Mariah Carey Blames Nick for Failed Album

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Divorce

“She was devastated when her latest album, ‘Me. I Am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse,’ sold just 100,000 copies, and is blaming Nick. She turned down lots of opportunities to put her personal life ahead of her career and he didn’t. He takes every job he is offered.”

Mariah will be taking Moroccan and Monroe, her 3-year-old twins with Cannon, on the road with her in October. Nick, who is currently hosting season nine of “America’s Got Talent,” has agreed to travel to where Carey is performing to work out final divorce details.

Sources close to Mariah claim, “She will be taking Roc and Ro with her. Where mama bear goes, the kids go. Mariah plans to throw herself into her career.”

Here is what Nick recently revealed:

“We have been living in separate houses for a few months”



  1. Mariah must really have mental issues because most women would kill to have a man thats works like Nick. Nick has been working since he was a teenager and at least he has his own money but as far as ruining your music career I dont think so. Mariah you still taking your meds honey?

      • You know what happened here, the Honeymoon phase done wore off and Nick is no longer mesmerized/bedazzled and enchanted by her celebrity status as he once were when they first met. Nick was sprung off the fact that he pulled THE MARIAH CAREY; married her and knocked her up.

        • As Sandra Rose says, the dopamine wore off. Intrigue lasts for so long before reality sets in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick and Mariah’s “marriage” was more of an arrangement than a labor of love.

          Having met Nick, you couldn’t convince me his is heterosexual. I was surprised Mariah married him because he was so immature and she is so established. He is a downgrade for someone of her stature. IMO, he absolutely used her for a come up, and she lowered herself for him, which is why her career is in the crapper. Mariah has accomplished too much to be anywhere near the set of a show where niggas play the dozens. That was the beginning of the end for her. I’m not sure she will recover from this flop as she did post-Glitter, but I still love her work.

      • And he did the right thing to use her for better opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with bringing in more money. Shiiiiiddd…Average babies are expensive so you know, Dem babies cost a lot to take care of Hollywood style.

  2. I hate to see a young family break up. Damn.

    Somebody needs to tell Mariah that a man who does not turn work down is called a PROVIDER. A Provider doesn’t have time to sit around the house staring at YOU and telling you how great you are, he’s got things to do. A selfless Provider is a gem; I don’t think Nick had time to ruin her career. She’s been sliding for a while and American Idol didn’t help. What a shame.

    • Thank You!!! He looks miserable in the pic. It did seem like he was open cause he got her until it wore off. Prob quicker that most realize. He used to say a lot if smart remarks disguised as a joke about how they argue, or she gets whatever she wants etc.., Mimi. I love you, but Nick didn’t ruin your album.


        • Glok..

          Can I just say that your comments GIVE ME LIFE?

          I love your theories. #Truth


      • I absolutely love Mimi, too, but to be over 40 yrs old and still putting the blame on every and anybody else but yourself, makes her seem a bit immature.

        • Exactly. Some of these women just cannot accept responsibility for their own actions, bottom line. They always want blame it on a man when they f*ck up or something doesn’t workout.

  3. Mariah needs to reevaluate this divorce no woman in her right divorces a man because he wants to work. They need to go get some marriage counsel and try to work it out for the kids

    • That’s true. What woman you know would be unhappy about her man working? But I notice nothing was mentioned in this article about his mistress. A woman he hired to be on his show called, ‘Wildin’ Out’.

      • @anon1515:
        Thank you! I didn’t want to start this so I applaud you for doing so. He has had mistresses since they got married. And all his “working” was not just working.
        To everyone talking about what woman wouldn’t want a man who works all the time: I wouldn’t. If I was married, I’d want my husband to be my companion. I’d sacrifice money to be with my man and have him with our kids. How can a relationship grow if he’s never around???

