Crunchy Black Calls Out Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J Gay Rappers

HSK Exclusive – Former Three 6 Mafia member, Crunchy Black, is saying rappers Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa are f*ck bois.

Apparently, Crunchy Black is still blaming Juicy J for getting kicked out of Three 6 Mafia.

Dig the drop:

“Crunchy Black thinks Wiz Khalifa is a f*ag. Which real N*gga dyes his hair purple? And the only reason why Juicy is a part of Taylor Gang, is because he’s gay like them. Juicy J is soft– that’s why he makes records with Katy Perry.

These N*ggas went gay for the money.”


  1. And Capitain Crunch is right. Everything in hollyweird is Gay including him. Because at no way Three 6 Mafia was performing at the Oscars without going through the back door. Crusty Crunch better be careful that he don’t end up like Pimp C. Man i miss Pimp C the only dude from UGK that kept it real

      • Chile we know Crunchy ain’t gay. How’s doing? That is a crazy nut! Lmao! Crunchy is the type of person that U need a good laugh, Crunchy by is the man!

  2. Sodomites rule the industry of entertainment no matter if it is music,sports,acting….if it falls under entertainment then sodomites rule it. None of these guys can make it to the top without getting into gay sex. Everyone in Hollywood knows how the game is played,they just don’t talk about it. They make deals based on sex acts and sex favors. You either in or you are out. Remember there are thousands waiting to be in your shoes. So when those elite sodomite calls for some boy p*ssy or dick you have no choice but to participate or they will shut you completely down by Blacklisting you.

    • Real Talk! I got a cousin who submitted his demos/music and when he finally got a chance at it he was asked for sex with men and when he refused they shut him completely down.

      • Damn Wanda! For Real?! This shit is crazy! Tell your cousin to go back to school and make sumthing of himself. U can’t beat slow money. Yeah it may take a while but at least he won’t have to sacrifice his booty, his dick nor his soul to TPTB!

        • He walked away,but he was so hurt because it was his life time dream. He is a very good looking dude and they came at him hard. He did go back to school and is still in there learning IT Tech,getting his state certification. I can tell it messed with his head really bad. He has become really quiet and no longer has that spark in his eyes for music like he used to.

          • Tell him there is a lot of people who have let the dream go, After finding out wats up with the biz. It’s disappointing at first, but life keeps it moving. Having kids is my dream now.

      • Tell him go independent the music industry is losing it’s grip on artist these days since anyone can put there music on the internet (youtube, twitter, etc) and he can also sell his own stuff on itunes. Forget the middle men, follow some of these indy labels that allow folks to do what they love without expecting something in return. Entertainment industry’s biggest fear is that they will no longer be needed and their corrupt way of thinking will no longer be acceptable to make it.

        • Hell Yeah Independent is the way to go now. Underground rappers Nipsey Hussle and Z-ro both got Bentleys and Benzes in the garage just off of show money.

    • boys do not have a p*ssy….. though horney f*cks try to pretend it is …. just like they lie about having sewer sex with dudes and claiming to be straight….to insinate that a boy have a p*ssy is the same as wanting to have sex with kids aka as a pedofile….the end

  3. When I started seeing Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa hang out I knew what time it is. I’ve never publicly seen Juicy J with a female or heard about him dating anyone. DJ Paul and Project Pat too real. Gotta love them two.

    • I’m from Memphis so I know the scoop and sorry to tell you but DJ Paul is into the down low lifestyle just as much as Juicy is and to top it off he is a natural born a**hole. Very arrogant and rude. The verdict is still out on whether Project Pat has fully accepted the oath or not but he and Juicy are brothers so he knows what goes down

  4. Now that’s f*ck’ed up “sex” is the way to fame, if you not f*ck’en each other suck’en each other, you not gone make it? You have to suck and f*ck in order to make it big in hollywired? That’s the resume to make it big in hollywired? Wow I just can’t believe that lol you have to have a resume of all the screw’en you done in order to make it to the top LMAOOOOO! really? Lol wiz you been a sucka run’en around in skinny jeans and paint’en your nails look’en like a washed up used up trans in the making, of course 3 6 bullshit ain’t had a hit or been back to the Grammy’s sense then walk’en round wit purple hair stupid

    • Actually it ain’t nothing new,they have been doing this since way back. Marilyn Monroe had to f*ck a lot of men to get to where she was and so did Rock Hudson and Cary Grant. This type of thing has always been the Hollywood way. They passed Ann Margret around like a Donut with a hole in the middle. Too many to name….in that movie called “The Imitation of Life” there is a scene where the talent agent told the woman she would have to be willing to give it up to make it. Look how old that movie is? It’s been around for a long time. Sex for fame and fortune. Woman on woman and man on man…..nohing new under the sun.

