Did Paula Jai Parker Lie About Being Homeless?

Paula Jai Parker Cocaine Addiction

HSK Exclusive – Hollywood Divas cast member, Paula Jai Parker and her husband Forrest Martin, were never homeless, but they were both addicted to cocaine.

An industry insider is saying Paula came up with a scheme to cover up her past cocaine addiction by staging a plan to gain sympathy from television viewers by saying she was in the recent past, homeless.

Here’s the drop:

“Cocaine is a hellava drug!!

Paula knew she looked busted–so she said she was homeless. Her teeth are f*cked up from all the blow and from not taking care of herself.

She and Forrest were too busy getting high.”


  1. You shall have whatever you say. Paula better be careful of the words that she speaks overv her life because your words are powerful and come fruition.

    Joi: you aint got to lie, craig, you aint got to lie

    Lawd we need another Friday movie

    • Man…. They said they caught me stealing boxes.


      Yes- new Friday movie needed, STAT!!

      • Lol. Youwishyoukew. I couldn’t helping putting up a quote from the movie when i saw her. Lol.

        Anway how r u today Youwish?

    • I agree, I cant believe THIS BLOG PUT that BLATENTENT LIE” up, everyone who has ever seen a movie with Paula knows her teeth has always had spaces as far back as Friday………..at least they are white.

        • Exactly. Gap teeth are not uncommon. Paula’s teeth weren’t yellow nor were they crooked to my recollection.

          Now, T3, the founder of Slum Village… Worst teeth I’ve ever seen. Had the audacity to inquire about jewelry when he needed to be calling 800-DENTIST AND 888-ORTHODONTIST.

          • She can’t help it Sis, teeth are not replaceable like breasts. If so, Paula would have a Colgate smile right now… Not!

          • Yeah, would make Mr. Ed proud to be in her presence. We having a lil’ fun with Sis, but, she was doing her thing for a tine. Hollywood can break an actor, she just one of many… Sadly! Hopefully, Paula can get back on her feet!!!

            • Paula chose the wrong roles to be taken seriously, after Friday she should have tried to go in a diff direction and clean up her look and hit up ice t for some better roles IMO, its like urcle noone could ever see him as any other character, or that Harry potter guy is f*cked because everytime i see him i think of Harry potter

  2. I knew she didn’t get black balled because she married a regular guy … But didn’t once think it was cocaine though smfh

    • She didn’t get black balled for married a regular guy. People cut her off because she married a low life druggie that got her strung out. They didn’t want her stealing from them and leeching off of them. Hollywood did Theresa Randle the same way when she started kicking it with Father MC.

      • Theresa Randle was everything, as was Shari Headley. A no good n-word has been the downfall of too many women. I’m glad to see Shari on HAHN on OWN. I wish Theresa Randle, N’Bushe Wright and Taral Hicks would do films again.

  3. Paula Jai Parker looks like she on something. All that twitching she was doing last night is a sign something is wrong. She looks very unstable. Instead of doing a reality show they should have gave them a real job and created movie or sitcom with the cast.

  4. Paula should have used her check from the movie Friday to get her teeth fixed. In hollywood everything is based on image. Paula has always had bad skin but there’s creams for that. I wonder when she started doing cocaine?

  5. Look who came on top in hollywood Halle Berry and she’s biracial. Halle won her oscar for having sex with a white man. I think she was great in Losing Isaiah. I was dissapointed with Vivica Fox but she must have been too ghetto for hollywood standards.

    • Vivica Fox might not be considered A list ..or work enough to some people but she does create many movie projects for herself and a few other actresses with the DVD movies (some which are actually pretty good). Its an income.. She doesn’t seem to be hurting for money as much as some other actresses.

  6. She had to be high to name her son Onederful. As for her husband, Stevie Wonder can see he is a loser. He is by no means a provider, but a leech. Paula could get her life together if she dropped him.

