Elise Neal Credit Card Declined At Gucci Store

Elise Neal and Malinda Williams Broke

HSK Exclusive – Hollywood Divas cast member, Elise Neal and Malinda Williams, were both in Atlanta awhile back; they were shopping together at the Gucci store in Phipps Plaza when both of the actresses had their credit cards declined.

A source says both Elise Neal and Malinda Williams tried to make separate purchases and both ladies left the Gucci store empty handed after their bank refused to authorize the charges.

Here’s the drop:

“Elise wasn’t getting too many acting gigs so her money was slow. That’s when she started letting rappers like Rick Ross smash.

She started to date D-boys too.”


  1. To bad girls I guess you 2 need to hit the strip get in with the rest of the hollywired then you can Gucci shop Yall ain’t been make’en no movies I guess this getto fabulous reality show where you all can act extra stupid will open doors contress von(I hope I spelled and got her name right) is a butter ball she reminds me of that other girl that was on the bad girls club the one who married that cock eyed boy and divorced him she was on marriage boot camp her and husband they look like sisters lol short big butter balls . these ladies get to proform act like the love and hip hop show and r&b divas and the house wives I guess more bullshit.

        • LMAO…yeah, that’s her. Her marriage was a mess on marriage boot camp. Talk about being verbally abused. She was shutting him down at every turn. She didn’t respect homie at all…

    • See that’s why they were going IN on Lisa Wu…dem reality chicks likek Linethia Leakes, taking all the coins and flaunting it and even destroying designer bags for fun…

      At least Ms Neal is back making money. She looks fierce!!!! #WayBettaThanMoose

    • She might be a butter ball but she’s more genuine and down to earth than them other fake acting high maintenance chicks turning their nose up at people.Elise Neal bragging about everything she has done in Hollywood but on a reality show trying ti make a come back..(side eye) and credit cards getting declined. Yes it happens but from someone so “above the rest its kind of funny”. That’s why you need to be humble and not boastful. God giveth and he taketh away too.

      • I thought I was the only one saw that in her. I didn't like her any more watching the show

  2. Wow. These black women need to come out of hollyweird because if your not playing a slave, letting a white man smash you to smithering , or playing the loud angry black woman then hollyweird doesn’t want you. Black women also can’t compete in hollyweird when they continue to get this light, bright, damn near white biracial black european women to play their parts.

    Elise just signed on to play Gladys Knight in the Aaliyah R&B Princess movie on lifetime so maybe her check didn’t go through yet but tricking for coins is not the answer

    • Not so true Babs. Kerry Washington and Viola Davis has incredible talent and are given diverse roles.These two are not great actresses and as a black woman in Hollywood,you need to be great. Halle beauty gave her some visible. credibility but she is not great.

      • I think you missed when she sad “letting white men smash you to smithereens” and that being said, the both fall into that category. Kerry Washington is a side piece to one and a pin cushion to another, no matter how smart and powerful her character is in scandal, she still a hoe. And viola Davis is in the same boat in her new show, which by the way Is another Shonda Rimes show. So nabs is right.

    • Sis, they don’t hate blackwomen, to the contrary. They want Elise Neal and others like her to play the game. Which is, colored women gotta give up the puddin to get ahead in hollyweird. It’s a power move, blackwomen are talented and beautiful. Whitewomen can’t f**k with them head to head… The Truth!!!

  3. That’s strange that both cards were declined. They should have called Stevie J and get his hookup at the strip club.

    • I know right..seems strange… I know it happens but to both on same day at same store.I would have to ask them to try again..or see if their cc machine was broke ..or call my damn bank or something..

  4. Stay out of store you can’t afford. Black people needs to stop fronting for others to see what you have on and you bills are not PAID

    • …or, order that shit online so your ass won’t be embarrassed.

      IJS. LOL.

          • Lol @ Gilt. They always have those exclusive $500 Starbucks cards that drop around Christmas.

          • That stuff is still too expensive for my taste. Expensive clothes and purses have never been my thing. Now if you have a site for some discount electronics, hook me up.

            • I like Yoox if you’re looking for certain things. They have a lot of european brands that aren’t really popular here, but good quality.

      • IKR Joi! Or at least check your cc balance BEFORE you step foot into the store.

        • Cheese: That’s the smart thing to do. I honestly don’t believe this story is as it is portrayed to be. HSK done changed. Smh

      • Joi:

        Your ‘computer’ comment made me laugh. I was ordering some clothes and shoes online yesterday. I entered my card info to pay for my shoes, only to see a message appear telling me I need to call my bank. I went into the “my account” section to find that my billing address was also my mailing address, which is why I wasn’t allowed to complete my purchase. Once I corrected my info, it was smooth sailing. My kicks will be here today! I was hot for a split second, though. Lol.

