Kylie Dumps Tyga Over HIV Rumors?

kylie tyga break up

Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga are allegedly having problems, and the two may have even broken up. Tyga is currently in Los Angeles celebrating his birthday, and Kylie’s thousands of miles away in Australia with her sister, Kendall.

News of the couple having problems comes just days after Charlie Sheen admitted to having HIV – four years after HSK blew the lid on the entire story.

Further investigation confirmed Tyga had a threesome with one of Charlie’s ex-girlfriends after Charlie had contracted HIV. Could this be the reason for Tyga and Kylie’s relationship problems?

Oh yeah, Kylie and her family didn’t even bother to wish Tyga a happy birthday on social media. This family loves chewing up black men and spitting them out!

UPDATE: TMZ just confirmed the relationship is over. Kylie dumped Tyga because of “something he did.” I’m sure the Klan will release the messy details in the next few days. Tyga can kiss whatever’s left of his career goodbye!


  1. Well, it's a bit late for that isn't it? Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. They have been having sex (unprotected) for quite some time now (going by all of the pregnancy rumours) –

    No sympathy for these black men that will happily throw themselves at the feet of this plastic freak show family.

  2. All the dicks he sucked and nut he's swallowed to get where he is today doesn't bother her? I mean it's no secret to what you have to do to get signed to Cash money!Nothing about Tyga screams hetero period! It's like the Kardashion's have a thing for gay guys or something. Kim married a power bottom,Kris's current flame is a flamer,Scott's always been questionable, and Lamar was out there screwing transs.Tyga needs to go back to school or something because it's over for him as far as music goes!

  3. Kendall shot him a bird and told him to kiss ger ass on ig that proves her family never gave a damn about him

  4. Yet another black male fool will serenade the antics of this racist, culture vulture, whorish clan of blood sucking vampires.

  5. All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie actors , and actresses. an all government all are to. you gay if you want anything sexual from another man period.

    Oh well lets just say the whole industry has hiv I mean it make sense seeing how they all have terrible diseases and they've all slept with each other. Lil said he had aids in that song faded ft. Tyga wow y'all go listen to that song an tell me if he ain't blowing his self bout the aids.

  6. All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie actors , and actresses. an all government all are to. you gay if you want anything sexual from another man period.

    I meant to say lil wayne ft Tyga the song "Faded"
    Wendy Williams blew up fat joe b4 when she had her radio shiw some "girls" called in an said they were groupies fat joe an crew invited over for fun
    However they told wendy one of their girlfriend's had the "monster" y'all see how small fat joe got so fast um hum yeah ………….research people that whole industry got the Monster"

  7. What about his baby mama black chyna? Shouldn't any man that f*cked with her be concerned too? Nasty shit.

  8. Tyga was also having unprotected sex with a trans that Charlie sheen used to mess with too. Tyga has a three some with the two trannies. One of them (the trans) is putting up h i v tests saying he doesnt having it. He's seems to be trying hard to prove he doesn't have it. Kylie knows to distance herself from tyga. She will still creep around with him though because they both can live long lives with the disease.

  9. we all hope kylie has Aids, what a stupid family, have all HIV Rappers make sex with rhe Kardashians because they like Blacks they deserve it !!

  10. Tyga and chyna has sex with trannies andcthen chyna is froends with amber rose who was with wiz khalifa and he is rumored to like trannies too we know amber is bisexual and chyna and all the girls and dudes they slept with

    • I delivered to a pizza to Amber and wizs engagement party. There were trannies, hell raiser type punks and a bunch of gay ppl there. That's Hollywood tho…not too out the ordinary if u never been out here. As for kardashians and gay men….that's what time it is.

      • Kardashians like black rich men with bisexual tendencies …..
        Look at who they are with.
        Kylie was the babysitter for big sister kim's best friend Blac Chyna.
        Little sister started fooling around with Blac Chyna's man (tyga)

  11. The only thing wrong here is that Tyga (the cooner) escore has gone down. As you can see black men get passed around more then by the KKK. So meet the new KKK – Kim, Khloe and Kylie.

  12. $5 million is what Brett Rossi settled out of court with Charlie Sheen. At least that will cover her hiv medication.

  13. Truth is the medication makes you sicker. You will however drop dead off the face of the earth one day with no warning. So just go do that

    • Are you posting from 1998? The PreP that they take now is nothing like the HIV cocktails of years ago.

  14. so he does trannies, and she get smutted out by arabs like the rest of her sisters do…

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