        • reading the comments on this topic has opened my eyes to what men go through, bishes are NEVER satisfied, they get a good guy and fantasize about the bad boy, they get a man who doesnt work and complain, then they get a man who does work and still complain about him working to much? Wow i feel sorry for men that they have to put,up with so much whining

          • That is bull. There is obviously a reason for her insecurities. If your man went to work and did his job and not another woman, I’m sure things would be fine. Hollywood is a small industry and Nick is a known dog. Please do not act like he is working at Microsoft, when he is in the company of a room full of desperate EXTRAS.

            • I feel you on that but Mariah and nick dated while he was working on the show, Mariah knew what kind of environment hes in, the time to bring up shyt like that is before you get married and have kids with someone, and Mariah cant be that dumb shes been famous longer than nick she knows how Hollywood works better than nick, maybe it was a arranged marraige so that she could have kids, just a theory that popped into my head

            • In my Katt Williams voice: “BITCH!, It’s called “self esteem” There has to sense of balance, somewhere. ANY true relationship is NEVER about one m.f., unless it’s Dr/patient, minister, attorney! IF it is ( in your world) then get a m.f. clone, or a lap dog!

            • @shortcake

              Tall glass a wine here! He’s just wack and so are you. Trust and honesty are built. He can work wherever he wants, but keep wifey first. Insecurity is him chasing tail, that’s chasing a dollar. Next time please check the height before you step up and run yo mouth! it’s sounds like you are not tall enough for this ride. Beat it bum!

  4. knew this “so called marriage” wouldn’t last!!! better luck next time……not!!!! nick is childish and d*ckless
    never marry a man younger than yourself!!! the sex might be good but these men are childish

  5. Nick is a worker. That is a good man.
    I agree; all the shine has worn off her mystic.
    if he is willing to walk she is CRAZY! In fact probably crazier then we all can imagine.

    i was hoping that they would make it. BUT she has a history of mental illness.
    When she doesn’t sell albums or runs into failure..she goes LEFT.

  6. she is a ignorant ass Aries women who wants to wear the pants in the relationship…they all do,Nick is a Libra man and they love their freedom…and other women

    • Libras are all about partnership and hate being single, him liking other women has nothing to do with being a libra

      • Libras are about always having someone around. They don’t know the definition of partnership if they are October Libras, but they will be married 50-11 times because they cannot stand to be alone. They are jealous, insecure, radically co-dependent, and selfish. They also wouldn’t know what the words ‘fidelity’ and ‘loyalty’ mean if you paid them a monthly stipend to learn them.

          • All of the October Libras I know are an unfunny joke, from a guy I used to date to my own pappy. Lol. They are in love with the idea of love, but their execution is atrocious.

            On the flipside, the September Libras I know (men) are upstanding husbands and fathers, such as one of my cousins. Go figure.

            • OMG, you ain’t neva lied. FROM MY ex, to my mom, to her ratched wretch of a husband. Oct. Libra’s. Don’t like to put to much stock in astrological signs, but………….

        • But anyway if you study astrology you would know that libra is known as the sign of partnership, a personality is more complicated than a sun sign so there are a number of different factors that would cause someone to behave a certain way, but if you came across a promiscuous libra then maybe thier rising sign was in sagittarius(most promiscuous sign of the zodiac)

          • I’m a Leo. I’m supposed to be compatible with Sagittarius, but I cannot stand them. They are the least interesting, most annoying people of the zodiac.

            When you mention partnership re: Libras, I have a different definition of partnership. It doesn’t involve serial dating, marriage, etc. True partnership, per my definition, involves fidelity, trust, loyalty, good communication and the ability for both partners to work well together. Support each other by helping each others’ dreams come to fruition. Then again, I’m not married, so… Lol.

      • I am a Libra, honey please. Libra men are very sneaky!! Libra women have a lot of loyalty, but their downfall (esp. mine) is that we lack SUSTAINED energy and we want partnership.

