WTF?!? Young Thug With “Hubbie” Rich Homie Quan


Rumors have been circulating that Young Thug was a gay rapper.. This recent caption of a photo of himself and Rich Homie Quan puts the rumors to bed.

“Me and my hubbie!!! @richhomiequan 4life udigg!!!!!!”

Lets go!


    • Are you out of your mind? Hollywood is full of faggots and run by them too. They should fit right in and especially if they got big dicks. They will be the queens of the ball in Hollywood until the newness wears off.

        • Look at Ellen Degeneres she has lasted and she is doing very well too,also before her 9/11 consipracy talk so did Rosie O’Donell. This kid fron Doogie Houser MD is now grown but he is out in the open and is doing well. Wanda Sykes and several others.

          • Robin Roberts. Andy Cohen. Lee Daniels. Ryan Murphey etc. Makes you wonder why anyone even stays in the closet anymore.

    • This confused freak show isn’t in Hollywood. He is a “rapper” who wears red nail polish and calls other men his “hubbie.” Black men really need to step up to the plate to be better role models to wayward Black boys and young men. This epidemic is just disgusting.

      • It is what the man wants though. They don’t want positive black role models, they want gay men to be seen as the norm in the black community so that our numbers start to decline. The writing is on the wall ….

      • Just because the system likes to show you ignorant and gay ass black men constantly, does not mean there isnt plenty of men that have already been stepping up to the plate. Instead of buying in into everything the media gives you, you should be asking those who control it, that only want you to see certain instances of your kind, why THEY wont step up to the plate. Stop letting them poison your mind then turn around and look to blame your own. Its plenty of men not thinking about being gay. When you allow yourself to soak up bullshit programming all day, that shit will change your perception of reality. Know it for what it is , but dont be so quick to believe what it wants you to.

        • I’m not buying into what the media is “giving me.” I don’t support these guys. I cannot name any of their songs. I have, however, seen far too many Black males going out of their way to bash Black women, only to present highly effeminate images of themselves. If the BM are so weak as to participate in homosexual activities as a means of seeking financial comeuppance, then the BM are a problem.

          Black men need to be more active in the lives they create. That is what I was implying when I suggested they step up to the plate to be better role models. I don’t care who pulls a puppet’s strings. People should know that there is nothing stated or implied that, in order to be successful, they need to be a puppet.

          Stop making false assumptions as to what I know, believe and/or see when you don’t know me from a hole in a wall, donut, Cheerio or a Life Saver.

          • What’s Good Sis? Unfortunately, we ain’t free yet. Other men tell us what to think, how to think, who to like and dislike. A small number of us can truly say we’re “Unchained Melodies.” 1000 Ways To Slice & Dice. Gayness is just another razor blade, like all the other bs we have to deal with. In the real world, these dudes don’t matter…A Circus It Surely Is!!!

    • Amazing how a blackman can turn an anus into a vagina…Marinate on That Sis? Why are we going down this road? Women dig us, that’s not the problem. Learned behavior is what this is. Moms, Media, Society, Schools, Politics, etc. Basically, this is the most effective way to destroy us. Women can’t impregnate themselves… The Larger Point!

    • Not just his nails….he is so ugly. Most fags are good looking. These dudes make the California Raisins look good.

      • That thing that was on the Tyra Banks show was so ugly until…………….shit there ain’t no words to describe that level of….it was just painful to look at.

          • You say racist jokes are lame and then right around and call someone a spic…..bitch did you take your meds today?

          • Wtf was racist about calling someone a roach? Im confused, the comparison of them being like a roach has to do with them being ugly dumbass, stop reading racism into everything with your overly sensitive ass

  1. It’s time for us to find another form of music because the rap game is now officially a joke.

    • we should call it d*ck n rhymes…because these n1gga’s be talking out of their d*cks

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  2. nooo not rich homie…….!!!!!! i think rich homie beat his ass up after he seen that pic….. but if rich homie quan gay then the whole industry gay then……. ima still listen to rich homie gay or not

  3. CRYING LAUGHING at ALL the comments! I agree @anon 15:53, I actually stopped listening to that mess years ago, they just put out anything & the masses love it. Truly its no surprise they’re homos. I prefer demon-free music myself…….

