a drug addict.

              whore logic.

              How has she tried to act like a whore? Easy claiming that she deserves 40% of Percy Miller’s assets because they were married and she had kids, kids she won’t even have custody of because she is a drug addict.

              Save the sob story and the woman regret bullshit for a white knight or some dumb ass simp. I’m a grown ass man, that foolishness isn’t flying with me.

            • @ 18: 47,personally I didn’t hear a sob story . You were asked to provide specific examples of her acts of whoring. Since you claim to be all about logic and truth that should be easy to do. Please provide the concrete examples of her whoring. Unless, you were making it up?

    • You don’t know what she did or didn’t do.But I’ll tell you what we ALL do know,she supported his ass with two strong beautiful arms when his heavy ass was on top of her thrusting and cuming and making a family,good for her she even got kids she didn’t even ask for. Now that’s some reality for your ass.

      • So basically what you are saying is she let him have sex with her so now she deserves money.

        Like I said people who support this drug addict liar are victims of a whore mentality.

        • No, I would have said that if that’s what I meant. They got married, had a family, shit didnt work out,they tried, it’s over,give her what she needs to live the life they started together,end of story.See that wasn’t so hard,was it?

          • That is what you said, it seems now you have a problem understanding what you actually write.

            Your words were she supported him, you said she supported him while she had sex and popped out babies, you then claim she didn’t ask for these babies as if P forced her to have children against her will, to all of that she now deserves money from him for having sex with her.

            You ignore that the kids are currently with Percy now because she is in rehab. You ignore that because it takes away from your whore logic.

            He has no responsibility to give her what she wants in life, that is her responsibility. Maybe during the course of her living she should have tried to develop marketable skills so she wouldn’t be depending on him and could survive on her own. Instead she opted to become a drug addict.

            You’ll probably blame that on her next.

            • Your hatred toward Black women is obvious, the gold digging whore is that Asian stripper cymphony or whatever her name is mother. That’s who you need to call the lowlife gold digging stripper hoe not P’s wife and the mother of his children. What is you race?

            • I don’t hate black women, it isn’t surprising that someone so poor in their mind such as yourself would think that. You probably spend your whole life blaming all your failures on others because you are black or a woman, typical of the losers in life.

              Cymphony or whatever isn’t trying to take 40% of P’s net worth, the drug addicted wife is.

            • 16:29, you do hate women. Black women especially. That’s some pre op transsexual Buffalo Bill type shit.

            • Lol, I love the way you start trying to distract everyone from the fact that you don’t have answers by trying to flip the script. Explain how is she a whore and what whore logic is. And I will call you racist because you are a yt troll that hates black women even while you are obsessed with us.

        • Truth hurt, huh? And for the record it’s obvious you think you’re so damn important. Remember..Crackheads are important too. Everyone falls short of the glory. EVERYONE! Even your high and mighty ass.

          • You are projecting lady (I can tell from your writing and your irrationality that you are one).

            Only issue I have with her is her trying to use the state to steal a man’s money when she never worked a day in her life to build those assets up.

            • Are you stupid? That energy drink idea is hers, even if he supposedly owns implemented it.Don’t believe the hype. And Romeo is with his mother.

            • DK, you are one dumb yt troll and you never had the idea for the mp3 player. There is a huge difference from looking at something someone else has invented and deluding yourself that you could have done that, and a husband and wife putting their heads together and deciding to invest in an energy drink because you saw what owning stock in a beverage did for fiddy and others.

            • At 16: 31 how can you tell from the writing style that someone is female? And how can you state that since the writer is irrational they must therefore be female?


        • DK,you keep forgetting to address that fat ass pink elephant in the room—->.Cymphonique,while you keep talking about whoring.She did put in the foot work in the beginning to help him get started,those of us from Cali( Bay Area to be exact)know this first hand.Like Boss P said,she(Sonya) was passing out fliers and the whole thing,man if she need my old pics to prove she was there from the beginning…got them.O,also I know one of his early investors,Percy did not build his empire by himself,that’s a fact.

  6. That comment is over the top. She did plenty to create a beautiful family and home for him WHILE he was securing contracts and handling THEIR business.

    What an ugly thing to say.

    • Sounds like some was In Love With A Stripper(autotune voice). Was a hateful post

    • Yes,seems like she did,over the years,they went from not having any to having plenty,hell he even has said that. She seem like she just lost herself along the way, I must admit she has done better than most,I say that because this is the most I’ve ever heard about her considering all that he has put her through,hell at first I didn’t even know where the daughter Cymphonique came from.LOL! Shit did y’all ?