  7. I dont believe that Nick ruined her latest album sales but I do think that she made a lot of career sacrifices for her family and she did not marry Nick for money she wanted a family and he doesnt need the money if she is sharing her 500 million with him. There is nothing wrong with a hard working man but he should have found a balance, I’m quite sure Mariah didn’t get married to be a single parent. I believe infidelity is the reason and Nick working is to save face.
    side bar: is Nick apart of the Nickledeon franchise?

    • I agree. I don’t think she married him for his money and she may have thought her money was more than enough reasons for him to become a ‘house husband’, ‘stay at home, Dad’ or something like that. But maybe Nick didn’t see that for himself. He may have just wanted to earn a paycheck, too. I’m sure he knew he didn’t have to do a thing but be Mariah’s husband and spend her money, but evidently he wasn’t after her money either and wasn’t comfortable with just being Mr. Carey.

  8. nick didn’t wear the “d*ck” in the relationship mariah did!!! she wants a men who will boss her around!! make passionate love
    on floor or in elevator or on a desk!! a man who will pull her hair and bit her skin scratch her whip her with his belt

    that type of stuff

    nick’s sex game must be weak!!! as gravy

    • Damn,sounds like you advertising! You into that?? I can do passionate, but that other stuff,whipping, biting ,hair pulling , Nope!

      • @Nasir Tahir

        i believe in role play to spice up a marriage!! when me and my man relationship when sour we decided to sex things up a little
        by having sex on the stair/high heels/floor/car bonnet/sofa etc etc

        it really helped!!!!!

    • She’d probably love Ray Rice. Elevator sex followed by elevator beat down. That’ll keep a gal in check.

  9. Mariah needs to seriously take a freaking seat.
    She’s mad because she had a man that works? Bitch please! My deadbeat father never worked a day in his life and had at least two babymama dramas going on at the same time, me being one of the babies. Like I said, Mariah needs to sit her ash down. No woman in her right mind is going to complain about her husband working. And as for her album tanking? How the freak is that Nicks fault, unless Nick produced it? I used to love Mariah, but ever since she had her breakdown around 9/11 she’s just been a hallucinating, Hello Kitty crazed lush. I just can’t with her anymore.

  10. First it was Jermaine Dupree.. now it’s Nick Cannon’s fault. If Mariah would sing a damn song instead of whispering through an entire track then maybe her albums would sell. She didn’t take care of her voice.. so it’s a wrap. The same thing happened to Whitney Houston.. Alicia Keys.. Patti La Belle.. Aretha Franklin.. Stephanie Mills.. etc. Whether it’s some type of damage or a natural regression that comes with age.. they all had their moment and it has passed. Celine Dion is one of the only female singers who has maintained her vocal abilities/range. Sorry Mariah.. sometimes the truth hurts. Stop blaming everyone else and deal with your own demons.

    • WRONG boo!!! Ms Aretha, will ALWAYS reign as the QUEEN SUPREME!!!!! Her voice is STILL FLAWLESSsssss!!!!! Ms. Mariah, being the diva that she is, will be alright…she’s down but not out…& got enuff coins 2 last into oblivion….NICK who????????? She can have another one of him 2DAY….Even tho, I don’t know why she.would want 2….

      • I’m not talking about throwback Aretha performing in her prime.. because she has clearly earned her title. BUT.. she has recently performed live and the quality of her voice is definitely NOT what it used to be. Don’t get me wrong.. she can still sing.. but there is a noticeable difference when she attempts to hit certain notes. She knows her limits and how to work her way around it but those of us who know Aretha.. know better. Like I said.. the truth hurts.

  11. They both have issues, especially Mariah, so both should just take it as a loss, and move on.

  12. Clearly, Mimi isn’t playing with a full deck and hasn’t been for a while, if she ever was. She is all about herself and thinks the world is supposed to revolve around her. She seems to be oblivious to the fact that her time has come and gone. She needs to enjoy her money, raise her kids and maybe even try to save her marriage. But number one on her to-do list should be putting that bottle down and getting some help for her mental issues.