    • i do too…… but rich homie was above all others when it came to “real” …… but i dont believe in a str8 rapper anymore … they even got Kendrick Lamar i kno he sweet now cuz he with dr dre and jimmy lovine

    • yuh, the people runnin shit start hangin onto anything that gets popular so they can use it to inplant a corrupt doctrine to poision the minds of the youth to keep control/weaken everyone.

  4. I don’t know why anyone is shocked by this. This has been going on in the music industry for a long time. This did not just start with these guys. The only thing that has changed is that they are out in the open now. I guess they are tired of hiding to make others feel secure. Many,as a matter of fact most rappers are switch hitters. Maybe not ready to call another man their husband but they are living that way on the down low.

    THE MOST HIGH is only pulling the covers off this industry that is full of abominations and great evils kept back from the gullible masses. It is a secret society that goes all the way back to it inception. Some of the greatest leading men have been gay/bi and no one ever knew it. Hip Hop is no different. When they are all out in the open and the light of truth shines on them,you people are going to be shocked and say “i never would have guessed he was with it”. There is a rappers they shut down called “The Realest” on Youtube he has a song called “Fuck Hollywood”,go give him a listen. These men are forced by the spirit that is on them to come forward. All these dudes in the industry have sucked dick and/or taken dicks up the ass. You can’t climb in Hollywood if you are not down with it. Why do you think back in the day we heard some “one hit wonders” who had good voices and music,but suddenly they dropped off the scene? They were not down with that sick shit so they jetted.

    This is nothing but the prophecy fulfilling itself…..Luke 8:17 at work, manifesting itself. There are plenty more to come people. Did yall hear what Aron Hall said during that VLADTV interview? As each day goes on we will see that the Bible is not some fairy tale book and it is unfolding right in our life time. Open your eyes people… Romans 1:25-28 and consider it all. Shalom!

    • True indeed….Pimp C lost his life because he exposed this wicked shit before it was time. Tupac put Quincy and Dr. Dre on blast and it cost him his life. Professor Griff exposed Will Smith along with so many others in the industry. I am so glad that when they came to me to offer me a chance in the industry i turned it down. It took a lot of will power to walk away from a opportunity like that. But the took me out and exposed me to the high life and when it came time to give up some dick and ass i chose to walk away. I told dude that they don’t print enough money to pay me for my soul. All the Rothchild’s got in their vault won’t be enough for my soul. These dudes are so lost and there is no light in them. To most of these dudes doing drugs and drinking excessively is how they escape what they did to get to where they are. All of them who are big in the industry had to play the game. I saw Pharrell the other day and he looks like he is so tired inside and wants out. Paul Walker’s dad said Paul wanted out the industry. Next thing he knew his son was dead. For these dudes it is blood in and blood out and then your soul is required. It is not worth it. I don’t know why God chose to spare me,but he did and i am thankful. The door for me to walk into that world was most definitely open.

      • everybody called dre a fag.

        quincy has clout but don’t think he has the authority to kill anyone.

        if anything pac made a bunch of whites mad and they made the decision to off pac.

        as powerful as jimmy henchmen, quincy, and suge is even they have more richer and powerful whites who they must answer to.

        iovine never feared suge knight because iovine is mafia and all in the satanic church of anton lavey and is higher than suge was in the 90’s.

        all that threats pac was making came back on him cvan’t flirt with death talking bout suicides and getting shot young look at biggie, seagram who also openly flirted with satan was shot back in 96 about a month or 2 before pac died.

        like pac said how many niggas are ready to die for me.

        ask kadafe, and those gang members who died in that gang war because pacwas shot.

        ask storm who was shot at but survived only to quit the rap game.

        Orlando Anderson got his due you can’t kill pac and expect to live too long he should have killed himself right after pac died.

        even if orlandio didn’t kill pac he was still a marked man and yes he was scared to walk out his door sucked to be him in his last days.

      • Just out of curiosity, Professor Griff spends all his time “exposing” everything from gays, to the Jhews to the Illuminati. If everyone gets murdered for speaking the truth, why is he still walking around?

        • Griff don’t reach as many ears as pac did. Saying that I think griff knows he is walking a fine line. God watch over griff. A truth warrior for god. Fearless.

