StepMom Spills Oprah’s Trick’in Habits: Makin’ It Rain On Gayle, On The Regular!

Oprah & Gayle Exposed

11-Days In The Life Of Gayle King..

Move over Charlie Sheen, you ain’t got nothin’ on Oprah’s trick’in! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Ms. OWN’s recently evicted stepmom, Barbara Winfrey. Sure, Barbie may have come late with her own way of exposing Oprah and Gayle as LONGTIME lovers. And.. she’s even failed to surprise us with Stedman’s true role of cover-up KING.

But one thing’s for sure, Barbie’s let the trick out of the bag — telling of how she spent more than 30-mill tickets on Gayle in less than two-weeks! That trumps Charlie Sheen’s small change squandered on his Hollywood harlots!

“I can only say what I saw and observed over the years. Gayle was more present than Stedman.”

Here’s what Oprah’s evicted stepmom explains:

“Once Oprah took us on a Mediterranean cruise. That was an amazing thing she did. She rented a $30million yacht and went on an 11-day cruise. She’s very flamboyant. We had meals three times a day, three courses, different plate settings, different cutlery, glassware, different everything three times a day but she never talked to me and Vernon. She didn’t spend any time with us. It was always her, Stedman and Gayle. The three of them. Anytime you looked up they were together. To me it was just bizarre.”

Oprah Loves Gayle


  1. Get your coins Stepmomma…give us two more good stories and you just may get a home out of these leaks.

  2. I always had a feeling that Oprah likes chocolate tacos! She will now be known as Oprah “Choco Taco Lover” Winfrey King!

    • I think the number three has to do with the secret society thing. I remember when Latoya Jackson did a interview about micheals death she said they always do it in three’s

      • It would be so wonderful to read one damn story without someone mentioning a secret society or Illuminati!Some of you are very obsessed with conspiracy theories, and it shows. Every single thing that every single celerity does is NOT the result of a conspiracy theory.



  3. She didn’t spill a damn thang………if she’s gonna tell it then tell all the dirty details.

  4. I see why she is doing what she is doing, but she can’t win on that house and really needs to let the legal shit go.

  5. Lol! U right! “Step-mom” might be on to sumthin – entertainment wise. But she needs to “TURN-UP” spill sum Oprah tea we haven’t already laughed about.

  6. Rich people are not obligated to babysit anyone, not even family. Sounds like another spilled milk scenario. If it goes left, charge it to the game. The bitter female ish is expected, nothing to see.

    • Not even your family. Mate turning your back on family is a low act. Especially when you got that many zeros in your account. Family first. Rich is money, life is god family friends,

      • This is something a broke person says. If you don’t go to work with me everyday and help me make this money then I don’t owe your broke arse naything. That family first ish is how you end up in the poor house.

        • You are totally right. I can’t stand freeloading relatives who feel entitled because you are “blood”. I tell them to do as I did: work 2-3 jobs, sacrifice, forgo instant gratification, practice sound financial and money management. Stop counting my money and telling me how I owe you, FOH. I despise that mentality because if I were down and out or even greedy they’d be the first to disappear if I truly needed help.

        • She’s not asking for money if I’m not mistaken, she wants the house. And if your calling me broke people, nah. But I understand your points on free loading. It gets annoying.

          • And let’s not forget she dropped 30 million on a boat for a 2 week cruise. Come on. That’s just OVER THE FUCKING TOP…… Give your old mans missus a house. Fuckin greed I hate it.

      • She is not family! She is an ex-stepmother who married Oprah’s father when Oprah was already 40+yrs old. She is only 6 yrs older than Oprah.

      • @Killa Callan

        Oprah is a Billionaire…On Another Level! Family is not always thicker than water. We assume so, not always the case.

  7. Lady just pack your stuff and move on. She is a retired vice principal so she has a income every month. Because the minute she dishes something about oprah that everyone doesn’t know, she might end up missing.

  8. Oprah spent $30 million on 50 year old Gayle? For that much money, Oprah could have tricked off on a woman who is alot younger and prettier!

  9. True. Nothing like a woman scorned. Step-Mom, U broght this foolishness on yourself by not handling your business. U should have checked, double checked, & triple checked that your name was on the deed#OopsYourBad!

