Jimmy Henchman’s Son Addresses 50 Cent’s Rap Attack…


“When is it cool for four grown men in their 30′s to surround and hit a 14 year-old middle school kid?” ~James Rosemond, Jr.

It’s been seven-years since Tony Yayo’s arrest over “slapping” James ‘Jimmy Henchman’ Rosemond’s then-14-year-old son — but it’s an incident Fiddy can’t seem to help reciting. This time, on wax! That’s why the now 21-year-old victim at the center of the March 2007 incident is speaking out in response to 50 Cent’s verse in his new track.

“I heard Yayo smacked the sh** outta kid.” ~50 Cent, “Hold On” (2014)


Here’s what James Rosemond, Jr. had to say about Fif’s recent release:

“The incident in 2007 was a bad situation I didn’t deserve, and seven years later it’s now being made fun of in a record? What real gangster condones grown men assaulting a minor or a young man who has no involvement in the beef? Plus, these guys have kids of their own, and they should know better!

Secondly, who gets credit for trying to diss a man who is currently down and in no position to defend himself at this moment? It’s so easy to try to kick a man when he is down. What “real” street person applauds when a person is fighting against the same corrupt and prejudice system that has incarcerated a lot of black men? I guess that’s how some “gangster rappers” build their credibility…

At the end of the day we are not catering to any negativity on our side and we have much bigger things to put our energy into.”

Peep a snippet of Fif’s recent “Hold On” lyrics:

“Sometimes it’s hard as hell not to touch stuff, on the phone I heard Yayo smacked the sh** outta kid/Now Jimmy got life, go smack him again/When it’s war, it’ll be war until the bitter end/If they ever say we lose, I’ll start it again/That sneaky n*gga sprayed that semi at your mama crib/With a silencer, we couldn’t even hear the sh**.”




  1. Real Talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Henchmen Jr. but your father unfortunately had some killed for touching you instead working it another, better way like a lawsuit your father was wrong, like 50 CENT is wrong now for bring up the tragic situation just 2 try and sell records

  2. 50 is so lame now. All that money but he can’t make hot music any longer and has no street credibility. Still trying to use those played out marketing schemes to sell records. 50 do you regret selling your soul yet you loser?

  3. kids should have stayed out of grown man business. wearing that shirt he was daring them to do something, he wasn’t the first one to get smacked around for that.

    • that is some nasty shit to say hope you don’t have kids they may get smacked up one day

    • what was the t-shirt sayin’
      not that that is a reason for grown azz men to attack a 14 year old.

      I blame his father ALSO, you doin’ dirt like that, him and Haitian Jack shoulda had mad 24/7 security around they kids.

  4. It’s all entertainment, so my questions are this, who was 50 dissin, the kid, the father, the organization or was he just trying to get a laugh. Kid needs to grow some thicker skin because the the question that matters the most is this. Is what 50 said true and factual? Yes!!!! I’m not defending 50 but dude is a grown ass man now and needs to stop crying. At least 50 waited til he was 21 to say something about it. He should be tougher than this seeing how he grew up. His pop crossed a lot of people, had peope killed and sold plenty of drugs. All Is fair in Gangsterism, he lucky he didn’t get shot up due to his dads dealings. Like i said before, f*ck 50……But unless he is lying you can miss me with all them tears and shit…rub some sand in ya coochie and get back in the game. Motherf*cker, planes are disappearing, money ain’t worth a shit, the food and air is poisoned, the water is tainted and from day to day we don’t know if I it’s summer or winter and you crying about something that everybody that listens to rap music already knew about when it happened. Your dad had Tupac shot up and you cryin about being smacked up….I have not heard Afini Shakur complain about your dirt bag as daddy….. Smmfh

  5. Youngblood should pass those words of wisdom unto his father as oppose to Twitter.

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    • @garciarobin68,
      You try it but don’t come back and tell us the results. Keep it to yourself!! We are not interested in your scam!!

  7. Vitamin Water Thug

    50 Cent is an example of why hip-hop is dying a slow, painful demise because of senseless violence that is promoted in the music. We’re the only race of men that encourage violence within our tribe for monetary gain…Insane!