        • lets not forghet when griff left pe who did he sign with luke the king of xxx rap.

          • For indepence. He just got kicked from a label for telling the truth. Luke was big on freedom of speech. Went to court and fought. Griff was in no Luke or 2 live crew videhos. He went there so he called say what he likes on any topic including false joos. Crazychris, man there has to be someone you give props to. Never heard you say one good thing bout anybody. Not once. Ever. But I’m a fan yo.

    • Sorry Truth be Told, but your theory doesn’t hold water. Example: one hit wonder Jermaine Stewart(We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off) never his shit. He actively participated in all the homo activity Hollywood had to offer, but he didn’t have a second hit. He just ended up dead of AIDS related illness.

      “The Most High” isn’t bringing anything to light or exposing any human peccadillos. The fact is, a LOT of black men prefer the company of another man to that of a woman. There are a boatload of reasons behind that fact, but it is a fact none the less. And these men are tired of hiding in plain sight. They have cowered because of the church, peer pressure, ego and fear in general. But now that marriage equality is a done deal, even the Republicans concede that, they have decided that they want to live their lives as they wish.
      This is only the beginning of the floodgates opening. There is a flood of “coming outs” akin to Katrina which will happen in the next 3 -5 years.
      Single black mothers, please stop having babies without a man in their life. THIS is the cause of this–not the Illuminati, the white man or rap music. These men spend their whole lives seeking the love and approval of another man, a man who provides a substitute for the love of their absent father. It’s Psych 101.

      • Bitch shut up because you are make little to no sense. I see your brain holds a lot of water.

        • I have to agree with SOME of this. Fatherless children & no man in the home. Hip/Hop IS THE LOVE OF MAN & THE HATRED OF WOMEN. Welfare was not to help Black people. It was to keep you exactly where you are & to get votes for Democrats. Look up LBJ racist quotes. Now as far as the Bible is concerned it is TRUTH.

        • @Debra What didn’t make sense? Please set it straight if you don’t agree. Do you think the Ilumnati is the cause of black male homosexuality?

        • I have to agree with Deb this is f*cking nonsense! You are reaching ridiculously with this bullshit!

          Maybe you just want to come out the closet and you are imposing your desires on the intentions of others.

      • exactly! If your parents didnt care enough about you to bring you into a stable environment and take the time to raise you, then all the system oppression is just extra, you were screwed from birth anyways. Free will, who you gonna blame?

        • x:

          They are not ready for you. Beyond parents not taking time to raise their children properly, let’s remind people of the epidemic commonly known as the “oops” baby. How can you properly raise a child when you lack means, knowledge and stability and have an unplanned pregnancy? People aren’t planning to succeed. As such, people may as well plan to fail, because that’s exactly what they are doing. An unplanned pregnancy that befalls upon people of means is different than an unplanned pregnancy that befalls upon a person who is uneducated or undereducated, unemployed, and/or impoverished. That is but one of the many issues the Black community needs to address if we want to start repairing some of the many problems that plague the collective.

  5. This rap Sh*t, is getting out of hand!!! If they ain’t pucken each other, then they killing each other.


  6. The majority of Rap/ Hip is Homosexual or women haters. They profess their love for their boys on entire albums. Then they spend the entire album hating women/girls calling them B!tches, heauxs. Just listen & get a clue. These young boys and young girls have been brainwashed into believing this is how black men & women should treat and speak to each other. A Black man is supposed to Love & protect the women. But that is a foreign concept now

    • Sure is. I get sad when I meet 40 year old men who don’t love and protect women. I have zero tolerance for so called straight men who hate women.

      • whats worse is 35 to 40 year old men sagging come on.

        whats worse is white boys sagging some terends are not meant to be followed.

  7. They could be just playing to the media already knowing that’s wat out there so they playing the game

  8. Those dudes are so ugly that they probably never could attract females so they found comfort and acceptance in other men.

    • It never stopped Flavor Flav from impregnating a multitude of women. And Ricky Rozay, Puffy, Biz Markie and Scrappy aren’t hurting for female attention either. Face it, dudes are loving dudes. It’s growing in the black community faster than anywhere else. The overall percentage, according to GLAAD, of black men who identify gay or bisexual is one percent higher than that of white men. I believe it is 6% vs 7%.
      The women are even worse. Black women are identifying gay/bi at nearly twice that of whites. But I get that due to the deficit of available men.