    • Maybe she named him after the felling she got after snorting a few lines. It probably came down to Cain, Hiassman pronounced Highsman (like the trophy) and onederful, eitherway she needs her ass beat

    • There are so many people who would be farther ahead in life if they would only cut dead ties that bind. If she has an addiction and her husband is an addict, that is a lose-lose situation, especially with a young son around. Both parents would be seen as unfit in that instance.

      On that note, let me pray for little Onederful.

    • Its only episode #1 .I have to see a few more to really get a feel for dude. Perhaps when they meet with Paula’s mom and she lets her feelings be known I’ll know more to really form an opinion. All that I picked up is that him and Paula met on a movie set and started screwing ..eventually got married , and had a son.She had a home that she says she lost, and they fell on hard times..and are supposedly staying in an extended stay hotel..

  7. Longevity is very rare in hollywood particularly for black women. Once you reach the age of 40 you can forget about it. Now Halle Berry wasnt the best looking thing. I think Jada Pinkett, Nia Long, and Lela Rochon were 10 times better than her. Halle ended up being hollywood number one choice so all the black women got short changed.

    • I don’t think Lela Rochon really wanted the career. She married her cheatin ass producer husband and we haven’t seen her since.

      • Lela Rochon had a baby or babies, which is why she fell back. Antoine is a cheater, though. Smh.

    • I don’t see why more roles can’t be created for more actresses. Halle is not the only actress, though she is good..and plays very diverse roles.. there are many other good actresses.

  8. JADA is an ok actress, Nia just barely makes it as an actress, Lela is the most beautiful and has good acting skills, Lela could compete with Halle but Nia, and Jada? No.

  9. Her teeth have always looked like that…so I’m not sure what they’re meaning by saying the Cocaine messed them up. They’ve always been spaced out. She still looks the same to me as before…just a lil weathered but Hollywood will do that to some who aren’t mentally prepared for what they get into.

  10. Some people need to know when to leave hollywood because once the roles stop coming you could forget about it. You cant go to auditions looking bummy because people will laugh at you. Paula mentioned Elise Neal’s friends threw drinks on her. I wonder who?

    • Yes I would like to know more about that…and what she did after they threw drinks on her, because they would have read about me whupping azz and taking numbers if someone threw a drink on me. Golden brooks phony azz acting naive like she didn’t recall the incident. These women seem to have faux like war, friendship with one another. I guess when the roles are so few and far in between some of the women become catty and insecure.

  11. I remember her in that low budget movie when she came to a ladies house all high and drunk telling the woman her husband was gay and hers was too.she played the part too well if u asked me

  12. Her mouth has always looked like it could hold about 6 dicks in it at the same time..and probably has other then that she cool

  13. I remember Paula and Lawrence Fishburne was in a great movie together called Always Outnumbered. Lawrence is still working in hollywood. I think he’s on some show with Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson. Paula get your ish together.

  14. If a man cant support himself how is he going to support you and a kid. A hotel is no place to raise a child. Im sorry but if this is true their both unfit parents. Ladies exposing yourselves on national tv makes me wonder how much theyre paying you. Smh.

    • That dude she’s married to is a Memphis hood rat. And Memphis hood dudes are slimy. He already putting her on game. Sob stories and everything to get high. Next he’ll be pimping her. She will be really living that “Hustle & Flow” script.

    • From the preview of next weeks show Paulas mom will discuss her dissatisfaction with Forrest(Paula’s husband).. He seemed cool and supportive but I know that there has to be more to that story.

  15. I kind of like the show its better then r and b divas. But her husband is such a low life. How could you let them stay in a hotel. And all the girls seems so fake in to their self well not the girl from the Parkers are Lisa.the best part was when Lisa came in and they had a lot of hate on their face I can see this as a new hit show. It’s funny and makes me feel very happy I don’t have female friends lol.

    • They were kind of being nasty and rude to Lisa..which was unnecessary and catty. On the other hand I can imagine that they were shocked that someone who’s claim to fame was RHOA a reality show, and who she was married to (Keith Sweat /Ed Hartwell..both ex’s)would actually be featured along side them (established actresses) in Hollywood.