    • YES!!!! This woman is so delusional it isn’t even funny. What is with celebrities being mentally challenged? It’s like you can’t be normal to be a celebrity, you have to be a weak minded individual…So sad..Hollyweird must be a B*tch!!


    • Im dying from your comments! But seriously, I think thats from being over forty and taking all the meds to get preggo. Then she miscarried and has a history of abortions… all that takes its toll on a body. I think shes one who actually loves being a mom, and they love her.

      • Yea after 35 the eggs are old, and i think a much higher risk of the baby having down syndrome

  14. A narcissistic personality is SELF-ABSORBED. Nick didn’t start having kidney issues til after he got with her. Relationship issues manifest in the kidneys (money issues manifest in the lower back). People need to educate themselves to things other than what’s taught in school because many people have health issues not realizing it may be that toxic relationship they’re in.

  15. I’ve always liked Nick Cannon ever since he was on Nickelodeon. He seems very down to earth and humble however he’s always been under her stiletto of scrutiny. I also think he was so caught up in actually gettin Mariah that he never thought of what her previous husband and lovers went through with her. She’s still stuck in the 90’s feeling like she’s the best voice out there and unfortunately her time has passed. She’s throwing her family away over having to be a working mother from what this post says. Her album didn’t fail because of him it failed because your priorities have her as the focus. Sit down raise your babies then put an album out without stress. She’s whining about what every other woman has to do daily. Get over yourself selfish ass woman. That man worshipped her stankin worn cooch. Pass him to the next who will appreciate him because he’s far from ugly and his body is right from the last pic I saw. They both need to work that out and grow up. #TeamNick

  16. That Lady GAGA gimmick has long sailed and no one’s checking for that Baphomet Whore Of Babylonian bullshit anymore.

  17. The road is no place for kids, she needs to rethink this shit. Do what Beyonce kept lying about doing, Go away for a while. Pull an Anita Baker, a mother is the most important Job you will EVER have, please Take that shit serious. Do you know how many women would love to be able to be full time mothers but can’t because they have to work. But this just goes to show what’s really important to this woman a dried up ass career. When Roc and Ro end up smoking rocks and roaches don’t wonder what went wrong. Take a look at bobby kris and that should be enough to get your priorities straight as far as parenting.

  18. mimi ask mariah is what you call a lost girl mixed chick. mixed chicks suffer from the same problem they tend to blame (black people) for their problems
    if nick was white you damn well know that mimi wouldn’t of said shyt but because nick is black she’s blaming him!!

    nick cannon should of married a (light skinned) black women instead because mixed chicks have problems just ask halle (can’t keep a d*ck) berry
    they blame the black side ….like i said black men stop breeding with these weak dried up white women!!

  19. I hope they keep it o’l school and stay together. I’m sick of the new generation “do away with marriage” mentality! Always running and searching for the next temporary high. I’m annoyed when I hear couples divorcing because their not happy! Emotions go up and down, so if you are rooted by them you are doomed anywho. Being happy is a choice and so is making a marriage work. I personally feel divorce should never be an option.

    • Unless there is abuse involved right? children benifit more from the parents breaking up if they are constantly fighting, i agree that couples should fight harder to stay together but not in ALL situations….and if our grandparents were such good role models why didnt our parents stay married if they even got married at all? This generation may have alot of blended families but the men do not run off and completely abandon thier kids the way the fathers (including mine) did in the 80s

  20. Uuuuuuum, no, Mariah?! Maybe because simply ain’t nobody feelin’ your music and desperate sad image.

  21. Now Mariah can get a real BIG DICK nigga like me. I know how to keep a smile on her face.

  22. It is a hollyweird/music industry marriage.

    Surprised it lasted this long.

    Also, I just want to point out that Mariah looks batshit crazy in that picture.

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