      • Consider the Source GLAAD is Lying. All the Countries pushing homosexuality are White. Africa is fighting to keep America and Europe from forcing it on them. Homosexuality was practiced openly by the Romans, the Greeks, The British and the French. Homosexual perversion is practiced and accepted by Whites and always has been. White Slave owners used to practice Buck Breaking, where they would sodomize a man in front of his family to emasculate him. Pedophilia and pederasty is a large cause of homosexuality. Most homosexuals were molested into the lifestyle. GLAAD is a liar.

        • So you’re saying that there are not a large number of black gay men? Uh huh.
          What would be the point of a gay organization which lobbies for rights for the LGBT to fudge their stats about black men? In what way would that serve them?
          I don’t give a fat phuck what they say. All you have to do is open your eyes and ears and you can see it for yourself.

  9. gay chit ain’t nothing new in music.

    boy George did it he was open about it.

    Madonna never hid it.

    George Michael admitted he should have came out years ago.

    Elton john never hid it.

    Marilyn manson never denied he was bisexual and worshipping satan.

    Cyndi lauper never hid it.

    Britney spears and Christina Aguilera both came out.

    pink, fergie, gwen Stefani came out katy perry never hid she was a dyke.

    lady gaga kept her gay chit real.

    pete wendt from fallout boy came out no wonder ashlee left him and her dad joes gay wonder did pete and joe simpson phukk.

    whats new been done.

    Sylvester, and Jermaine stewart was gay.

    donna summer was bi and teena marie.

    Richard pryor and rick james both didn’t give a damn aBOUT PHUKKING TRANNIES.






    • Don’t you dare slander Wendy O. Williams. She had a life partner who is a man.

  11. Gay as hell. Gay, Gay, And more Gay. All of them are Gay, all of them. Rap is a joke, they allowed the white devil to come in and destroy our culture. Smh. We are so f*cked up. It’s super sad.

    • Sorry, can’t blame White people for this. It was our doing. Just like welfare, we didn’t ave to accept it. Off-topic Gentrification is our fault because we don’t keep our neighborhoods up, trash, robberies, graffiti, don’t pay taxes. People don’t put money in our communities because we just tear things up and don’t want anything nice. Nah can’t always blame the White man. We allow ourselves to be used

      • I totally agree with this statement. But that gay stuff in hip hop isn’t cool at all.

  12. those 2 ugly dudes deserve each other.

    if that’s what they want that’s them.

    a dude wanna lay with another musty ass man and stick his penis in the ass every night.

    a dude wanna suck another penis and toss salad and they chose this over real females.

    this is sickening.

    guess young thug is the bitch and wants to be a girl well more power to him or her or it or whatever young thug is.

  13. You mothaphukas is the ones who knows who they are. So that means u follow dick ridin faggetty homo music. Fuck mainstream.ive never heard of these fags. Or heard a damn song. Its all about the underground. Fuck drake,lil wayne, nikki minaje twat, beyonce, lady gaga all that fack music. And oh yea f*ck wiz khalifa too makin that bullshit faggot drumline music

  14. This is just my theory but if a rapper or singer has an obscene amount of tattoos, ESPECIALLY after he gets into the music industry, his booty has been gotten by another man. Don’t shout me down, but we were talking about this on a previous thread. They get these tattoos as a way of coping with the sexual abuse and in a way, holding on to any shred of manhood they may have left. Also, in my eyes, if a man has a lip, eyebrow or nose ring, he is automatically gay to me. AND, if a man wears earrings, to me, he would consider homosexual sex. I know that men wearing earrings is very common but I just don’t think real men ear earrings. I just can’t fathom my husband and I in the bathroom mirror putting on our earrings. I might as well hand him one of my purses.

    • He has already reached for one of your earrings while you are in the bathroom mirror and the lipstick was stolen from your purse the night before. This is why so many women are being beaten and abused because we know their secrets…

      • Keeping It Real, Don’t EVER attempt a career in comedy. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.

