Mase’s DL Divorce Filing Surfaces!


Mase can’t seem to shed that inner Bad Boy — no matter how hard he may try to front! The former ‘preacher’ has been exposed for attempting to secretly divorce his wife of more than 12-years.

That’s before the rapper-turned-preacher-turned-rapper reportedly changed his mind.

Let’s not forget we’re talking about the same ‘former pastor’ and ‘preacher’s wife’, Mason and Twyla Betha, who once addressed their El Elyon International Church congregation with their “Secrets to a Successful Marriage.” It turns out The Bethas’ ‘divine marital instructions’ may not have entirely worked for the couple’s own ‘holy union’. Know why? Mase is revealed to have kicked off 2014 with a divorce!!!

Here’s the latest:

“Mase’s divorce filing in Georgia dated January 2nd, citing irreconcilable differences with Twyla Betha.

Mase asked for full custody of their two kids and even wanted HER to pay HIM child support. He claims they separated August 2013 — after 12 years of marriage.

But just over a month later — the day before Valentine’s Day — Mase inexplicably had a change of heart, filing to dismiss his divorce petition.”



  1. If he changed his mind about the divorce, his boyfriend must have dumped him. Puff turned him out a long time ago. He didn’t move to Atlanta for nothing.

  2. In the photo at the top of this page, Mr. and Mrs. “Mase” look like cast members of “Married to Medicine” on Bravo.

    Very Atlanta Athletic Club-boughetto.

    Quad would approve.

  3. This is sad god said there will be false profits it’s written in the bible sad these cats choose to use the church to do all of this what can you say all of these fake preachers bishops reverends it’s a shame look at the world it’s a complete mess filled with lie on top of lies if those people told the truth we would tear up this country history is one big lie on top of another people we have been brain washed and lied to wake up read your bible it will tell us the truth because they have us walk’en around with the shades down over our eyes wake up all in the dark shall come to light

      • yup! on a currency backed by nothing!!! selling out and screwing others over for a piece of printed paper that will eventually collapse sooner than later. All these ethicless, dishonest, people will have nothing but their material things because for most their character/word =0

  4. I can only imagine Mase one way after that stupid as video from back in the day. I can see him now.

    Wife calls: hey motherf*cker, you could have told me you wanted a divorce, I should have been the first to know, and definately should have known before errrbody on HSK………oh yea, praise god

    Mase, stupid smirk on his face, looks left, looks right…..I only said that to get you maaaaaad…….oh yeah, Laawwwd ham mercey …

  5. Its disgusting using the church for financial gain but they do it over here in England, the pastor screwing every member of the congregation whilst the wife shouting ‘yes jesus’ when the most high wakes up he’s going to shame all these evil doers. For what profit is it for a man to gain the world, but lose his soul???

  6. Mase too GAY. For sure him & puff was lovers… But as a youngster I use to love Mase, I’m grown, I can see clearly now.

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