  16. I don’t think she was black balled are what ever she called it. I do think Hollywood stop calling and was like if we need a black woman they would just call Zoe saldana to play that part but I don’t think she was black balled.

    • Yeah me either. There were certain actresses that flipped the script on her and disassociated themselves with her..I believe that..but not that she was black balled.. unless she did something on set to cause that… I do think that roles are slim pickings for black actresses anyway in Hollywood..like Todd Bridges said. Hollywood tends to have their certain “IT” girls that they like to cast..and allow to audition..and sometimes if actress is typecast for a pattern of doing certain types of roles..they don’t get the opportunities that some others might get!

    • Black actresses are getting their shine. Viola Davis as Annaliese Keating in How to Get Away with Murder and Kerry Washington in Scandal are blazing it the tv screens. These ladies need to stop being prideful and hit up Tyler Perry. He will put them to work

  17. There’s A Photo Of Paula In “Black Face” She Darken Her Whole Skin For A Movie Premier Back In The Day
    She Was Posing With Her White Co-Stars At The Time I Thought It Was Funny But Now Is Phucking Weird??!!

  18. The only roles she ever got was hoodrat token black chick, shes never really been taken seriously in the first place, but overall i like her, Zoe saldana over acts in my opinion

  19. She is cheesing like a Cheshire cat. Her teeth looks like the edge of a saw. She never was a good actress. She always played as a hood chic.

    • Remember On Friday When She Talking On The Phone (To Her Friend) Her Man Butt Phucked Her While She Was Talking

      • Yeah. But he was rolled over sleep on that part. How about I had to watch that movie 6 times to see that part because I wasn’t paying attention.

        • She Was Standing Up Near Her Kitchen Counter With Her Blonde Braids In A Pony Tail She’s Talking About Somthing
          Her Man Wanted To Shut Her Up So He Put His Dick In Her Azz To Shut Her Up!!! LOL

          • Nope, Dude was rolled over in some blue boxers, blue jeans and no shirt sleep. Paula had on a red bra with them blonde braids. Taraji was talking to her best friend had the black box braids with a white shirt tied in the front wearing a plaid skirt. The friend in the background was talking shit about telling their business in Baby Boy and she was not Paula. Watch both movies. Me and Paula are right

  20. paula played a hooker in idlewild too.

    surprised she played the mom on proud family.

  21. paula is a decent actress, however she seemed high on Hollywood divas and quite the shit starter. i don’t believe the i was blackballed shit neither. who cares who she married. just seems like lame excuse.

  22. Her mouth ugly than a bitch…I like Paula as an actress tho, especially on the wayans and proud family and Friday

  23. Paula is a decent actress and to be honest I see nothing wrong with her smile….. But I saw the show yesterday and their were some scenes that were unreal …. 1st scene why is Paula spending money on a hotel room when can be either renting her an apartment or putting a mortgage on a home? 2nd I’m not saying her husband is a crackhead but he was acting crack head ish with the twitching of the leg…..3 Paula and Elise haven’t seen eachother in 8 years and they met have been friends but not close ones….. I wouldn’t tell someone I was homeless…. Because I married a regular guy, then asked them to be in a movie I’m making…. As an actress who claims she’s a triple threat I’m shocked Elise didn’t think how the hell am I gonna get paid if you’re basically still homeless Paula ….. Paula look the same to me but if her husband is on something she needs to leave him or go to counseling…. See that’s why actress need degrees and other ventures instead of relying on acting…. Golden brooks over acts…. For real I don’t like her acting at all and it looks like she got work done on her face…. All of them need to focus on things other than acting…. Sorry…. There acting time is up…. Learn how to budget money and invest because everyone on this show is 36 years of age and up with kids

    • I just want to see if DB Woodside will ever appear on the show, considering he is Golden Brooks’ daughter’s father. I guess I will have to stay tuned.

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