  5. If by now people don’t know how the game is played in the industry, it is only because they just don’t want to know.

  6. Juicy J is a grown ass man

    What he does is not affecting Crunchy

    I see no point in him pointing this out

  7. Actual real men are not worried about what another dude or person has to say about them.


  9. U can’t have no 3/6 mafia w/o Crunchy Black, so MOTHERFUCK juicy j and his dyke nigga and dont fux wit none of dem

    • U ain’t never lied! Crunchy Black is that dude! LOL! Remember that dance he did on Riding Spinners? LOL! U can’t have 3 6 Mafia without Crunchy Black!

      • LOL@DaRa bringing up Crunchy’s dance in the ‘Riding Spinners’ video! We had jokes about that shit for a while after it came out! And don’t forget his lame-ass verse on Project Pat’s ‘Don’t Save Her:’ “…Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on but the money an’ powah (power)!” lol I agree with who said dude was wack (As if the rest of the crew was any better, but that’s a subject for another time), but he had his entertaining moments.

    • Crunchy is wack! That’s why they hardly gave that man a verse! If anything 3-6 ain’t shit without Lord Infamous (R.I.P).

  10. I’m from Memphis and can name quite a few rappers who’s known and unknown that goes both ways. Crunchy needs to shut up tho. I know his business since he’s f*ckin’ my cousins’ baby mama.

  11. lol, I don’t know, sometimes these gay rumors sound made up but with Wiz…I don’t know, lol…he looks bad suspect with his leotard pants on.

  12. Juicy Is Soft Like Chocolate Ice Cream Doing Songs With Katy Hudson Made It Soft Like Butter

    • Juicy J making music with Katy Perry because that crossover money is good. He got a few hood tracks out too and he’s being featured on alot of music. “Bandz A Make Her Dance” was his comeback soung

    • I hope it’s not to that thing he brought to the BET Awards lol. That still don’t hide the fact that he likes to dip his spoon in the peanut butter jar.

    • So what he is engaged. Do you know how many industry dudes who are bisexuals or gay who have a woman on their arms? It is all a front and especially if they are being exposed. They do things like that to counter the rumors and silence their critics. Why do you think Eddie Murphy got married? He was messing with men the whole time. Come on now, get up on how the game is played. These dudes mess with dudes on the side. You cannot make it in the business unless you do.

  13. Dudes f*cking each other in the ass for favors and fame is not a new thing. A lot of women would be shocked to learn the things their men have done to get things done. Some of the most masculine men have done it. People just don’t know and when Katt Williams told the truth,notice how they came after him hard. This world is done….stick a fork in it.

  14. jay: im from memphis north north at that I grew up on 36 mafia to my nigga juicy j gay what project pat his brotha think of that well he his own man juicy real shit mane real memphis native speakin I ain t f*ckin nor gettin f*cked suckin or gettin sucked on to sell my booty soul industry sol do ya thang juicy my nigga f*ck what everybody tum bout like yo song say yea hoe

  15. crunchy was shot last year and alm ost died.

    juicy, 36 and the rest of them was serving satan since the 90’s its just that juicy went mainstream with it.

  16. Nasty ass faggot ass niggas. im not surprised. THAT is why Amber Rose wants a divorce. and Juicy J was f*cking The Weeknd too

    • Lol @ you calling Wiz a faggot like Amber wasn’t a lesbian. Call it a relationship of convenience. Amber’s ex, pre-Kanye, is a girl named Tiffany. Tiffany is a stud who was featured in the documentary “The Aggressives.” In the documentary. Tiffany said she only dated transsexual males. Figure that one out.

  17. @B. Stiviano HOT TOPIC: okay so Amber allegedly dumped Tiffany when She found out that Tiffany cheated with Ciara, and now Amber wants to divorce Wiz because She noticed that She was just a beard to him. *Wendy Williams voice*

  18. Wiz paints his fingernails, which is a big ass red flag. So, the gay ish is not out of the question. Just more weird negros to yap about… Follow Me To Hell… Lucifer!

    • Umm yes! Just like Snoop and those wack ass acrylics! Those bi-rockers who suck dick for laughs when their high.

      Btw, WTF is this Uncle Snoop shit? That seems really f*cked up, like that uncle that ain’t right, and you weren’t allowed to talk to him.

      • Mick Jagger and KISS were the first rockers or artists to make me pause and wonder out loud. A man with more lipstick on than my Mama. Gene Simmons and his band of brothers, turnt up even more.

    • Sis, these dudes sending subliminal messages. Assuming that we’re so distracted with life, can’t see what’s in front of us… Mind Games!

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  20. Ladies stop worrying about these DL dudes…..because i got enough dick to satisfy all of you. If you need your scratch to be itched,i am your man. I got 12″ of pure pleasure for the ladies only. Get at me if you are in the NJ/NY area and i will handle it for you. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

  21. Ok,ok,ok….yall WIN, i will keep my meat in my pants. You guys sure know how to scare the sexiness out of sex. I don’t have sex with dudes so i am not worried about AIDS.

  22. So um….none of you has any proof of this but we all just jump on the bandwagon because the least credible ex member of Three Six says it, so it must be true……

    I’ll wait.

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