It’s Trailer Park Livin’ For Mathew Knowles’ Lovechild…

Beyonce Brother Trailer Park

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Wright!

It’s been about three-weeks since Alexandra Wright told the press she and her son were heading to a homeless shelter. It turns out the mother-son pair have taking a different path. To recap.. Earlier this month Wright broke the word after she was served up with an eviction notice.

Today, it’s confirmed the wannabe actress is no longer homeless. Know why? She’s doin’ it Trailer Park style.

“She was helped by a homeless charity after being forced to go on public assistance.”

Matthew Knowles Son Trailer Park

“It previously emerged she was using ‘food stamps to survive’ after it was alleged that Knowles owed $32,135,90 in child support.”

Don’t be fooled into underestimating just how low homegirl will go. Let’s not forget Alexandra did willingly signed on as the secret side-chick to a very married Mathew Knowles, resulting in the birth of the now-disowned dude’s illegitimate son. So it’s no wonder why Wright — who Bey and Solange have to half-thank for introducing a home-wrecking ball to their family unit — obviously has no dang shame! That’s because she’s back, equipped with an innocent child, to support her pleas to Bey for financial help.

Here’s what Alexandra had to say:

‘Take accountability [MK]. Stand up, do the right thing. It’s not Beyonce’s fault. I don’t hold her accountable. I hold the father of my child accountable.’ Again, let me say for the record – it’s not her fault. I’ve never blamed her. I want the best for her. Everyone’s in pain.’


  1. Dumb bitch trying to initiate a public shakedown using her kid as leverage.

  2. This bish right here……I swear. She couldn’t move in with mama and ’em or what? I know Star and the other tabloids pay for stories like this so I guess she didn’t get any money for her dirty laundry. Girl bye. This is 5,548 kinds of trifling.

  3. I don’t see why this lady doesn’t seek employment some where, any where at this point. And if beyonce ever considered giving her any money on the low, she definitely can forget about that now. She is always airing it out in the tabloids.

    • This thirsty heaux aint killed herself yet? Poor baby will grow up and see all of this and half to live in shame! Governor Arnold’s sidepiece has not uttered one word and is balling out of control, laughing all the way to the bank! Never have to clean another toilet, and is proud! We all saw it, wasnt this trick paying attention? She’s obviosly slow, peep game dingbat!

      • She should have accepted whatever, moved on, got a job, sat back and waited for the inheritance, but she chose (and still chooses) public extortion! Black people dont play that, its an ego thing, we will kick your ass, then sit back and laugh at your thirst. She must have fell for the banana in the tailpipe, during pillow talk (ill leave my wife for this pu**y), really? Maybe she was sheltered all her life, and is now taking advice from another slow person? I hope that her excuse

    • She wont b getting another check for 2k in another 3 years so basically her and the child are phucked!

  4. It is time for Mr.Knowles his holes to pay the piper on this one! If you want to play you have to pay you rich greedy muddafugga! FUCK YOU MR.KNOWLES!

    • @ED GREEN

      and FUCK THE BISH who messed with a Very Married Man!!!!!
      is what you forgot to say as well


      if you gonna get emotional and curse the Guy, you must curse the woman as well !!!!

      >Drops Mic<

      • Ed Green I sooooo agree. And let me say this: FUCK BOTH OF THEM. Him and her. But I see people only want to get down on the female tramp and not the old ass male trick. This old greasy bastard got grandkids and he somewhere laying up having sex raw. Fuck him. He is a piece of shit. He’s got a grandkid older than his child. The ONLY one I feel sorry for in this whole situation is that child. He deserves real parents and not a hoe and old ass trick daddy. Disgusting.

  5. Women are drawn to money and power, so, the sidechick is here to stay. As a result, innocent babies will be born to jacked up fathers by default. At some point, the other woman club has to call a spade a spade. Again, a woman can’t change a man. Mr. Knowles is not a man of integrity, his son is homeless. At the least, put him and the mother in a hotel for a period of time. He can’t even do that.

    • And Alexandra Wright is Not a woman of integrity for sleeping and allowing herself to be impregnated by a married man. As an ADULT she should know the consequences of such actions. She is at the end the Woman and carrier of a new innocent being at the end of the day.
      lets not completely blame the guy here

      • @Anonymous

        As i stated in the previous post, women are set in their ways…Nature! Men complain about the Golden Girls, but can’t leave them alone. Who’s the real problem?

