Joe Budden Surrenders to NYPD Avoids Battery Charge


Love & Hip Hop alum and former rapper, Joe Budden, who has been wanted by NYPD for beating his girlfriend last week, has turned himself into police.

The “Pump it Up” singer challenged the NYPD on Twitter to arrest him last week, but showed up at the 34 precinct in Inwood at 9 a.m. yesterday, with his lawyer.

Here is the latest:

The rapper continued his Twitter ranting from the precinct, starting with a post “#FreeBudden.” He also changed his Twitter photo to be an image of the hashtag #FreeJoeBudden. “I’ll be out in time for the strip club later @Bbillions @soiicy ……” he later tweeted.

The victim alleges that the punk twisted her arm and used force to take her cell phone while sitting inside a car on Aug. 18.

Budden was at a Queens strip club last Friday night, tweeting about his wild night out when cops released his mug shot.


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    • JOE BUDDEN—:>short man complex—>Napoleon COMPLEX! WOMAN BEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW don’t mean to sterotype but a lot short men like hitting women! Not all but a lot of them do! Ladies beware of short men!

  1. Be it far from me to advise another man about his piorities but ‘cmon; out all he places, he could tweet about,he chose a strip club?

  2. think ghostface and raekwon both wooped his ass a few years back for dissing wu tang.

  3. I bet the chick from love and hiphop is thinking she made a good move by turning down his proposal

  4. No excuse for this behavior…Period! It takes balls of steel to lay hands on another man’s treasure…His Daughter! So, we know Joe is certified crazy at this point. His Mom is a good woman, she didn’t raise him to behave in this way. Hip-Hop has issues with women, especially blackwomen. All the hoe this and that is ungodly conduct, all of us are born from a W-O-M-A-N. Let him spend some time at Rikers.



    THESE RAPPERS DON’T HAVE BETTER TIME IN THEIR HAnds than to diss each other over nonsense.

  6. this looking mulatto needs help!!!!
    clapping a women is not a good look. d*cking down a women is better… do’t you think!!????

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