  15. He also wore his du-rag looking like Aunt Jemima and was naked with his legs cocked open in a bathtub of gold jewelry and one covered in bubble bath. You don’t think that was pretty gay? Listen, it may be hard for you to accept but Hip Hop is gay! The piercings, the questionable photo poses, a bunch of dudes all on each other with their shirts off. That NEVER turned me on back then. Didn’t know why but once I became an adult I realized it was because my FATHER was nothing like that.

  16. Are you fricking joking? You find gayness everywhere, even if there’s no proof. I guess guys need to be killing each other and are not allowed to be friends or they’re obviously gay. There are men in other parts of the world that wear earrings that are so heavy they cause the elongation of their ears. If everyone in the village does it as a rite of passage, that means everyone in the village is gay? You’re so busy looking for secret signs that you accuse everyone who doesn’t pass your litmus test.

    • “Are you fricking joking?”

      “You find gayness everywhere, even if there’s no proof.”
      Correct, with the help of something called discernment, which is seriously lacking in our society.

      “If everyone in the village does it as a rite of passage, tat means everyone in the village is gay?”
      Please refer to my 1st comment. I am referring to Rappers, singers….mainstream or wearing earrings as accessories.

      “You’re so busy looking for secret signs that you accuse everyone who doesn’t pass your litmus test.”
      I don’t have to be busy looking. It is as simple as going about my daily doings. If you want to know about things that’s going on today, you need to study the beginnings of it.Sagging pants is gay as it comes from the prison system. A man wearing 2 earrings as it pertains to the music industry or being fashionable is gay as it comes from Egypt. The Pharaohs would wear earrings. 1 meant that he only had sex with females but a Pharaoh wearing earrings in both ears meant that he was bisexual and that no sex would should be refused of him be it from a woman or man.

  17. These two monkeys look like they fell out of a bucket of extra crispy and extra burnt chicken. I see ugly Negroes every day but these two take the prize. Let’s face and be real,Blacks are not as attractive as the other races. Except for if they have some white in their blood.

    • Melanin is beautiful the more the better. The Messiah had Burnt Bronze feet, not pink or albino. Woolly hair and eyes Red like Fire. I only see eyes like that on Jet Dark people. The pale albino blue eyed Jesus Whites recreated in their own image. He is really the homosexual cousin of Michael Angelo and he is ugly and extremely weak. Blacks are made in the image of the Messiah. Stringy hair that gets lice, no lips, pencil noses and flat asses are Ugly. Whites can’t even stay in the Sun to long. Blacks thrive in the Sunshine. The days, of the Majority of Races on the Planet being brainwashed to think, Pink Europeans are the Standard of beauty are long gone. White in the blood dilutes and weakens the seed. The Black Man is the Original Man. And you’re just jealous of that fact. no one wants to look like you except those who don’t know their true History.



    • I highly disagree with you its just that they dont put the attractive black people on TV, but look at the oc housewives compared to the Atlanta housewives, Atlanta housewives are wayyyyy better looking, those oc wives look like a dead fish in the face and thier bodys look like a bag of bones, there was one oc housewife who had big bug eyes and no.chin and she couldnt close her mouth because her teeth were to damn big, i had to turn my TV off





  19. I don’t believe in Jesus. I was responding to the Racist who said Blacks aren’t as attractive as the other Races. He’s probably an ignorant, gun toting, good Christian Mericun who doesn’t even realizing the very Jesus he worships is Black.

  20. I am a gay black man . Im queen or high heel wearing sissy . However i do love men its my thing . I dont an have never thought about forceing my life style on anyone. This entire thing is some bullshit im sick of people useing being gay as some sort of entertainment . An if its not i do t care who’s gay an who is not its none of my bizzness . Hot damn . Its kool if u dont dig it i get it but y u so bothered thats just weird an creepy . Your like some bitter ole women who couldnt sing her hymm in church . Its men on here sayn bitch shit an bitches On here layn next to the biggest sissy in there hood popn shit . Wait wait im in the wrong bizzness i should b saleing lives cuz its to many people here who needs them . NOTE u are not important to me . An both them niggahz is ugly as f*ck i pray they aint gay . Everytime straight people dont wanna claim somebody yall callm gay . We got enough bad an ugly apples . NO MAAAM YALL KEEP BOTH OF THEM .

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