    • Rap is also dying because of the way they degraded Black Women in their music. Some of us stop supporting them and their music!

      • Man plz rappers been shitting on women from Time….. Go hit ur self in the head with a rock…. Keep that girls talk for hwoa!

    • These sorry ass gangster punk bitch rappers are nothing but spineless house niggers!They know they are selling their souls, they know they are promoting the spilling Black blood in the streets. They eagerly promote every Black stereotype and ensure that the Black man is looked upon as the lowest form of human on the planet. Think they don’t know that? Think they don’t know that every time they say “nigga” in their rap another Black man is slaughtered in the street?

      50, lil’ Wayne and all the other “gangster” rappers put the KKK out of business. Think they don’t know that they are doing the white man’s dirty work? They are soul-less dummies.

  8. Why do all these youngster walk around like they billy bad ass jumping up in grown men face playing punch games, etc and you turn and beat they ass or worst. …then here it comes “im just a kid “or he was just a baby! Gtfoh! Im 43,have 3sons, i dont play with they ass and damn sure dont play with anybody elses! Teach they ass to stay in a childs place and this would not be a problem! I see all to often these youngster out of control! Ijs!

  9. Jimmy, Jr. is a very centered, intelligent young man. Any so-called father who surrounds a man’s child as a means of sending that man a message should be castrated.

    I cannot believe that those old ass mfs would touch someone else’s child like that. And I’m in complete agreement that you don’t call yourself waging an attack on someone whom you know cannot respond. That’s cowardly.

    50 needs to disappear.

    • It’s clear you ant from the streets ant no rules wake the hell up….. U ever hear a song called what’s beef , if not you ur mom dad brother sister don’t matter ….. N really fif paid dude to talk, he does have a album coming right????? Thinga that make you say hmmmmmmmmmmm????

      • There are rules to everything, BG. Real gangsters never f*cked with people’s children. They were off limits. These “gangstas” nowadays pick on the innocent and the vulnerable.

        Griselda Blanco stayed f*cking with innocent babies, which is why that bitch is pushing up daisies. You’re referring to the ghetto, sweetheart, not the streets. All is NEVER good.

          • what if you were “your” real gangsta and the person you had war with wasnt playing by the rules?

            • U hit whom ever why cause at some point you come out from under that rock you hiding under!

  10. If they can put hands on him in 8th or 9th grade, he can speak on their foolishness now that he is a young adult.

    • Bella, this ain’t something that he wants to start complaining about. He should stay quiet. Ok, let me break it down for you. Look who the source is, 50 cent is dry snitching again. go back and research Gheto Quran. It started that same way, lil slick comments about certain happenings. If you look up at the first comment on this thread you will see some valuable information. The streets know this and so does 50 and the Alphabet boys. But Lil Henchman Jr. Is well aware of this, but his dad is away and he is feeling himself because he is in charge of what little is left of his dads business assets. He is getting baited into possibly gettin his dad more time and or exposing triggermen. He is playing with the big boys and he ain’t ready. 50 is a top notch snitch that uses his songs to expose people. When most rappers are giving gangsters from their hood props, 50 does the same thing toput em behind bars. He needs to shut the f*ck up, he has more to lose than anyone else here. Real Gangsters never run their mouth and feelings should never come into play. He better learn fast or DIE TRYING…..Pun intended

      • I know how 50 maneuvers. He is a coward. He exposed his MO in the film “Get Rich or Die Trying.” Jr. speaking about an assault that occurred when he was a child is hardly “gangsta.”

        If Henchman got out tomorrow, 50 would die. Literally.


  12. …Heh. I hope he reserved some of this righteous indignation for his father’s crimes, as Henchman has a LOT to answer for.

  13. How pathetic a grown ass man rappin about slapping a Black kid. 50 is a bigger loser than I thought.

    With all his money, he is a worthless human being. With all his street cred, this gangster is a coward.

  14. Smart young man as for 50 he’s an grown man almost 40 stuck in a child world he’s acts like a kid most of the time so I’m not shocked by him at all.

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