  6. This ugly fat bitch is the perfect example of when attempted gold digging goes wrong! This struggling actress thought she was going to live the good life by having Mathews Knowles baby? WRONG! This bitch is lucky to have a trailer park roof over her head. As for the little kid, somebody call C.P.S. immediately!

  7. Next thing you know she’ll be asking Tina Knowles for help. Maybe she can get a reality show outta this: Diary of a Sidechick, Golddiggers Gone Wrong or Golddiggers Diary.

  8. Dam @nba is fixed, u always seem so angry and bitter towards the opposite sex. Who broke ur heart and left u lonely? Lol !

  9. Where did the $960,000 she collected over 4 years go? This woman really think people are stupid. Many people will never work this amount of money over their lifetime and she collected it in 4 yrs and has not a thing to show for it? Go in your trailer and raise your child. Hopefully, the little innocent is not as unwise as you were with HIS money.

  10. I’m going to need for this tired, wanna be actress/sidechick/celebrity baby mama on the come up but failed to sit her raggedy ass down somewhere. She’s just an overly dramatic attention heaux. The only acting she will ever do is this “woe is me” coon show she is playing out for the tabloids.

    She needs to stop mentioning Beyonce’s name too. Yes, we know Beyonce isn’t responsible…she didn’t get her pregnant. So why even form her crusty lips to say Bey’s name over and over?

  11. When you lay it low and spread it wide with someone else’s
    Husband you end up getting f@@ked in every way! Go get a job like the rest of the world. Walmart always needs greeters! You hurt B’s mom and you want B and J to help girl plz!

  12. When this lady was pregnant it was said that there was a family meeting with all them including Beyonce & Jayz and Beyonce suggested that after the baby is born she and Jayz can raise the baby as their own and pretend that the baby was conceived via surrogacy and Alex refused, all of this was to cover up the fact that Matthew has a illegitemate child. Maybe thats why Beyonce isnt bothered anymore because she tried to help in her own way and Alex said no. I just feel sorry for the kid and Mattew really needs to step up for the kid’s sake. This situation is just sad no matter how you look at it because this kid is the only one suffering.

    • If this is true then she really played herself. She held out for tge money grab and now there’s no money. Smdh.

  13. ^^thank you for saying it!! How come this lady cant get a f*cking job? So the side rail piece with a married man didnt work out, why get food stamps and all this damn help from homeless shelters when your able bodied ass can WORK..damn just lazy…

  14. Beyonce didn’t f*ck her, don’t owe her nothing…I would ride with my mom too. Having a baby by a married man is never good

  15. She’s gross. I wonder who is putting this woman up to all this. I still feel sorry for that little boy.

  16. The money is gonna go fasr, she’s not bout that life. Of course, she’s gonna want the best of everything. Also, Cali is hella expensive to live in. Let’s not hold her to a lower standard. If she was white, would she tolerate being in a trailer…Hell No!!!

  17. This should be a lesson for all you thirsty tricks that think having a baby to cash in don’t always work now she thought cause she had a baby with Matthew she hit the jack pot and hit rock bottom god don’t like ugly and she got what she deserves for being a home weaker I feel bad for the child because he had nothing to do with it he’s an innocent by stander he didn’t ask to come here he was in tears used as a cash cow for his mother and Matthew is just as guilty he has a habit that might kill his ol ass shame that baby is an out cast he’s being shunned and cast out of the family like he’s no kin see what happens when you do wrong lot of people get hurt this is for all you thirsty tramps look’en to get over

  18. The next story from this woman will be she’s collecting cans and turning tricks to pay her trailer park lot rent.


    • YAY!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in all of HSK-dom. i hope this will be a fantastic year for you and your son filled with lots of health and good fortune.
      I hope you have a little party time on your agenda tonight DaRa1. Drinks on me!!

  20. That trailer she is living in is comfortable. Wall to wall carpet, two full baths. Hell, I remember this dude turned a single wide trailer into an apartment! I wa like WTH!?!?! Lmao!

  21. both wrong big time in this situation he didnt value his vows to his wife (I cant bet a dollar this isn’t the first time) she didn’t respect that he was married .. this child should not be going through this … beyonce isn’t going to get involved because she saw what this did to her mother and tina may feel a certain type of way so it’s hard to get in the middle … the mother shouldn’t be homeless if he gave her to much money … what did she do with it? the courts should ask her .. Matthew Knowles should be in that kids life since his family disowned him .. he should have time for the kid that’s the best he can do

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