Penny Marshall Served Up The Homey’s


HSK Exclusive – Jayson Williams — you know, the baller who shot his limo driver — is showing out as a dude who smashes and tells!

Word from the inside reveals … the former NBA player previously put Penny ‘Professional’ Marshall (who played Laverne from the popular 70’s sitcom “Laverne & Shirley”) on blast!

A tipster exclusively tells HSK … Jayson ‘Whistle Blower’ Williams didn’t hold back any detail when he revealed the headgame Penny is reported to have frequently served him up with… while she was flyin’ on drugs… in a Limo.

Dig the Drop:

“Penny used to serve up Jayson and his boys with sloppy ones. She’s a NBA groupie–Penny was a party girl in her heyday.”



    • Shit! 🙂 you know Shirley was a prude! She wouldn’t even let Carmine get none–poor guy probably died of blue balls, lol! Seriously, tho, there’s a hot rumor out here in CO that Laverne moved out here so she could love on the herb without pigs baying for her, if you know what I mean. 😉 I always liked her.

  1. He a bitch ass nigga for that. Ole half a nigga done f*cked it up for everyone else who was in line for that. Im just saying!

    • With those teeth she’s got, I’m surprised he lived to talk about it. Teeth like hers will cause a brotha to bleed to death.

      • Dont sleep shawty that over bite comes from sucking her thumb. Her mouth is custom crafted! Only a real freak would know ! lol

  2. There A Show On The I.D Channel Called “Bad Teacher”

    Where A White Teacher Who Had An Affair With A Black Student She Wanted Him To Kill Her Husband!!

  3. Really these mean are more menstrual than females now a days with how they kissing and telling on the women they slept with. Look the method that Jayson just used to expose Lavern or Shirley is what the all do to keep dirt on others in hollyweird just incase someone gets out of line Just like old boy from 7th Heaven

  4. Remember That Director Who Had Sex With His Own Daughter!!! He Even Has A Child With Her “Eww” He Done A Music Video For The Fugee
    The Wife Knew And Done Nothing!!!

    • she was why you think her and cindy Williams got a sitcom and was roomates.

      check out the gay ass theme song were gonna make our dreams come true plus you saw the Hollywood sign.

      • The series originally had them living in Milwaukee they moves to Cali in the final seasons.

  5. This Nucca has mental issues. I believe he, Christopher Wiliams and Al B. Sure are all related. Just like pretty girls like Halle, these yella nuccas are messed up in the head too. Secondly and lastly, I am scarred for life. I will never look at Laverne and Shirley the same again….LEANS OVER AND PUKES AT DESK!

  6. Why in the world would U snitch somebody’s business out? Jayson so damn dumb! He just made it easy for her. Penny Marshall is not hurting. Gary Marshall the film director is her father. If anybody is hurting is Jayson. He should have kept his mouth shut. Now his ass is on the line.

  7. Isn’t she heavily rumored to be a dyke lesbian. This story might be made up. she could be bisexual, in opinion She always gave off the gold star lesbian vibe.

  8. @ Tippietoes Motherf*ckers like you make me sick. Just the mind frame of now and then is so f*cked up.In this world we are being trained that history has no value . That pisses me off.

  9. This site stories are startingvto get old, boring, and recycled. A lot of misstruths sprinkled with a little truths are in play. Something about this site don’t sit right anymore. I wonder what really happened to Jacky. Hey Fred why don’t your sell out behind at MTO tell the public what really happened.

        • 15:39:

          In my absence, I noticed a lot has changed about HSK, but it isn’t good. It took me forever to find this site, but once I found it, it was on! I love Jacky, but I guess this is the end of an era.

          • Sad but true. And if the real jacky reading this, thanks man. You wanted to open peoples eyes to what really goes on in the industry. If you have sold the site, go enjoy life. You deserve some joy and peace and quiet. I ain’t mad at ya.

            • +1. All good things must come to an end. Jacky did an exceptional job on this site. I wouldn’t be mad if he cashed out and took off.

          • If you’re on your phone, type your replies onto an outgoing email, cut & paste it onto the desired thread.

            I didn’t realize auto refresh was back in effect and I lost a magnificent post to the OJ story. 🙁 Oh, well.

  10. That theme song to that show is the anthem to anyone who wants to make it in Hollywood. And thought she was guy. Bucked tooth people, man and women, always seem to be gay.

  11. Jayson Williams played in the 1990s. LaVerne and Shirley was the 1970s. By the 1990s, Penny Marshall was middle aged. If he was getting’ slobbed down by her back in the 1990s when she was old and ugly, not any longer young and ugly, he is the one who got issues. You know Jayson Williams is AFUM — Another Fucked Up Mulatto.

    Does anyone else’s computer sound like a bad engine when you come to this site. Maybe they have too many ads.

  12. I was going to say that Penny Marshall’s hey day playing Laverne on Laverne & Shirley ended long before Jason Williams was even playing in NBA.. If true why would he even tell that..If anything he makes himself looks bad!

  13. Another oversexed actress in hollyweird, lotta them walking around. So, we’re supposed to give Jayson a high-five for gettin’ dome from this woman… In His Dreams!!!

    • @Tyrone

      Is Interesting When White Women Are Oversexed No One Says Nothing. Remember “Time Magazine” Had A White Woman On The Cover Breast Feeding A Child No One Said Nothing

  14. A lot of them hid what they did with blacks. Whites really love blacks to death. They just can’t let the KKK know.

    • White chicks been doing the same ish since waaaaay back… Nothing New To See! You’re oh so right about this swirlish behavior.

  15. The refreshing is killing me too I lost a lot of posts lol that’s why I stopped posting

  16. Real Men also don’t cheat on their wives so I guess it’s even lol. He’s a thot and so is she.

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