Mariah Carey Wants Nas To Hook Her Up With D*ck!


Rumor has it that, Mariah Carey asked her longtime rapper buddy, Nas, to hook her up with one of his homeys.

Here’s what US Weekly reported:

“The 44 year old texted Nas, wondering if he had any friends she could go out with–or even hook up. But Nas is nervous to introduce her anyone.”

Here’s what Nick Cannon had to say:

“Nas is a friend of mine, he’s a friend of hers. She went to his birthday party, and I think it was in L.A. We actually talked about this before. It’d be very difficult to make me jealous.”


  1. Well if Nick was doing his duty in bed she wouldn’t have to go else where for some satisfaction. Little dick Nick just don’t have what it takes to reach that spot.

    • He’s too busy traveling to & from work, sexing other woman & having $2M custom shoes made. He has very little time in his life to please his wife on any level. The fact that his wife is said to be quite difficult to deal with… Mist people aren’t blaming him much!

  2. Really their whole divorces is starting to be very messy. Well why don’t she hook up with Nasir that’ll make Nick jealous. And Nick calling Nas a friend, really? I wonder does Nas know he’s Nick friend. Sounds to me like Nick is cock blocking Mariah just like the true pimp/handler that he is. I’ve always though that this marraige was weird looking from the start but maybe he was placed in her life to make sure she stayed on track like Ike and Tina. Yes Nick is successful in his own right but the elite doesn’t give away networks like nickelodeon without getting something in return. Hell they’ve already made Ariana Grande the new Mariah. I guess it’s time for Mariah exit in 5 4 3 ..

    • Uh Uh. What Mariah needs is to marry a man who is successful and really loves her. That would make Nick jealous, Mariah’s happiness.

      • What’s Shocking Is Nick Used To Work At Nickelodeon Back In The Day And Who Also Works There??? Arianna Grande!!!!

  3. Mariah wants some meat on them buns. Nick just don’t measure up. I heard NAS is packing some nice meat. I saw him on stage and when the light hit his see through pants his dick was hanging low,he wasn’t wearing underwear. NAS got some meat that can satisfy Mariah. Trust me,she went to him for a reason. Mariah knows what’s up.

  4. O well what do you expect? After all that’s the way it works isn’t it? They all f*ck’en and suck’en each other Mariah don’t give it up on the first date date hang out have fun before you offer that used up coochie over night

  5. She is showing her true color now. And why does she always try to stick with someone in the music business. Nick and quickly move on. I’ll take him.

  6. Marian take notes. Look at Janet Jackson. She is a billionaire. She married another billionaire who is handsome by the way. Janet moved to Quatar and haven’t looks back since unless it has something to do with her family. Hell I don’t blame Janet. Mariah take notes sweetie. Take notes.

    • Its been reported that Janet Jackson is miserable being married to that Arab and if she knew her history she’d know better than to marry that stinking Ishmaelite whom BTW had a hand in the destruction of our people.But,we know blacks so-called celebs will sell they’re mothers for the white mans fame and Janet Jackson is no different.

      • @BA….I heard the same thing too, but then she came out and said those reports were false. She said she’s happy as a faggot with a bag of dickz. LMAO…so I don’t know if she is happy or that was all bullisht.

      • I highly doubt that. Janet is doing good an She probably wanted to get away from that crazy dysfunctional family of hers. I don’t blame her.

        • I think she’s a little too old to be running away from home at this stage in her life. She did that back in the day w/James.

  7. Nas don’t want her old dusted blew out vagina hell he’s probably had it and watched other dudes have it,she better buss a kamora Lee and get her a old ass millionair

    • Yes he does i saw the video of it. Talk what you know….when that light hit him you could see all his stuff down there.

  8. Nick And His 1 Inches Of Pleasure Of Dick Is Getting Too Much!!! Mariah Wants Real Muscular Dick Not A Floppy Dick

    • Exactly! Nobody thinks woman get to pick and choose just like men do. Some men don’t want nothing less than a double DD and some women don’t want nothing less than a fat 9″. Just like men like certain attributes on a woman,same goes for women. Mariah likes men with some real meat. I ain’t mad at her about it.

  9. I think age is on Nick’s side that’s why he doesn’t care who Mariah does. His head is bigger than the new tat on his back. And I mean the one that’s sitting on top of his neck. LOL

  10. The broad mariah is crazy and nick couldnt take
    It any more.. The chick wears ball gowns to take her
    Kids to the playground

  11. That model Nick was dating before he married Mariah said Nick is not packing and maybe Mariah needs more meat to satisfy her. Does that make her a bad person? Men get to pick and choose all the time what they like on a woman. Times have changed.

  12. I don’t think it has anything to do with Nick package. Mariah is an industry ho and she craves attention at all times and when she doesn’t feel the pampering and idolization, that’s when she hits the bottle. Nick will and always will be a punk azz nigga.

  13. y’all sure she wasn’t calling Nas to have HIM to break her off a little something something. And is much sexier than Nick the Kid. Ok Mariah I see u boo.

  14. Mariah and Nick are both laughing at the public for falling for their bs. If y’all don’t know the game the celebs play with the public then…..tabloids and gossip sites are paidvto keep the ball rolling! Stop feeding into their bs and pay attention to what’s really going on. They’re laughing at yall !

  15. “feet up on the dash like it ain’t no nigga flyer/ dub sack buyer I’m a out of state supplier/ Sire, that’s what they call a nigga now/ go Inquire, see how I shut niggas down/ MARIAH, glad Nick Cannon put the cuffs on/ she said we was that close, we coulda got our f*ck on” – AZ

  16. What Mariah needs to do is hang up that old outdated sex kitten act that she has going, and act like a grown woman. You can be rich and still needy and clingy. Money doesn’t always go hand and hand with self esteem.

  17. yall know. Mariah is a a Diva and a Bitch.
    This is all on her. i dont blame Nick for getting the hell out.
    She is PSYCHO, thats documented.
    When a record company pays you to “GO AWAY”… She is unstable

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