  5. I feel bad for these women in hollywood not because their black but majority of these women have degrees. Hollywood never respected black woman. Look at Angela Bassett whose an amazing actress so where’s her oscar?

    • Look at Cicely Tyson who is legendary and excellent actress..where is here’s. Talent doesn’t always mean honors from the Academy… too bad they both deserve it.

    • Angela Bassett doesn’t have to have an oscar. She’s still a winner in my eyes. She’s still relevant, she gets work, and most of all she didn’t sell her soul. She has a Hollywood star, beautiful kids, and a loving husband so screw an Oscar. Halle has an oscar but she doesn’t have what Angela has.

  6. Doesnt Malinda Williams have a son with Mekhi Phifer? I heard he’s having financial problems too. Black people need to stop trying to keeping up with the Jones. Stop living beyond your means.

    • Bottom line if they are already living a lavish lifestyle while money is rolling in.. they end up having to live off that same money when the rolls stop coming in..hence hard times.As your circumstances change you must alter the lifestyle.. Can’t be shopping Gucci on a Gap budget.

  7. If your money is low why even entertain the tought of shopping at Gucci…for real though!!straight hoord-rat mentality. They were trying to impress each other and played themselves. They will remain broke bishes due to the fact they are already financially challenged and the little bit of funds they get they are at the gucci store.

    • I heard that after hurricane Katrina, black folks had their fema cards and were making it rain in Louis Vuitton in Houston. It was all over the news (I heard).


        • I didnt actually see it, but people i knew in Dallas said it was all over the news. They said ppl had their fema cards and they were lined up at the high end stores in Houston. I’ve never been to Houston so i dont know the malls.

  8. My question is this. Why are these women who are damn near destituted go running to Rick Ross and Birdman? Budget your money better and you won’t have to go running up on a nasty looking monster to pay your bills!

  9. HSK has truly become judgment central. I suppose if Malinda and Elise were in Wal-Mart, folks wouldn’t be so quick to hate.

    Who said these women are living above their means? I’ve never been to a store and seen back-to-back credit card declines. It is safe to say that Gucci’s credit card machine may have been malfunctioning.

    Neither of the ladies reside in GA. When people travel and exhibit excessive or abnormal charging habits, credit card companies can and will decline purchases as a means of preventing what they think may be fraud.

    It is obvious that, based on the comments posted on this thread, a lot of folks don’t have credit cards. Credit cards can time out, too. They can take so long to process that they just time out, which disables you from being able to complete your transaction.

    Gucci isn’t that damn expensive that people should be so incensed by Elise and/or Malinda’s shopping habits.

    • B., How come they couldn’t pull out the AMEX? Come on cuz. That was a good argument though 😉

      • Because everyone doesn’t have an AmEx. You should only have an AmEx when you know you have the money to pay your bill, in full, every month. Actors and actresses need to stick to Visa and MasterCard.

        • You know what, I have to remember too that in essence, they are living a commission based pay schedule. That must suck.

    • They may have lied to you, Anon. I went to Gucci on Rodeo once and my transaction took forever to process. I spent somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500. I didn’t buy much. I used my debit card. I know I had between $5k-$8k in my account that day. I thought the sales associate left with my card. They walk those cards to the back room and you don’t see wtf is going on in some cases. The sales associate finally emerged, apologetic, saying the cash register was “backed up” with multiple transactions. Mmkay.

      • Hell, you could’ve taken your CC to the Mercedes or BMW dealer and bought a car. That’s ridiculous.

        About 2 years ago, I went to Nordstrom. I bought two sweaters. My bill was $1,000 + tax. I used my debit card. I returned the sweaters later. They looked like crap for the price. If you present your ID upon making a return, they’ll give you cash. I asked for cash back, as my checking account had long been debited. The Black itch behind the counter took forever to get my money. She claimed she didn’t have enough cash at her register. My bank was calling me, because she called them, telling them I was committing fraud, against my own mfing account. I was floored. Anything I buy from Nordstrom now doesn’t exceed $100.

        • Wow. I know a guy in the bay who grew up well off, his circle of friends keep a list of biz they won’t shop bc of how their parents were treated. He doesnt shop at Nordstrom.

    • Well that’s a possibility too.It happened to me one yr while doing a lot of shopping in one day during holidays.I had just used my credit card in another store and was shocked that it was declined in this certain store(knowing I had the funds).. Turned out when I called bank from store they wanted to be sure it was me to prevent theft..due to amount of shopping I was doing.After I confirmed my id I had no problems.

      • I remember when fraud protection used to be on it. I used to get calls everytime i left the state.

    • WHAT credit card ONLY USE is within the state that it was issued? U mentioned that they were from out of town. My ? is, WHAT the f*ck does THAT have to do with it? BOTH women were declined, really? We got to do better as a people w/ our finances, AND common sense is no longer common I see.