  7. Just give her her share, and shut up. Whether she needs rehab or not is neither here nor there. She held down the home so he could bring home the bacon. His hoe didn’t do that, his wife did. Some people or so simple. It’s not like he doesn’t have it, so what’s the problem.

    • It’s the power. It’s his ego that won’t let her go. All these rappers talking about they want a ride or die, down chick, and a real chick not a gold digger. Sonya C. is not a gold digger regardless of what anyone says and she’s been riding for P, she’s been real since day one and she did 1 yr of College at Southern University to all the haters. I want them back together. I want them to win. P go get your family back and don’t let Sonya and the kids down. Step up to the plate and keep your marriage. He made vows to stick with her through sickness and health til death do us part.

      • What bible scripture can I find through Sickness and health till death do us part?Another lie tools by you know who because its nowhere in the KJBible.

  8. She was down before the fame. She was in the trenches. Did he ask all of his jump-offs & other baby mammas to get drug tested? No telling what he could have gave her. Publically said he his lighter skinned children are more marketable. Screw him

  9. She look like what he put her the lady for her time(which you don’t get back)and effort to even try to make it through the years with his ass (obvious because of the kids in between) and if she f*cks it off,then shame on her,but do give her what she needs to get her life back on track,to be the best mother and when the time comes granny she could be.The Lord giveth and taketh away.

  10. N*gga, I want half! I agree that she’s entitled to a part of that fortune.

          • Women don’t like it when you ask them a logical question. Especially when the shoe is on the other foot. You won’t get an answer to your question, unfortunately lol!

            • Here’s your answers, no. You don’t get money for holding the bucket. Love affection and being caring are what marriage is. So you don’t get paid for that. However….if you used your tax return to pay for her first set of pro photographs…if you paid all the bills while she was starting out …if you managed the marketing company that distributes her calandars and swimsuits…if you kept the bills paid (even if it was with her millions), the fridge stocked, the cat and plants alive shesbtraveling the world and shooting commercials. If supporting het enterprise was essentially your full time gig, then YES. There is a monetary value on all that. So by all means get your half. Then lose it about 3 years later after the white girl you marry next takes your black ass to the cleaners. Bwahhahhaaahaaaaa!

            • 3:43, Naw, it doesn’t sound familiar.Even If your cock was made of solid gold ,a f*ck isn’t worth shit.

            • See you do understand. Sex and staying at home aint worth shit. Thanks for making my point

            • You didn’t make a point . I specifically said sex is worth nothing. That’s why I pointed out that there is a monetary value on helping build a business. Sonya did that . No Nigga slanging peen is helping lay the foundation for vast net worth. I would explain again but you wouldn’t.understand. Sonya helped P with his early marketing strategy, and getting his initial record deal. She actually ran his charitable foundation. She provided a lot mire than just what was between her legs lol. Sky at some dirty dick loser thinking his little worm even comes close to being worth anything, lol.

  11. i saw with my own two eyes in them early days him and her out in the streets passing out flyers, hanging up posters, going to the radio station begging for airtime. when they lived in richmond and lived in the projects off cutting blvd. they had an altima and it was just the two of them trying to push the label. when he did start making noise and got on and started having money, he put her in a mansion and then went and got another mansion and moved his other broad in and had a whole ‘nother family

      • He broke his marriage vows,he is forever indebted, here and the after life.How can one be so smart and yet so dumb? Oh,he will pay.

      • For that to be true she would have to have spent more than he earned, which does happen. But that clearly isn’t the case here. Once you help found a business you are entitled to its profits and spoils as long as its a viable operation. Unless you take a payout. Which is what she is asking for.

    • So true, I remember them in New Orleans doing the same thing, you’re speaking the real, I remember having my Ice Cream shirt!

    • Finally, someone with first hand insight. Ok, so now we know, she helped him build his empire from the ground up. I hope she leaves him so broke he can not longer support the Asian whore, cuz you k ow that trick is gonna move on to the next dumb black ass as soon as the money aint flowin her way no more.

  12. Boss P,I was gonna say the same thing,I’m from Cali(Oakland) if she tuff it out from Richmond to the mansion, give baby gurl her money and move on.

  13. And how is this different than the oprah stepmom thread. You Said she should’ve saved some loot and moved around when it was over. That’s what this broad should do also.

  14. Im not saying take him to the cleaners but years and babies and probably alot of lonely nights its only fair that she should live in comfort for the rest of her life. He can give her that.

  15. We handle things in privately in NewOrleans and I’m Astonished Sonja would Relegate herself to this all in the name of money.




  17. wow… i just remember when i was quite young and i saw them both on the cover of a Jet magazine and i thought she was sooooo gorgeous..