  10. I’m over Barbara already…this is the 2nd time o didn’t talk to her, but yet you still went…. foh

  11. This old goat needs to sit her ass down somewhere and go join a bridge club. Envy and hatred will get you nowhere. You are six years older that Oprah and want her to maintain you..kmt.

  12. Sorry, but O f’d up on this one.

    She should have moved the woman’s daughter and child into the house and told them to be responsible for all taxes and expenses or she would sue her.

    In that way, she would APPEAR caring about single mothers, divorcees and older women, you know, the folks she fronts about caring about.

    Now, she might as well be some mean old SCROOGE. O’s father was a whore. She should have reigned him in long ago.

    • Oprah was gonna let the woman stay in the house but she had to sign a confidentiality agreement, and the woman refused

      • No Oprah was going to give her another house and she sold the woman’s own personal home (before the marriage to Vernon) from under her.

        • That is categorically untrue. Please read the excerpt again. Dr Winfrey lost the home n foreclosure and Oprah bought it from the bank with the intention of letting her and her daughter and grandchild live there after signing a confidentiality agreement.

          • And then she sold her home from under her? I am going to sign a confidentiality agreement to live in my own home, which went into foreclosure because of O’s daddy?

            If that ain’t some 6 for a 9, dope fiendin’ shit.

            O must think the regula’ folks be stupid.

            Anyway, I read she was going to giver her another house with a confidentiality agreement.

            Still unacceptable.

  13. Bitch forgets that she married Oprah’s daddy, NOT Oprah. And now that daddy divorced her, Oprah has no obligation to do shit for her ass. Ain’t nothing worse than a tired ol’ goldiggah running her mouth about nothin’.

  14. You too bloody clever for your own good. Indeed! how will she have a “tell-all” when she never interacted with Oprah or was even an overnight visitor in her house. Oprah knew exactly what she was from jump and played her hand well in dealing with Barbra.

    • Haha, but she knows enough to imply that the big O has had many a big O with Gayle and Steadman onhand. Oprah ain’t talk to her because she has a superiority complex. But I bet her exhusband talked…and told her plenty…

      • I think this poor woman got way too comfortable with being married to a celebrities relative, starting feeling herself (i assume, talking crazy), vernon complained to Oprah, got shook, and still cant believe she’s “regular folk” again! Poor thing, its called denial, jer friends must be egging her on, lord knows all the lawyers she approached already laughed her out of their offices. I dont blame her, id miss it too!

  15. Super “O” was smart by not interacting with the step mom, no tell all here. Oprah had her man and her longtime homie with her. Can you tell why she has one good friend, these chicks ain’t loyal. Lol

  16. Friends and colleauges with money dont mind spending it. I do it and have received nice gifts as well. Wonder if Oprah helped put Gayles daughter thru Duke. She is a nice lady and went to a seminar of Stedmans, very humble and well spoken man. Has alot of business ventures in winston salem nc

  17. This is old we been knew what these two was up to ha, ha, ha, Stedman get’en paid big for being a beard people in the industry and the news knew it to she and Stedman was never gonna get married if Stedman ever decide to write a tell all it would explore he’d be rich beyond rich but I don’t think he’d live to enjoy it they’d off’em probably before he gets a chance to have it published I don’t know why Oprah we knew you like lick’en the carpet we know you lick’en Gail like a lollipop come on out get it over with

    • Guess what Pebbles? He s beyond rich right now!
      I can promise you that Oprah has provided for him in a way which will secure his loyalty forever and a day.

  18. steve harvey said many years ago the only thing you could do for poor people is not become one because when you give yours away they move onto the next person

  19. I didn’t read anything but “I thinks”. She didn’t witness anything or hear anything. Everyones observed Oprah and Gayle hanging out and Steadman standing back out of the spotlight. If I was Oprah I would give my best friend millions and ask her to travel with me and hangout with me. She trusts Gayle and that’s worth everything when your surrounded by people who you can’t trust.

  20. Oprah had a really f###ed childhood. Her and Gail were best friends way before oprah started making money, and has remained loyal. I can’t say I blame her for letting Gail enjoy her wealth.

  21. Oh sthu bitter Betty. You are just mad Oprah kicked your freeloading tail off the money train. I believe nothing you say because you never said these things when things were going well between you two. Stop selling your soul for money to gossip magz. Disgusting!

  22. Leave oprah alone…….she is not gay……….and if she were……wouldn’t she still,be the same oprah?……….how would that change her?

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