  10. Thanks, B. I can always count on you to give us an honest and unbiased perspective. You are so right about the tempermental card readers and the credit card companies being proactive about declining charges.They will decline you first and ask questions later.

    • Thank you. Anyone who has ever made a large purchase on a debit or CC that exceeds their normal spending habits has likely experienced this.

  11. A quick call to the bank with your secret password normally clears it up and the purchase goes through. They left empty handed.

      • Just to verify identity. A fraud employee called me recently about activity and asked me where I had coffee the morning before. She asked two other questions also.

        • Sweetheart:

          I’ve had credit since I was 15. I didn’t start driving until I was in my 20’s. I’ve had 5 cars, residences, CCs, etc. and I’ve never had a co-signor. I’ve been approved for cars in my teens and just never made a purchase (again, sans co-signor). I know why CC companies ask questions and have people set up passwords. Not all companies or cardholders require or have passwords, which I’m sure you know.

            • I’m sharing, just as you did when you hopped on HSK to mention your child attending an esteemed university. I don’t remember anyone asking you about your child, but you told your story and retold it. Last I checked, we’re here to share. You have made it a point to show your ass on here a lot lately. Maybe you’re having a bad week, but there’s no need to take it out on the rest of us. We didn’t cause whatever you may be going through.

          • Every cc company has a mechanism for verifying the identity of their card holders even if it’s only ur moms maiden name. That is technically a secret password.

            • Correct. So Bird and Ms Neal should have had no problems making their purchases.

            • You’re assuming they had problems making purchases based on what may be a fictitious post. I’m pretty certain that Jacky’s “source” re: this post is some Black gay dude who was window shopping or perhaps works at Gucci. People will say and do anything for the sake of seven seconds of notoriety.

              Someone tweeted Tamar Braxton once telling her he was the person who helped her at Wells Fargo. Talk about a breach of privacy. Todd Bridges was spot on when he said that Hollywood (much like life) is hard for Black people because we don’t help each other. So much hatred and judgment is passed from brotha to sista and vice versa, yet little love is shown. It is such a sad display.

      • Some CC’s do offer that option.
        I just don’t understand why someone would put this out as “news”. It’s embarrassing and like you said above, there are a myriad of reasons for the card being declined.

  12. Alot of these stores are racist look at Barney the way they treat their black customers following them around in the store. Black people need to save and invest their money into more realistic stuff. I would rather make sure my house is taken care of before I splurge on a bag thats going to be outdated and worth nothing.

    • I’ve never had a problem in Barneys or Hermes. Hell, in Chanel, they’ll feed you and furnish beverages if they like you. Same goes for YSL. I guess it all depends on the individual. I’ve been treated like a queen in Versace while I’ve seen Paris and Nicky Hilton treated like the damn help. Lol

      • I know it’s like that in CA. Not so much in the south. No telling what happened down there. Racist asses.

  13. Black Women Stop Playing Whores In Movies Your Too Good For That Shyt……. I’ll Rest My Dick On It!

    • CC provide you with insurance in case of loss or theft, as well as an additional paper trail.

  14. Just the fact that they both were declined @ the same time is suspect in its self!

    • Pretty much. “WE ” love to run & spend & $pend on a mutha f*ckas “NAME” as though it’s cute, so be it, & wonder why others consider us to be ignorant ass “label” whores. Sad state/ frame of mind.

      • This is true. I was looking at People Magazine and the actor Tony Goldwyn from Scandal was in the magazine and he was born into money and still getting money and he looked so basic. He didn’t have on a high end look and I said that couldn’t be a black actor. We would have to floss.

  15. This.let me know that neither ladies arent any good in the financial management department because u should know what u can afford if you handle your finances correctly.

  16. It happens to celebrities too… yes they are not above having their cards declined.,Could have been problem with machine or could have been problems with their finances..

  17. They coulda took those cards to an ATM and got cash if there was an available balance. Leaving empty handed is very telling. Anywhere there’s a Gucci there’s an ATM nearby.

  18. Oooohhhh, looks like the clerks at Gucci in Phipps Plaza don’t know how to be discreet. How very hood of them to “run and tell that,” lol!! Not a good look.

  19. Message to ballers and pro athletes, leave these broke old hoes alone! Let these has been hollywood hoes fly to Dubai and suck dick for dollars! These polar bear p*ssy having bitches are not worth your time and money! Let them eat cake? No! Let them eat a dick!

  20. My short list of broke hoes to avoid:

    1. Elise Neal
    2. Claudia Jordan
    3. Lark Voorhies
    4. Draya Michelle
    5. Traci Bingham
    6. Lisa Raye

    These hoes are desperate for a come up. They will do anything for money. If you care about your cash, stay away from these broke old bitches. Why would you want to f*ck with forty year old used p*ssy anyways?

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