  18. This kneegrow wouldn’t be cryin’ if she was:

    Polynesian, Latina, Filipina, Arabic, Israeli, you know, anything but…


    P is a perfect example of when a person has the capability and the facility, but not the character to support it. Yeah, he got money, but I wouldn’t want to be around him OR his money.

  19. wow this thread is trending as much as beyonce and lupitas. must be a lot of divorcees and bitter men lol

    • Hamite post will always trend courtesy of you know who.We both know how I feel about Hamites.Thank Me Later.

  20. Like I said Percy f*cked when he made Cymphonique. That was the deal breaker right there. If Percy wasn’t cheating on Sonya, I truly believe he would have gotten the better deal. But since he went outside the marriage and had Cymphonique, that’s what seal the deal for Sonya. Percy should had looked at all of this from an overview and not by hind sight. Sad day in the Miller family. A black family divided by lust, greed, and glutton. Smh.

  21. What’s funny is women take the exact opposite position when the thread is about Kib and kendu. You guys really lack logic.

  22. I’m no where near millionaire status, but I do earn a good living and own my own properties, so if I’m getting married to anyone, he will sign a prenup to protect ME and HIM. California is a community property state, so your spouse is automatically entitled to half, no matter how long you were married, HALF!!! which means that if I married someone today and 6 months later we decide to divorce, he’s entitled to HALF my assets, i.e., homes, car, 401K and possibly alimony???? That’s not fair, nor should I be entitled to any assets he acquired BEFORE the marriage. Whatever we accumulate together DURING the marriage is OURS and should be split between the both of us.

    One of my friends got married to some guy on the spur of the moment, not thinking and a year and a half later they decided to divorce and he wants HALF the property, plus ALIMONY because he lost his job during the marriage. Had she had that nggah sign a prenup, she wouldn’t be spending a small fortune trying to fight him. For us who don’t have millions, but assets none the less, a simple, air tight 2 page prenup would’ve saved her money, time and aggravation. Now she’s stressing, getting skinner by the minute, losing hair, worrying about having to possibly buy him out of a house she owned 6 years prior to even knowing he existed, NOT ME.

  23. Tiger woods wife who was a nanny got half. When white broads do it it’s acceptable. When black chicks want half they are told they don’t deserve it, by blacks. Oh well, another day being a nigger in America.

    • Sad but true. I guess since they were marginalized for so long being a double minority that people assume that they should not stand up for themselves.

        • You probably should petition for a change in legislation if you else that is how it will be. Its amazing reading these comments. I understand why post civil rights blacks dont marry, marry late and men have issues with child support.

  24. Most white celebrities snort coke, so what if she has a habit. She helped his ugly ass hustle, she wasn’t a nanny.

    • Master P is ugly, that’s why he wear them shades all the time. Just like Diddy.

      He making a big mistake. He underestimates Sonya which is why he wants to pay her. Rich folks do it all the time because they don’t realize the information is out there and the internet has leveled the playing field.

  25. Tiger woods wife who was a nanny got half. When white broads do it it’s acceptable. When black chicks want half they are told they don’t deserve it, by blacks. Oh well, another day being a nigga in America.

  26. Norma Jean dropping that real knowledge. Sonya been with before it all began and was involved in helping to grow the business. She put up with all kinds of mess (I know because he’s got a child with one of my relatives), so she deserves all that the law allows, and in CA that is half.

    Like Philadelphia said, when it comes to a sister wanting to claim what she is rightfully entitled to people want to go in on her and that ain’t right.

  27. This bitch is getting high. Period. If your junky ass ex came up trying to get half of what you worked hard for you wouldn’t be so quick to say they deserve it. And all these people claiming she helped build his empire, where are the receipts? If she is so business savvy then she should have been able to create her own business, instead of trying to get a freebie for pushing out a flock of kids. Where is all the feminism now? If Sonya C was a man, none of you bitches would be caping so hard for her.

    • Men are supposed to be the breadwinners. Too many men were tossin’ their wives to the side for a younger woman and taking all the assets about 40 years ago so the laws were changed so that women and children were not left in the street from a divorce.

      Also, I bet he never should have introduced her to drugs in order to keep her high while he dicked around and got eh, um, Cymphonique, for one.

      You think with your dick, you lose the money made by your brain.

      • Thank you! You just don’t do people that way regardless of her addiction. She pushed a flock kids out? REALLY? She was married, and not just for a few years! But you wanna ignore the lil Asian mutt, her momma is the slut!

      • If men are the breadwinners then women need to be obedient. One without the other is like Harold melvin without the blue notes. Bring back the fifties.

  28. Was that lil half Asian baby born while he was still married to Sonja? She looks like she’s not too much younger than Romeo so….Hell yeah she deserves half!

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